Phillies sign Domingo Santana

Thanks to a commenter for posting the link to this article.

The Phils’ international scouting department signed 16-year-old Domingo Santana from the Dominican Republic. Santana, a 6-foot-5 outfielder with a strong throwing arm, received a $300,000 signing bonus. He had also been pursued by the Yankees.

I’m going to try and find some more info on him, and if I do, I’ll update this post. Stay tuned.

Edit: BA has dug up some information on Santana here.

Santana is a 6-foot-5 righthanded hitter with a plus arm in right field. He’s an average runner with a long, projectable frame and is still learning to adjust to breaking balls.

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  1. Whoops, didn’t mean to double up there. I deleted the other post.

    I did send an email to Ben Badler at BA to see if he knows anything. I’ll let you know if/when I hear back from him.

  2. I hope we can put the age issue aside now, so that we don’t spend the next 5 years qualifying all of our opinions about Sanatana with the phrase, “if he is actually __.” Major League clubs sign hundreds of players out of the Carribean every single year, and almost all of them play out their entire careers without their age ever becoming an issue. It is the minority who lie about their age and have falsified documents good enough to fool MLB. When one of these players comes to light, it is obviously a huge story and I believe it taints what is mostly a terrific baseball hotbed.

    Now, I grant you that if a player is 2, 3, 4 years older than their listed age, it absolutely destroys their prospect status. But, I think we should just trust that the Phillies did their homework, and that this Santana kid, whom I know absolutely nothing about, turns out to be a great all player. He is 16, and until proven otherwise, I will never make mention of his age again.

  3. I’m going to the Dominican Republic on a missions trip next week. Maybe I’ll ask around about him…haha I’m sure that’s unlikely but I would love to bump into one of these 16-year-old phenoms and throw the baseball back and forth a little bit while I’m there.

  4. Only a few of our out-of-country signings have yielded decent/promising results. Carrasco seems like the only close reward.

    It would be good to see more success with these signings.

    Even Galvis is problematical with his bat. E Garcia seems “stuck” with his progress even though he is young for the AA Reading level. Could ’09 reward him/us with future hope?

    Galvis seems to be missing his offense…defense alone ain’t gonna cut it.

    Castro is offering hope as is Valle.

    Very mixed results.

    09 should show more progress…hopefully.

    So far, mediocre results.

  5. It’s amazing how tight the Phils were with money and now all of a sudden they have unlimited amounts. Go figure!

  6. The Phillies don’t have that much from their Latin system because they don’t seem to spend a lot of money.

    Well, I’m not aware of them spending a lot.

  7. ****It’s amazing how tight the Phils were with money and now all of a sudden they have unlimited amounts. Go figure****

    Yeah, its almost as if they suddenly got an influx of money last year…say around late October.

  8. Art D. – Ruiz was a int’l signing, albeit a minor one at the time, but he played in big role in bringing the WS home.

    As far as age is concerned we can thank the increased scrutiny our government pays to anyone coming into the U.S. to quell any age concerns. He will not make it into the U.S. at any point with any faked documents. That helped led to this rash of age issues we’ve been seeing is that guys like Tejada weren’t grandfathered in and had to validate their indentity to come back to play after the winter back home.

    He may not come in for a while but we’ll know soon enough if he faked anything. However, as it was noted above, let’s remember it’s the exception, not the rule, that these guys have faked their ages.

  9. I still think Garcia has a future. As Art D admits, Garcia was young for Reading. At age 20 the whole time he was at Clearwater earlier last year, he was also young for A+ level and his CLW numbers were quite decent. I think it is fairer to judge him on what he did at Clearwater, Reading was really a stretch. Hopefully he got a little feel for AA, which will help him turn in a good season in Reading this year.

  10. If you look at workkgroups 4 and 5 for the Phils, you can see the depth of their international program–lots of latin signings in those groups. They seems to be topping out around high-A to AA for us, though, perhaps because they’re the low bonus signings for the most part, and they just don’t have that extra little bit of talent to push them to the big leagues.

    And maybe they’ll all come through this year, and 5 or 6 of our top prospects will be international signings. Just hope Santana doesn’t start out like Carlos Valenzuela.

    Current top 15 stateside internationally signed prospects:

    1. Carasco
    2. Garcia
    3. Bastardo
    4. Galvis
    5. Valle
    6. Escalona
    7. Quiroz (and rising, based on the ST power surge)
    8. Monasterios
    9. L Castro
    10. Flande
    11. Lugo
    12. Harold Garcia
    13. Yonderman Rodriguez
    14. Valerio De Los Santos
    15. Fidel Hernandez

  11. NEPP Says:
    Yeah, its almost as if they suddenly got an influx of money last year…say around late October.
    Very tue and there should be a ton of media money coming in
    Hell it wasnt too long ago they were on a station you could get in kop

  12. But unlike, say, the Eagles, the team truly appears to be dedictated to pumping much of the money made back into the franchise. It is much to their credit and it’s a smart business decision, particularly with regard to funds invested in the farm system.

  13. “pc…Correa doesn’t make it into the top 15?”

    Didn’t know how to evaluate him missing last year. Based on my admittedly limited knowledge of his potential I’d put him around 6 and move everyone else down a slot.

