64 thoughts on “Box Score Recap, 10 April 2012

  1. Gauntlett Eldemire is a boxscore stuffer. Hits, walks, steals.
    What makes his start most impressive is that he is a RH batter, and he is doing it against all RH pitchers. Imagine when he starts seeing LH pitchers.

  2. *First in line*

    Can someone give me a summary of Eldemire’s minor league career so far? A lot of injuries?

    1. Not to be a negative nancy, but no. Singleton was 18 in Lakewood and hit .288/.392/.477. That’s top shelf. But pointer is off to a good start, so go brian!

      1. I agree Boston Phan. Singleton was advanced beyond his years and we’re looking at a small sample size for Pointer. But If Pointer puts up numbers like Singleton did (albeit 2 years older) but with the ability to play 3 OF positions and show speed it would be very impressive.

        1. Big time especially in that small Houston stadium. You’re looking at a proto-typical first baseman with a .300 average and 30 homers a possibility. Think Joey Votto.

          1. Might want to wait a bit for laying the Votto label on the guy. Not sure he’s got that kind of power..

  3. I will take the reigns of the bandwagon. After leading the anti-Matt Rizzotti and anti scott Mathieson campaigns, I guess it’s time I do something positive around here

  4. so did we give up too quick and/or sleep on Rupp or am i getting too excited too quick on what he is doing in clearwater?

    1. I’ve been a booster of his in the past, but comments from scouts reported in here the other day about poor glovework behind the plate has me rethinking that. If he’s not a good defensive catcher, there’s no future for him in Philly IMO. (And I’m not sure he’d hit enough to have a future anywhere else.)

      1. He be better and quicker behind the plate if you would shed 15/20 pounds, from say 240 to 225 or so.

        1. Noticed his body on video. He is very wide for a 23 year old man. Looks like a 35 year old.

  5. Just a report on Perci Garner that you won’t find in the boxscore. He threw 68 pitches (28 Balls,
    40 Strikes, and 8 swing and misses) and his FB was 89-91mph thru all 5 innings. His curve was 76 and a 3rd pitch (change-up i think) was 82. Most of the hits he gave up were really hit pretty hard so I guess his command wasn’t what he would like it to be. Both his walks were in the first along with an E7(Alvarez really butchered that one) but he got out of the inning with a DP. Bonilla pitched the 9th and gave up 2 hard hit singles but got out of the inning with a 7-2 DP. His FB was 90-91. Lavin had a good night, besides his 2 hits he also hit a hard line drive at the LFer. Same for Rupp, a solid line drive out to LFer to go with his Double. Asche really crushed his triple to dead center, if he pulls it he ties the game. There’s video of Garner and Bonilla on you-tube at TheGKita.

  6. How about Jiwan James. He’s unleashing his inner Curtis Granderson. Strikes out once a game, but showing power that he never displayed before.

    1. I’ve talked with two scouts in FL who both said they wouldn’t be surprised with a Jiwan James breakout this year or next year. He is maturing physically and getting caught up as a position player prospect. I’m not at all surprised with what we are seeing.

      1. That is awesomely awesome. He has beenhighly rated before, it would be great if he has a strong year.

      1. I’m sure James and Valle appreciate the hitting environment in Reading opposed to CW. Valle especially, being a catcher in FL all summer must really take a toll.

  7. So Lisalberto Bonilla is a relief pitcher now? Pitching the 9th inning of a close game makes me is not normally a “get some innings” / “build arm strength” situation…

    did I miss something in spring training?

    1. I think he was in the BP in spring training too. Someone else here theorized he could get bumped to the rotation if a starter gets bumped up or down. I hope that happens.

      1. Could be. The team might want to keep his innings in the 125-140 range and I am sure rotation openings will occur as the season goes on.

      1. It’s all about pitch counts. Be conservative early on, then allow him to slide into a startng role midway through the season.

  8. Is there any chance that Gauntlett gets pushed quickly up to CLW soon, he is 23 and two years removed from college. I hope what he is showing is legitimate and not an advanced player praying on lower level pitching.

    I am in on Pointer, what is the reports on his overall athleticism and outfield defense, is he just starting to scratch the surface of his potential or is there not a lot of projection left.

