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  1. Newbie to the concept of work groups. Are these groups homegenously grouped or heterogenous? It seems like the second group has a lot of studs in it. Trying to figure out what type of meaning, if any, I can take from this.

    1. It’s where they’re likely to appear at the beginning of the minor league season. Group 1, for the most part, is expected to be the AAA roster. 2 AA, 3 Hi-A, 4 Lo-A. 5 extended spring training.

  2. Cisco needs a fair shot. Maybe a start or two. Catchers look so thin. Hewitt and Collier need big years but we all know that. Just cheering out looud.

    1. Yeah, that’s an odd one. Must be hurt. Hopefully it’s not serious. Anyone seen him participating in any drills?

  3. Cody Overbeck…haven’t heard a word about him all spring. Anyone?? Anyone?? I know he did not have a real chance to make the Phils but I am curious why I haven’t seen his name anywhere. This is probably his last chance to break through.

    1. He’s with group 1. Per usual, the outfield will get shuffled this weekend when the Phillies break camp. Brown stays at AAA along with Thompson (my guess) but with possibly two other arrivals things will ripple, at least until the release clauses time out.

    1. Kevin Walter had tommy john surgery end of August 2011. Won’t be throwing until July
      or August, maybe….or won’t see him until Instructional Leauge in the fall.

      1. The recovery timeline for Tommy John surgery is 9-12 months (not the 12-18 months most people assume). So he should be throwing soon actually and could potentially be back on the field as early as Memorial Day. Or he could take longer and not return until July or August.

  4. As of this morning, RHP Eric Pettis and LHP Matthew Way released from minor league camp

    1. any link? Pettis pitched well in the system. It also seemed Way was getting in some innings this Spring out of the BP.

    2. I’m really surprised about Pettis, I thought he did really well last year. For Way, I just don’t think he ever came all the way back.
      The guy I haven’t heard anything about is Naylor. In the offseason, I read somewhere that he was doing really well in his rehab. I saw him when I was in Florida but I never saw him throw and didn’t get a chance to talk to him.

  5. Tuesday Minor League Games Report, courtesy of Blueclaws Blog:
    (all games against Yankees affiliates)

    Lehigh Valley (lost 4-3)

    Austin Hyatt gave up one unearned run in 5.1 innings of work and gave way to Jake Diekman. Diekman, just sent down from big league camp, struck out both hitters he faced.
    RF Brent Cleven went 2-3 with two RBIs, while Kevin Fransden, Domonic Brown, Mike Spidale, Tug Hulett, and John Suomi added hits for the IronPigs.

    Reading (lost 4-3)

    Tyler Cloyd gave up two earned runs, three total, in five innings with five strikeouts and no walks. He threw a first pitch strike to 16 of 22 hitters.
    BJ Rosenberg followed with two perfect innings. Garett Claypool allowed one run in one inning and JC Ramirez threw a scoreless inning.
    Offensively, the following players had two hits: Sebastian Valle, Steven Lerud, Troy Hanzawa, and Cesar Hernandez.
    Cloyd, who hit, went 1-2 with a double

    Clearwater (lost 11-3)

    Jesse Biddle allowed six runs in 3.2 innings. James Birmingham threw two scoreless innings and Ryan Duke gave up two runs in his one inning.
    Peter Lavin led off and played center, going 2-3 with a home run.
    Miguel Alvarez added a home run as well for the Threshers, while Cameron Rupp was 2-3.

    Lakewood (lost 5-0)

    Ethan Stewart started and allowed two runs over four innings with five strikeouts.
    Austin Brough and Andre Kinder each had scoreless innings of relief.
    Chris Duffy had two hits, while Kyrell Hudson, Gustavo Gonzalez, and Stephen Malcolm each had one.
    Positionally: John Hill and Logan Moore caught, Drew Hillman played first, Alejandro Villalobos second, Gonzalez and Malcolm short, Maikel Franco third, Brian Pointer left, Hudson center, and Gauntlett Eldemire right.

    1. Anyone else in the least bit concerned about biddle? I’ve been worried about him since mid-way through last season, and in all honesty, out of our top 3 prospects, to me he’s the one that screams concern. Not saying he doesn’t have upside, but between the significant loss of velocity last year and his poor showing in spring thus far, I’m worried about either an injury or a loss of stuff. Thoughts?

