137 thoughts on “Open Discussion, Week of February 20th

  1. Being behind, for even one week, is not good for a rookie reliever. They seem to make their best impressions early in spring training. It would be an up hill battle for De Fratus to make the the team out of spring training, but it wouldn’t have been impossible.
    For the seven (7) bullpen spots I have Papelbon, Bastardo, Qualls, Kendrick, Willis, Contreras and Herndon. Stutes is probably the next guy up if Contreras isn’t ready. De Fratus just had to beat out Herndon, Stutes and Schwimer to make it. Not impossible, if healthy.

    1. I gotta think Stutes makes the team. If every one of your 7 is healthy, I think he gets it over herndon. They used Stutes in the bigger situations last year

    2. I agree Stutes should be in over Herndon. As long as Kendrick is in the pen Herndon is redundant. We could also see a 6 man pen after Howard is back and the starters are going deeper into games.

    3. I got Papelbon, Bastardo, Qualls, Stutes, Willis, Herndon, and Sanches. I believe Contreras will start on the DL and Kendrick will be in the rotation since Blanton will be traded (or injured and on DL). I think DeFratus will either start on the DL or go to the minors due to his injury.

      The wildcard is Aumont – I clearly think the Phils want him to spend a full year, or most of it, at AAA and I believe most of us here believe that he’s the least likely to make it. Having said that, I think he (and maybe Diekman) is the most likely to open some eyes in spring training. He could make it hard for them not to take him north.

      1. I’m not sure Kendrick is an absolute to get the 5th rotation spot even if Blanton were hurt/traded. I think Jaime Garcia would have a great chance at getting the 5th starters job over Kensrick. Kendrick has experience as a reliever and emergency starter, Garcia doesn’t. I also think there is little possibility of trading Blanton, coming off injury, even if they ate half of his salary.
        Kendrick will most likely be in the bullpen to begin the season.

        1. I can’t argue the fact that Pineiro could be that guy but he’s not exactly a lock either. If Blanton were to return to being a 12-15 win pitcher I’d rather keep him at $8M than trade him and pay him $5M to do that for someone else.

          1. If Blanton returns to being a 12-15 win pitcher than we’re going to be in good shape… it’ll mean the offense is as advertised.

    4. Justin DeFratus blogs:
      ‘I’ve been taking it easy here in the early going, as I have been dealing with some elbow tightness. I’m two days in on rehab throwing, so it’s progressing well. We’re probably being a little overly cautious, but, why not? It’s early. I’m not worried about it at all. It’s not really something to be alarmed about. We’re just taking is slowly and not rushing it, because we don’t have to.’

  2. Looks like Raaaaaauuuuuuullllll has signed with the Yankees. Nice… we get a supplemental round pick.

      1. That’s nice I assume the deal was Raul stayed on the roster as his reward, After all he had to get something out of this “gentlemen’s agreement”. I guess you can overlook his shoddy autumn play and dry your eyes with that 54th pick

  3. I will be looking to see how Diekman does against major league hitters. I also want to see Harold Garcia, who may well have been in consideration for a team role this year if he had not been injured. Another guy I think may surprise a few people is signed to a minor league contract — Raul Valdes, the Cuban left hander, who had a great winter in the Dominican League and won the deciding game of the Caribbean series. He did not exactly distinguish himself with the Cardinals and Yankees last year, but he can get outs on both right and left-handed hitters and I think he will be keen to show his stuff after his great winter.

    1. I’m excited to see Harold play as well. He may have to start at Reading with Cesar starting in CWater due to the AAA roster but things will play out. I don’t think DeFratus has any chance of starting with the team this year. I think they want him down in AAA throwing. Its a long year and there will be injuries. Also, its not sexy but if Brian Sanches is healthy, he very well could take a spot. My guess is that Contreras opens on the DL creating a 2nd spot for Stutes, Sanches, or Herndon to fight for. Minor league camp opens March 1!!!

