143 thoughts on “Open Discussion, Week of April 30

  1. “Matt Garza fans 10 as Cubs dominate Phillies” So so sad.Words can not relate how bad it was in person. Thome needs to retire for him and for the team maybe via the DL. Ruiz needs to move to fifth or somewhere forget stereotypes. When they do hit it never seems to be relevant. It was about as entertaining as a root canal.

    1. Yeah, I was there too. Painful. The only consolation I had was that I have Garza on one of my fantasy teams…

      But hey, let’s go Flyers. Amirite?

      1. And yes, the Flyers remind me of the team the Phillies had in 2007-2008… full of young projectable talent. Offensive oriented, and are down right fun to watch right now.

      2. It is interesting that you bring up the Flyers. It seems to me that since the World Series victory in ’08, when Amaro became GM, he has focused on bringing in older, mature talent. On the other hand, last off-season, Holmgren initiated a new approach in which he brought in a large number of highly talented young players in addition to a few veterans. My feeling is that the Homgren approach may result in a team that is less consistent, but they will be more exciting and have a higher ceiling.

        1. Yup – Holmgren is a genius. He remade the team in a couple of years and now their future is as bright as an organization in that sport. We need that type of ingenuity from Amaro. The same old trade all the young guys for older more expensive guys will kill him in the long run.

          It’s not that those trades were all bad (many were great), just that this model for acquiring almost all of your top talent is entirely unsustainable, even with the league’s largest payroll. Admittedly, so far, he’s had his share of bad luck with the hitters. His two biggest stars are hurting and neither Mayberry nor Brown has done well so far and Francisco tanked before that. The odds were pretty good that one of those guys would be a very good major league starter by now. I still think Brown or Mayberry will come around, but the other hitting deficiencies of the team make that wait positively painful.

          1. I made a similar comment a few weeks ago about the differences between Amaro and Gillick’s approach to the bench. Now that you guys mention it, the Gillick approach is similar to what the Flyers have done.

            I want to go back to Gillick’s way of taking a flyer (no pun intended) on a young Werth or a young Victorino and seeing what happens, as opposed to the Gloads and Thomes (love Jim, no disrespect intended) which just don’t have future upside, like some of the younger guys do.

            1. Man…people on this board have on rose tinted glasses when it comes to the Gillick era. Remember Jeff Conine? Simon? Remember the year of the no-name bullpen? Or when Eudo Brito was starting games? How about Sal Fasano or Abraham Nunez? What about the Geoff Jenkins signing? Or crap, how about Jamie Moyer(even though that worked out). I understand you want to rip Amaro and Gillick did make a few very shrewd under the radar moves, but he also filled this team with a lot of old glut as well.

            2. You missed Adam Eaton and Freddy Garcia (the worst under the radar Phillies trade ever – Gavin Floyd and Gio Gonzalez for $10 million in salary and ONE win. That’s right up there with the Ferguson Jenkins and Sandberg trades – a nightmarishly bad deal).

              Gillick had a lot of bad moves, but was fortunate enough to be handed Utley, Howard, Hamels, Rolllins and Victorino (he did not draft Victorino – he inherited him) – all in, or close to, their prime.

            3. Hey JoeDE…..back off Geoff Jenkins…remember his double on Day 2 or 3 of the longest World Series game in history? He is an untouchable.

    2. My goodness you guys want to jump off the WW Bridge! Just a few good moves by Ruben and the thrill and excitement will return to Citizen’s Way. Ruben is probably already plotting what Trevor and Domo will bring back to the club via a trade.

      1. Until then can I get my cash back. Raping the farm system at this point seems foolish.
        There is some real talent coming. Plans could be made for the new Whiz Kids next year while keeping pitching.
        Ryan and Utley would have to turn back the clock and quickly to save this season

    3. Couldn’t agree more, Phillies are down right painful to watch right now. I actually buy the MLB.TV package because i’m out of market and I’ve only watched maybe 5 games so far and none in the last 2 weeks. I actually don’t really want to see the phillies make any big trades. Utley and Howard are nearing return, and not that will entirely solve the offensive problems, but I’d rather wait to see how that plays out come July. If at that point the phillies are out of contention, then no trade will be needed and we can sign someone in the offseason. If on the other hand, it causes our offense to perform like it did in the second half of last year, then again, no trades will be needed.