      1. I don’t get worried about spring training results. He may be working on a specific pitch or something.

        1. I agree, its too soon and the results too meangingless. Biddle knows his job is secure. Btw, to look at him this year is to see a different body type than last year. He’s in much better shape this year.

          1. Jesse, historically, has been a slow starter, even during high school. At the start of his senior year, scouts were concerned by his walk rate. By the end of the season he was striking out 15 per game. In 2011, he started slowly, but took off mid summer. The velocity drop is the result of him working more on command. He can still throw harder.

      2. I have a similar overarching concern, but not due to these spring results specifically. I am content to see how things go. I can see how one can be positive on him and yet how there are things to be concerned about.

      3. Being new to this blog I can offer some insight to what you are seeing with him as with most pitchers will go thru such as Biddle, Shull and JDT this early in their careers on the pro level….first they will approach them such in an artistic fashion. They are a canvas with unlimited potential …how they apply the colors to the canvas will decide if they end up being a pacasso……velocities….runs allowed…strikeouts arent as important this time of year when they are working on developing their pitches. every young pitcher that has ever signed out of high school dropped velocity in the phillies organization its how they develop them….after a visit to spring training and watching these young arms work they are effortless mark my words all three of these guys will make it to the bigs

      4. The only concern I have with Biddle is the chance the “Verducci effect” will kick in, based on his innings jump from last year.
        Otherwise I have more confidence in Biddle making it, than I do with May.

  6. Don’t know if this is something that was discussed in a previous thread, but is it news that Kelly Dugan is listed as an infielder? I checked Baseball Reference and it appears he played a bit at 1B last season, but he’s always been an outfielder primarily. Maybe this is a misprint? (There seems to be an outfielder shortage in that work group compared to the others). If he really is being moved to first base, though, that changes his value as a prospect considerably.

    1. He’s always had the ability to play first and the OF but he’s just been outplayed by the other outfielders, who are a very good looking group, and has to play 1st to get on the field.

      1. A .740 OPS is not going to play at first base, but it wouldn’t in the outfield, either. Unless he really flips a switch as a hitter in Lakewood this year, it’s hard to see him as any kind of a prospect, which is a shame considering he was a second-round pick.

          1. ….no one said anything about switch hitting but thanks for the info i guess…

  7. Things that stood out to me:

    – Hanzawa at AA…he better have an excellent glove because he has not shown he can hit.

    – Derrick Mitchell back to the AA group, which now has four top-notch defensive OFs

    – Garner and Morgado are still with the A+ crowd.

    – That’s a lot of IFs at A-

    – Sasaki is higher than I would have guessed

    – Marek Minarik sighting! I thought he got sent home a year or two ago?

    – I am excited about the H-Rod, Tocci, Tromp trio.

    1. Hanzawa is a very good SS but is a minor league guy only. Mitch got caught in a numbers game. My guess is that he’ll go up to AAA down the road a bit. Morgado will likely stick at CWater in the pen but I’m not sure about Garner. I do have an open spot in CWater now that Bonilla is a reliever. My rotation guesses are
      AAA – Elarton, Bump, Misch, Hyatt, Bush
      AA – May, Pettibone, JRod, Cloyd, Buchannan
      A+ – Colvin, Biddle, Morgan, Wright, 5th? (I thought Bonilla but it appears he’s a reliever)
      A – Garner, Lino Martinez, Nesseth, Manzanilla, Stewart ?

      1. Based on the current work groups, I would amend my guesses to add Garner to the A+ list and replace him with Kleven to my A list.

        1. Claypool has pitched in relief all spring so far. Reading pen is a possibility for him.

    2. Minarik pitched a few games for the Gulf Coast Phils last year. He’s still only 18.

      1. Thanks, I’m thinking of another Czech player whose name I cannot recall right now.

  8. Yes I agree that Mitch got caught in the numbers game. I hope he has a good year I really like this kid. He put on a show when I was at the spring game VS Tigers, he hit about 6 out in left field bleachers.