    Jiwan James looks to be cashing in on some promise, I would like to see him keep the strikeouts down though and improve on his SB% (last two years haven’t been good and he already as a CS this year).

    1. Of course it’s an advanced player praying on young pitching, but he is doing what he should. He has been hurt, but if he keeps outclassing Low A, he will get to Clearwater this year, and be back on track to show us whether he is a legit prospect or not.

    2. Pointer is a legit complete player but he’s not a super athlete like Eldemire or Altherr. He’ll definitely hit enough to play a corner. He’s more like a 300 hitter with 20 homer guy than a guy with 30 homer power. Eldemire could definitely move mid season but it s really very early.

    3. I think yes. Decent college offensive players often skip low A. The Phillies want to break him in slowly as he has missed 2 year. But if he continues to hit like this his placement will depend on his development, not his rust.

    1. He’s the new Matt Rizzotti. He appears to be a better fielder but I haven’t seen him play. Last year, he played a tiny amount at 3B and some in LF to go along with a lot at 1B. He even pitched an inning last year. Maybe he’s the right-handed Savery? Just kidding on that last part.

      1. Anyone who CAN play third should be accelerated at that position even a little . Polanco looks weak. But again whatever plan they put into effect in the winter can NOt be modified by truth or conditions.

      2. He’s a big slow guy and not a 3B although he does seem to play a very capable 1B. All he does is hit though, I was looking at his career numbers yesterday, they guy has put together some really nice years. If he keeps this up at AA, people will definitely take notice.

  9. Lehigh Valley…blaargh.
    Good to see James homer again.
    Asche tripling is nice- great that Garner’s pitching.
    Eldemire’s line is ridiculous tonight- multiple hits, one for extra bases, two walks, and two steals? Plus home runs for Pointer and T. Greene. Lino Martinez’s BB and K numbers really should be backwards of what they are, because 2/6 K/BB is not nice.

    1. Plus a balk for Lino. He had a 7 run lead and he can’t find the plate. Murray follows with 3 BBs and a HBP. Did something happen to the mound in the 5th – 7th innings? Did somebody dig a hole in their landing spot?

  10. The Lakewood team continues to run. 18 for 18 through 6 games (although Greene was picked off once).

  11. Looks like our former pitching prospect Drabek is finally getting off the schnide…pitched well yesterday vs Sox.

  12. sorry who pitched for Pawtucket Roger Clemons?

    Love the free MLB preview. Toughest decision of my night is usually red or white but with so many games to choose I settled on watching our old pal Kyle. What’s interesting is he and Bard have unbelievable stuff but you can see the immaturity in how to use it.

    Case in point. Bard blow 97 MPH right by Bautista after falling behind 3-0 then gets ahead of Lind 1-2 and makes a mistake out over the plate.

    But as for Drabek he sat 94 with good movement still flashes the curve/slider with downward action and his change actually looks decent. Only thing holding him back is command.

    1. Oh by the way did anyone catch the play Lawrie made on AGON from short center field in some weird shift they put on him?

        1. He has a point. If you want to talk Sox, former prospects, etc. try the general topic thread.

          1. Forgive me thought Drabek qualified al beit loosely for Phils prospect talk….and I wasn’t the first to mention Drabek I just followed up on some anecdotal info about that game.

  13. Went to the Claws game in Greensboro Monday. Just observational stuff: The two obvious standouts were Eldemire and Pointer. Eldemire is just a tall physical specimen with a verrrrry quick, free and easy swing and a natural feel for hitting, fielding, running. Ball jumps off his bat and he roams CF like a gazelle. I can see him moving quickly, maybe see CLW this year if he continues to hit. Pointer is all compact energy, also a very quick swing, seems to love baseball, a little bit of a Pete Rose feel to his energy. T Greene, looked fine, but no big hits or tough chances. Franco made a couple nice plays at 3B. Looks like a stud. Comfortable at the plate, hit the ball solidly. Altherr looks athletic, not as advanced as a hitter as the other two. Morgado–good stuff, somewhat wild in the zone, gets in trouble too much, same as as Stutes lin Low A. But if he gets some command, he could be a reliever.

  14. Dont have anything to add other than that the daily box scores post (including comments) is one of the highlights of my day, thanks Phuture Phillies

  15. Does anyone know if Jiwan James is still switch hitting? I recall reading he might give up hitting Right Handed.

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