BA Top 20: NYPL list includes Franco and Altherr

BA continues their list of league top 20s and today’s stop is the New York-Penn League, which includes 2 Phillies in 3B Maikel Franco (4th) and OF Aaron Altherr (20th) Franco’s power potential and defense are praised, and for Altherr its his projection and athleticism that are praised.

So far, the rundown for Phillies guys is

GCL: (1) – Ethan Stewart, LHP (16th)
NYPL: (2) – Maikel Franco, 3B (4th), Aaron Altherr, OF (20th)

The SAL is up next, and I expect we’ll see a few representatives here, led by Jesse Biddle.

26 thoughts on “BA Top 20: NYPL list includes Franco and Altherr

  1. That was the two I expected. Though I thought Altherr would be higher but I didn’t expect Franco to be that high. So I guess it balances out.

  2. Great for our guys!!
    But , did you see the list? Very biased and more of a relection of who they think.. rather than what they did. Very many over-rated prospects that were high on this particular companies draft lists. It never stops!!!

    1. At this level, it is more common to get graded on projection rather than production. They will exclude the overage, high productivity players, as they should.

  3. I think Altherr was a stretch and their writeup justifying his selection sort of reinforces that for me. They admit it is entirely on projection and that he didn’t do as well repeating NYP this season as he did in his first time through last season. I think he’s still a decent prospect, but this just wasn’t a good year for him. They also confirm the suspicion that he is corner OF bound, which deflates the offensive stats a bit more.

    Franco is very deserving. Young for the league and his stats sparkled. Glad to see he still is regarded as plus defensively at this higher level.

    I think we should have had a pitcher on the list, in place of Altherr.

    1. I had the exact same thoughts with regard to Altherr. I was skeptical heading in to 2011 which was evident in my ranking of him in my top 30, and I’ll either keep him in the same range or even drop him a tick. He’s definitely an interesting guy with a lot of potential, but a sky high beta.

  4. In the chat both Garner and Wright came up as pitchers in Williamsport rotation that almost made the cut. The Phils are very high on Wright and there is a chance he moves quickly through the rotation. Garner is very much prospect in their minds but has to show he can be consistent and healthy

  5. So…particularly about Franco…what, in sum, did they say about him?

    I’m a FORMER subscriber to BA. This site has given me reason to be satisfied w/o it.

    BUT, these end-of-season rankings is one thing I miss.

    1. Said that despite no speed he has good range at third with a plus arm. He has above average raw power, but still needs work to reach his potential. He’s a wild swinger and the Phillies want him to tone it down with 2 strikes. Poor plate discipline but good bat speed and eye-hand coordination

  6. From the BA chat:
    @Jaypers413 (IL): No sign of Perci Garner? What’s the skinny on him?

    Aaron Fitt: Hi Jaypers — Garner garnered strong consideration at the back of this list, because he has a power arm. In rather limited action this summer, he showed a plus fastball at 93-94, with pretty good life. His curveball has solid rotation and bite and should be an average or even better pitch. He flashed a changeup too, but he still needs to refine it. Garner is definitely a prospect, but I’d like to see him sustain quality performance over a longer period of time, and at a higher level. He needs to stay healthy and continue to fine-tune his command, but there’s plenty to like — a live arm and a quality athlete.

  7. A few other comments from the BA chat:
    on Kyrell Hudson – Hudson made nice progress with his pitch recognition and plate discipline, but he’s still learning to string together consistent at-bats.
    on Austin Wright- Wright has been on the prospect radar for years, and scouts have long considered him a bit of a tease — a guy with big-time arm strength who came with questions about his command, feel for pitching and makeup.

  8. I personally felt that Hudson and Wright were much better candidates for that list than Altherr. Hudson is the same age, put up similar numbers, and played CF at a very high level according to Morandini. I have to think that there is a parity of athleticism between the two. Altherr regressed this year, whereas Hudson really turned a corner. His OPS last year was .410. It was .679 this year. That’s tremendous progress, and as a centerfielder the offensive bar is a bit lower than at the corners where Altherr is likely headed. I have Hudson a good bit higher than Altherr on my top 30.

    Austin Wright came in with the tag of hard thrower with no control. Well, he sure came out firing hard, but he also showed pretty good control at Williamsport, and even better control in Lakewood. He K’ed over 11 batters per inning at both stops. A left handed fireballer exhibiting vastly improved control should make it over Altherr, a guy with good tools who if anything regressed this year.

    1. …seems our system has a lot of OFs with the tools…..4.5 worth of Craftsman…..Hewitt, Altherr, Hudson, Dugan, Collier, James etc etc…..wish they could just hit the breaking ball more consistently

  9. BA is BS..
    Has many Advisors.. AGENTS! Say they had some influence with them. Who was lying.. I don’t know.. but look at this list. These are not the best players this year,, in the last three months.

    1. Pretty solid. I’d have Hudson over Lino and Harold Martinez a little higher, but you’ve had the chance to see these guys all season. Nice that all ten guys are really legit prospects (if none of them are blue chippers).

    2. WOW, I had no idea Morgan could jack it up to 94mph. Really thought he was a soft toss lefty. I’m sure he’s not consistently at 94, but just the ability to reach back and touch it from time to time as a lefty is HUGE!

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