31 thoughts on “Matt Rizzotti traded to the Twins for cash considerations

  1. Good for him. What are cash considerations. After they see he can’t field, are they going to consider not paying any cash? At least he is in the AL with the DH

  2. In the end, they really did the kid a favor. Although I did think “what if he has a hot start in AAA and they need a first baseman to fill in up here while Howard recovers.” Rizz can’t be any worse than a 40-year old Thome, can he?

      1. He can also be much worse than Nix, Wigginton, and Mayberry which are the other options the Phillies have to play first while Howard is out.

        1. I assume you mean at the plate vs in the field….Mayberry is fluid at the bag and pretty decent defensive first baseman

          1. Think you’re misreading my comment. I think that Mayberry, Nix, Wigginton, Overbeck, and probably Susdorf were all better options at 1b both offensively and defensively than was Rizzotti.

    1. I met Matt briefly at a Trenton Thunder game and some of his friends from NYC(Manhattan) came as a group. He came across like a good person and I hope that he does get a chance to play with Minnesota. Best of luck Matt except for the Phillies series!

  3. Makes no sense at all. Couldn’t even get a middle infielder for a guy who can hit like this? Crazy.

    1. Last year, when he passed through waivers, any team in MLB could have had him, and even then there were no takers.

      1. Not true. He would have had to stay on a teams 25 man roster for the entire year for them to have him.

        1. Incorrect.
          He was protected during the rule 5. You only have to be protected on the 25 man if you are a rule 5 selection. He was not.
          The Phillies released him from the 40 man roster after the rule 5. A claiming team only had to clear a space for him on their 40 man, and no team deemed him worthy.
          Rizzotti was passed over in this process, unlike Carlos Rivero. So you could say Rizzotti had less value than even Carlos Rivero.

  4. This is about the Phillies being good guys and I appreciate it. That being said, I thought it was kind of a stupid move with the first base issue being unresolved. Even if he is Plan D or E, why risk trading him away for nothing (sorry,in baseball, cash considerations is essentially nothing) when you might need a hitting first baseman who can get on base? Seems dumb to me.

    1. They must of thought that if they get to a desperate plan D or E, they would go outside the org. rather than with the Rizz.

  5. Rizzotti was expendable because if Howard is out for a longer period of time you move Mayberry to 1B and one of the many OF to LF. If you need a 1B from the system I think Overbeck is likely the better player and fielder.

  6. Why would you give away a hitter like Rizz for relatively nothing? There is a glut of 1B in the system and they need to make room fast? What was the pressure to move Rizz for nothing, what have the Phillies done to the Twins?

  7. I actually had a hunch they might release Rizz. Its become pretty clear in spring training that Susdorf is going to get the majority of DH at bats in AAA this year and I know they want Overbeck playing everyday. Rizz was the odd man out. Good luck to him!

    1. Give that man a gold star. Yes, Rizz’s playing time was quickly disappearing. I really doubt the Phillies or the Rizz wanted him repeating AA again in 2012 and they have guys in AAA that were better options at 1b/DH.

      Not sure why people are upset since it’s actually a good move for the player who is probably happy about it. He wasn’t in the Phillies plans.

  8. It’s a very good move for Rizz. He goes to an AL team and his only value was as a DH. Phils get some petty cash for a cheese steak run. You might see Rizz’s name as DH for the Twin’s at some point.

    1. I believe Morneau is slated to become a full-time DH for the Twins in 2012 so I don’t expect you’ll see the Rizz in any boxscores for them any time soon.

  9. I don’t know if anyone saw this on Mlbtraderumors but the Phillies apparently tried reacquire Jason Donald from the Indians. The Indians said no for whatever reason.

    1. Probably because the Phillies offered Cash Considerations (yup, the same guy they just acquired for Rizzotti). I’m sure had the team offered Brown and May for Donald, the Indians would have been pleased to take the deal.

  10. A move like this pretty much demonstrates replacement level talent. There wasn’t much value in Rizzotti and I don’t think the Twins are acquiring Rizzotti as a prospect. Rizzotti fills in a gap for the Rochester Red Wings. I’m guessing Chris Parmalee is going north with the Twins, while the Twins’ own AA 1Bman last year slugged less than .400. Rizzotti might have a chance, but he’s behind Morneau, Parmalee, Ryan Doumit and possibly Aaron Bates on the Twins’ depth chart.

  11. Cash Considerations helps the Phillies stay below the luxury tax threshold. Last year they were less than a million away, not a bad move then for a guy who was going to be released. I find it funny, as Rizz never got any better as a fielder, yet, so many people on this site loved him. Same people who rip Dom Brown for being a bad defensive player, cannot see that Rizz was too (and Brown has hit better at every level including the Show).

    1. Rizz and Brown are not measured by overall ability but against expectation and potential.
      Brown oozes potential and that creates high hopes and expectations. If you can hit a baseball like Brown and be so athletic then it is a major irritant that he’s having such trouble fielding. This creates a large chasm between expectation and reality. Luckily he has time and through repetition and teaching he should improve.

      Rizz, on the other hand, was a guy who has overachieved because no one expected him to be good. In our society, we tend to root for these guys. We want him to succeed. Most of us knew he didn’t really have a position on the field. We knew DH was the best possible place for him but in the NL you have to find the next best thing. 1B was it. I never thought he’d make it to the Phillies but he could come up as a replacement DH and surprise people.

      Matt’s with an AL team now. Morneau’s the DH but he’s played 150 games over the last two seasons combined. 135 the year before. I wouldn’t call him reliable, health-wise. 162 games is a long haul. guys get hurt. Backups fail. Rizz could be in the right place at the right time. He’s not option 1, 2 or even 3 but he’s now on the list.

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