  4. Just saw on BA, Phlis have 12 picks this year w/ just under 5 million in draft allotment. Twins have 12+ million w/ 12 picks. That led the pack

      1. The new CBA takes the amount spent in 2010-2011 draft, how many picks each team has, and free agents lost, and comes up with an allotment based on those numbers. Doesn’t really affect the Phils as they spent almost the exact same last year but teams like PIT, Tampa, and KC have been reduced my 25 million combined from what they would usually spend.

      2. No way to briefly explain it. You should go back through the archives to the thread immediately after the new CBA was signed, and read up on some of what was on there,, and some articles on the draft section of Baseball America.

        An overview might be:

        A set amount is allotted for every pick in the 1st 10 Rounds of the draft. Teams that exceed the set amount will pay a tax and if they exceed in excess of a certain amount they can forfeit draft picks. If a team fails to sign a pick the amount does not carry over, but if they sign a player for a lesser amount of an individual pick the surplus can go into the first ten rounds pool.
        After the 1st 10 rounds, rounds 11-40 (down from previous 50) they are allotted $100,000 dollars per pick, and if teams exceed that amount, the overage goes into the total pool amount, and may be subject to tax or loss of draft choice penalties.

        It’s complicated.

    1. I think BA has the Phillies total wrong. They lose a pick for Papelbon but gain 2 for Madson and Ibanez. That would mean their total is 11 not 12. And therefore the amount would go down as well.

      1. They gain THREE picks.

        A second round pick for Madson
        Two compensation round picks for Madson/Ibanez.

    1. Looks like Scott made the right decision not to sign. He’ll have a college education from that very expensive school, from which he will have extensive contacts with leverage to help with the investments he can make with the money he’ll get.

      1. Unless he gets hurt. Plus bonuses will be reduced due to the new CBA. I think whether or not he made the right choice is still up in the air.

      2. Actually he won’t. He’ll have 3 years of fun and sun @ Pepperdine before he’s a top 10 -2 round pick in the draft after his junior season.

  5. The Phillies and Cole Hamels apparently have no deadline for contract extension talks according to Todd Zolecki. They’re going to need to overpay for him or else the Dodgers and Yankees will, but this means that they at least have time to negotiate.

  6. Nick Hernandez and Matt Way: Jim Salisbury states, ‘….both guys are still in the system and coming off injuries. Hernandez had shoulder surgery and will be somewhere – probably Class A ball – this season. Way rehabbed from arm trouble and will also start at A ball this season.’

    1. You can never have too many lefties. Nick Hernandez (23) has been dominant when he can pitch. Unfortunately, he hasn’t pitched since 2010. Way (25) has pitched well up until his injury. He’s also been out of the game since 2010. Could he be the only baseball player to come from Sitka, Alaska?

  7. Really seems funny to me that the yankees lose a top pick for ibanez. A lot of teams wouldn’t have wanted to do that. But then I thought,the yankees and boston dont care they will give a kid million in later rounds to buy them out of college ,were most teams wont, so positon doesnt hurt them as much with the hard to sign kids.

  8. I may be mistaken, but I’m pretty sure the only team in all of baseball that loses a pick this year is the Phils — because Rube couldn’t wait a few extra days to sign Papelbon to that ridiculous contract.

      1. Hardly the worst contract ever (not even the worst contract on the team… cough… cough Howard cough…)

        Terrible timing though. Had he waited a week we could have kept our first round pick…

    1. Who knows for a fact that Papelbon would not have been classified among the players who would cost a 1st round pick anyway. Looking at the players that were included in the first group and in the 2nd group, I would say Papelbon would fit more as of the quality of the 1st group than in that of the 2nd group.

      1. Good point. Papelbon would have been right on the edge of groups 1 and 2. Losing a pick is not the biggest deal anyway given we net 2 extra anyway.

      2. They changed the rule so that all relief pitchers would come without the forfeiture of a draft pick.

      1. What do you base that on? I mean, if I was betting even odds I’d take ‘the field’ over the Phillies, but I wouldn’t rule them out based on what I’ve heard.

        1. History.

          I don’t think its wise to rule them out but in addition to history, Theo/Jed Hoyer are probably willing to break the bank for this guy.

