88 thoughts on “Box Score Recap, 26 April 2012

  1. A few observations on Biddle’s best game so far in Clearwater. He threw 88 pitches, 53 strikes, 35 balls and 8 swing and misses( 4 with his FB and 4 with his off-speed pitches). His FB was 88-90 through all 6 innings (hit 91 5 times and 92 4 times but they were mostly in the first 2 innings). In his first game of the season he barely hit 90 at all, tonight he hit it 20 times, maybe as he adds arm strength he will add a few more MPH. He threw his curve 9 times and his change 11 times, getting them over 50% of the time. He cost himself a run when he had a runner picked off 1st but he made a really bad throw so that he ended up on 3rd , then scored on a SF. The other run was a hanging curve to a lefty who really crushed it for a HR. Interesting thing there was when that same hitter came up again, he struck him out swinging on a curve. Some of the scouts were impressed that he wasn’t afraid to go back to his curve after giving up the HR. He got out of a bases loaded jam in the 5th by fielding a hard hit ball right back at him. Juan Sosa pitched an inning at 91-94 on his FB and an 81 mph slider that he had trouble throwing for strikes. Again Bonilla’s change up seems unhittable( 9 swing and misses) but his command of his FB needs work because he gave up back to back triples off of it, blowing the save. Hewitt again had a nice night, game winning HR to go along with a hard hit single, but they were both on FB’s he still swings through all off speed stuff. I’m uploading Video of Biddle and Sosa on you-tube at TheGKita.

    1. 88-92 isn’t really bad velocity, especially for a lefty. Cole Hamels’s average velocity was 89.9 mph in 2008.

      Really like to see him have that type of confidence in his curveball. The guy seems like a competitor.

      1. True, but Cole Hamels has a plus, plus changeup, which made the fastball devastating. I don’t see that Biddle has any pitch that rises to that level.

        In any event, I am becoming almost as excited by Morgan and Wright as I am about Biddle. There’s a lot to like about the team’s overall pitching in Reading and Clearwater and the relievers in Allentown.

    2. I’ve mentioned it before, but it’s worth reiterating: April and May are proven to be the months pitchers have their lowest velocity, on average. It’s not worth worrying about velocity right now. Hell, people are even speculating on Doc’s velocity right now. Wait until July or August and if it’s still significantly lower than expected, then we have something to talk about.

      Not bashing you at all, just pointing this out for people to see.

  2. Gauntlett gets back in the hit column. His last 10 games he’s hitting under .200 with an OBP over .400. 15 Ks and 10 BBs in those 10 games. Maybe he’s too patient.

    1. I personally don’t believe that you can be “too patient.” If he’s not getting the type of pitch he wants to swing at no reason for him to do so, especially if he’s getting on base at a .400 clip. That’s all star level.

    2. That has been speculated on before, and from what I have read is not the case. On Sickel’s AQA thread, mentioned possible issues with his swing. Hopefully it is just rust after not having played for so long.

      1. I would guess it’s rust – if he were having issues with his swing, then I would think that opposing pitchers would be throwing him strikes, especially given his speed (you don’t want to pitch around a guy who can run like he does). The amount of walks he is drawing suggests that he has a good batting eye. It could just be an anomaly too – I remember a few years ago Travis Mattair had a stretch where he drew something like 20 walks in a dozen games. It was pretty bizarre

  3. Chris Duffy looks like the first position player promoted this year. Has a few hits in his two games at Clearwater. Good for him, after being left in the GCL for two seasons out of college.
    It’s baby steps, but Jiwan James has as many walks as strikeouts the last 6 games. Three each.
    Gauntlett Eldemire with 2 hits and 2 walks. Back over .400 OBP, after 5 game slump.

    1. Promoted? Since Duffy played no games at Lakewood but was stored on the Disabled List while he was there, it is more like he was assigned to Clearwater out of Spring Training. So, I would still be looking for that first position player promoted this season, if it was not considered to be some sort of transactional trivia.

        1. Nice to see Duffy actually get an opportunity. He was a GCL all-star and the next year his reward was a return trip to GC (unless he was hurt and started late). He seemed to be a good prospect coming out of college. Hope he makes the most of the chance.

  4. Aumont with a wild pitch to allow a run. Looks like he is having some control problems.
    Diekman gave up 2 hits to start the ninth and came back with 2k’s and a groundout for the save. Interesting to see him as closer.

