First Hand Report, 18 March 2012

Thanks to Murray for this quick first hand summary. Enjoy.

Good time at the minor league complex today. In the CWater game, Colvin pitched very well, allowing one run but threw a good fastball and a very good curve. He is definitely in much better shape than last year, having dropped some weight. Their lineup was Myers 8, Eldemire 9, Thome 3, Franco 5, Altherr 7, Rupp 2, Pointer dh (he was originally batting 3rd before Thome came), T Greene 6, Ford 4. Noteworthy: Eldemire said he feels great, swung the bat well, and is much faster than I thought. T Greene looked good but is young and very thin. Franco had two hits (batting 4th!) and looked very good at 3rd. Malcolm played 2nd for half the game and looked good to me. Morgado did fine. Pettis closed and looked very good. In the LWood game, Lino started and looked just ok with some control issues. Lineup was Quinn 6 (looks 16! he’s very fast but didn’t do much), Hudson 8 (looked ok), Walding 5 (batted 3rd and looked very good with a couple hits), L Greene dh (he’s huge – hit some balls hard and ran ok), Duffy 3 (in MUCH better shape than last year and hit the ball very well), Logan Moore 2, Numata dh (looked over matched), Amaro 7, Cardozzo 4. Musser pitched 2 good innings but gave up a long homer. Best was ok. Nick Hernandez told me he’s hoping to pitch in CWater by the all star break. As in previous years, the size of the pitchers is amazing.

23 thoughts on “First Hand Report, 18 March 2012

  1. Nice report. did also say that Eldemire looks really fast. It sounds like the Phillies may have a good prospect in Franco.

  2. Eldemire went 1st to 3rd on a Thome hit to left and flew into 3rd. He’s a very good looking athlete and i assume he’ll play in CWater. Quinn really looks like he’s 16 and will clearly stay in Florida. L Greene looks like he needs to drop a few lbs, no way he can play th OF right now.

  3. Thanks for the reporting. I appreciate all the posters sending back information. I was wondering why we didn’t hear about Greene, Jr. He was disabled last summer and is now DHing. I would have hoped he would have come to Clearwater ready to go. Starting to get concerned, but it is early and ST is to get into playing condition. If he can get his bat on the ball, he should be OK.
    I hope Quinn can bunt. He’ll have a career if he can get to first base.
    I am glad Walding signed. He seems like the real deal.

        1. It amazes me that after 17 games of Greene and zero of Walding, people have pissing matches over who is the better prospect. Not in terms of ranking them, but in absolutely denigrating either guy. Makes no sense to me.

          1. I was not trying to denigrate either one. I was merely saying that one is a 3B prospect and one is an SS prospect, hence they are not in competition and should not be compared. Sorry if that wasn’t clear.

        1. I guess I need to expand on that. Why do you like Walding over T Greene Mark? And Why do you like Greene over Walding Boston Phan?

          1. It looks like Greene will start at SS at CWater while Walding and Quinn wait for WPort. Franco will be at LWood with Asche at CWater at 3rd. Martinez was not around.

          2. Sorry that I was not clear. See my response above. I meant they are not comparable or in competition, so neither one should be “over” the other.

  4. According to, Buchanan struck out 7 in 4 innings. Altherr hit a HR and a double in two different games. Claypool also pitched well and the blog writer thinks he could start at Reading. May got hammered and I don’t mean at the bar. No worries… yet. It was good to hear about Colvin. I’m wishin’ and hopin’ and predictin’ he’ll have a big year.

  5. TGreene will start in Lakewood at the highest. Guys are slotted about a level over where they figure to play right now because of the workgroup numbers and the players that will be optioned/outrighted from big-league camp. Greene isn’t really ready offensively for the FSL–given the size of the parks and the hard infields, it’s not a good place to play your first full year.

    Freddy Galvis or a minor league vet will play SS at Lehigh Valley
    Troy Hanzawa will play SS in Reading
    Edgar Duran or Gustavo Gonzalez will probably play SS in CLW

  6. That sounds about right. It would create an interesting logjam if the team thought Quinn could handle Lakewood as well. Everyone is underestimating Quinn’s ability to stay at SS and his offense may be more ready than Walding or even Greene (speed helps in that respect).

    1. Speed definitely does help Quinn. But first he has to hit the ball. So I do not think his offense is more ready than Greene of Walding.

      1. Where is there much evidence of Greene and especially Walding hitting the ball better than Quinn? Quinn is the highest ranked of the three on most prospect lists (like #8 on the recently released BP list). Those lists are compiled from conversations with scouts among other things that must have been saying good things about Quinn.

        Top HS prospects should play in Low A the first year if they are ready. I have not seen any indication that Quinn is not ready. Greene has a headstart from last year, but Quinn could still be the better prospect (and speed might get him more infield hits to make the transition easier).

  7. Don’t get me wrong, I think Quinn is going to be a great player in the future. I guess I say that because I have not heard any evidence that he has been hitting very well and when you say more ready than Greene or Walding, I just didn’t agree. I do like the kid though and glad we have him. I also saw it posted that Greene was very speedy.

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