    1. Baseball Prospectus just came out and then didn’t bury Brown near as much as the Phillie Phaithful have in the past 12 months. They believe that 2012 is a season where he’ll face a lot less pressure to produce off the bat and could be the every day LF by the A/S break. That would certainly be nice, especially if his power has returned after his broken hand.

        1. Bob I’m with you. I was chatting with Larry about this same scenario last November right after the season but unfortunately it seems both RAJ and Charlie want Brown in AAA.

          Makes no sense to me, with his athleticism, BB%, OBP – he should be leading off and playing LF.

          1. Hes going to post another 900 or higher OPS in Lehigh in April again. He can dominate Triple A pitching its been proven. Meanwhile Nix and Wiggington will be hovering around a .280 OBP but Charlie likes their veteran presence!!

          2. Seriously guys, you need to take into account the politics here. If they come out and say he’s our LF or he has a chance to be the guy, its puts the pressure on him. Saying that they want him to go to AAA takes all the pressure off of him. I PROMISE you that if he plays as well as he’s capable, he will be starting in LF on opening day. We have to take what RAJ says about this situation with the same seriousness as the comments he made before signing Lee, or trading for Doc, etc. Its all politics and if Dom plays well this spring, he’ll be the guy for the reasons Bob stated above. An everyday lineup with Mayberry at 1B and Dom in LF would be great. When a lefty is facing us, throw Mayberry back in LF and play Wigginton at 1B. When there’s a nasty righty on the mound, play Thome at 1B that day.

            Rollins SS
            Polanco 3B
            Utley 2B
            Pence RF
            Victorino CF
            Mayberry 1B
            Brown LF
            Ruiz C

            1. Starting with the caveat that anything coming out of Amaro’s mouth has to be taken with a huge grain of salt … the problem is that his original comments go way beyond what would have been necessary to remove pressure on him, instead stating that he would spend the whole year in AAA. Even assuming that Amaro was lying through his teeth, here’s no defending that comment. It served no purpose, and could have served to undermine Brown’s confidence.

              On top of that, I think it’s likely from all reports that Brown, if anything, has issues with confidence, not pressure, making the statement even more problematic.

              So the comment was bad whatever Amaro’s intent. Is it ALSO indicative of the front office losing faith in Brown? Here we are on less firm ground, as none of us are party to FO deliberations. I’d say the totality of the circumstances – public comments by Amaro and others, the way he was treated last year, and this off season’s roster decisions – support the inference that the FO has indeed lost faith in him. Time will tell; I hope I am wrong.

            2. Look – virtually all of us want Domonic Brown to be playing every day with the Phillies and he is either ready, or very close to being ready, to doing that and doing it at a very high level.

              However, we are all blowing this stuff about what the front office says out of proportion, even though they clearly mismanaged the situation with Brown last year – something they all but admit. If Domonic Brown takes care of business he is going to be a starting major league outfielder in a hurry and we will all forget about this nonsense. As for Brown’s confidence, that probably is true, but, for whatever reason, Brown appeared to mail it in when he went to AAA. Even if his reaction to the demotion was understandable, the team does not want him to sulk when things don’t go his way. They want him to dig in, focus and improve. It wouldn’t surprise me if they wanted him to get a little mad and go about his business of proving them wrong. They did this with Mayberry and Madson and it worked out pretty well.

              I don’t think they’ve lost confidence in him. I think they are just trying to take pressure off of him and urge him to push his game to the next level. Domonic Brown is so good that it should just be a matter of time before he resembles the player we all know he can be. If he does this and Mayberry continues to play well, the Phillies should be able to save some money on an outfield spot next year.

              I hope I’m right, but who knows. Maybe Larry is right. But either way, I expect that, in two years, we will look back and realize that this intrigue with Domonic Brown was just a minor bump in the road.

            3. Catch,
              I agree with you. Since when does RAJ, the team’s other managment etc. owe everyone a full explanation of what and how they are trying to motivate Brown ? He is, or he is not, going to succeed, and it would be implausible that the team would not give him a “full” chance to do just that. Let’s not get too crazy with Mayberry as last year was his first as a productive player – is he a regular ? probably not yet, as he is better used in spots. Whatever, Brown is going to get his chance whether we like it or not.