  5. Brown has hit in 6 straight gamers. He’s 8 -22, a .364 clip. He’s showing signs of life but the power is still lacking. His slugging % is lower than what he did in the majors last year. If he starts making more solid contact, he’ll be topping the league. On a slightly off-topic note, old friend Yohan Flande has not been scored on in 15 2/3 innings at Gwinnett (Atlanta’s AAA team). Opposing players bat .096 against him. Always liked him but knew he needed a change of scenery.

  6. What happened with Ethan Stewart. I saw he got pulled after 4 innings. So is the plan to keep Bonilla in the pen? He was incredible in the pen last year for Lakewood before going to the rotation and of course he has some real good numbers this year.

    1. I don’t know for sure but I’ll bet the cold plus a 14 minute delay might have finished Stewart’s night. I remember pitching in cold damp weather. You can barely feel your fingers after a while.

      1. Looks like his pitch count was to high and coaches are protecting him,it was an ok outing, keep them in the game . Only 3ER over 20IP. That’s good.

  7. Yeah I’m not happy that Brown seems to be striking out at a higher rate than he has in the past. Thats not his game so I hope he gets back to being more selective at the plate.

  8. Was a good night for Brown, he made a great diving catch that looked like it was a sure double, he didn’t get a lot on either hit but the double went right down the 3rd base line. Overbeck also had a good night at the plate. Aumont looked shaky but Diekman looked impressive after giving up two hits with no outs, he was able to K the next 2 batters and then a groundout for the win.

    1. Good defensive report about Dom Brown?? Now that’s good to hear, especially after the 2 errors the day before!

      1. That is good to hear. The Baseball Today host was @ a game over the weekend and said that Brown’s defense was even worse in person that what he’d read (hard to believe that the negative hype lived up to its billing). And its truly a strange phenomenon as Brown is an excellent athlete with a strong arm.

        1. Domo needs to take a few hundred practice balls in the OF with a patch over one eye…his defense will never be a problem again….concussions however could be an issue.

      2. I didn’t see the game before where he had the 2 errors but i’ve watched several iron pigs games so far and I haven’t seen him make any errors or have any problems in LF. There was one play where he made a running dive and came up just short but I couldn’t really fault him as it was a heck of an effort. During last nights game the play by play guys for the iron pigs had good things to say about Brown although mostly about his hitting and attitude.

  9. On a side note, not sure if others will be intersted, but I noticed on my tv guide for Comcast in Newark Delaware that they are showing the Iron Pigs game on Saturday night, channel 271 for HD.

  10. It seems like whenever I post moves I think the Phillies should make, they actually do it. A few days ago I posted that Whatcott should go to Reading, Duffy should go to Clearwater, and Shreve should go to Clearwater. Is Shreve in Clearwater or Reading? He is listed on both rosters.

        1. Fair enough. I said Miggy because we could use him at 1B and move him to 3B (I’ll take the drop in defense, thanks) when Howard/Chase (if you want to move him to 1B) comes back. But Kemp would certainly be acceptable.

          Interesting question, though, assuming we still had Vic and Pence after the Kemp trade (huge assumption), how would you arrange the OF? Pence to LF, Vic stays in CF, Kemp in RF? Keep it more simple with Kemp to LF? Or center around the now-superstar and keep Kemp in CF?

    1. Could you post D’Arby Myers should go to Reading. You seem to have the golden word. Let’s give him the chance to see what he does in Reading.

      1. I don’t understand some people’s obsession with a guy who is playing his 7th season in the minors and has a career .298 obp.

        1. That was because of his limited playing time, in and out of games, one AB in the 9th, not play the next day, no consistent playing time. When you hit well two days straight not play for 4 or 5 days. Nothing last forever. He playing well now he’s in who’s hot so give him his prop like you give the other guys. Gillies has not played well for whatever reason since he came to the Phillies but now he is playing better. He was given the chance. Even with Myers limited time he did not play that bad and he has excellent defensive skills. James left CW .268 327/363/690 at the same time Myers in CW .268 318/360/678 and Gillies in CW .154 302/336/638 James and Gillies were both promoted, not Myers. With Myers speed alone he should be moved up. So BJ post your move.

          1. Consistent time or no, it is highly unlikely that it would take 8 years for someone’s skills to suddenly present themselves in any aspect of life. He’ll have to prove the doubters wrong now, he was given plenty of time to show what he could do and he showed nothing. He’ll have to prove himself over extended periods of time and at every stop along the way if he wants to be a major leaguer.

            Good luck to him, but I’m not holding my breath and he will get no breaks from the organization.

