45 thoughts on “AFL Update, 23 October 2011

  1. Is anyone really following anyone besides Gillies and Diekman? Glad to see Gillies on the field, really hope it keeps up. Hope Diekman can carve out a LOOGY role next year.

      1. I think Ruf is a little overmatched here, but Cloyd is holding his own. Really like his peripherals and we need to remember he is facing really good lineups in a good hitting environment. I would lean to protecting him. Maybe he does not have enough stuff to be a major league starter, but he could be our next Kyle Kendrick and provide multiple years of serviceable innings at a modest cost.

    1. Yep, I’m also following Cloyd. I think he’s re-established himself as a legitimate prospect for us and has solid peripherals in the hitter friendly AFL.

  2. Overbeck following a fine last month in AAA. Also always like Ruf. It is hard to get up any emotion on Gillies. I have to see more to put him in the same class as Cinder whatsherface

        1. Not an inside joke. Nowheels compared Gillies to Cinder Whatsherface, and I found a player in real life with that name. A 19th century pitcher who died young.

  3. Overbeck is hitting like Rizzotti last AFL. Would like to see him pop a few before all’s said and done. Other than that I am waiting for some better signs of speed from Gillies. Just staying on the field is a great sign after what he’s been through

  4. Just got back from AZ last night and caught 3 Scottsdale games. The standout Phillie was definitely Gillies. He ended up with 2 hits (double, HR) in the 2 games but also drove the ball for a couple of deep outs. His home run was crushed off the light post in left field. He also had a great catch in the right field corner that he made look easy (but covered a ton of ground). He looks healthy and was running smoothly. He looked to be popular among his teamates with everyone cheering using the sign language clap.
    Overbeck definitely looks like he knows what he’s doing at the plate. He’s not driving the ball, but he wasn’t getting fooled at all. When Ruf gets ahold of the ball it flies out. The problem is that doesn’t happen too often. They both look like mediocre fielders with Overbeck having the only difficult play of the 3 games which he did not make. The ball kind of handcuffed him, but he made no attempt to knock it down.
    Cloyd actually pitched realtively well but gave up 2 looooong home runs. He was in control most of the game but made those 2 mistakes which got crushed.
    Shreve pitched well in his 1.1 innings. He came in with the bases loaded and struck out Tyler Saladino. He went to 3-2 on him with a little help on the 2nd strike from the ump, but made a good pitch for strike 3.
    Diekman had a shutdown 8th inning striking out Jesus Aguilar whose having a good fall league this year. Rosenberg did not pitch in the 3 games.

  5. I wonder if they have Overbeck working on plate discipline – he’s drawing walks at an un-Overbeck like pace. Good for him

    – Jeff

    1. This is something I was thinking too. This year in AA and AAA, 2/3 of his hits were for extra bases. In AFL 18% are for extras. No HR’s too. His BBs are up like you said and Ks are down a bit. Making contact and having a good eye at the plate is step 1 to good hitting. The power will come if you make more contact. Usuall SSS caveat.

      I wish he was better fielder. He’d make a good utility guy if he could play 1st. 3rd and corner OF. But alas, a mediocre 1B may be all he has in him.

      I’ve seen him play a few times and my impression of him is like Patrick Swayze in Roadhouse, “I thought he’d be bigger.”

  6. If (BIG IF) Gillies has a big 2012, does that impact our plans to extend Victorino who is entering his final year?

  7. Just reading the stats on these guys. Nobody looks that great. Diekman looks like the only one that has a future.

    1. Hope cubs release ramirez. Sign him. TRADE BROWN while he still jas some value for neill walker who replaces rollins. Let rizzotti play 1st while howard heals. Madson is better tjan amy f.a out there. SIGN HIM.

      1. Never seen where Neil Walker played much SS. Started off as a C, then played 3B, and now is established at 2B. and in addition : Walker is a native of Pittsburgh, doesn’t make much money, and plays at an All-Star level at 2B, so why would they trade him?

  8. Trade Brown? I’m sure most here would agree that ship has sailed. He was a top 5 prospect for two years but his value probably isn’t a 1/3 of what it was at it’s peak. We couldn’t get Gose or D’Arnaud for him right now.

    1. “We couldn’t get Gose or D’Arnaud for him right now.”