  9. Who will AA 3rd baseman be? Group 2 currently doesn’t seem to have one. Miguel Abreu? Really?

    1. It had been Barnes so far but I did notice that he was dropped down to the next group all of a sudden. I’m not sure what to make of that.

    1. I can’t find him in anyone’s camp. I think his next stop will most likely be in the Atlantic League if he doesn’t catch on somewhere.

    2. Retired. His company is working on a smart-phone app which will provide in-game entertainment and information. It will be tested at Allentown and Reading this year. You may see him around those stadiums during the testing.

  10. I don’t understand why the Phillies would assign 4 OF prospects to Reading, when both Allentown and Clearwater are short on OF prospects. Shouldn’t they set things up so that all of their OF prospects get to play full time?

    1. Maybe the Phillies don’t think Derrick Mitchell is as good as Domonic Brown, Rich Thompson, Steve Sudsdorf and maybe Posednik. His stats and age pretty much say he is not a top prospect and he is not better than the AAA guys ahead of him.

      1. Derrick Mitchell still has a chance. RIch Thompson does not. I’d start Gillies in the warm weather of CLW, rather than risk another leg problem in cold weather.

        1. Lehigh Valley OF – Brown, Thompson, Mitchell, and Montanez
          Reading OF – James, Gillies, Castro, Susdorf, Clevelen
          Clearwater OF – Tripp, Lavin, Hewitt, Alvarez, Myers and Rice (I think Myers or Rice will get cut and the other probably when Collier comes back)
          Lakewood OF Altherr, Hudson, Eldemire, and Pointer

          I hope Scott Podsednick makes the Phils. If he gets cut I don’t think stays at AAA. I think he asks for his release.

          1. With one week to go, Susdorf is in group 1 and Mitchell is in group 2. Susdorf had a .900 OPS and Mitchell had a .760 OPS at Reading last year. Mitchell repeats AA Reading.

    1. I don’t think Montanez has a real shot but I think he’s opened some eyes down the line, if an injury should open up a shot. Montanez hasn’t succeeded in the majors before but he certainly has the tools.

  11. Does anyone know if the following players are still property of the Phillies?
    Jeff Cusick, Pedro Lora, & Jake Smith,

    1. Cusick released the other day as announced in Gelb article. Jake Smith released awhile back. I kind of remember a suspension for Lora, but regardless have not seen on any groups so far.

      1. I thought that was Paul Cusick who was released the other day, not Jeff. I didn’t think there has been any news on Jeff Cusick since he was put on the restricted list last year.

    2. According to BA transactions from last June Jake Smith was put on the 60 day dl as well as Lora. None of these guys have appeared anywhere since Extended Spring training of last year.

  12. I thought that Cusick was released, but when I looked him up in Minor League Baseball, he appeared on the restricted list. Pedro Lora was on the work groups until the last one. He could be injured. I saw nothing about a release. He pitched (not well) in Mexico this winter. I don’t know about Jake Smith.

  13. I may be a broken record but I can’t see why Mitchell can’t spend time at third ala Greg Dobbs.
    He has little to learn about the outfield. Could he really be worse than Dobbs and that worked.
    He seems to be very athletic. Just give it a try. Its not like there are other options that don’t involve “used goods”

    1. DMitch…..he didn’t start to play the OF until he was at CLW back in ’09…infielder up until then.

    2. Maybe Mitchell plays 3b like Hewitt did. That was a disaster. I hope Mitchell gets the shot to play at AAA. Not sure why Spidale is still out there. I think Mitchell also gives the Phillies a better fielder then Susdorf. Susdorf can hit but from the times I same him play the field he was very limited.

    3. Mitchell played third base earlier in his career. 84 games, .853 fielding percentage. Mitchell was moved to the outfield for a reason, it’s obviously the position that best suits him.

      Otherwise, we’ve been down the Mitchell road before and I see no reason to rehash it. The organization will do Mitchell no favors. Mitchell was a free agent and re-signed, so there isn’t an industry consensus that he’s a better prospect than the Phillies view him. At this point, Mitchell will have to earn every opportunity.

      1. Things that people like you don’t know Mitchell had a tear in his rotator cuff and had throwing errors , he could field anything , if his shoulders better he could handle 3rd very easily.