            1. He needs to play, his avg .333 and he has only played in 10 games. He needs to play after 3 yrs in CW with his avg he should be playing more. He was not given plenty of time. High avg and still limited playing time.

            2. In what world is over 1,500 PA not plenty of time? Why is a .333 average after 10 games more indicative of his level of skill than his .253 average after 396 games?

              Being optimistic is fine. Being blindly optimistic is not. He has a chance still, yes. But let’s not go overboard here…

            3. You are talking about past and not looking at the present, right now he’s hitting .450 and not to for get about his steller defense. It is very hard for any player to play well with inconsistent playing time. 1 AB in the 8th or 9th, off for 2 or 3 days then in for 2 AB’s then taken out. Myers seems to have adjusted to inconsistent AB’s. Freddy Galvis was promoted from CW to Rea .247 his hitting didn’t get any better and he’s in MLB. Other players got promoted and had poor numbers also. Gillies .254 I’m not being blindly optimistic but I’ve been following certain players Taylor, Goss, Cardenas, Brown and Myers and I know Myers has talent he just needs a fair chance. I hope we have a few of our boys from the farm make it in the majors.

            4. The past has significance. Much more significance than the stats from a handful of games. Show me the biggest bust in baseball and I can pick out a stretch of time in which he was doing well. As for stellar defense, that’s all fine and good for a premium position player, but LF is not a premium position. It’s a place used to store great hitters with not-so-great defense. Myers, for his career, is the polar opposite. Maybe if he can learn to play SS or catcher extremely well his stock will improve.In addition, you mention Galvis, but did not mention 2 very important things:
              1) His offense did improve in LV, and over the course of a full season, not just a few games.
              2) He was promoted purely because we had no other feasible options. There’s a long list of players we could use in LF before we need Myers, not the least of whom is Brown.

              In addition, I can’t help but notice that of the players you follow, not one has had any real success in the majors yet. Furthermore, the players who got promoted were promoted because they are still young and hadn’t proven to us that they can’t succeed. If they had 1,500 PAs of futility at the plate playing as a CORNER OF, I promise you they would not have been promoted.

              Let me say once more, I wish Myers the best. But you need to take off the rose-colored glasses. He is not a prospect at this point, and it’s not worth getting excited about success over a span of less than 1/25th of his career PAs. I.E. having success in 1/25 of your at bats means you still fail 24/25 times, equating to a .040 average. Keep that in mind.

            5. The point I was trying to make was like Galvis who has great defense and who’s offense did improve when promoted, Myers should be given that chance. Myers is a CF who has exceptional speed and plays all OF positions, there are not many players that can play all OF positions with steller performance’s. Brown got promoted right field, left field, and has no defense skills, can’t catch. Galvis could not hit well until promoted, all I’m saying move him up to AA and let’s see what he does there. James .268 CW, Myers .268 CW, James had consistent playing time not Myers, 1,500 inconsistent PA’s. 1/25 of his bats means play one day, off the next 1-3 days, then 1AB per game. Any other player with 1,500 inconsistent PA’s would not look good either. Myers has only played in 11 games now even though he has the second highest avg, while other players have consistent playing time.

          2. “James left CW .268 327/363/690 at the same time Myers in CW .268 318/360/678 and Gillies in CW .154 302/336/638 James and Gillies were both promoted, not Myers. With Myers speed alone he should be moved up. ”

            Gillies played a total of 3 games in Clearwater. He was there because of injuries. He was in Reading in 2010. Gillies wasn’t really “promoted” as much as he returned to the level he was at when he was healthy-ish.

            The difference between James and Myers is that the Phillies see potential in James’ bat. There’s a reason why Myers hasn’t “had a chance” (though 1500+ PAs says otherwise.) He’s not a prospect. Aside from his 136 good PAs in the Gulf Coast League in 2006 he has yet to show any hitting ability. Even in this streak this season in which he’s supposedly hitting well he only has 1 walk and 3 extra base hits. A .733 OPS as a 24-year old in his 3rd season at A+ is not very good.

      2. they did move D’Arby up…from the 9-hole to the 8-hole….and look what that did to him!

        1. Myers hit the ball and brought in the first run it was called an error but CW got the run. His game before in the bottom of the 9th he broke up a no hitter with a double, ran to 3rd on a sac bunt (speed) and scored the winning run. Anonymous you should watch your Myers hating.

          1. hating!…nah….more sympathetic disillusionment….
            PAs 1516….SBs 77, CS 23…..the line .253/.298/.342/.640

            1. anonymous it looks like Myers is improving his game and you do not want to acknowledge that fact.

