Mayberry to Arizona Fall League

OF John Mayberry will head off to Arizona as a late addition to the Mesa Solar Sox Fall League roster after a very good final week of the Major League season during which he knocked out two homers.  Both SS Brian Bocock as well as Pitcher Vance Worley will be off to Florida to stay sharp in the Instructional League in case of a Phillies injury emergency.

57 thoughts on “Mayberry to Arizona Fall League

  1. Guess Phillies could not get Gillies there. Mayberry is just a placeholder in AFL and must just be at the upper age limit. But the only other OF I could see them sending was Susdorf. Susdorf has college experience and could have been promoted to AA this year so he is near the correct level and is under Phillies control.
    Funny that on a team full of all star OF, top propsect OF, and awesome A-ball OF’s; that AA and AAA have little to offer beyond Gillies who was hurt.

  2. Maybe they can help Mayberry hit that slider from a right hander. He looks comfortable against lefties and not against righties. Even though he hit a bomb against Hudson.

  3. Agree that Mayberry going tells us that Gillies can’t presently make it over the hurdle of his legal issues.

    Mayberry learning suddenly to hit righty breaking pitches is a faint hope rioght now,. He has spent the last two season at AAA LV attempting–with an abundance of coaching on hand–with little or no success. A shame because he is a fine outfielder with some power in his bat and surprising speed. If only….

  4. Art, I would not be surprised if Mayberry was the Phillies fifth outfielder and played mostly against left handed pitching when Werth leaves us. At the worst he can be a defensive replacement and pinch hitter.

  5. Francisco wil be part of any platoon (Francisco/Brown?). He’s way a head of Mayberry. If Mayberry makes it (I think not; I think they get another veteran MLB OF bat) he will only get PH appearances against lefties and 9th inning defense for Ibanez or Brown.

  6. Art, I don’t know if it is so much that Gillies CAN’T make it over his legal issues. I think they just want him to lay low and not draw any attention. Maybe he goes to a winter league outside of the continental US. I read somewhere that since they police did not find the controlled substance on his (Gillies) person, that they could not prove that it was his, even if his finger prints were on the bag. I haven’t read anywhere about any kind of toxicology report, if any was taken. I would imagine if you were charged with any kind of drug use related crime that they would test to see if it was in your system.

    As far as Mayberry is concerned. I wonder if it is more a showcase to draw interest in trade or to actually see what they have against the talent that usually is associated with the AFL. For all of Mayberry’s struggles, maybe he just needs a better hitting coach. Maybe Gross wasn’t really helping all that much.

  7. I’m pretty sure I remember reading that the Phillies were concerned enough about Gillies’ hamstring injury that he was going to see a specialist this off season. Legal issues aside, I don’t think Gillies is even healthy enough to participate in the AFL.

  8. Yes, I am not worried about Gillies’ future with the Phillies, legally. His injury, however, is. I know everyone gets injured, but I’d like to see him play a full season next year.

    Do you think the Phillies have any plans on fast-tracking Gillies? Or is he on pace to replace Victorino? And does that mean that Ibanez’s salary is all we have to sign a new outfielder?

  9. Don’t think you can fast-track a guy until he at least proves to be healthy enough to play everyday.

    I expect the plan was/is for him to become Victorino’s replacement in a couple of years. Does that plan work??

  10. Bocock should play some serious winter ball to prove what he did second half is not a mirage.

  11. Ruben has a plan—Mayberry to develop further more in the AFL and replace Jayson Werth as an added righthand OF bat for 2011.

  12. 2011 Mayberry is on par with a 2006 Jayson Werth —similar makeups body-wise, good power, doubts on hitting righthand pitchers for average, and great defensively, with outstanding arms and speed.

  13. Are you guys serious? What has Mayberry ever done to warrant a major league spot next year, let alone a starting spot in a platoon? And the fact that you are even comparing him to Francisco is laughable. Francisco is a proven major league player who has had success in the majors over a 3-4 year period. Mayberry has not even really had success in AAA, let alone in the majors.

    And for the guy who compared him to Werth in 2006, please do a little research on Werth’s career and take note of the success he had in the majors with the Dodgers prior to his wrist injury. There is nothing even remotely close to that to point to when it comes to Mayberry.

