Thursday links: Aumont, Colvin, May, and the state of the farm

Here are 4 articles you may or may not have read.

First, new farm director Joe Jordan says all the positive things you’d expect a new farm director to say about his new prospects.

Phillippe Aumont seems to be in the right frame of mind heading in to 2012.

Brody Colvin talks about his rough 2011.

Trevor May talks about yoga.

7 thoughts on “Thursday links: Aumont, Colvin, May, and the state of the farm

  1. Somehow Chooch’s impending FA escaped me. All the chatter’s been about Vic. Aren’t we in a worse situation to replace Chooch?

  2. This is the quote I found most interesting, talking about the 3 recently drafted SS. Interesting that they hope for one to play full season ball at Lakewood. Could be a great opportunity for someone, love that they put that out as a challenge.

    All three are high school players, meaning there likely isn’t room for all three to be shortstops as they begin their professional careers. Looper said Walding will start spring training as a third baseman while Quinn and Greene stay at shortstop. The hope, Looper said, is that one of Quinn or Greene can show enough in the spring to warrant a spot on single-A Lakewood’s roster for the entire season. The other will play for short-season single-A Williamsport.

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