  14. The Phillies love these 6’5″ outfielders: Werth, Brown, Mayberry, Taylor, Santana…

  15. it’s not just tall outfielders. they like big projectable bodies. it is part of their development philosophy. less wear and tear needed to generate the same power/arm speed.

    i think that it is a fine philosophy, as long as the guy can hit/pitch. all else equal, i would rather have a bigger kid.

    the bummer about this signing is that we probably won’t see the kid stateside for several years. hard for me to get excited about him, but it is cool that we beat the yankees to him. you don’t see that happen much.

  16. Projectible bodies are a good thing. We have signed way more than our share of great field, no hit Latino SS. Haven’t signed a big, projectible legit prospect for corner IF or OF in years.

  17. Yup look at the pitchers the high upside pitchers they drafted this past year.

    Knapp 6’5
    Pettibone 6’5
    May 6’5
    Schreve 6’5
    Julio Rodriguez 6’4
    Sampson 6’5

    I’m pretty sure Cosart is 6’4 – 6’5 too.

  18. The GCL team should be interesting. Santana looks like a good signing. Today in an intrasquad game he struck out looking against Nestor and grounded out sharply to short. off of Grieve. Like his body size.. Others who caught my attention were Sladek who was thrown out at second trying to stretch a hit down the third base line off of Bisenius, Solarte who doubled off of Roth, and Rios who made a nice play on a slow chopper to short.

  19. Most of the high profile Latin American signings do skip the DSL/VSL leagues and go straight to the GCL. This gives them a better opportunity to get quality coaching, nutrition, and cultural assimilation help. He will most likely have 2 or 3 years in the short season leagues, unless of course he plays well enough to earn his way onto a full season roster before that. Freddy Galvis started in Williamsport at age 17.

  20. So andy, do you think Santana’s ticketed for the GCL? He could realistically spend two years there, one in Williamsport, and then head to Lakewood at age 19.

    Rickey: thanks for the updates, they’ve been terrific.

  21. I don’t think Santana would be here if the Phillies did not want him ideally to open up at GCL. Of course, the DSL season does not start till late May or early June. This means the Phillies might want him here for a month to see if he is ready for the leap.

    Playing time in the OF at GCL could be getting crowded. I would assume Collier and Gose will be at least at Williamsport. Hopefully Castro, Murakami, and De Los Santos also get promoted, though that is a little less certain. That leaves the following OF in the mix at GCL before any new draftees get signed:

    Saunderson, Rio-Nunez – holdovers from last year’s draft almost certain to be at GCL
    Bernardo Solarte – high priced Venezuelan signee
    Winder Torres, Luis Martinez – VSL promotions
    Miguel Alvarez – DSL promotions
    Angus Roeger – Australian promotion
    Domingo Santana – high priced Dominican signee
    Jiwan James – Where does he start?

    That is 8 potential OF already not considering James and assuming Collier, Gose, Murakami, De Los Santos, and Castro are at Williamsport or higher. Santana and Solarte have to start somewhere and get lots of AB. I would also hope that James, Roeger, Saunderson, and Torres get at least semi-regular AB.

    We have rarely had this type of OF problem at GCL. Usually the logjam is on the pitching staff.

  22. Andy –

    don’t forget any outfielders that get drafted this year too.

    I guess this is a nice problem to have, and you have to figure out who to challenge – i.e. Collier may get jumped to Lakewood, De Los Santos (22yo) should probably skip WPT as well. Castro is a good choice to start at WPT.

    I know our Beloved Leader skipped over the projected Lakewood lineup, but who would their starting OF be? Collier, Myers, De Los Santos I guess. Haislet maybe is a good fourth outfielder. Susdorf should be jumped to Clearwater. Any thoughts?

    – Jeff

  23. On yesterdays extended spring roster in the outfield were Alverez, James, Martinez, Rio-Nunez, Santana, saunderson, Solarte, Torres, and Roeger. On Lakewood Castro, Collier, Gose, Haislet, Myers, Warren, With Murkami and Del Los Santos on the DL. I have not seen Del Los Santos all spring.

  24. I think it may be possible, since its routine for DSL/VSL guys to come over for instructional league, that there may be leeway for clubs to bring guys over on temporary visa’s. Unless they signed him a month ago and nobody knew about it- the paperwork would not have been worked out that quickly I can’t imagine. Just an observation- I have no idea about these legalities.

  25. That extended Spring OF roster has the 9 guys on it I was thinking about. And nobody really merits a shot at Williamsport at this stage. James has had no AB so far. Saunderson really needs to play at least 50%-75% of the time. As the fish was alluding, it is possible a couple of players get kicked backed down to the DSL/VSL. I recall there was talk last year of sending Rio-Nunez down there even though he was a draftee (he is Canadian but was born in the Dominican).

  26. Well, if Santana is here that means his paperwork is legit, so we can just never have that conversation again.

  27. Rodeo jones about a month ago I ask about the age of these kids, And someone said the same thing because of security concerns. Well there are a ton of illegal getting paperwork every day I read about it so he might be 16 or 21 they are getting illegal documents and getting into the country with them, so the age thing is big.

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