    1. D’Arnuad is #17, Singleton is #34, Gose is #39, Cosart is #50. 3 of the Phillies’ signees on the list (Gose, Cosart, May) were from the 2008 draft. Man that was a good draft.

      6 of the top 100 were signed by the Phils. On average a team should have 3 (100/30 = 3.33). The Phils have done a good job over the past few years.

        1. I wonder if they were all still Phillies property…would BA still put them ALL in their top 100 along with Trevor May.

          1. Yes. They’ve certainly done 5 and more from one organization and it’s not like any of the 5 just barely made the cut. This Phillies victim thinking where the national pundits are assumed to just refuse to give the team its due, because they don’t like them, gets very tedious very quickly. I just don’t see how one can logically dispute that 1) our farm is currently weak relative to the rest of baseball and 2) we traded off quite a bit of very good talent.

    2. From the chat:

      Jim (Philly): Only 1 Philly representative in Trevor May is disappointing. How strong of a case did Biddle and Valle make?

      Jim Callis: The system really has thinned out with promotions and trades. Biddle and Valle are intriguing, but they’re not particularly advanced and both have a lot to address. Neither was very close to the Top 100, though they received Top 150 votes.

      1. Top 150 isn’t too shabby, barring any setbacks/injuries/regressions, both should be knocking on the door for top 100 this time next year.

    1. The scouting reports I read on Fangraphs said he had below average bat speed and would need to start his swing early in order to unleash the power that he’s shown to possess.

      Not a ringing endorsement from a supposed Top-20 organizational prospect.

      1. I’m sure that information on Fangraphs was much more accurate than anything the Phillies’ scouts would have had at their disposal before the draft.

          1. Great bat speed doesn’t mean good hand eye coordination, Rick. I think Hewitt has obscene bat speed, just not a great eye.

            1. I wasn’t commenting on his eye – I was commenting on the information used by the Phillies to draft him in the first place. Just making a point.

            2. What was the point? That Fangraphs does a better job of scouting every prospect in baseball than the professional scouts do?

      2. I think you are confusing bat speed with reaction time. Greene has 70-80 power – Ashburne Alley power. You can’t generate that type of power without good bat speed.

        That being said, I have no reason to believe one way or another that Green’e’s reaction time is slow.

  9. The below quote is from the BA Top 100 chat. This is like the 100th time I’ve heard someone disparage the Orioles’ development of young pitchers. Does this concern anyone else besides me??

    J.J. Cooper: No one is too good to be messed up, and the Orioles’ track record with pitching prospects is troubling. But Bundy’s talent is immense, and not every O’s pitching prospect flames out, so you have to like his chances.

  10. I don’t think Joe Jordan’s role with the Orioles was development. He was the scouting director. So i’m not really concerned.

      1. The Phils now have 3 assistant GMs again. Wolever takes the place of Chuck LaMarr. Its Looper, Proefrock, and Wolever(Scouting)

  11. Not that is anything that will surprise any of us but what I find most disturbing is Howard’s attitude towards all this, whether it be his cop out that his average isn’t .300 because of the shift, or his answer about how he spent the offseason watching Real Housewives of whatever instead of focusing on how he can get better. Does not appear to be someone focused on getting better any longer….


    1. What did you want him to do during the offseason…? he didn’t get cleared to do anything until January…

      1. Ryan Howard actually looks good so far considering his injury. Hopefully, he will become more selective at the plate as the article suggests.

        1. WHen the time comes, that first explosive step out of the batter’s box will be a true test of courage for him.

  12. I’m really looking forward to seeing Domonic Brown play this spring. He’s said all the right things and reports on him (including the above Sheffield article) have been promising. I hope he plays well enough to steal the left field job from Mayberry. (Nothing against Mayberry… I’d just play him at first as his audition as an every day player).

    1. Except Mayberry is a better outfielder. We’ll see what Dom does. I’m hoping things work out for him and he takes it up a notch. His power should be back now so no excuses anymore on that front.

      1. Come on. Dom Brown will figure it out. If Pat Burrell and Raul Ibanez could play passable defense in left field, so can Brown.