      The solution here is getting healthy at the MLB level, develop young talent at the MiLB level, and making a big offensive splash by singing a free agent next winter. The phillies only have 1 semi blue chip prospect, and honestly, they could save some 5 million (or more) by using him as their 5th starter next year.

      1. Halladay and Lee have shorter windows now…waiting a few years for young MiLB level talent prospects to come on, may prove disasterous for them. Free agency signing would appear to be the faster method.

        1. Agreed, it’s pretty obvious Ruben should have gone after Cuddayer a little more seriously. Guy would have enough at bats at various positions to be a “starter”. (Not to mention he’s gotten off to a good start). If I could have cut Reyes head off and replaced it with an Utley type head, I’d have pursed him and moved Rollins to 3B and Polly to 2B. (I don’t mean that literally!)

          1. There is a budget, there is a salary luxury tax cap, which ownership will treat as a hard cap. RA must bring in young talent from the farm just to stay within budget. He couldn’t afford Cuddyer and the other guys mentioned. If he keeps bringing in vets to match this supposedly crucial window, the team will have absolutely nothing left when the window closes and then you will see another decade-long disaster as attendance and revenues collapse. RA’s number one job is to avoid that. His tickets for this season are sold. He should be focused on next season and getting younger.

            1. I am as frustrated by this as anyone, but, for goodness sakes, it’s the end of April and, when Cliff Lee comes back, the team is going to have 3 aces and a near ace in the rotation with its two best players likely to return within a few months. There’s a great chance that, in a likely worst case scenario, the team makes the playoffs as a wild card and then anything can happen. As bad as the hitting looks now, if you’re the number 1 seed in the playoffs, do you really want to face Halladay, Lee, Hamels and Worley in the first round? I don’t think so.

            2. I agree it’s only April. I still think we have a decent shot at the playoffs. The point is, you can’t consistently be all-in for the current year at the expense of the future. We have a big budget team. That budget is spent. In years past, RA has responded by making acquisitions in which he gave up enough minor league talent that he could skate through the current season with the acquired guy costing him nothing in $. He’s done that with at least Halladay, Oswalt, Pence. Eventually, that comes back and bites you. We are older and with a worse farm. The Phillies history when the winning stopped after the early 80s and after 1993 is that attendance and revenues promptly cratered and the budget went into a death spiral. RAs number one concern has to be avoiding that catastrophe. If this year’s team turns out to be not good enough and doesn’t make it, so be it. RA has to look forward and preserve the intermediate and longer term of this franchise.

          2. They should have gone after Carlos Beltran as our every day left fielder and traded Mayberry for an infielder while his stock was high.

          1. It probably sunods stupid to defray from the easily discussed pressure, or opportunity there is on Doc, depending how you want to define it. Throw a gem, and he’ll be a rightful hero. Have 1 of his lesser good games, which is about as poorly as he EVER gets, and I don’t think he loses much respect. I liked Yo Mama’s succinct point 1 comment north of here. He’s not the concern, and my suspicion is that if the game ends in defeat, he won’t bear much brunt. It’s nice that Doc is one of 2 people, and to an extent, 3, if you count Roy O’s desire to be traded to a winner, that went out of his way to come here to win, and the opportunity to do it falls critically in his lap.Not completely, of course. This offense, like zillions of others is just driving me nuts. For whatever reason, Cardinal pitching, lousy umpiring, bad plate discipline, this act of scoring in 1 or 2 innings, and then just drying up is just overwhelmingly frustrating. It was no joy ride during the season, but it’s front row center annoying now. I mean you don’t score when you want to, and it’s a bitch that Cliff and Roy O were given leads that for whatever reason weren’t defended, but my arms are waving in frustration over it. And if by some chance they pound, like in game 1 .well we’ve seen what’s happened after since then.To be honest, while my fatigued attitude might change when game day is actually here, I find myself more excited by Game 5 between the other National league clubs. I’m a big fan of Doug Melvin and Ryan Braun, but this is a really special opportunity for Ian Kennedy. It’s so easy to break that down to a home field advantage series, the way the Crew is, but this is a kid who off a great year still doesn’t command the attention of the Docs and Verlanders of the world. And it’s not to say he should, but on that platform, on the road against a very good club, it’s an opportunity to do something special. The lack of frustration that my neutrality toward him and the Diamondbacks have brought me has left more in the tank for fireupedness about that game as of now.So I hope the Phils win, and I’m no doubt gonna be fired up. But for now there’s only so far that I can go to relate to the Doc’s defining moment, and excitement of a Game 5. I’m just worn out mentally.

