Lehigh Valley Weekly Report

An outstanding week for the IronPigs as they have won six consecutive games and now stand at 10-2, in first place of the Northern Division of the International League, 3 games ahead of second place Pawtucket.

‘Pigs Leaders: Remarkably, Lehigh Valley does not have anyone in the top 10 in any hitting category. Pitching: Tom Cochran is 3rd in wins (2); Austin Hyatt is 4th in wins (2), 10th in walks (8); and 7th in IP (16.1); Scott Elarton is 4th in ERA (0.82); Dave Bush is 5th in ERA (0.90); Phillipe Aumont is 6th in games (5) and is tied for the league lead in saves (4); Jake Diekman is 6th in saves (2)and Pat Misch is 6th in HR allowed (3).

Probables: Thur: Cochran; Friday: Elarton; Saturday: Bush; Sunday: Hyatt

Pigs Notes: After starting the season 0-20, Kevin Frandsen has hit safely in the past 4 games.

–Going back to last season, Austin Hyatt is 7-1 with a 2.65 ERA in his last 13 starts between AA and AAA.

–Outfielder Derrick Mitchell has played all of the OF positions and played very well defensively.  Sources say that a strong push was made by Manager Ryne Sandberg to have Mitchell included on the AAA roster this year.

–The ‘Pigs return home next Monday for a long home stand (13 games)

‘Pigs Prospects–Every week we will look at how 3 or 4 of the group of “prospects” on the Lehigh Valley roster have fared. We will rotate them each week so expect fresh updates on the progression or lack thereof every two to three weeks on particular players:

Domonic Brown has hit safely in his last six games, during which time he is hitting .400. After starting the season 0-8 with six strikeouts, Brown has gone on to hit .353 since then, giving him an average right around the .290 mark. Notably, Brown is hitting .667 with RISP (6-9) and has not had any reason significant misadventures in LF.

Jake Diekman is unscored upon in his four outings (5IP). He has allowed some hits, but has battled back to get the key outs and has made several hitters look very foollish while earning his two saves.

Phillipe Aumont was very strong in his last outing against Rochester, which went six up and six down with 4 strikeouts.  He is 4/4 in save opportunities and has generally been dominating the opposition, with  the opposition average hovering around .100 against him.

Cody Overbeck is starting to make a real push of making people notice. Playing first base, he has hit in 7 of his last 9 games (.310) and is hitting lefties at a .400 clip early on. Combining his totals of late last season, he is hitting .344 in his last 37 AAA games.

As the season marches on, look for a more in depth numbers analysis. Up on the prospect review next week: Hyatt, Schwimer, Mitchell, and Hyatt.

Transactions: On Monday, Lehigh Valley received Joe Savery from Philadelphia. He will join a very crowded ‘Pigs bullpen.  The corresponding roster move was Catcher John Suomi being placed on the DL with a right shin contusion.

29 thoughts on “Lehigh Valley Weekly Report

  1. Well the bullpen in Lehigh is beastly, but I think the first thing we all do when we check their box scores is look at Brown’s line. Good to see he’s doing pretty much what’s expected at the plate and showing some signs of improvement in the field.

  2. Sorry to see Savery back to the minors. Had hoped he’d be a “relief” for Bastardo. Don’t know if his trial is over; he may not get another shot if Diekman continues to improve, i.e., he refines his control/command. He is THAT close.

    Maybe up by July.

    1. Yeah, Diekman’s looked absolutely filthy at times. As with Aumont, he’s made some hitters look foolish, but occasionally struggles with control. Nitpicking, I know, but for those watching box scores, check the number of pitches where available. Aumont in particular, may strike out three, but if it takes him a ton of pitches to get there, you know things aren’t quite as tight as the Phillies want them.

  3. Am i alone or way off base in the opinion that the Phillies need to do everything possible to ensure Sandberg is the next manager of the big club?

    1. He’s looked good in the games i’ve seen this year so far. Looks like his swing has improved and so far he hasn’t had any issues defensively. So I’d say the opposite, it’s not time to give up on Brown.

