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After a very long Winter that included a labor intensive job change, perhaps my favorite day of the year comes tomorrow with the first pitch of Sprong Training, this year being thrown by Austin Hyatt.  I expect to be back reporting regularly on the Lehigh Valley IronPigs and was hoping for some constructive commentary of what you, the reader, would like to see more of.  While I have certainly become a fan of team over the last several years (much easier with Ryne Sandberg leading the way), they key for this site continues to be the analysis of the production and growth of the minor league prospects and that is how most reports will be written, with general team overviews, and then specifics about the perspective Phuture Phillies.  Any thoughts and comments are appreciated as we attempt to give you the thorough coverage you expect. 

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  1. Hey gregg—what’s your early roster projection? My guesses…

    Piniero (accepts assignment)
    JC Ramirez



    1. Luna was signed in the off season and you also have Mitchell and Susdorf in the outfield. Not sure Posednik would stay at AAA. I think it is Phils or bust. He even said in an interview that this is not just a tryout for making the Phillies but for other teams as well. Where Naylor fit in?

    2. I would love to see Cloyd get a shot, but if history proves accurate, you will see a Purcey type rather than Cloyd. Im not sure there is a whole lot more Cloyd can do at AA. I dont think Mitchell/Susdorf start with the ‘Pigs, but I would be very surprised if both did not get some playing time during the season. Susdorf ended the season the DL last year, so he may have to play some catch up.

      1. Gregg, I agree maybe Susdorf does not get the shot at Lehigh Valley but don’t you think Mitchell deserves the shot to go play at AAA w/the numbers he had?

        1. I would love to see Mitchell play in Lehigh Valley and believe he deserves the shot, however I dont think it will happen unless Podsednik asks for his release if he doesnt make the Phils.

          1. I think both Susdorf/Mitchell will have to fight to make the ‘Pigs. If Matt Rizzotti got held back in Reading a year, older and more highly regarded as a prospect at the time, I don’t think they would be in any hurry to push that duo either.

            1. Yeah, those guys might be up, but will have to wait for opt-outs and injuries and the like. I think Podsednik has a chance, as he was here last year. I don’t think there’s much chance of Pierre or Pineiro, as they have that 3/31 opt out available to them if they’re not on the Phils.

              My AAA roster on 3/1 has Bump and Feierabend as starters, add Gosewisch (or Suomi) at catcher. Add Luna at 3B (as mentioned) and Clevlen to the OF mix.

              Certainly, a Herndon or a Stutes could find their way down to start if the MLB pen is intact. Consider DeFratus could start on the DL pending word about his elbow. Add Valdes to the mix for the AAA pen.

              And, remember, we get 25 this year, so I’m predicting a dramatic decrease in turf toe and shin contusion injuries.

  2. readers may be interested in the next group of pitchers, not just those competing for the MLB opening roster. For example a good friend of mine, Jordan Ellis is back there this spring, after pitching at Reading and 1 spring inning for the Philiies last year.

  3. Every year I look at the Pigs roster and think they’ll be good. Last year, they came through. This year’s roster looks better, with Dom Brown, solid vets with a few good bats, outstanding pen, and a hopefully solid rotation. Like to see Rizz be in shape and come on strong agai, line himself up for some kind of call-up as a hot bat, even for a few games.

  4. Interesting Galvis discussion in the David Murphy piece on Sam Perlozzo. Here’s the part:

    “* On 22-year-old shortstop prospect Freddy Galvis, who has drawn raves for his fielding since he was 17.

    “The first 3 years [in spring training], I thought he was OK. But I didn’t see what everybody else saw, and I said to myself, ‘He’s probably pretty good, he’s just the guy you have to watch on a daily basis to get that.’ And we never got to see him on a daily basis play in a game. Until this spring. This spring I’ve been working with him a little bit closer. He has a different intensity. His feet – he’s matured. I can see what everybody has been seeing now.”

  5. Tuffy gets the start today at catcher. He had some high praise from Halladay and other pitchers from ST a year ago. With the string of young pitchers going today, Gosewisch looks like the right choice to catch.

  6. A third catcher would help IF either backup could hit. If only Kratz had some mlb positive history.

  7. Gregg, great to have you back! Glad you made it through your job transition. I appreciate all you do for the website.

    In light of the anticipated high-quality bullpen, one suggestion would be a pitching wrap that is data-oriented. Does Lehigh Valley have a radar gun? If so, you could post something like each pitchers low FB mph, high FB mph, and the average (you could fudge this one, no need to actually track every single fastball). Then if you could say what other pitch or pitches they throw and the average velo for those pitches too. You wouldn’t have to do this for everyone – I personally am interested in seeing this info on Hyatt, Ramirez (if he’s in AAA) and the young bullpen guys.

    If there is no radar gun, then I guess you could ask the scouts? Anyway, I would be interested to see that because we get varied reports about how hard guys throw.

    I think the other thing I like that you did well last season was putting context on a hitter’s line, e.g. he went 0-for-3 but was robbed on a nice play by the other team’s CF.

    I’m looking forward to your coverage!

      1. It’s wonky, though. The gun isn’t always working and I’m never quite confident in its accuracy. One day I think it’s on the fast side, the next slow.

    1. There is a radar gun in LV but it is known as wildly inaccurate. I have become friendly with several of the regular scouts out there, so I am sure I can “hit them up” for info.

    1. Luis Montanez. 4th outfielder type who has gotten cups of coffee in the majors the last four years with little success. Many years ago a top 100 prospect (#73 in 2001). He hit .321 in Iowa last year. Basically he’s a AAAA player, organizational filler that sees playing time in cases of injury.

  8. Nice job by the pitching staff today. Hyatt looked really impressive, as did Diekman. I didn’t catch all the action since I was running around a good amount, but if you want to ask on specific players I might be able to help out.

    1. Any reports on velocity from Hyatt, Diekman or Aumont? It’s hard to remember an advanced (in terms of age) Phillies prospect improving his standing more quickly than Diekman has.

  9. Unfortunately there’s no gun at the field – Aumont was definitely throwing some bullets though, and it seemed to my casually-observing eye that Hyatt and Diekman weren’t too terribly slower in comparison

  10. I was just looking over the 40 man roster and the AAA roster at our 3rd basemen. All but 1 are up there in age. We have a slough of 2nd basemen. What happens if Palanco goes down? Who would replace him?

    1. Wigginton most likely. He’s terrible defensively but he’s technically a 3B still. Mini Mart would also get reps there.

      1. Although he has done little pinch hitting and very poorly when he has, with Ty in the field the bench look awful and definitely one sided. Who would be a right handed PH.

          1. Yeah, there’s Luna. Orr and Frandsen can both play 3B as well if you’re looking for depth in addition to Martinez. I know we’re not talking about ‘great’ here, but both are at least better defensively than, say, Tiffee or Ransom or Overbeck of years gone by.

      2. I assume the two thumbs down were for the thought of Wigginton/Martinez at 3B and not for me just giving info based on our current bench roster…

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