    4. In the ‘Big Apple’ Brian Cashman is lamenting the Montero trade and needs pitching, maybe this time he may bite on Joe Blanton for a couple of prospects

        1. Romine and a pitcher…they have no 3rd basemen in their system ready to come on. Romine is excess with Sanchez ETA 2013/14.

          1. At this point we could use any IF position to be honest, but since it appears the Yank’s don’t have anything close to major league ready talent in the IF I think taking the best prospect at any position would be acceptable. Romine doesn’t seem like a good fit for me since Valle is twice the prospct Romine is and at a similiar level. I don’t know that the yankees would do it, but I’d love Ravel Santana, could be a good opportunity to buy low since he’s got that ankle injury (obviously we’d have to do our own medical inspection). Maybe throw in Isaias Tejeda, and it’s a done deal for me.

  2. I find it interesting how low key Ruben has been since the Phillies season started. He was being quoted in seemingly every interview during spring training but now that his shoddy off-season moves and organizational philosophy are falling down around him Rube just lets Charlie take the heat. Kinda funny when you think of it. The phillies draft all these uber-toolsy guys with high ceilings and yet Rube has allowed the major league roster to get older, slower, and more injury prone. Where is the consistency in the organizational approach?

    1. Name one “uber-toolsy” free agent this year not named Fielder or Pujols?

      There’s a difference between drafting potential superstars and signing an established one. Mainly the fact that the former counts against the luxury tax threshold.

      1. Funny thing is that it’s those terrible “bench” players signed during the off-season that everyone’s complaining about who are actually playing the best right now. Phillies top 3 hitters by average are Pierre, Wigginton, and Nix.

        The reason the offense is struggling is because of Pence (.253), Victorino(.230), Rollins (.222), Mayberry (.208), and Polanco (.239) aren’t hitting. Add in Galvis(.194) who obviously isn’t ready offensively.

        Add in Howand and Ultey being injured and you get a team that struggles to score runs.

        1. Hear, hear. I’m actually pleasantly surprised by the play of Wiggington and Nix. They would be nice complementary bench pieces on a team that actually had a decent and healthy starting lineup.

          1. The irony is that they probably would be much less effective if they were only batting once or twice a week backing up Utley and Howard.

        2. There numbers may look good but their production stinks especially in key sports. And of course they do have to go out into the field. All three are below average defenders.
          My main point is Nix should be in Thome’s niche.And mark my words Pierre will break your heart more than once this year by just stopping on balls he should catch..
          At least Freddy catches the damn ball.
          Only 3 HBP shows a lack of respect to go along with 45 walks one more than the Pirates

          BTW Chooch has more runs scored than Pierre.

          1. What does it matter that Chooch has scored more runs than Pierre? Chooch is a better player than Pierre. Talk about a meaningless stat. Point is that the guys they signed to “BE BACKUPS ON THE BENCH” are playing better than the high-priced starters.

            I know you have a long long history of bemoaning the 25th man on the roster and thinking that the team should be able to have a future Mickey Mantle as their 4th OF for about $50 but in the real world, that just doesn’t happen.

            As others have asked, which player traded away over the last 4 years would be better than what they currently have?

            And yes, Freddy can certainly catch the damn ball, too bad he’s not ready to hit the damn ball at the big league level because their problems to date have been scoring runs, not preventing them.

            1. Every man counts in MODERN baseball. Five or so non core players have to be well rounded except for one pinch hitter.
              If you watch last nights game you would of seen TW get in the way of a great Freddie catch. Score runs /prevent runs do you really see a difference.

