Arizona Fall League Update, 9 October 2011

Hey all. I’m going to be posting semi-regular updates on the Arizona Fall League, probably twice a week or so, and this is update #1. The Phillies did not send any upper echelon prospects this year, but there are a number of interesting guys to watch, led by Tyson Gillies, who has spent more time on the trainer’s table than on the field the last 2 seasons. Gillies is joined by Cody Overbeck, who was a mixed bag in 2011, and then a group of future bullpen arms. For those of you who haven’t followed the Arizona Fall League before, a quick primer. There are 6 teams in the league, and each team is a mix of prospects from 5 MLB teams. The Phillies prospects play for Scottsdale, along with prospects from the Red Sox, Nationals, Giants and Angels. The league is an offensive heavy league for two primary reasons. One, teams rarely send their elite pitchers to the league due to managing innings/pitch limits for a season. The exception here is a guy coming off an injury who needs to get his work in, as well as a few guys who were drafted in June and signed late, not having time to make their debuts in the regular season leagues. Additionally, the conditions in the desert are very warm, the air is thin, and the wind helps create many high scoring games. Because of these varying factors, offensive numbers have to be taken with a grain of salt, and pitching numbers just the same. As we should be doing with all leagues, focus on peripherals and secondary skills in relation to the production in the league as a whole. Check below the fold for the update on our guys

Really, the only thing I’m looking for is Gillies to get in plenty of PAs and remain healthy. We’ll update again sometime next week.

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      1. True. He seems to have faced only 1 lefty. That’s odd also. Since this is a collective league, I wonder how much input the clubs have with game decisions. Is there a Phils coach on the staff?

        1. Here is the staff—–Arnie Beyeler, Ken Joyce, Brandon Emanuel, Paul Menhart—anyone know if any are Philly connected?

          1. Arnie Beyeler – Red Sox
            Ken Joyce – ??? (used to be in the Blue Jays system as a Manager, no idea where he is now)
            Brandon Emanuel – Angels (Pitching coach in the minors, I believe)
            Paul Menhart – Nationals

            I’d imagine Joyce is either a Phillies or Giants coach, but I don’t recognize the name.

            1. I did more research on Ken Joyce. Hitting instructor for the Blue Jays. Seems weird he’d be associated with this team in the AFL.

            2. Corm….thanks for the update….does seem odd not to have a Philly guy on the Scorpion staff. But I would think it was the Phillies call to whether or not to put someone there as a rep.

  1. Gillies putting up numbers so far. I wonder what spending time in the OF with three of the elite prospects in the game is going to do for him (Harper, Trout, and Gary Brown).

    It wold be nice to see if the Phils push Ruf at least to see if he can continue to hit at higher levels (realizing that his upside is AAAA/ bench bat) but it would be nice for him to get a shot.

    Cloyd is also interesting especially if he starts in AAA as he and Hyatt will be the first calls for emergency starter.

    1. Posted earlier, but think Gillies is splitting time in center with Brown. Harper seems to be a fixture in LF, hitless and all so far.

  2. Gillies got some time in RF the other day when Brown played CF and I believe Trout in LF. They will all get their chance. Besides Gillies the two guys I’m really interested in is Cloyd and Diekman. Cloyd had a strong year and should be part of the Iron Pigs rotation. He doesn’t get as many strikeouts as Hyatt but he could have a chance at a better big league career. Doesn’t walk batters…low WHIP. Diekman could get a chance to pitch for the big team as we only have Bastardo and Savery ahead of him on the depth chart.

  3. Mexican, Venezuelan and Dominican all start this week: the 11th, 12th and 14th respectively. I know Galvis will be playing some. We’ll see who else will be playing soon enough.

      1. I hope Valle takes a little time off and then gets on a Galvis type workout routine this winter. He was wearing down at the end of the year.

        1. Not surprising to see a catcher wear down at the end of the season playing in the Florida State League. The weather has to be brutal for a catcher. Not to mention after playing a full season last year he played in the Mexican League for winter ball. Thats just a lot of baseball for a catcher.

