BA ranked Roman Quinn 11th in the Phillies system

BA has a new article up today (subscription content) listing the #11 prospect for every NL team. They list Roman Quinn as #11 and point to the things we’ve already heard before: he has blazing speed (comparing him to Michael Bourn) and note his surprising power for someone his size. That’s about it. Nothing new, but I thought him being ranked #11 was notable. Feel free to discuss.

77 thoughts on “BA ranked Roman Quinn 11th in the Phillies system

  1. I guess if you trade away most of the top prospects the newly drafted players will be top prospects. But hope they can rebuild this system into a strong power to replace the Utley’s, Howard’s, Ruiz’s, etc in the next couple years.

  2. I just hope that he is coached well enough to fit at shortstop. He would be ideal to sit at/near the top of the lineup with his speed plus that surprising power for a guy who is not a behemoth. Add in the hope that he can learn that switch hitting so he does well from both sides of the plate.

    I’d much prefer that he be at SS instead of in CF; there are several other Phils center field possibles within their system. Aside from Galvis, there are few worthy SSs on the prospect list on the Pharm. Time for the coaches to work hard with Quinn to yield a fast, gap-powered, better-ranging shortstop for the future long term. Pray for a good OBA.

    To my knowledge, there has been no indication from the post-season training camp how well Quinn had done then at SS. At least it’s good to see how highly rated he is at #11. That’s a very high position/rating for a guy who has yet to play a game of pro ball.

    Unfortunately, he won’t be ready for MLB in 3 years when J-Roll’s supposed contract ends. But a guy like Galvis could hold the position warm for him.

    Go. Quinny!

    1. Did you know that, across the history of the MLB, switch hitters have almost always had lower career averages than non switch hitters? There was a good article about it on ESPN last year that proved the point pretty effectively. Not to say that that proves switch hitting isn’t a good thing, but it proves pretty definitively that it isn’t an automatic plus.

      1. Disagreer (I like that name):

        The stats may indicate a lower ba for switch hitters, but it does not consider that player’s capability ti hit a breaking ball from the same side as he hits from. I believe that for many the ability to hit from the other side saved their careers.
        For them being able to hit from both sides covers a weakness adequately to allow the player to be a MLB player.

      2. disagreer….one other thing…switch-hitters usually have one dominate side….did the ESPN study see what the stats are for one side vs the other? But, in any event, that is an interesting study in baseball lore.

    2. An ideal student for Davey Lopes Opps I forgot. Have a nice Christmas Davey you and your attitude are sorely missed.

    3. Quinn was just one of 4 SSs drafted. He is not the only option beyond Galvis. Some might even think T. Greene, for instance, stands a better chance.

  3. This seems like a classic “he’s done nothing to prove that we should doubt him ranking” (aka hasn’t played a single inning in the minors). I’d like to see him actually play some in the minors before ranking him that high. Does BA have him ranked higher than Tyler Greene? I know some one on Fangraphs had Larry Greene as number 10 on the Phils prospect list. Potential is nice but guys should at least have to show a little performance to warrant such a high ranking.

    I think if scouting was done well we do have the potential to have some guys develop into some pretty good players from this year’s draft. It will be interesting to follow.

    1. The bottom line is who are the new guys competing against in the rankings? In my opinion, alot of potential with no at bats weighs heavier than say, a possible MLB bench player in A+. These rankings really show how much the Phils have gutted their system to win now. I do agree a guy with no at bats should not be that high, except for the special players like Strasburg/harper, but again it is a direct reflection on the state of a teams farm system when they do.

  4. Very surprised and not because he has yet to play a Pro Inning. The scouting reports I read on him said he didn’t seem to have the hands or arm to stick at SS where as T Greene does. They are also not sure he will have the OBP tool needed to lead off.

    I sure hope he proves those reports to be incorrect because they really like the way he can get to balls at both positions.

    1. He has an awesome ARM great hands and has a better stick then T Greene. I have watched this guy play all of high. He will be very good!

