I need your help, 2012 edition

I wanted to write up a quick post here as the minor league season approaches. I hope each and every one of you here will read this and take it to heart.

When I started this site, I had no idea what it would turn in to. In the 5+ years this site has been around, its grown exponentially. Along with this growth, there have been challenged. I’ve changed jobs and have less time to write. I’ve brought in a bunch of really great resources who have helped me provide great content year round. We’ve gone from a handful of comments a day to…well, a lot more. People have contributed lots of great stuff here, both in the comments, via email, and in the way of guest posts. As I mentioned, I’m a very busy person, and I’m only one person. I do not have hours a day to police the comments section of posts. I don’t have time to yell at every person being offensive and disruptive. For the most part, and considering the internet message board medium as a whole, we have far fewer problems here than elsewhere. For those of you who have been here for a while, you know that my request of you is to simply ignore the people trying to inflame the discussions and get a rise out of you. The post tacked to the top of the site features a link to the FAQ and rules. You can find it by clicking here. I welcome any and all opinions, but I require civility at all times. At all times. If you continually buck the rules and insult others, you won’t be long for this place.

Now that I got that out of the way, here are the ways you can help this site improve in 2012:

* Go to games, make notes on our prospects, and send these reports to my via email. I will post them as “First Hand Scouting Reports” and everyone will be very grateful for what you give us.
* Take video.

9 thoughts on “I need your help, 2012 edition

  1. Couldn’t agree more, just hoping the 2% of commenters that need to read this do.

  2. Going to try to make some road trips this year. Lakewood, Reading and Lehigh Valley all w/in a few hours. The closest might be when Williamsport plays down in Aberdeen I can drive down 95 from Delaware.

  3. Man, has this site really been around for 5+ years? Time flies.

    Major thanks to James, Gregg, Andyb, and the rest of the crew that makes this site the best on the web.

  4. As an employee of the team, I’ll be watching every home Threshers game this season. I’d be happy to provide some reports…obviously I have to keep some things in-house, but I’d be happy to report some first-hand game notes like I did with Williamsport last season.

  5. Thankyou and everyone who makes a contribution to this site. Best part is how everyone ignores flaming post. It is tempting, but ignoreing them is the best case.
    This season I plan on attending some games so I will try and send some info over…
    On another note, I wouldn’t mind and are sure people wouldn’t mind some advertismemts on the site. Nothing crazy but I don’t see why you shouldn’t get somethimg for your work. I used to go to a psu website, PSUPLAYBoOK.COM (think that was the address). Well it was ad free and Scout.com bought the guy out and it was never the same. Not just the money, but more flamers more complainers etc….

  6. I agree about the ads, I wouldn’t mind a few so you at least wouldn’t have to pay out of pocket. But it is, of course, ultimately your decision.

    As for the other part, I apologize for being part of the problem, but I am refraining from responding to most things that make me want to pull my hair out.

    Something worth considering would be to add a Captcha (Crashburn just did). It’s annoying for people wanting to post multiple times, but it would decrease purely troll comments at least some and it would force people to contemplate whether their post is really worth posting. Just a thought.

  7. I rarely comment on this site but I’ve checked it almost daily for the last four years. James, it must be incredibly difficult, but try to ignore the flamers and/or ill-informed. I consider myself ill-informed, that’s why I don’t comment. But I learn so much from James’ posts and also from the handful of regular contributors that offer their first-hand reports and comments.

    Keep up the good work.

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