      2. I would suppose so. He plays for his hometown team and it will be difficult not to play. Ruiz wanted to take off, but he was persuaded by political officials to play for Panama. Years ago Ruben Gomez had a terrible time convincing the Giants that he felt an obligation to play Winter Ball in Puerto Rico. He was traded to the Phillies shortly afterwards.
        It would be good for Valle to take off, but we’ll see if he is able.

  4. I’m not sure if I should post this here or not, I’m actually surprised there isn’t a thread about it… but Mark Parent is being targeted by the White Sox to be Ventura’s bench coach.

  5. FIL Matters: Sources have confirmed that Phillies 2011 1st round draft pick Larry Greene Jr. has been shut down for the remainder of the Florida Instructional League. Greene, who suffered a groin injury at the outset of instructs in Clearwater, has been sidelined for the full extent of the month-long exhibition season. Despite feeling considerable improvement in the area, Greene will be kept out of action by the Phillies.

  6. Maybe this will be managerial training when Manuel’s contract runs out for us but this is a big hit for Reading or Allentown. From the games I saw Reading play at Trenton he was an aggressive manager using steals, hit and runs,used his pitchers well and will be missed.

  7. Hudson a late bloomer, kphilly? I don’t believe he’s started shaving yet. Seriously, he was drafted out of high school in 2009 and won’t turn 20 until December. No, not a late bloomer. Good athlete with strong build. It will take quite awhile to groom him for the majors.

  8. Mainerob…the reason I said late bloomer is he has been in the system for three years and has not hit Lakewood yet. Plus he couldn’t sniff the Mendoza line his first two years. I’m sure when they drafted him they at least wanted him at Clearwater in 2012. I do like his potential upside. Hopefully hit around .280 and have 40-50 sbs this year.

  9. Oh yeah Tyson Gillies with two walks in 3 abs so far tonight. Imagine a guy at the top of the line-up who works the pitcher. Shreve has pitched 2 scoreless tonight.

    1. A .643 OBP and a SB. I’m not jumping aboard this train yet but playing in real games is a big plus.

    2. Wow what a concept of a good leadoff man working the pitcher. I hope Victorino starts hearing footsteps and actually listening to Charlie and Ruben or he may be somewhere else next year. I think his twitter response saying that the approach was right but they have to look in the mirror is a classic example of an athlete who has tuned out his manager and GM.

  10. really enjoy the post on the AFL. Helping to take my mind of the biggest choke job in the history of PHilly sports. Really hope this feeling of dispair goes away soon.

    Thanks again

  11. The Phillies have interviewed Joe Jordan of the Baltimore Orioles as a replacement for Chuck LaMarr. Thoughts?

    1. Jordan was hired. From Twitter…

      keithlaw keithlaw
      Big fan. Good evaluator. Good fit with Phillies’ emphasis on upside guys. RT @longenhagen: @keithlaw What can you tell me about Joe Jordan?

      TylerKepner Tyler Kepner
      Good hire. Found Jaime Garcia, Josh Johnson, many others. RT @magelb The Phillies have hired Joe Jordan as director of player development

  12. overbeck looking good tonight with a monster 430 foot shot to straight away center unfortunately off the wall and a nice hard liner to right. gillies with a walk in the first and a k in the 3rd and another looking in the fourth. granted all his pa against lefties.

    back to overbeck, I can’t see him anywhere but at first. no wheels and not the smoothest athlete, but does look good at first. handled a tough in between hop on a throw and took a grounder to his right and a nice flip to the pitcher for an out.

    1. gillies still hasn’t had anything resembling a decent swing. somehow he does work the count. his rbi was a weak grounder back to the pitcher. athletically he looks healthy, cause he can motor and looks really good in right.

      1. Thanks for the 1st hand reports. Keep ’em coming. Anybody want to go to VZ, DR and Mexico to give us reports on other prospects?

  13. Galvis and Cesar Hernandez started their winter league season. Freddy going 1 – 3 with a BB. Cesar went 0 -2 with a BB, Galvis was also a part of 3 DPs. I’d rather see these two guys doing heavy duty workouts. It sure worked for Galvis this past off-season. But a few extra games in their home country, getting some home cooked meals might be good for the soul.

    Pirella got absolutely hammered in his 1/3 of an inning. He gave up 4 or 5 runs. Did anyone pick him as their sleeper?

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