        1. I’m sure the Phils would know something like that yet they shifted him to the OF.

        2. I apologize then. Is there anything else wrong with Mitchell we should know? An elbow injury that prevents him from being an ace starter? A glaucoma problem that limits his batting average? A knee problem that keeps him from legging out 20 triples a season? Prospect watchers need to know!

  14. Why? It’s not like he has a plus hit tool that you are trying to find a way to get him to the majors. In 7 seasons of minor league ball of 2000 PA’s he’s a career .244 avg and .302 OBP, I agree the kid is as athletic as they come but reality is he can’t hit enough to be on a MLB roster.

    1. Read my mind. Susdorf at least has a hit tool that may be worth something. Not sure where all the love for Mitchell comes from but it seems to be unwarranted.

      1. I seen Susdorf play for years no power can’t run. I seen him at spring training taking grounders at first and he had trouble handling Avg ground balls.

        1. How did he hit?? I was commenting on his hit tool, not your assessment of his fielding or running tool. B/c his offensive #’s at least point towards production, whereas Mitchell’s do not.

      2. Being a bit of a Mitchell fan from afar (I have never seen him play and don’t know him at all), I find him intriguing because he has a lot of physical ability and has been decent at the plate the past two years. You never know when you might find the next Raul Ibanez…

        1. Comparison:

          Raul Ibanez: AA, age 24, avg 368, obp 424, slg 539
          Greg Dobbs: AA, age 23, avg 365, obp 425, slg 542
          Derrick Mitchell: AA, age 24, avg 264, obp 326, slg 443

          Mitchell shouldn’t be mentioned in the same breath as Ibanez or Dobbs.

            1. Unfortunately Derrick Mitchell didn’t play in AAA at age 24, so what’s your point?

            2. Point…don’t sell him short until he gets the AAA experience, then you may happen to notice, a guy like Morse does poorly at that level, but eventually ends up self-generating millions in salary now…that is my point! Really is it that difficult to have that little foresight!

            3. You have to excuse me. My foresight has been impaired by the sight of a guy with 7 years in minor league baseball without earning promotion to AAA.
              I don’t know any Major Leaguers with that distinction.

            4. I do not have the time or inclination to go through the Baseball References/Elias sports data to rebutt a blooter and bloviate malcontent.

  15. Susdorf is a potter and he can’t run and he’s not Avery good outfielder, I saw him trying to take grounders at first base in spring training and he had a lot of trouble fielding Avg ground balls. So quit talking.

        1. That’s like teaching ethics in grad school, if you haven’t learned it by 25 it’s probably too late. 🙂

      1. My sincere apologies. I did not mean for my comment to be insensitive, particularly ethnically insensitive, but it came across that way. And, no, it’s never too late to learn to be more respectful particularly when one believes, as I do, that prejudice of any form is intolerable and that all people deserve equal respect and the same chance in life. Thank you and, again, sorry to anyone I offended.

  16. So has Drew Naylor pitched this Spring? Haven’t seen his name yet. So is this Thomas Cochran making the Lehigh Valley rotation (I figured Hyatt, Bump, Bush, Elarton, and Misch…so who is out). So looks like Susdorf goes to AAA (Rizzoti traded) and plays DH-OF-1b. Who is at 3b for Reading? Tim Kennelly? I see Barnes has been playing with Clearwater. I figured Barnes had a good enough year at Clearwater last year. I see it looks like Cartwright will start there as well. Looks like from the latest Blueclaws Blog that Lino Martinez and David Buchanan continue to have good Springs. I have noticed a lot of goose eggs with Martinez on the mound this Spring. He went 5 innings w/no runs.

    1. DRew Naylor missed the entire 2011 season after undergoing T.John surgery, and was designated for assignment by the Phillies on 16 September 2011. He was released on 23 September.

    1. Luna is the third baseman for Lehigh Valley. Frandsen wll play 2b mostly unless Luna somehow is with the big team.

  17. According Jiwan James on twitter more guys were released after workouts today. Any word on who?

        1. Kind of shocked Clevelen was cut. He played well last year for Reading. But he is 28 and the Phils do have 3 OFs coming back off injuries in Gillies, Castro, and Eldemire. I’m guessing the final rosters should be announced either today or tomorrow since the teams are leaving Florida after Sunday.

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