    You guys are dreaming if you think Mayberry fits into the Phillies plans as anything but an AAAA outfielder for this championship-caliber team.

  14. If Werth doesn’t come back then Mayberry, Francisco, and Brown will all battle for the RF and 1 bench spot. I’m sure Ruben will also entertain offers for Ibanez, and even more so if he is able to keep Werth around.

    Worley will be exciting next year to see if he can uproot KK from the rotation.

  15. Mayberry is pretty much injury insurance for next year if still around, as Brown and Francisco are well ahead of him unless they collapse

  16. I think Ibanez will be in left field next season, like it or not. You are not going to get many offers for an expensive old outfielder. I think he’ll play out his contract. He had a very solid second half of the season.

  17. Ibanez should be in left next year. he had decent numbers and with the three starters we have a little less offense shouldn;t kill us that much.

  18. I think the Phils will give Mayberry the chance to win the 5th OF spot in ST. I also think they’ll bring in a couple of RH OFs on minor league contracts (sorta like Dewayne Wise and Chris Duffy from this year) and let them compete w/ Mayberry. I think Ibanez will start the majority of the games in left next season, leaving Francisco and Brown to play in right. Therefore, I don’t think the Phils will bring in an additional OF on a guaranteed major league contract.

  19. There’s one team I would talk with about Ibanez and that’s Seattle. He had success there. Their offense was horrific in 2010. Plus, they’re willing to spend money on their roster. Raul’s salary in 2011 I believe is around $11.5m (I’m sure someone will correct me if I’m wrong 🙂 ) Maybe if the Phillies agree to pay about $4.5m of his salary, we could get Seattle interested. So to tied this in with Phillies prospects…with Ibanez gone we can go with an outfield of Brown/Francisco in LF, Vic in CF, and Werth in RF. (signing Werth to a backloaded contract like PP showed is possible). As for Mayberry he has one option left? If so…he’s insurance in AAA again. If he’s out of options, maybe we can package him with another prospect to acquire an INF prospect with at least a couple options remaining.

  20. Not sure what the expectations for Ibanez are. His OPS ranks him 10th on the list of ML left-fields with at least 450 PA’s in 2010. Neither Mayberry, Francisco, nor Brown would match that production in 2011.

  21. Ibanez maybe the phils could peddle to the angels if they get outbid by the yanks/ bosox on werth and crawford. I don’t think there will be a big market for him though. Werth is a goner. Brown should start for the phils next year. Raj will find a rh of in free agentcy or trade to round out the of. Ibanez for Juan Rivera??

  22. Trade Ibanez? Why? He hit over 300 after the all star break with lots of rbis and big hits and is a super clubhouse guy. I expect they’ll bring in a veteran corner OF to compete for time with Francisco and Dom. Its not a certainty that Dom starts the season in Philly. He still has lots to improve on and they will again be a team intent on winning a championship with H2O. As for Mayberry, he can’t hit anything other than a fastball from a right handed pitcher. He hits lefties fine but to me is the definition of a 4A player and is insurance only. Philly is a choice destination now for free agents so I suspect they’ll have their choice of back up outfielders to sign. Heck, if they decide to resign Sweeney, which is a possibility, there won’t be a spot for another OF.

  23. is ross gload a FA after this year? I think the phils will surely only keep one of him or sweeney but either could start 20-30 games in the of along w/ ben(30-40) that should be fine as DB gets his feet wet and give raul a little more rest between starts.

  24. Murray, the fact that Brown is on the postseason roster after batting .211 or so during the regular season suggests to me that he will be starting in Philly next year.

    3up, a platoon combination of Brown and Francisco (is he signed for next season?) or Brown and Mayberry could be pretty potent at the plate (I’d bet on 25-35 HRs).

  25. Ordinarily platooning Brown would seem ideal. But he’s unlikely to learn how to hit left handed pitching by avoiding it.

  26. Still cannot understand after the ’08 WS, why Ruben did not sign Jayson Werth to a three-year vs two-year contract for same relatively inexpensive monies.

  27. Nobody really knows what the Phils will do next year for their starting OF, let alone their fifth OF. Either way, I was impressed by Mayberry’s at-bats against LH, not so much against RH. I hope he continue to work on his approach, and gets to see as many breaking pitches from RH pitchers this offseason. I don’t see the harm in sending him to the fall league. ultimately I see Mayberry as a low cost put option as a situation spot starter on the big club.

