Injury updates on Domonic Brown and Jesse Biddle

Just to pull this out of the longer posts so everyone knows.

Biddle was removed last night for precautionary reasons after taking a line drive off the hand. He will not miss a start.
Domonic Brown left today’s game with a hamstring injury, it does not appear to be major, but its impossible to know with hamstring injuries.

That is all.

12 thoughts on “Injury updates on Domonic Brown and Jesse Biddle

  1. How is it possible that Mike Schwimer can dominate AAA but cant get MLB hitters out? Also looking at his stats he has never had problems with control but he comes in with the bases loaded and gives a 4 pitch walk and cant throw a strike. Nerves maybe not wanting to give up a big hit with the bases juiced which he did anyway.

    1. It’s nerves. He has the talent. Just needs more time on a big league mound and things will calm down.

      1. Because as much as we like him around here he still just projects to be an above average 6th – 7th inning guy, and that’s if everything goes right for him.

        He’s better than Matheison (another crush that a lot of people had on this board), but still a dime a dozen type guy.

  2. The same reason some guys only can hit triple a pitching is the reason guys like schwimmer can get out triple a , they just are short in the necessary talent ,schwimer has no kind of off speed pitch , and his fastball is straight, sandez is a joke, why didnt they bring up dierkman, oh forgot he doesnt have length,lmao. length.if schwimer and sandez are the best relievers we have to replace guys, then this team will finish last. and charlie is a great guy with players,but he cant mange any game that needs stragery,why go so long with contrares when you know he is not 100 percent.and bring in schwimer in a bases loaded situation.

    1. Yeah the argument that Diekman wouldn’t get regular innings is not right. This team has no answer to the 7th inning, and even the 8th inning with Qualls has been shaky the last 2 times he has pitched. This team badly needs a 2011 Antonio Bastardo to step in and be a 7th or 8th inning guy. Not sure why Diekman hasn’t gotten that shot this last time when we called up sanches

  3. Diekman is solid, I 100% believe he would rock major league hitters right now. His stuff is filthy and he’s not walking anyone.

    1. Just to add to that…He’s got a .75 ERA right now (.87 FIP) WHILE maintaining a .482 BABIP against… 15 k/9 2.8 bb/9 … what about that makes anyone think he’s someone not to bring up? (Yes I understand small sample sizes, but a relief pitcher is never going to be statistically significant and that k rate doesn’t happen by accident) given the struggles of some of the mid-inning relief I can’t see the case for not bringing him up…. as “anon” said, I don’t buy that he won’t get innings.

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