  4. Interesting that in the report on Derrick Mitchell, there was no mention of hitting statistics. Just mention of his defense. That is something different, when reporting on a position player, especially an outfielder.

    1. Mitchell has always been an interesting guy. He’s shown an interesting combination of power and speed. In CLW, 2 years ago, he had a .263/.323/.447. He had 13 HRs and 28 steals. In Reading last year, he had .265/.326/.443 with 19 HRs and 20 Steals. Gregg’s comment about Sandberg wanting him at LHV tells me he wants to help him out. It’s great having a guy who can run and play all OF positions but his bat can surprise you. I remember times, over the last 2 years or so, when we couldn’t talk about him enough. Mitchell got skills and maybe a tweak here or a tweak there and he could put some tools together? What if his triple slash started with a .280 with a .343 OBP? Add in his fielding, HRs and steals and we’re talking about a guy with a major league career. Maybe Ryne thinks he can bring that out in him.

      1. The ‘ifs’ you raised could be applied everyone in the system. The fact that his slash line has never been good means we have no reason to believe it will be that good. He has been in the monors for 8 years and hasn’t shown he can hit.
        I’m not sure why he is the only guy that gets thos pass, the last two seasons. The guy is having a terrible start, but positves keep coming . At the same time, Brown gets a back handed swipe about his defense even when there is no reason for it.

        1. Brown gets a back handed swipe about his defense even when there is no reason for it….who did that?

        2. it doesn’t seem like mitchell’s hitting is much worse than anyone else on the team right now. The only one that’s batting good is Luna

  5. Last week, because I live in New York, I was watching the SNY telecast of the Mets series, and Gary Cohen and Ron Darling (who I think are really good announcers) were kind of marveling at the continued existence of Ty Wigginton. Coming up with the Mets, he was never a top prospect, didn’t make the majors until he was 25, yet he flew under the radar, developed into a guy who did a lot of things fairly competently, and carved himself out a ten-year major league career.

    Anyway, I say this apropos of the suggestion that Derrick Mitchell could become someone’s 4th outfielder. You never know–sometimes being reliably mediocre is more valuable than being inconsistently brilliant.

    1. I agree with that, Mitchells Defense is that good, some team would be interested in that just for late innings…..

    2. Wigginton has carved out a bench career because he can swing the bat and has some power while also playing multiple positions. Don’t see that being a comparison to Mitchell who is great defensively but hasn’t shown much ability to swing the bat.

      Rare that a team will carry a bench player strictly because he can play defense rather than because he can provide some offense.

      1. Should have clarified to say carry an OUTFIELDER for defense. Middle IF’ers are a different story.

    3. I marvel at how he is still in the majors, too. Not because he’s not spectacular at anything, but because he’s now not GOOD at anything. Below average offense, below average base running, terrible defense.

      The one thing going for him is that he can “play” multiple positions. Is that really enough for a MLB career? Because I can play every position except catcher (my curveball’s not too shabby, either). Can I get a try-out? I’d be thrilled to be paid the minimum for at least my first 5 years with the team.

      1. That’s very funny, it reminds me of the things I always tell people about my big league prospects. I would be a great “clubhouse guy” and, as pitcher, I would definitely give the team “innings.” In fact, I’d give them an unlimited number of innings. And I’d always show up early.

      2. To be clear, he can play multiple positipons AND he can hit 15 homers in limited at bats. That’s why he’s still in the majors.

        1. I’ll give you that he can hit 15 HRs… but in limited at bats? For his career, he averages a HR once per every 28.6 PAs. That’s over 400 PAs to get 15 HR. 400 is not limited, rather that’s almost starter status. And in the past three years, he’s gotten slightly worse (due to age, likely) posting a HR once per 31.9 PAs (478 PAs for 15 HRs).

          And just to be clear, playing multiple positions poorly should not ever be a reason for someone to be a major leaguer. Brown won’t get a shot because of his defense, but Wigginton, who is almost certainly worse on offense and is definitely worse on defense, is alright. I don’t understand it.

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