  28. It would not be the worst thing to have both Francisco and Mayberry as the reserves next year. I suspect Francisco could get maybe 400 AB by playing against all lefties and some righties as Ibanez is reduced to a lesser role. I do not want to commit any significant dollars to an extra OF if they decide not to keep Werth. Better to let Brown play every day early. Maybe add an inexpensive guy instead of Mayberry, but I’m not sure you can anyone better for a million or two a year.

    I do wonder if it would not be a good baseball decision to go young everywhere next year. Let Mayberry and Brown make the OF. Add Bastardo, Worley, and Mathieson full time to the pitching staff. Let Harold Garcia have a shot at the utility role. I’d rather save money early and make a trade mid-season if there is a need.

  29. Ibanez was solid after the All-Star Break. On his last year.
    The Phillies cannot afford to lose his production when Werth

    The Phillies did not carry 5 outfielders this year.
    Ibanez, Victorino, Werth, and Franciso.
    Gload was the number 5 if you want to count him there.

    Brown will be replacing Werth.
    Ibanez will be staying put.

    Mayberry may make the team over Sweeney. I think they are going to resign Sweeney for lots of reasons. Right handed. Attitude. Can play 1B.

    Your 2011 Opening Day Phillies:

    Rollins SS
    Polanco 3B
    Utley 2B
    Howard 1B
    Ibanez LF
    Victorino CF
    Ruiz C
    Brown RF

    Bench – Franciso RF – Gload OF/1B – Schneider C – Valdez Utl – (Currently Mayberry/Dobbs)

    The Phillies will only be looking for the 25th Player. Less than a 25% chance Werth is resigned but could happen.

  30. Sweeney is my choice as the 25th man over (Mayberry/Dobbs).

    Mayberry could somehow beat out Francisco as the Right handed RF.

  31. “Are you guys serious? What has Mayberry ever done to warrant a major league spot next year, let alone a starting spot in a platoon? And the fact that you are even comparing him to Francisco is laughable. Francisco is a proven major league player who has had success in the majors over a 3-4 year period. Mayberry has not even really had success in AAA, let alone in the majors.

    And for the guy who compared him to Werth in 2006, please do a little research on Werth’s career and take note of the success he had in the majors with the Dodgers prior to his wrist injury. There is nothing even remotely close to that to point to when it comes to Mayberry.

    You guys are dreaming if you think Mayberry fits into the Phillies plans as anything but an AAAA outfielder for this championship-caliber team.”


    Where were you when they were passing around the Thai sticks?

  32. The Phils can’t carry only 1 back up infielder the way Rollins, Utley and Polanco have broken down.


    WAY TO GO ROY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  33. Ibanez will only be traded if the Phils need to move salary to fit Werth in next year. But I would expect the trade to happen just before Werth resigning and the Phils would have to send some salary relief along too. They would do this to keep the righthanded bat in the lineup and have Brown take LF. Now this chain of events is probably unlikely as the alternative is Werth walks and you replace Werth’s bat with Brown’s bat (lefty)

  34. I think the Phillies were quite disappointed with their offensive production for much of the year and this disappointment is understandable. I expect some shake-up, particularly if Werth is not re-signed. Even if Werth is signed, don’t be surprised if Ibanez is moved if somebody wants him (of course, the Phils would have to pay some salary).

  35. I think we are ignoring the fact that there are always some low cost, medium to high risk veteran of’s available. I doubt the Phils will pass up that opportunity and go with Mayberry as part of Plan A. He is a Plan B kind of guy.

  36. Phillies should get a 3B/OF type for the last bench spot. Gload and Francisco are the PH. Schnieder at C. Valdez is likely back as INF.

    Minors guys: OF Mayberry, INF H.Garcia, C Gosewich ?, SS = Galvis, 1B/PH = Rizzotti, CF =?,

    Ty Wigginton is still the player I think fits what I would want but he will expect about $3M in salary and about 400AB. Neither of these will happen for the Phillies. Bill Hall is another player like that.

  37. No thanks on Bill Hall. The guy is a strikeout machine (almost once every 3 at-bats) and he’s a sub-par defensive player at several positions.