      That is not correct. Unfortunately (or frankly, maybe fortunately) the only people seriously downgrading Brown after this season are Phillies fans.

      1. Will, it is certainly true that while anti-Brown dementia is a unique trait of (some) Phillies’ fans, and Baxter’s “1/3 value” statement may rank as the most ridiculous thing said on these boards this year (well, top ten, anyway).

        But his trade value is lower (all the more reason not to trade him now). Not a lot lower, but lower. Part of that is irrational (even knowledgeable baseball people place too much weight on recent low sample size events, and the stupid comments from a since departed front office person didn’t help) and part of it is rational (even his strongest supporters have to admit that increased (or more evident) defensive problems impact his value a little; moreover, the stupid comments of a not-departed front office person told teams that the Phillies don’t value him, which from a negotiating perspective decreases his trade value).

        And it is true that we couldn’t get D’Arnaud for him, and maybe not Gose – but that’s not primarily because of a decline in Brown’s perceived value, but because of dramatic increases in the perceived values of D.Arnaud and Gose.

        1. Agree on everything, but would also add that D’Arnaud has additional value as a Catcher and would have a premium because of his position as well.

          I’m curious what happens to the Brown negativity if he were to come out next year with the big club and hit .280 with a .350 OBP and 35 HRs while playing Ibanez like in left. Would people still complain about his “attitude” and lack of “hustle”? Would anyone still clamor for Mayberry to take over in Left? Would people suggest we trade him for some scrub 3rd baseman?

          1. He wouldn’t have those kinds of numbers – think .265 avg/345 obp/16 HR/65 RBI. And you know what? With those numbers he would be significantly better than Raul Ibanez.

            Still, unless he tears it up in Spring Training, I expect him to remain in the minors for much of the year. By the way, don’t misunderstand me, I think he probably should start in the majors, but I don’t think that’s going to happen. One way or another, he is going to play every day or nearly every day – and, frankly, he needs that type of work.

            1. I was aiming high side, so that He’d clearly be a top hitter. If he put up the line you posted, a lot of idiots would think that was bad and Michael Young would be better. I was going for an unarguably good season, because that would really test the meme that Brown is a lazy, privileged bum who doesn’t work hard and wants success handed to him.

        2. I really don’t think that’s true. Look, it’s a futile exercise to debate whether a particular GM would give up Prospect A for Prospect B, but I am quite confident that Gose is not considered a more valuable commodity than Brown around the league. D’arnaud is certainly going to be a top 15 prospect, and Brown will no longer be eligible, but I think he’d still be there as well if he was eligible, and once you get into that territory its pointless to debate who would be traded for who, since top 15 prospects are almost never traded.

        3. Mr LarryM…….I beg to differ on LaMar’s comments being ‘stupid’…they were genuine and spot on, based on years of knowledgeable experience in his field, He kept it real concerning the ‘kid’ and was as objective as possible and somewhat kind in his evaluation. If Mr LaMar had a fault, he ‘shot from the hip’ and crusty in a premature appraisal.

  9. Gose is tearing up the AFL, by the way. Oswalt deal is not looking nearly as great in retrospect. Astros were stupid to flip Gose for Brett Wallace.

  10. Hard to believe that Wade picked up a gem in that trade, then flipped him for a failure in waiting. Really, really, really hard to believe.

  11. Since I don’t expect that Howard will miss thta much time, maybe the month of April, I expect it will be a 4A type that takes his spot on the roster. With Mayberry’s flexibility though combined with the fact that I expect the Phils to sign a 1B backup to replace Gload’s spot who will start in April, the 4A guy can be an OF or 1B. I’m watching with interest to see if they resign Moss for AAA because he could be that guy. Of course, so could Overbeck, Rizzotti, or Bowker. It could even be a 3rd catcher if they signed Doumit to be the back up C. the bench needs to be improved and a few new faces are needed.

    1. I’d love them to take a flyer on Mark DeRosa… shouldn’t take much more than the league minimum and he could end up being a good bat off the bench.

    2. Please please do not say the “Bowker” word. There may be children near. Stats I got
      13 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 7 0 0
      Some Bruntlett is smiling

  12. Tough night for Tyson Gillies and D Ruf—–goose-eggs. Tyson is in danger of falling below the ‘Mendoza Line’.

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