        1. I’m not saying Dom Brown can’t become Ibanez passable which is still awful in the field. I’m saying Mayberry is a better defensive outfielder plain and simple. If only Brown knew how to play passable 1B like Mayberry then he could play 1st.

          1. Why would you want a guy with his speed and arm to play first? Short term it might be better for the team but it does nothing for his development.

          2. Yes in the short term. Long term I’d want him in the outfield. His speed and arm mean nothing right now because he doesn’t know how to harness it. Mayberry and Brown are similar sizes but one runs like a gazelle out there and the other runs like some funky animal that must exist somewhere. At least it would let Dom hit without having to worry about his defense for a little, which could help him psychologically.

            1. I need to qualify my previous post. From what I can tell, Brown either has 1) bad instincts on playing the ball off the bat OR, 2) he doubts his instincts and spends a split second too long thinking about whether or not he has correctly judged the ball off the bat OR,…god help us…both. If it is the first, then moving him closer to the batters box will not improve his play. If it is the second, (and considering he clearly has good reaction when the ball is a mere 60 feet away, I think the latter) then perhaps moving him closer would not be a terrible move. But the phillies have other options, and I think they secretly hope Brown and Mayberry both blow up into superstar corner outfielders so they dont need to choose between Pence and Victorino.

            2. Well if you’re worried about him learning the outfield right now then I’d keep him in AAA until he figures things out better. I’d rather him not be up with the Phillies while he has no confidence in his fielding ability and be in a position where he could hurt the team. That will just end up resulting in more hate and ruin him.

          3. Brown would be awful at first. His only tools defensively are his arm and his speed. At first, they become useless.

        2. The difference is Dom Brown can not play passable defense in any of the outfield positions. He can’t catch a ball. His defense sucks. He played horrible defense in right field and can not play left. I’m not taking anything away from Dom Brown but I’m just stating the facts. Mayberry is a better outfielder. Dom Brown had too many excuses. Some guys are better minor league players than MLB players. Dom Brown is one of them.

          1. The fact that you are posting as anonymous at least shows SOME self awareness, but why demonstrate your stupidity even anonomously by posting at all?

            I hope to god that you don’t reproduce.

            Trying to be nice so I will leave it at that.

            1. Larry, I can’t believe you even wasted your time responding to such an idiotic post. How “Anonymous” concluded that Brown couldn’t even play “passable” defense based on a month with the Phillies then a month with the Iron Pigs is beyond hyperbole.

            2. To answere your question why post at all, I don’t believe this is a post where you can’t say anything negative about Dom Brown. This is a post where you can post your opion. That is what I did. I did not call your post stupid. The post is about what we feel about the player, not the LarryM’s or the anonomous. I speak my belief and you speak your’s. If I do not think Brown is better than Mayberry, that’s my choice. If Brown was so good, he would be playing in rt field or left field right now. I feel he is not ready for MLB, my choice.

            3. You kinda jumped to the extreme by saying Brown can’t even play “passable” defense and compared it to Ibanez’s – who had the range of a 2,000 pound statue buried to its waist in mud. So I don’t think that your initial posting was above reproach. Criticize Brown all you’d like, just base it in something quantitative, not your own personal whims.

              Brown had a poor 2 months in LF at the end of last season, looking towards this year most expect him to rebound to previous years levels. You are clearly not in that camp.

              Seriously, Ibanez??

            4. You are either trolling me or you are even much more stupid than I thought. Of course reasonable minds may differ vis a vis Brown versus Mayberry. (Mayberry was certainly better last year; Brown almost certainly has a higher ceiling, but again reasonable minds can differ). You also made some exaggerated comments about his defense, but even that is no more than par for the course on this site with so many Brown bashers commenting.

              No, it was your moronic last three sentences that I was reacting to. It takes a unique blend of ignorance and stupidity to make that comment after less than 300 major league plate appearances. That would be true under any circumstances, but even moreso given the hand injury combined with his progress in his BB and K rates.

              But I expect that you know that and are just trolling.

              Since I am still being nice, I will refrain from telling you just what a POS you are.