      2. Sorry my reference was not to just this last year but also the organizational approach over the last couple of years. I agree that there weren’t necessarily any 5 tool guys out there to be had this last winter. But think long term here. Ruben knew what he was doing the last couple years in trying to put together the greatest staff of all-time. He was mortgaging this dream of Halladay, Lee, Hamels, Oswalt on the backs of the minor league system and instead of addressing the growing concerns over the failure of the Phillies offense in the playoffs (not the pitching) over the past couple of years he was banking on the big boppers to give him one more ride to the World Series as they got older and more worn down. Now the organization is reaping the results of an old and BORING (man I hate boring baseball) major league team, managed by a fella’ more suited for sitting back and watching his hitters launch them in the cheap seats while swapping stories about farm life Virginia and his days in Japan than making anybody remember LaRussa.

        1. So who did Ruben give up that would have helped the offense this season? Jason Donald (batting .206/.216/.206)? Lou Marson (.111/.273/.222)? Or one of the many players he’s traded that have yet to make the major leagues? What is it about Ruben’s approach that has hurt the 2012 Phillies?

          1. He plays it safe, he hedges all bets, he sits on the fence, he is riskless. Trading farm talent for proven MLB is the safest and surest way to go to improve your odds for immediate success. Whereas other GMs, especially another in Philly with another sport….gambled, and took huge risks last summer and traded not one but two franchise players.

          2. It really is not this year that is the issue. The problem is going forward. Too many big contracts for aging stars on the steep decline and not enough cheap young talent being kept or pushed forward. The Howard, Utley, Rollins, and Lee contracts are all going to bite us. Probably Papelbon, also.

      3. Carlos Beltran would look great hitting 3rd or 4th in our line up.

        I think the only thing they really made a mistake with was believing Mayberry was anything more than a 4th outfielder long term. I understand why they took that gamble, but they didn’t really cover themselves offensively while Howard was out.

  3. The season as a whole has been painful but I kind of give the team a pass for last night. Garza was on it and he has great stuff. Also the strikezone was pretty big last night. Also, Mayberry wasn’t close to swinging on that check swing he was called out on. It’s tough facing a pitcher with great stuff who’s locating and has a big zone to work with.

    I can’t give them a pass for the Paul Maholm game though.

  4. This team was constructed for a quick reward, and without any foresight for the future. It was a bad gamble, and we are paying the price. Amaro went after too many established, aging All-stars and it will be tough to rebuild.

    1. The problems this season have been Rollins, Victorino, Pence, Polanco, and injuries to Utley and Howard. Polanco is the only one you can argue Amaro going after an aging All-Star.

    2. Stop it please – we have some good AA and AAA prospects coming up to replace the older players. I guess you thought 2008 would last forever and how would any other team react to losing their #3 & #4 hitters.

  5. I’ve been daydreaming about a trade situation that has about a zero percent chance of occurring and the suggestion of which will almost certainly get me lambasted on this website. But whatever I’ll throw it out there anyways. With spring training having past and Hamels left un-extended and pitching extremely well, its becoming increasingly likely that he will test free-agency this winter. If the Phillies are somehow out of contention by the trade deadline (This is hypothetical I have not given up on the phils this year or their playoff chances) could they possibly deal him to a contender for the stretch run? The deal would net them prospects, some financial relief in the very short run, and hopefully the trade would not close the door on the phils re-signing Hamels in the offseason. Ideally it would be like a rental, and hopefully there would be an implicit understanding between the FO and Hamels’ camp that the dealing him is a short-term move and that they remain intent on pursuing a long-term deal with him at season’s end. I know, its crazy and implausible, but after Cliff Lee I can’t help but think anything is possible.

    1. Colebert Hamels would be a rental…so a team like the Rangers or so would only give up two, maybe three prospects.

    2. It seems to me that if the Phillies would deal Hamels, even for a short time, they will have broken the connection that they had with him and would just be another team trying to sign him as a free agent. Unlike Rollins, Hamels will command a great deal of interest in free agency as he is entering his peak years and will probably cost more than the Phillies want to pay, although I think that money spent on Hamels in his peak years would be more wisely spent than on Halladay and Lee in their declining years.

