Coming to you live from Scottsdale Az

Long time no talk.  I blame that totally on myself, but I have been extremely busy in Arizona.  To make up for this atrocity I have decided to offer a special feature.  All the Phillies on the team (Scott Mathieson, Steve Susdorf, Dominic Brown, Tuffy Gosewisch, Troy Hanzawa, Edgar Garcia, Mike Cisco, and myself) have agreed to answer questions from the loyal Phillie phaithful.  If you send your questions to x, and include who the question is for, I will write down our answers and post it.  Feel free to ask any and all questions as nothing is off limits.  I am not going to promise I will use all of the questions, but I will do the best I can.  I hope this makes up for my lack of writing.

6 thoughts on “Coming to you live from Scottsdale Az

  1. Schwim this is awsome. And no apologies necessary! You are doing that little thing called, oh what is it called, fashioning a career in major league baseball!! That said, we accept your apology and you amazing offer of access to yourself and the other players mentioned as restitution:)

  2. Just another upon the many reasons as to why we’ve got the best organization in baseball. You’re the man Schwim.

  3. I am waiting for you in philly. Whatya think June,July?
    Just don’t make the mistake so many have to throw too hard
    in Spring Training. Tell Mike Cisco I saw his grandfather pitch and I hope to be around to see his grandkids pitch.
    It must be exciting for you young guys to be so close
    good luck.
    thanks for talking with we fans

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