  5. To me, this is just the normal reaction to the fact that he’s a 2nd rd pick and he has a verified specific skill set, his speed, which is already major league ready. I’m sure BA will have Larry Greene in our top 10 also because he was a 1st rnd pick with a power skill set. I doubt they have Tyler Greene there however because that’s not how they do things. Obviously, we’re all hoping that this past year’s draft will look as good a year from now that we think it looks now. Unfortunately, many become Golson and Hewitt types which is to say minor league veterans who look good on paper and in their uniforms but not where it counts, in the stats. March can’t come soon enough.

  6. I have talked to several people that went to the instructional league games and they were not that high on him.At short stop he was way down the list at fielding.On batting didn;t make alot of contact on either side,,
    but was fast as lightning.I was told he was the fastest kid they have seen.

        1. Singleton played for the Gulf Coast Phils the year he was drafted. Quinn signed too late to get any pro ABs last season.

  7. Not likely to start at Lkwd; he needs to get some entre to Pro ball time which should be at Rookie ball in the Gulf Coast league. Should he make “outstanding” progress there is a small possibility he could make it to the NYP league in 2012 where most college draftees make their entrance to pro ball. Hoping he can rake early so we can follow the rake’s progress.

    1. No chance he starts at Lakewood. If he stays at SS, Green will block him in Lakewood. If he changes positions, the Phillies will want to keep him in extended ST and start in GCL. He would likely be eaten alive by Sally League pitching. The deployment of the SS is an interesting question. I’m guessing Walding starts at SS. Could he start at Williamsport? Seems a stretch, but if he does well in extended, it’s possible.

      1. I’ll be interested to see how they handle SS and 3rd in the Low A leagues this year with Quinn, Walding, Greene, Martinez, Franco (feel like I’m missing someone).

  8. I realize it’s just hearsay, the comment above about how he did not make good contact in the FIL. But if he in fact does struggle with contact, that’s not a good indicator. For a speed guy, contact is what it’s all about.

    1. We also have no idea if he was working on anything that the coaches want him to change right away with his approach.

  9. Also, I would dispute Murray’s comment bout him at SS. You want the most instinctive, smoothest fielding guy at SS. Both Greene and Walding have had good reports there. Quinn has had some doubtful comments on his fielding, as I recall. I see him as more likely a CF, maybe a 2B. If he hits.

  10. Not good that our #11 prospect has a blank baseball-reference page. Nothing against Quinn, who may turn turn out to be decent, but he’s a complete unknown at this point.

    We didn’t have a single prospect play full season ball this year who was age appropriate for their level and had an OBP over .330. Not one, unless you include Dom Brown. I love our pitching prospects and am intrigued by the last draft class, but we probably don’t have anyone who projects as a plus ML hitter in the pipeline for the next 3 years…Kinda scary.

  11. To all the critic that are doubting Roman Quinn, with God all thing are possible. I am so glad it is not up to man to judge and only to God.

  12. It will be interesting to see if Quinn stays at SS. The Phils drafted Tyler Greene and Mitch Walding. I’m guessing Greene gets a start at Williamsport with Walding and Quinn at Gulf Coast Phils

  13. You’d think that with 80 speed he’d make a great defender somewhere and an ideal late game replacement. So you have to think his floor is a fourth outfielder (assuming he stays healthy and all that). Ceiling is J-Roll. I agree with ranking him in that territory in our system.

    1. Jose Reyes is probably a more realistic comp for ceiling. Lightning fast, some pop, somewhat suspect defense. His floor is probably Michael Martinez like, but that will depend upon how his defense develops, as his floor could very easily be Anthony Hewitt.

      1. Michael Martinez has blazing speed? Was he wearing some weighted cleats because I wasn’t all that impressed by his speed.

  14. Every offseason you get the “all drafted players must start in GCL cause only guys drafted out of College can start in Williamsport ” deal. If these guys go through Instructional League, and minor league Spring Training, and Extended Spring Training, and still can not qualify to start at Williamsport then you start wondering about the picks. These most recent draftees should start at Williamsport and maybe a couple to Lakewood. The GCL squad should be composed of a skeleton crew from the Latin American Academies to start off Extended Spring Training, and later the next crop of draftees will complete the roster. That’s new CBA draftees . And that is the way it has most usually been, going back to the beginning. If the last crop of draftees are still hanging in GCL come the Short Seasons, then you start thinking about the bust factor.