      1. I would ask him before even talking to other teams. Just ask him if he’d like to play for one of the teams contending this year to try adding another ring before getting signed long-term by us.

        I don’t think it would ever happen. But if they consider it, asking him first could prevent us losing that “connection” with him.

      1. BTW…Jim Callis of BA rates Trout faster then Roman Quinn, can that be? Understand Reds’ Billy Hamilton, but Mike Trout!

          1. I know we are talking about a Hamels trade but getting a 1/2 year rental with the new cba is not going to net much when the team getting him will get no compensation if they don’t extend him. How many prospects would you give up for 1/2 a year of a pitcher?

            1. Depends how desperate the team is. Also, if they think they can re-sign him, we could get a lot. But ideally he never leaves the Phillies for even a second. He’s been my favorite Phillie since 07 (his was the first jersey I bought), so it will kill me to see him wearing any other uniform.

      2. Why would the Angels do that? Their rotation is 4 deep. While under performing, you don’t give up a talent like Trout for a strength.

  6. Can I be the first to chime in on the fact that I did not want J-Roll to be re-signed and especially not for four years. My preference was to play Galvis at ss and spend the money to get a bat for 3b. 3up3kkk hits it right on the head when he says the problem is not the bench guys we brought in, but the guys that were here last year and have done zippo; Rollins, Vic, Mayberry, etc. I mean, c-mon JRoll, you can drive a run in once in a while?? His production has scarily gone down in the past four years to the point where you have to wonder what he will look like in 4 years. Get off of the yoga and back on the bean you were taking when you jacked 30 HRs.

    1. And to think, he’s really not that old, and should still be in the fringe of his prime. He’s playing like he’s 35+…. then again, perhaps its my perception, affected by the steroid era, that has led me to believe players are likely to shine into their mid-30’s ?!?!?

      1. Rollins has had 1 or 2 month stretches each of the last 3 years where he’s been as bad as he is now. Hopefully it’s just a streak and not a permanent decline. I’m more concerned about getting Polanco and Galvis out of the lineup.

    2. Rollins is a solid shortstop who is great defensively, is clutch and is a team leader. Galvis is a rookie who shouldn’t even be playing in the MLB right now as he should be developing in triple-A.

      This Phillies team is not in a position to have an undeveloped rookie start at shortstop, they’re a legitimate contender built to win now. For this reason and all other reasons stated above, signing Rollins to a reasonable 4 year deal is fine.

    3. I have been with you on not signing J-Roll to a 4 yr deal. Ties up the position to when he is 36. And gives $11 mil/yr away. Letting Freddy play the position for it needed fielding…and use the $$s saved to sign Hamels AND sign some offensively talented free agent left fielder or short-term 3rd baseman. (3b Asche could arrive in ’14)

      Blanton will be gone after this season…money there can help.

      Too much loyalty to old long timers…including Thome, Charlie’s own favorite who MUST leave…on good but injured terms.

  7. Unrelated, but I actually kind of feel bad for the Yankees on the Pineda deal. Reminds me of that time that Pat Gillick traded away Gio Gonzalez and Gavin Floyd for Freddy Garcia.

    1. Gotta throw this out there, I NEVER feel bad for the yankees… (even as over the last decade the phillies are becoming more and more like them!)

    2. G$….aw shucks, don’t feel too bad for the them..remember when they signed him back in Oct 2006 for a gazillion dollars as one of the top Latin FAs, outbidding everyone else. So now I am sure they will make up for it this year buy throwing barrels of trump at Soler et al.

  8. Just for the record, after my initial post in this thread some people got the wrong idea.

    I’m not worried about the Phillies making the playoffs or even winning the NL East, I still see both of those things happening. However, at the current time it IS painful watching them “hit.” No way around that. I’m sure it will change (just like how Bautista won’t continue to suck at hitting), but I’m just speaking of right now. When they start averaging more then 3 runs a game, I’ll rescind the comment.

    Until then, I’ll keep betting on Giroux to score more than the Phillies on any given day they both play.