            2. Hope he does well…never doubted his defensive prowess…..however, will be 24 later this year, so its time…onward and upward.

            1. Not related, when other players do good you read about it. When Myers does good and I mention it, I get negative feedback. It is hard in minor league for the players. I just think when players do good it should be in writting. So when one of the guys I follow does something good, I write about it.

            2. No problem with you pointing out when Myers is playing well. Implying at all that he’s a prospect is a different story or a candidate for early season promotion.

    1. Jim Shonerd from BA just put a #2 ceiling on Trevor May in the Prospect Hot Sheet chat. Whee!

      1. And now Drabek is turning things around for the Jays, taking some time, but looks like the traded minor leaguers are starting to slowly emerg at the higher levels.

        1. Drabek’s BABIP is insanely low and LOB% insanely high. He still doesn’t strike out a lot of hitters, walks too many, and allows too many HRs. His 2.24 ERA comes with a 5.22 FIP and 4.14 xFIP. If he continues like this it will not be pretty.

    2. What I found most intriguing from May’s comments is that he seemed to indicate in the ReadingEagle was that he wasn’t using his curveball as much this year- which I though was his second pitch.

  11. A little off topic,but has anyone heard how Walding,Quinn & L. Geen are doing in extended Spring Training.

      1. Thanks for the link. Now I have to read up on Yan Olmo. Nice to hear good reviews on Roman Quinn.

  12. Austin Wright with another strong appearence. I see him at Reading no later then after the 2012 MLB draft (with Cloyd possibly going to Lehigh Valley). Another guy who did good last night was Cody Asche with 3 hits. The Phils are very thin at 3b. If he continues to hit I see him at Reading by the end of the year. Hector Neris closed it out and he has a 0.71 ERA and 0.63 WHIP.

    1. I’m getting very interested in Asche. He has a very nice stroke and looks to be in a great groove right now. He looks like a player.

      1. Wish he would hit with more ‘power’..three extra base hits, with no HRs, in close to 70 PAs is a bit too low. He is making contact however, so can not fault him for that.

    2. Really like what I’m hearing on Wright and Neris, hope both can continue to impress. Nice to see Asche doing well.

  13. I would post that DArby should go to Reading but I don’t think it will work because I don’t actually mean it. The only player that I think shouldn’t be on Reading is Hulett and he doesn’t play outfield so another player would take is spot not Myers. If Myers keeps it up for another month, I could see him moving up to Reading and Susdorf or Spidale moving up to Lehigh if Podsednik opts out of his contract. But I honestly think that Hulett should be released and he should be replaced by Carlos Alonso, Albert Cartwright, or Jeremy Barnes.

    1. Alonso is versatile and gets on base. He also needs to jump a fast train.
      Pointer is making a good impression. 🙂

    2. They seem to be developing Alonso like they were barnes and Garcia, to be a utility infielder. Alonso hits well and seems to field well too. I would promote him. I think he is prooving rapidly that he is indeed a prospect.

  14. Anybody else notice what JC has done? Three appearances and eight innings of shutout ball. Did he change something?

    1. He seems to have found himself as a relief pitcher — something many said was going to happen eventually.

      1. still gun-shy on him. 3.2 innings today with no K’s. Put me on board as hoping that he does take off in his new role.

  15. Aumont left the game in the 8th today. Announcers were speculating a shoulder issue based on how Aumont was stretching between some pitches.

    1. They didn’t waste any time getting him out of there. I thought it was the two walks, but you clarified it was his shoulder. Thanks.

  16. Wow! What about Brian Pointer. He fills in for the injured Eldemire and ties the game with a grand slam.Good relief pitching kept Lakewood in the game enough for Franco to win it.

    1. Eldemire and Aumont injured on the same day? Bummer. Not a real good day in the minors at all, aside from Pointer. At least the big club won.

  17. Good start for Harold Matinez. Doubles in 4 straight games. With a good couple months maybe he can push his way to Clearwater to split time with Asche at 3B, 1B and DH.

    1. even better scenario is asche pushes his way to reading. Not too far out of the realm if asche keeps his run going while adding alittle more pop

  18. Notice that Overbeck has been very hot homering today. Interestingly, he moved over to play 3B mid game today…

    1. Phillies need offense and I’m sure Overbeck can play defense as well as Wiggington plays 3b. Maybe if Thome goes on DL you see Overbeck get a call.

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