Harold Garcia to miss 4-6 months after microfracture surgery

Per Matt Gelb.

This is close to the death blow for his prospect status. He lost nearly an entire year last year to an ACL injury, and microfracture surgery will likely wipe out his entire 2012. I left Garcia out of my top 30 prospects list, largely because I needed to see a healthy, productive year from him before I was convinced that he was more than a cup of coffee guy. This obviously sets him back even more. Microfracture surgery is tough to come back from (especially since it is the same knee as the blown ACL) though he is only 25 and its not impossible. That said, he turns 26 in October and will have likely logged a total of about 300 AB at the AA level in the past 2+ years. A tough break, and I hope for the best for him, but you can probably remove him from your lists at this point.

17 thoughts on “Harold Garcia to miss 4-6 months after microfracture surgery

  1. Crushing… I’m a big supporter of Garcia but this is a huge blow.

    My question is can/will he be dropped from the 40 man roster? It’s not an insensitve question just a baseball one?

    1. Probably isn’t a big issue as the Phillies can simply move Garcia to the 60 day DL, thus not needing to burn a roster spot. If there’s an issue, it’s that Garcia racks up service time and he’ll become arbitration eligible very quickly.

        1. And service time should be less of an issue for him. He should not be that expensive in his arbitration years if he has a late starting career. Hopefully he gets healthy but this is a bad blow for him.

  2. Garcia has had serious setbacks before and come through strongly. I am rooting for him to do it again. I am recalling Ron Stone, a great hitter, who suffered a career-ending injury. I hope Harold’s fate is better.

    1. That was Ron Jones, I believe he tore his knee up, and fought all the way back, only to then tear his knee up again. And that was the late 80’s/early 90s when torn ACLs were still career-killers for a lot of guys.

      You may be mixing his name up with Jeff Stone, another Phillies prospect from a few years before Jones. He didnt have any injuries that I recall though, he just was not very good at getting on base….

      Either way. I hate to say it, but Garcia’s career is effectively over. 26 years old and he has back to back ACL and microfracture surgeries. The two most devastating injuries a knee can have. Humungous longshot to ever play in majors now, let alone to even play in another professional game in America I would say. And thats a shame….

  3. If Scott Mathieson can make it back to the majors (albiet with short duration and mixed results) after all that he went through, I have faith that anyone with a good work ethic can make it happen. I cannot speak for Harold’s character, but I can imagine he’s probably not willing to give up on what has probably been a life long dream, having been so close to sniffing the big leagues.

  4. That’s too bad. You’ve gotta feel for him, but from a baseball standpoint this is what happens with prospects. Some of them get hurt and you have to wonder what they could have been otherwise. Maybe we haven’t seen the last of him, but he was kind of a long shot that just got a lot longer.

  5. Was hoping he’d have a dynamite spring and vault himself into spot with LHV… gotta feel for the guy.

  6. Ron Jones was a good hitter too. That was a shame.

    and yes, I think Garcia is done. When you get hurt like that before you even come close to the majors I think it is tougher than if you got there, had some success, then got hurt.

  7. This will make room for Albert Cartwright. If his achilles tendon is fully healed then he is my darkhorse candidate for a breakout year at Reading.

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