  9. btw, charlie screwed up again. when you have a three-run lead in the eighth, you bring in qualls. period. don’t mess around with bastardo. i don’t care hoe many lefties there are. bastardo was obviously a flash in the pan last year. he can’t be trusted in a close game, like contreras or herndon.

    1. I would love to see Diekman but then they will have three lefties in the pen. They might have to put someone on the 60 DL like Harold Garcia and add Brian Sanches to the roster

      1. I guess Harold Garcia is no longer on the Phils 40 man roster..just checked the site..I thought they kept him on and just him on the 15 day DL

  10. … accidentally posted this in the box score recap but:

    hoping to see Diekman come up considering that, over the next 6 days, we’re going to face:

    Michael Bourn, Brian McCann, Freddie Freedman, Jason Heyward, Adam LaRoache, Bryce Harper, etc.

    That and the fact that Aumont’s been pretty inconsistent this year.

  11. Take note of MY fav player so far this season in our most needful position: 3b.

    Cody Asche has an OBA of .370 and BA of .333 and in 80 plate appearances has struck out JUST 10 times. As you can figure, that’s one K for each 10 plate appearances…a rate that is almost unbelievable it is so good. I’d guess that the average MLB strikes out about 1 for each 5 appearances. That better rate of 1 for 10 tells us that he IS mainly working on making contact and is marvelously succeeding.

    According to pre-draft reports, aside from other favorable aspects of his game (strong throwing arm, runs well) his best tool is lefty power as well as a complementary evaluation of good hitting fundamentals.

    Gentlemen, we have our future third baseman in sight. Fielding can be learned; hitting is natural or not.

    Make way for him to climb to Reading this season.

    1. Actually, 3B is mainly a twitch reflex position. You can learn the best places to stand and you can learn how you SHOULD react, but reflexes can’t be taught. 2B can be taught, though, so if he does pan out as a hitting prospect we can always move him there if 3B doesn’t work out.

      1. Even if his hitting does pan out, it would be better to have him at second. Maybe he could be the next Utley. I really like Franco. I think he will be our third baseman of the future.

        1. Yeah, he would be more valuable as a player overall at second. But we might not have a need there as a team, in which case he would be more valuable to the team as a 3B. But who knows what we’ll need when he’s ready to be called up, so just keep hitting and we’ll go from there. Same with Franco.

    2. And here I thought all along our 3rd baseman of the future was a guy named Mikael Franco…how things have changed!

    3. He needs to show more power. Thus far he hasn’t even shown much doubles power and doesn’t have an HR on the season. The BA is very good. The walk rate almost ok. The strikeout rate excellent. He was in a big college program. Not sure he can be taught to field 3B at this point. TIme to consider another position?

  12. Does anyone have video of Mayberry from last year. I noticed last night that at the very last second he moves his hands away from his body. I am wondering if he had that hitch last year.

  13. Chad Qualls with the worst line by a pitcher picking up the win I’ve seen in quite a while.

  14. We have 0 players in the top 50 of OPS which to me is alarming especially when you see some guys in that list we could have had. I was on board with giving Mayberry his shot but you can’t hang with him that much longer. He’s not even hitting lefties…

    1. Can’t hang with him that long? It seems he has hardly been given a chance this season. When he played regularly last season, he was gangbusters. For an extended period of time he was the top slugger in the league. Then we got Pence. Ibanez had to play, you know. An excuse was made to shunt Mayberry to the side. You ride the hot guy, you just don’t reasonably sit a guy like Mayberry last year. Yo-yoing young players is a problem. We hear how bad Brown hit last year, but he hit as well as Ibanez. One on the way up, the other on the way down and out of town after the season. We know whom Cholly chose to play. Young talent must be nurtured. You can’t look at the same performance in a rookie and a vet and conclude that the vet will be just fine and the kid needs to go back to AAA.

      1. Mayberry would be receiving playing time if he didn’t pop up to the first baseman or strike out every time up. He hasn’t done anything since opening day and when he gets his opportunities, he’s looked awful.

        He played regularly over Ibanez down the stretch against lefties… that’s all Mayberry is at this point.

