Help on the Way?

The Phillies have optioned LHP Joe Savery to AAA Lehigh Valley. Savery, who was used sparingly was 0-0 with a 4.50 ERA in his 8 innings of work.  Rumors are circulating about the call up associated with Savery’s departure, along with the possibility of two additional roster moves. According to the Twitter account of Michael Schwimer, LHP Jake Diekman, LHP Raul Valdes and 3B Hector Luna are all headed to Philadelpia for their game Friday against the Padres.

The likely corresponding roster moves would be C Erik Kratz being optioned and RHP Brian Sanches get re-assigned as well.

Clearly Diekman would be the call up most likely to make a quick impact with the problems in the Phils ‘pen and his success thus far in AAA during the early part of the season.

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  1. Gregg. I’m pretty worthless when it comes to “stats”, but if financial resources are needed, I’d be among many that will help.

  2. Well something had to be done…Diekman and Valdes have a K/BB ratio of 48/4 in 36 1/3 innings. The Phils need pitchers in the BP to get people out. These two have been strong at Lehigh Valley. Luna gives the Phils a right handed bat who can play 1st and 3rd. I do have to mention Tyler Cloyd dominated again and is now 6-0 with a 1.40 ERA.

  3. I read on rotoworld that Jim Salisbury said that Fontenot is also expected to be recalled shortly.

    1. It’s about time. Having Galvis in the lineup was something the Phillies could get away with in the past. They do not have the kind of lineup that can carry him, right now.

      1. To be fair, he’s holding his own for a glove first middle infielder at Age 22. Take a gander at Omar Vizquel’s rookie stats…he’s a good bit above them.

  4. Neither Valdes nor Luna are currently on the 40 man roster. Sanches being designated for assignment would be a no brainer to open one spot but where do they find the other roster spot?

  5. Wonder if this batch doesn’t work if they’d consider some guys from Reading. I know I bitched about Bonilla staying in the pen the other day, but given what he’s shown this season, Amaro might at least think about him in a few weeks. It sounds crazy, but so was bringing Bastardo up for a spot start two years ago. And if they wanted to double down on the “not-good-for-the-future-of-the-org” moves, I bet Trevor May would be a nasty late-inning option.

    Not saying either of these will/should happen, but I have a feeling Diekman and Valdes will suffer the same fate as Schwim and Sanches. They (Valdes especially) just aren’t big league arms.

    1. Dubee lokes and thinks Diek is ready, and Larry Anderson said yesterday Jake Diekman has ‘filthy’ stuff.

    2. There is no doubt Diek has a big league arm. The big question is does he have big league command. Considering our other options, you give the kid a chance to prove himself at the big league level. If he fails, try something else. You just can’t keep marching Schwim, and Savery out there hoping something will change.

    1. I second that. Seems no one has been paying attention to him this year. Just a couple years ago (before injury set him back) he was pretty high on everyones list. Seems like he might be back to his 2009 form

  6. Gregg, if at all possible, u should put up a way to donate to the site, I think that’d be great.

    Only diekman seems like he could help, other then that I guess they could try cloud in the pen as well

  7. Anthony Hewitt and Tyson Gillies have really been looking good lately. If Gillies continues, it may help make the decision on Vic, while clearing up some money for spending on a 3B next year.

    1. Gillies OBP the last 10 games is over 400. He is getting a walk nearly every game. He has more walks than strikeouts in May.

      1. Maybe Vic will be use in a trade package to bolster the big team, and Gillies may be given an opp in Philly.

    2. Gillies has be healthy all year. That’s a huge deal for him and his OB skills are there, even if he lacks a whole lot of power.

      Cesar is having a good year so far. Jiwan has really tailed off from his hot start.

      1. The health is the biggest part of it IMHO. The talent was known but he simply could not stay healthy the last 2 years. Its great to see.

        Also, I heard Fontenot would replace Orr, not Galvis who they’d probably keep for his glove and ability to back up Jimmy (something Fontenot cant really do at this point in his career).

      2. I think keeping Galvis would be a mistake. He needs the AAA ABs. He can back up Jimmy from LV. Fontenot or Polanco can handle short for an in-game situation, a few innings. Freddy can get to Philly in a few hours for the next game.

      3. It doesn’t really bother me that Gillies doesn’t have power at this point. I feel that has been the downfall of Rollins and Vic who try to be power hitters and that has prevented them from reaching elite status. If Gillies continues to get on base as any lead off hitter should, he can be a terror on the base paths.

  8. Jake has 22 SO’s in 15.1 innings pitched. I’ll take that. Never a question about him having MLB stuff just control problems. Thus far he has only walked 3!

    Bottom line is they had to do something out there.

    1. Absolutely, he clearly needs to be challenged more. Watching him the other day got me very excited, he has terrific plate coverage, good balance, and is hitting everything hard. I would have him take turns with Overbeck between 1B and DH especially with Luna not there for the next two weeks.

  9. Can anyone pls explain Colvin to me? Last night may have been his worse outing in pro ball. Maybe he needs to be on the DL ..injury or not, to get his head clear.

    1. Not having seen the game, it sure seems like they left him out there to get pummeled. Maybe this is the new organizational philosophy? (See: Kendrick on Wednesday.) For me, I can’t see the developmental aim of that, particularly for a guy who already struggled last year. If he doesn’t turn it around by the end of the season, I would bet he begins next year in Reading’s bullpen.

  10. Ken Rosenthal of Fox relates the Jays may be interested in Hamels and Vic…what in the world do they have that we could possibly want in return! (tic)

    1. What a stupid post by Rosenthal. What team wouldn’t want Hamels? And any team without a solid situation in CF and RF would love Victorino. He’s a winner with lots of heart. Its way too early to be sellers with two wildcard spots. That’s a conversation for July. By June 15, Howard and Utley will both be in the lineup and hopefully the bullpen issues will have been improved. We’re still only a few games out and our starting pitchers will keep us in most games. Long way to go…..

      1. Murray, Victorino does have alot of heart but he makes some of the dumbest in game decisions I have ever saw. Unfortunately, he reminds me of the Tasmanian Devil cartoon character who spins like crazy and does not get too far. I think Amaro is sending a clear message to the team; either perform or be replaced.

        1. I agree totally, Shano is probably valued higher by other teams than by us. I’m tired of watching him misplay fly balls, even if he recovers and still catchs most of them, and he has no arm left. The Phils are watching Gillies and the Bourn situation in Atlanta very closely. Stay healthy Tyson!

          1. IMHO, July 2010 sealed Vic’s fate with Philly management. A week before the trade deadline, when Vic’s close friend Jayson Werth’s name was being bandied around the league ina deadline trade, Vic mysteriously comes up lame with a calf strain and has to be placed on the DL….which curtaIled any Werth trade talks. Then 4/5 days after the tradeline Vic is healthy to play again. Amaro has a memory like an elephant.

  11. If they do decide to move Hamels I would love to see them pry Profar away from the Rangers. With Andrus in place they have a disposable chip they could use which could get them over the hump.

      1. That said, maybe Victorino could get us Mike Olt considering he’s blocked by Beltre.

  12. Did anyone catch Kevin Goldstein’s tweet last night? Someone asked if Ruf could ever be a major-leaguer and Goldstein responded :”No.” Kind-of a shame for a guy who’s mashing, but I guess the league will have to catch up with him eventually.

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