            5. In the Dom Brown is good or evil debate, I tend to side on the pro-Brown side. However, I think its a bit hypocritical to say those who are anti-Brown are stupid because the sample size in the big leagues isn’t big enough, when many of the same people criticized Mayberry 12 months ago this time and I’m not sure his sample size at the time was much more than Dom’s is today in the big leagues.

            6. You’re missing the point, and in fact getting it almost backwards. No one – well, no one with any brains – was basing scepticism about Mayberry on his then very meager 73 PA. They were basing it upon his performance in over 2000 minor league PA. And that’s the same reason (in reverse) that people are still enthusiastic about Brown. Compare minor league performance – even raw numbers, without adjusting for age/level, which also cuts in Brown’s advantage – and it’s no contest, Brown is the much better prospect. Under 400 major league PA for each player doesn’t change that. It’s evidence, sure, especially for Mayberry who wasn’t dealing with a very serious injury which typically takes at least a year to fully recover from, but doesn’t trump thousands of minor league PA.

              There seems to be a school of thought around here – and I use the word thought in its loosest sense – that, once they hit the major leagues, propects should be evaluated soley on major league performance, that minor league performance at that point becomes irrelevant. This tabula rasa approach is silly, and wrong, and one could point to hundreds and hundreds of examples where players with a good minor league pedigree get off to a lousy major league start and go on to good or even great careers. Or the reverse, which is why many of us are still not entirely sold on Mayberry.

              Anon’s statement that “Some guys are better minor league players than MLB players,” while of course literally true in a narrow sense, is deceptive as heck. The simple fact is that minor league performance is very predictive of major league success. The vast majority of the relatively rare cases where a player who is ranked in the top 10 of all minor league prospects doesn’t go onto major league success are stories of injury or of players who never got a full shot.

              300 PA is a tiny sample size under ANY circumstances. It is especially so at the beginning of a player’s major league career, where manay, many players take time to adjust.

          2. He seem to catch fly balls his first 4/5 years in the system…now the mysterious ‘Steve Sax’ mental block! Truly he can regain the confidence and also the skills to catch fly balls.

    2. Aces, I think the surprises of Spring Training will be Dom Brown as he becomes the starting LF and Phillipe Aumont will be one of the setup men.

  13. You don’t put up the kind of numbers Dom did in a minor league career without having some ability to play at the MLB level. Its been said so many times the difference is in the advance scouting. Teams and big league pitching will quickly figure out your holes and sometimes before the hitter does.

    I hope Shef teaches him how to study video more than anything else. If he starts to understand what pitchers are trying to do to him he should have no trouble.

    1. I think that his hitting improvement from his 2010 to 2011 (in terms of K% and BB%; IMO he gets a pass on relative lack of power because of the injury) demonstrates that he is a guy who has the ability to adjust. I have zero worries about his hitting.

      The defense is genuinely puzzling. How often has a guy with his physical gifts been a lousy defender? I was going to say Lonnie Smith, but, if you give any credence to advanced defensive metrics at all, Smith was actually a pretty good defender. Unlike hitting, which is an incredibly specialized skill, where “tools” often don’t translate to performance, fielding (aside from catcher and perhaps SS) is a skill that players can usually do at least adequately if they are reasonably athletic. The guys who fail defensively generally are guys who just don’t have the physical tools.

      Which is a long way of saying that I think he can become at least adequate defensively, possibly significantly better than adequate. But certainly his defense is, unlike his hitting, a legitimate area of concern. (Though even now, the people who claim he was worse than Ibanez are mistaken; I realize that is damning with faint praise.)

  14. On a side note..I was in attendance for a bullpen session thrown my former phillies prospect Kyle Slate(07 draft)..looked very sharp and to me it looked like he is close to 100 percent again..

  15. Ahh, the 2007 draft. No one of the best drafts but it is interesting. Savery was drafted #1 and D’Arnaud 1A. Brandon Workman was known as, “the one that got away.” 3 guys will be fighting for some time in the bullpen in ST: Savery, DeFratus & Diekman. Matt Spencer, D’Arnaud and Michael Taylor were al involved in trades that brought us parts of our the big league Starting 5. Another high draft choice, Travis (Mattair) has come and gone. Tyler Mach was a total disaster. 3 guys continue to toil as pitchers in the minor leagues: Brummett, Chapman and Kissock. Riz came from that draft. and last but certainly not least Nathaniel (Jiwan) James was a promising young pitcher at the time he was drafted in the 22nd round.