        1. But, the question is ‘how did Mayberry get to this point?’ He hit righties well last season. He hit better against them than Ibanez did, so there was no reason to start Ibanez instead. It is tough on a kid to think management has no faith in him and would prefer to shunt him aside. How much of a chance did he get at the start of this year, before being shoved to the bench? All players have slumps. How long did Cholly stick with Ibanez and Polly through their slumps? He pulls the trigger very fast on a young player.

      1. Who else? I mean, Phillippe Aumont had two outs and one runner on today and walked the bases loaded on eight pitches. That won’t help the big club.

  15. Lakewood outfielder Gauntlett Eldemire is considered day-to-day, after being hit in the left forearm with a pitch on Saturday. April 28. Eldemire, who missed the entirety of each of the past two seasons with injuries, is expected to return to action by May 2.

  16. Hey guys, I just did my Best of the Minors for April, let me know what you think?

    also, does anyone have the numbers on how many times Hudson has gotten on and NOT tried to steal a bag?

    1. Bryan…trick question right? I say zero. ….13 SB, 3 CS, 2BBs, 1-2B, 10 singles

      1. that’s what I thought but I went over a few play-by-plays and it doesn’t follow. take into account when he stole two bases in one at bat (you know what I mean). just looking at opening day he’s not 100% on base vs. steal attempt

  17. How did Bastardo look last night? I was watching on gameday and his FB was sitting at 92 touching 93 and he was getting good results.

    1. That would seem to be a good cheap fit. Right handed bat with power that can play at first and third. I was just thinking about Youkilis fitting into the Phils line-up for the same reason (and since Will Middlebrooks was just called up), but Cantu would be a less expensive option (with less patience as well).

      That type of player would allow Polanco to play some second as well.

      1. Youk is injury prone and seems to be on the decline; plus, he would be expensive. The Phillies need youth and cheap k’s

          1. Middlebrooks was hitting .333 with nine homers and 27 RBIs in 24 games with Pawtucket. He was inserted in the starting lineup, batting eighth and playing third.

    2. What in the world does Cantu give you, that Wiggington doesn’t already offer?

  18. When a catcher and a pitcher meet at the mound for a conference….why, when they are about ten inches a part from each other, do they cover their mouths with their gloves/mitts as they exchange thoughts? Are there lip-readers in the opposing dugouts? Bad-breath?

    1. It’s to prevent anyone on the opposing team from reading their lips, yes. Often times they’ll discuss a strategy for how to pitch/continue to pitch to the batter, and that’s not something you want them to know.

  19. I wonder if we’ll see Sanches sent down and another pitcher recalled now simply to add a fresh arm to the bullpen. Diekman may get a call as the only viable option on the 40-man.

  20. Why pull Savery after six pitches when the bullpen is stressed. Or maybe use Pap after Conteras and let the ninth take care of itself . Oh sorry that is not what it says in “THE BOOK”.
    This was too important a game to lose.

    1. I disagree. It’s just one game. Everyone knows about the 23-22 win over the Cubs in 1979. The Phillies won that game, but finished the month on a 3-12 slide. I think there are times when you can put too much effort into winning one game. The Phils have a chance to turn things around quickly today.

    2. Closer contracts say, you can never use a closer in a non-closing situation. Sorry, thats the legality of it…tic

  21. Right ! Or you are not kidding. BTW that was 33 years ago. Leaving Savery in strained what.
    Do me a favor go argue with some one your logic is offensive..

        1. Indeed. I could point out that Savery was pinch hit for and the Phillies followed him with a scoreless inning, but a person like that isn’t worth debating.

          1. And what happened to that pinch hitter. By bringing up an example 33 years ago proves iI must of been right for 32 years. And tell the whole story not half as you like to do.
            The bases were empty when Kratz pinch hit. But you are always right.

  22. True just one game but bad Karma when a guy is 107-0 when his team scores 6 runs and he can’t turn that into 108-0….did anyone else get a bad feeling when they put that stat up to start the bottom of the 5th?

    Positives were Bastardo and Mayberry might be coming around

  23. One bust for another bust…I think Ruben should try his magic again, ie Golson for Mayberry, this time try Hewitt to the Rays for Beckham. What do you have to lose!

