Carlos Rivero claimed on waivers by the Nats

Just as I say I might not have anything to post about again for a while, the Nats have claimed Carlos Rivero off waivers. I wrote extensively about Rivero back in May, and while I’m sad to see him go, I don’t think this is anything to get too worked up over. He showed good tools in 2011 in a rebound season, but he is still largely a flawed prospect. He is very rough defensively at 3B, and if he can’t stick there, the only other logical spot for him is an outfield corner, where his bat may not play quite as well. He’d have been a nice guy to take a look at for one more season, but he isn’t a big loss. That said, its odd that John Bowker wasn’t DFA’ed if they were looking to clear a 40 man roster spot….

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  1. I just read this on Rumors. His departure isn’t necessarily a loss for the big team, but it’s odd that they would expose him to waivers at all nevermind the middle of December. From a perspective of organizational depth, I’m certainly surprised to see him moving elsewhere. Still somewhat young too

  2. While they had to clear a slot for Jimmy Rollins, I am also surprised that it was not either Bowker or Kratz that was waived.

  3. The speculation I have for this move is that the Phillies looked at this and saw this as Rivero’s last option year and said do we see him being a permanent part of this team in 2013 or do we cut bait now and risk that someone like Bowker can become a decent bench bat. Rivero’s upside at this point is second division 3B and is likely a fringe bat at 3B at best. They could have cut bait later but the more I think about this it was inevitable.

    That being said teams will likely always take chances on his upside.

  4. Just because they waived Rivero doesn’t mean they won’t also waive Bowker at some point. Rollins will not be the last addition to the 40 man, they will probably be picking up another OF bat.

    1. Luna has some major league experience although most of it was a few years ago. He’s played everywhere on thediamond except C & P. Last year he played 2B & 3B for the most part. He has some pop in his bat. If you’re worried about Polanco, he’s not a bad guy to have in LHV. I think he’s a better option in the here and now than Rivero would have been. With all that said, I liked Rivero. 3B was new to him last year and I expected him to figure it all out this year.

    2. Luis Montanez is a former #1 draft pick (3rd overall). 2009 and 2010 seem to be lost seasons for him. He played in less than 60 games each season. I’m not sure if he was injured or riding the pine. He played some in the majors in both years. 2011 was full season for him but he didn’t play well in his 36 games in the bigs. In fact, he’s never played well in the bigs. Philly might see something in him. He’s a righty who has played all 3 OF positions but LF seems to be his prevalent spot.

  5. This is a strange move for a team that looks for more hitting around every corner. It seems that the guy can hit with power and the only reason I can think of is that the combination of lousy fielding and likely personality shortcomings caused his removal.He could have played for LV in ’12 in an attempt to refine his fielding and if his power hitting continued, try him a pinch hitter with some power. . So I believe more is involved than meets the eye here.

  6. I’m OK with Rivero leaving. I think we were hoping he’d pan out, but realistically he’s not a great prospect.

    I am in favor of the trades we have made to get established players for prospects, but those trades have left us with a smaller group of propspects than we’re use to having. Because we’re so thin on top level prospects right now, we tend to place a lot of hope in marginal ones like Rivero. I hope he makes it to the majors some day, but I doubt we’re losing much here.

  7. Great, now what the hell am i going to do with the 1000 “Rolling on the Rivero” t-shirts i made. I pegged him as the next big Phillies star.

    1. If Michael is ‘Mini-Mart’…i guess Harold is “Maxi-Mart’….and not sure either will be starting at 3B for LHV in 2012 however.

    2. I see the club looking something like this:
      3B Fransden
      SS Galvis
      2B Martinez/Orr
      1B Overbeck
      DH Rizzotti
      OF Domonic Brown
      OF Thompson
      OF Pods/Bowker

      with Tyson and Harold doing some rehab in Single A/Double A.

      1. OK, I’ll bite:

        3B: Luna
        SS: Galvis
        2B: Frandsen
        1B: Overbeck
        DH: Podsednik
        OF: Brown
        OF: Thompson
        OF: Bowker
        C: Kratz
        Bench: Gosewisch, MMartinez, Montanez,
        (Orr on the Philly bench and Rizzotti in Reading to start)

          1. I’m predicting Kratz starting opening day, perhaps, as the more established AAA player–but that they will ultimately alternate behind the plate. I get your point, though. He’ll get his starts–look at the time Sardinha spent in Philly last year.

          2. With due respect to Gosewisch, he had a sub .300 OBP at Reading as a 27 year old. No organization was going to offer him a AAA starting job based on his track record. There’s no rational way to give Gosewisch at bats over a local player with Erik Kratz’s type of power production. Gosewisch is a good backup catcher, but that’s all I see from his ceiling. He’s already at his peak.

            1. And what is Kratz? A backup catcher, who is well past his peak. Gosewich really has to be the starter. He was a good starter for Reading. He is excellent defensively and his offense to a step forward last season.

            2. Tuffy will get his games….and could be a call-up if Chooch or Schneider gets DL anytime through the season.

  8. Interesting tweet:

    Hearing good things on Phillies 16-yr-old CF Carlos Tocci out of Venezuela. Posted a .402 OBP in 29 games in the Liga Paralela.

    1. Good to see that they at least threw almost 800k at someone who is looking impressive. Now do they bring him over and put him in the GCL next year.

  9. Bowker stays on until the Japanese buy his contract from the Phillies. Let him go now and the Phillies get no $ for him.

  10. The Phillies obviously believed that Rivero’s glove would never do in the majors and that his average nor his power would help. The Reading ballpark offers the illusion of power, but the system is fairly devoid of a consistent power hitter with major league potential. This would hint that the players the Phillies will trade for major league positional players will be their fine stock of pitchers. I think we will see a few of them, plus Worley, Kendrick, and Blanton, go this and next year to other teams. May, Pettibone, and Biddle will have to satisfy the need to replace the current group. Each of them would be an upgrade over their current fourth and fifth pitchers. The replacements for their rapidly aging infield will come from trades.

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