    As far as Quinn, I always said CF. Still do. At first glance, does not appear to have the build for it, SS,and anatomy is destiny. At 5’10 160 as reported , or so, must have an unusually high level of mobility , flexibility and all that,to play SS, and early reports do not show that. So you move him to CF, use more apt players at SS and IF , and you have the running speed and the ability to catch something directly at him, and you have the defensive angle covered, and they can begin to perfect the hitting thing.
    Because, once a player has the requisite speed for the position, CF is the easiest position, despite what some who quote from charts might say.

    1. Take note of two things: !-He is now 18 at 5’10” and 170 lbs. and growing. Prediction: Final MLB ht/weight= 175 5’11”. 2-Now take a look at J-Roll who was 5’8″ and 160 lbs. Seems to have done just fine, no?

      If Quinn, who is an “athlete,” puts his talents and tools together, his potential is .285 with 35-45 SBs 35 2bhs 15 HRs and possibly Bourn with a tad more power in the gaps.

      To me he is a prize gem awaiting 3-4 years of polish to bring his sparkle to MLB.

      We’ll see.

      1. Art.. Maybe a 6″2″ SS that runs a 6.37 60.. per PG with a 90 plus arm across the IF, That can hit with serious juice may be a MUCH better choice! Get off the smurf SS THEME!!

  15. Quinn’s pre-draft reports tell of a guy who has a strong arm, great speed, and in the process of refining switch-hitting. The strong arm fits, of course, the need for a SS going in “the hole” to throw out hitters.

    My plan is to see Walding at 2nd base, Quinn at SS, and Greene at 3rd base and L. Greene at 1st base. Asche at catcher or taking over as one of those infielders if one or other fall by the wayside. If Quinn can’t do SS (against my opinion) then T Greene could move to SS and Walding to 3rd base. Asche then to 2nd base.

    With so many seemingly promising infielders drafted, the combinations are interesting to ponder over, and fun.

    Quinn already has excellent range and the arm to play SS. His glovework may need to be worked on, but one thing about baseball fielding–> with the required tools in place(as here), fielding-glovework can be taught. The range and arm are already in place. Prediction: much time will be spent in glovework with Quinn. He will learn it very well and emerge to be a splendid SS for years, leading off with many stolen bases.

    Check on the pre-draft/post-draft scouting reports to verify his assets mentioned there. [The 2011 draft reports are in this website.]

    Quinn to SS until he shows he can’t do it. If he does, it would be a perfect fit!

    1. I don’t think Quinn is a SS long term. In your scenarios (which in likelihood we would be lucky for 1-2 of them to pan out) I would move Quinn to 2B or CF and put Walding at SS. I think Quinn’s offensive skill set plays at 2B, SS, or CF. Think of him as Billy Hamilton (out of the Reds system) with a tiny bit less speed and a lot more power potential.

      1. Quinn, Greene, and Walding are all shortstops long term until the Phillies decide they are not. We have no information or track record to know who is best there. The Phillies obviously know much more but I will not presume that Quinn is not a SS at this point. Quinn has all the physical tools to be a good SS (without knowing the instinctual part). If someone has a chance at a better position in the lower minors you keep them there until they prove they can’t play it.

  16. Everything that I have read and heard points to CF or 2B. Love the Speed. Good Luck, and remember – Roman was not built in a day.

  17. Completely agree. But that doesn’t preclude speculation on who might or might not move to the head of the pack in 2-3 years, based on physical attributes and admittedly vague reports on fielding and hitting abilities. Kind of like a horse race. You got to run the race, but the betting is part of the fun. Another point: If Quinn really hits, put him wherever he is best, plug him onto the lineup, and enjoy. To me hitting is the key. They will find his best spot. Becoming a good-fielding SS does add incremental value, but he will also have high value at 2B or CF if he hits well.

  18. Obviously Quinn’s potential value is as a top of the order leadoff hitter. If he reaches that ceiling, I’m not too concerned about the position. The only position you wouldn’t want to see a speed/leadoff hitter is 1B.