  38. My bet is the Phillies work hard to get rid of both Blanton and Ibanez, try to resign Werth; and go young in remaining bullpen & back up spots. I wouldn’t be surprised if Francisco and KK are jettisoned in favor of non-arb eligible players. With Mayberry I agree with the statement that he is ML ready today from one side of the plate – sounds like a good situation for a platoon with Brown or Ibanez.

    In any trade they execute they’re going to need to target young talented infielders in return.

  39. I agree Mayberry is better ML ready than Brown and Mayberry is a better defensive player. Good defense can win a game or bad defense can lose a game. Phillies need a good Rt fielder someone with good defensive skills, not Brown, who knows maybe Werth will stay.

  40. If the phils lose this series and Werth keeps standing there like a hippy
    manakin, then don’t expect him back. Fair or not they will need one of those goats. Lets not forget the picks.

  41. Mayberry is not even close to a major league average corner outfielder right now – he can barely hit .270 in AAA. Why all the love for this guy? I don’t get it.

    Here are his major league equivalencies and, mind you, he’s going to be 27 – this is not a guy who is likely to improve very much

    503 59 116 21 0 12 51 31 .231 .276 .348

    BLECH!!! That’s what you want from your right fielder on a championship calibur team? Seriously, that’s nuts!!!

  42. All of the statistics suggest that Ben Francisco is and will be a far superior player to Mayberry. So, if you think Brown needs more time or to be in a platoon, Francisco or someone else they are likely to acquire is your man – not Mayberry. To me, Mayberry is barely on the radar screen.

  43. Catch, I agree with you on Mayberry but you can not use Mayberry’s overall numbers as a comparison since he would be restricted to hitting only against LHP in a platoon situation. Based on his splits, he would probably produce a bit better than those numbers imply.

    That being said, I absolutely agree that if the plan is to use some sort of platoon with Brown, Francisco is the significantly better option.

  44. Mayberry will still need to hit against right handers from time to time. Last I checked, pitchers don’t throw complete games anymore (which is why the idea of a platoon is so outdated, but that’s a discussion for another time).

  45. Greg add to that thought, teams often carry more than 11 pitchers. In the day 10 was about the limit. Plus Charlie is so “loyal” but my Raul patience is running out. I am beginning to think if they pick up a player Mayberry may be in next year.($)

  46. just wondering anyone ever see mayberry play? He can’t hit a breaking ball so if its left or right hand pitcher he will only see offspeed stuff, so why would aanyone think he is asset to this team???

  47. MikeMike – you hit the nail on the head – if you look at his age and statistics and have seen him play, why would you even be focused on this guy? He’s fine to keep around and maybe he’ll surprise us, but I hardly think he is an important piece in our player development strategy. He’s certainly not a guy I’d rely on, even if it were only as a bench player. If the team has contingency plans, he’s something like Plan D.

  48. I have seen Mayberry play, he is ready to play in the outfield, not Brown. Offensively, hitting changes Mayberry will getby, Brown’s hitting is not consistent, (baserunning) Mayberry is just as fast as Brown, I have not seen Brown with any faster speed. He runs the bases with average speed and is not a better or worst basestealer than Mayberry. Defensively, Mayberry does not have to go and work on his out fielding, Brown does. Poor defense is costly. It can make the difference between winning or losing a game or it can cost a pitcher a no hitter. There are many ways to hit the ball to get on base so hitting changes, but good defense is a bit harder the player is the only one to routh the ball and catch it, something Brown can’t do. So don’t be so hard on Mayberry we need him.

  49. Hitting changes so ignore those 2,800 plate appearances that suggest he may be overmatched at the MLB level.

  50. “Mayberry is not the worst player in the majors. So give him a chance to be a starter.”

    Not if I’m in the G.M. He has done little to suggest he is even worthy of a roster spot, let alone a starting spot. I’m sure he’s a nice guy and everything, but unless he does something totally and completely unexpected, there’s no room for him at the Inn. We can all post blogs about this for the next 6 months, but it won’t change the fact that he’s not a very good player and would appear to have little upside.

    That’s my last post on Mayberry.

  51. Not sure where this should go …

    russ (philly): What’s the word on Jon Singleton’s chances of converting from 1st to OF?

    Jim Callis: He moves well at first base, but I don’t see Singleton making it in the outfield.

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