    When you saw Slate was he trying out in the Independent leagues or were team scouts there? I liked the kid a lot. Good size and had some ability. Injuried derailed him.

  16. http://www.mlbtraderumors.com/

    MLB Trade Rumors is reporting that Roy Oswalt may wait unti midseason to sign with a team. He is a season removed from being a dominant pitcher and, last year, after he finally healed from his injuries, he was back to throwing his 94 MPH rising heater. If the Phillies can find a way to move Blanton’s contract or they have a disaster in the rotation (God forbid), the first call they make is to Oswalt. I think there’s at least a 30-40 percent chance he ends up on the Phillies this year and at a pro rated $5-6 million per year, he would be a steal for the Phillies or anyone else for that matter. A complete steal.

    1. Edwin Jackson got $10 million a year. AJ Burnett is worth 2 years, $13 million to the Pirates. Why on earth is Oswalt not signed to a team? It just doesn’t make sense.

      1. Come on Alan, you already know why not. Oswalt is in the wonderful position of not really needing to worry about money. Why would he sign if he can just long toss, stay in shape, take half the season off, ramp up the arm in June and then be a hired gun for the best team on the market come July. The guy wants a ring and he wants the choice to decide where he is gonna go. He can even shorten it up and be a monster out of the bullpen for someone.

      2. Reports are that his back is way worse than the Phillies thought when they traded for him and they didn’t even make an offer to him after buying out his last year. Other teams are not willing to pay what he deems his value is if they’re only getting 100 IP out of the deal.

    2. The Pedro Martinez approach. Nice to be able to think about winning over making dollars, not to mention the lack of wear could make him more dominant (or at least available and decent) in late season.

  17. Rich Doobie is impressed with Diekman. If he could only walk fewer guys he could be more than a LOOGY.

    1. There’s a lot to like. He throws in the middle 90s from a pure side-armed slot. If he can get his control in line, he gives the team the possibility of throwing another Jonny Venters our there. Dubee has never had anyone quite like that and he knows how effecitve that type of pitcher can be.

      It is going to be a blast watching these young relievers this year. Media outlets are just not giving the Phillies enough credit for these young pitchers or the Phillies bullpen in general. The bullpen has a chance of being among the top 2 or 3 in baseball. Combine that with probably the best three starters and a good young #4 and you’ve got a hell of a pitching staff.

  18. It was an indoor bullpen down in Lakewood nj where slate was working out..he seemed to be throwing like 80 percent but his fb had good life..he still has that MLB change up an from what I saw he brought back that splitter he used to throw and it was nasty..he told me it was his 2nd bullpen since coming back..he said he might go the independent route but would prefer to go to a professional tryout

    1. Good luck to him. I can imagine he’d want a pro tryout, but he’ll have to prove himself at this point. Almost 23 with little experience and injury history sounds like a perfect independent league story to me.

  19. On DNL…..Ruben says Dom Brown must be play ‘extraordinarily well’ for him to make the club out of ST.

  20. Saw Joe Jordan doing a cartwheel in the parking lot at Spring Training! Seems there was a young man that showed up two weeks early and has been showing off!! You guys know more than everyone else.. so we won’t say names!! Maybe Clearwater and not Lakewood!! with the work done in the off season.. Keep disrespecting.. it seems to be working very , very well!!

    1. Roman Quinn got there two weeks early?

      Just kidding. I think you misunderstand what this website is about. We all want the Phillies farmhands to develop, perform well, and generally succeed. However, people are entitled to say their own opinion about players. There are very few “haters” on this board. But people will say what they realistically think a player is capable of. Obviously people will disagree which can lead to interesting debate. It is really not worth taking it personally.

      Since I assume it it Tyler Greene you are talking about, I will remind you that the community here rated him 11th best in the system, top among all 2011 draftees, and way way higher than any of the national services most people pay attention to.

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