      1. Plenty of leadoff hitters have played lf, some have played third base. Right field I don’t really consider because you never put a runner in RF to begin with. If he can throw you put him in center and if he can’t he plays LF. Ichiro notwithstanding.

  19. Not that strange to see Quinn at #11, given how much talent has been traded. People always complain when relief pitchers make it into top 10, yet most of us have two relievers among our top 10. Many have the light hitting Galvis. This year is the weakest and least advanced through the system top 10 and top 15 that we have had in a few seasons. Our farm is likely to rank 16-20 in MLB, despite what I think was a very successful 2011 draft. The good news is that Quinn was our second pick and we got a potential masher ahead of him. Most years, we would have grabbed Quinn with a first rounder, as we did with Golson and Hewitt. This year we got our speedster with the second pick. That is a much sounder gamble.

    1. FYI: I go to the same doggie park as a BA writer. (BA is here in Durham.) He says he is not impressed by Larry Greene, but thinks Roman Quinn is a real talent.

      1. I agree.. Larry Greene was not impressive but Roman is the real deal.. Give him a few years and you will definitely see him in the Big Leagues..

  20. Has anyone gone to the Instructs this year? If you did you would know that Quinn will try to play SS at the lower levels to create value. He will have a long way to go to stick! The plan seems to be 2B. Walding has a very funny arm action and has a hard time using the arm angles needed to play the middle. Maybe 3B , but don’t be surprised to see a catcher experiment. Tyler Greene is a SS!

  21. The one I was at EVERYDAY! Ask the Phillies who they think will be the SS at Lakewood! Oh.. You don’t know! Right?? Sorry Mr. Agent!

    1. Based on what your saying ,you were not at every game and less informed than the rest of us.And if you believe the stuff you post you are differently not a scout.I believe they all have great upside potential,but based on what I have seen and heard but you are greatly missing the mark based on the moment.Either way our opinions mean nothing it will come down to Spring Training.Now with Rollins locked in the S.S. position for the next 3 years it will be real interesting.

  22. With Rollins signing for three or four more years it seems the Phillies have judged Galvis not ready. For this team Galvis needs to develop his hitting probably faster than he can. He’ll probably have to do that with another club. This class will be the one the future SS comes from.

  23. How fast do you think the Phillies can turn their infield over? Every position, including 1B. Do you think three years is enough to get a new SS up?

    1. Not from the HS guys we drafted. Only Greene has played at all. Walding and Quinn are a little behind him. Lakewood would be an aggressive placement for Greene in 2012. With that much of an initial stretch, it will be tough for him to move faster than one station at a time. Clearwater in 2013, Reading in 2014, Allentown in 2015, possibly up to the bigs by mid-2015, but that is really fast-tracking a HS kid. I don’t see any possibility of Walding or Quinn being ready before 2016. Of guys already on the farm, certainly a continuation of last year’s hitting improvement makes Galvis major league ready in 2013. Someone else could have a breakout season, but I don’t see any other credible future starting major league SS on the farm.

      1. Yeah, I guess Galvis, if he hits .270+ again, might project to a .250/5HR hitter for Phils in 2013, if he makes some improvements in pitch recognition and plate discipline. That would seem to be the early upside to me, with downside being .190 and a helpless hitter. Just being realistic and rooting for him to keep getting better and one day be a .270 BA, .325+ OBP, 10 HR guy.

  24. I talked to Roman and went to a few instructional games.. He is working out at SS and 2B. The Phillies are mostly grooming him to play 2B. He can play anyone of those positions but I think he will be better off in CF. Oh, by the way, Roman just started switch hitting about a year ago. He was originally a right-hand batter but he has more power hitting from the left. He bunts great and best believe if he lays the bunt down, he’s not getting thrown out.

    1. The kid is lightning fast.Saw him drop in a short fly ball to right field and by the time the fielder came up with it he was already on second base.Incredible speed.

    2. Interesting that they seem to be grooming him for 2nd base. I guess that they–so far–are viewing Greene as their most likely future shortstop…which would leave Walding at 3rd base.

      All in all some group of those infielders would be moving up each level together…and maybe become the big club’s infield in/about 2016. Wish they had been drafted in 2009 –that is, a similar group.

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