  24. Watched the condensed game, really this wasn’t the bullpen/pitching implosion I had feared. Two home runs, three walks, one double over 11 innings. SIXTEEN SINGLES. And one very costly error. Michael Schwimer lost his command at the worst moment, Halladay hung a pitch but otherwise this was just the mother of all bad luck days.

  25. Meet our new ace, Joe Blanton. Today’s game is really quite different than last night. Blanton pitching well, leading 2-0, with 82 pitches in 8 innings. He got an infield hit in the top of the eight with one out and forgot that there was only one out and was doubled off on a Rollins popup. This brings up a question that has been bothering me for a while. What is the first base coach doing there if he can’t be bothered to remind the base runners how many outs there are?
    I always did it when I served as a coach in a softball game and I wasn’t even paid! It should be standard practice for the coaches to remind the players of the number of outs every time!

    1. Usually third and first base coaches remind players. Maybe they figured he wasn’t going to move. That is rather lazy of them, though.

      1. Well, I’ve noticed that this seems to happen to Phillies players several times a year. If the coaches are doing their job, it should never happen.

  26. Maybe they can make a trade . Sell high as they say. The question is which is the real Joe Blanton. Certainly getting in shape is a huge plus but does he revert to Hamburger Joe if resigned.

    1. Given his career track record, I’d take him as our 5th starter again in a heartbeat. But not at the price he will command/ask for on the open market. Either trade him by the deadline for a bat (oh hey there Red Sox), or just let him walk in the offseason and get that extra pick in the draft. Hopefully May can be ready for us by spring training next year, and if not Hyatt can hold down the fort until he is ready.

  27. With Thome on the DL the bench is a lot clearer. Nix is an improvement over Gload/Stairs. While he still is viable to left hand relief , at least Kratz and Maybeberry can pick that up. I have to admit the HR yesterday was impressive.as well as his luck in finding the bad outfielder(Hinske etc.)
    Ty has picked it up so maybe I am Gladly wrong.
    Thome has to give up the ghost . I am a fan but do it gracefully.
    If Doc’s departure was planned why didn’t they pull him sooner. He obviouly was stressing about something.

    1. So ‘wheels’….how do you like the offense so far provided by Pierre, Wiggy and Nix?

      1. As I stated before the season Pierre is an AB eater. He has scored only 10 runs less than Ruiz . I would be happy with Ty as temp or DH. His defense is so unrefined. Nix as been good and luck.
        NOTE aside from Pierre offense was never my itch except Nix against lefties
        To tell you the truth the REAL problem is 4 big time regulars under .301 OBP

  28. Former Phillie great Bobby Abreu back in the NL with the Dodgers. Bobby is the all-time MLB history leader on BBs…as a Latin-born player…. with over 1400.

  29. another extra-inning loss on the road. can’t anyone ever think outside the box here? is it really verboten to have papelbon pitch in a tie game on the road? when you have a mediocre bullpen, why on earth do you not bring in your best reliever? no wonder the phillies are 0-5 in extra innings. and they had a chance to get a fourth run with victorino on second and no one out and wigginton couldn’t move him over. grrrrr!

    1. The umpires cost us (at least) a run, as well. But I agree. The usage of the bullpen by the coaches has been beyond terrible, and if I were in charge they’d have their jobs threatened right now. Their job is to put the team in the best possible scenario to win. They are not doing that.

    2. Thank you. Bill James did a study a few years ago and determined that, by far, a late inning reliever has the most impact at the end of a TIED game. So, when the Phillies should be relying on their best reliever the most often they are using their worst (or least experienced) relievers. It is the most stupid baseball orthodoxy (that is, not using your closer at the end of a tied game on the road) ariund. It is not a coincidence that they are losing so many of these games.

      All of that said, I am very optomistic about Mike Schwimer’s future. He definitely needs to refine his control and command, but he has a lot of pitches, they all move quite a bit, and he can dial up his fastball to between 93 and 96. Trust me, if he sticks with it rather than going to grad school (the guy is obviously exceptionally bright) he is going to have a nice long major league career as a 7th and 8th inning pitcher. Those types of pitchers often come into their own in their late twenties.

      1. sorry for the typos and spelling errors – it is a little hard to type on the IPad.

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