Minor League workout groups

Thanks to emailer Scott for passing this along. Its a long list, so Im putting it below the fold so its easier on the eyes. Commence comments.

Group 1:


Josh Arhart
Orlando Guevara
Tim Kennelly
Kevin Nelson


Luke Appert
P.J. Antoniato
Ozzie Chavez
Kyle Haines
Troy Hanzawa
Carlos Leon
Patrick Sellers
Brian Stavisky
Terry Tiffee
Rob Watson


Casey Craig
Javis Diaz
Damon Hollins
Kevin Mahar
Jovan Moran
Wilkin Ruan
Jeremy Slayden
Mike Spidale
Rich Thompson
Chris Walker


Jason Anderson
Yorman Bazardo
Tyson Brummett
Andrew Cruse
Reymond Cruz
John Ennis
Edgar Garcia
Yoel Hernandez
Justin Lehr
Jason Mackintosh
Scott Mathieson
Carlos Monasterios
Pat Overholt
Ben Pfinsgraff
Justin Pope
William Savage
Joe Savery
Joshua Shortslef
Pete Sikaras
Michael Stutes
Mike Thompson
Sean Thompson
Sam Walls
Vance Worley


Group 2


Luis Arzeno
Travis D’Arnaud
Alan Robbins
Scott Thomas


Michael Durant
Herman Demmink
Freddy Galvis
Fidel Hernandez
Derrick Mitchell
Cody Overbeck
Matt Rizzotti
John Urick
Jesus Villegas


Quintin Berry
Tim Binkoski
Dominic Brown
Jay Miller
Gus Milner
Michael Taylor
Terrance Warren


Ryan Arial
Daniel Brauer
Darren Byrd
Dustin Cameron
Chance Chapman
Michael Cisco
Tyler Cloyd
Alex Concepcion
Jacob Diekman
Kyle Drabek
Jordan Ellis
Yohan Flande
Matt German
Santos Hernandez
Chris Kissock
Joseph Rocchio
Julian Sampson
Michael Schwimmer
Jared Simon
Zach Sterner
Walter Tejeda


Group 3


Brandon Akashian
Joe Blackburn
Caleb Mngum
Sebastian Valle


Bryan Frew
ALberto Cambero
Harold Garcia
Jeremy Hamilton
Anthony Hewitt
Travis Mattair
Korby Mintkin
Francisco Murillo
James Murphy
Yonderman Rodriguez
Alan Schoenberger


Leandro Castro
Zach Collier
Tomas De Los Santos
Anthony Gose
Brandon Haislet
D’Arby Myers
Arlon Quiroz


Freddy Ballestas
Ryan Bergh
Mike Bolsenbroek
Heitor Correa
Justin De Fratus
Sean Grieve
Jason Knapp
Yen Feng Lin
Miguel Matos
Eryk McConnell
Moises Melendez
David Noles
Brian Rosenberg
Rob Roth
Jesus Sanchez
Steven Shepard
Reginal Simon
Kyle Slate
Jon Velasquez
Luke Wertz


Group 4


Francisco Diaz
Ferrel Gomez
Jorge Guerra
Jean Rodriguez


Lendy Castillo
Edgar Duran
Daniel Hargrave
Cesar Hernandez
Luis Paulino
Nerio Rios
Jakub Sladek
Jonathan Villar


Miguel Alvarez
Jiwan James
Luis Martinez
Fabio Murakami
Ruddy Rio-Nunez
Angus Roeger
Damarii Saunderson
Bernrdo Solarte
Winder Torres


Spencer Arroyo
Alvaro Basil
Gerard Breslin
Pedro Carpio
Jarrad Cosart
Jorge Crespo
Shawn Ellis
Berman Espinoza
Nathan Fike
Esmelvin Jimenez
Sullman Lebron
Ebelin Lugo
Cristobal Mata
Trevor May
Jonathan Pettibone
Chad Poe
Julio Rodriguez
Mauricio Romero
Colby Shreve
Juan Sosa

76 thoughts on “Minor League workout groups

  1. anyone know when they will announce which prospects are starting the year at what level?

  2. These guys will bounce around between various levels in minor league exhibition games until shortly before minor leagues rosters are announced which will be shortly before minor league seasons begin.

  3. Notes:
    It’s Caleb Magnum
    *Jacub Sladek back from Czech Republic
    Heitor Correa back
    Jesus Sanchez still a pitcher
    Jivan James , Outfielder
    Angus Roeger, OF (did not have on list)

    New Arrivals from Latin America:
    #Francisco Diaz, C
    Jorge Guerra, C
    Edgar Duran, IF
    # Cezar Hernandez, IF
    Luis Paulino, IF
    #Nerio Rios, IF
    #Jonathon Vilar, IF
    Miguel Alvarez, OF
    Luis Martinez, OF
    Bernardo Solarte, OF
    Winder Torres, OF
    Alvaro Basil, P
    Pedro Carpio, P
    Jorge Crespo, P (sounds familiar, but did not have on list)
    Berman Espinosa, P
    Suiliman LeBron, P
    Juan Sosa, P

  4. Guys had to be moved into Group 1 because some of the AAA players to be are still in major league camp or playing in the WBC.

  5. Ebelin Lugo in group 4 is surprising to me.

    D’Arby Myers is still only in group 3.

    Hewitt and Mattair are both in group 3, which means Mattair may repeat Lakewood (as some suspected).

    Kyle Drabek appears to be missing in action–that scares me, usually means a guy is hurt.

  6. Slate’s in group 3. Drabek is down there as per the Inky article the other day, it mentioned nothing of an injury so it’s probably just a mistake.

  7. Hanzawa is no slouch with the glove himself (albeit he’s no Galvis) and he can hit too (.761 OPS @ Williamsport last year). He’s also several years older.

    Group 2 is very interesting with Brown, Taylor, Galvis, D’Arnaud and Overbeck…nice position prospects there. On the pitching side, Group 2 is interesting with Schimmer, Cisco, Cloyd and Sampson.

  8. A number of the higher profile guys are allowed to play at a higher level for a while. Much like our top prospects are invited to MLB camp at beginning of ST, even guys like Hewitt. I see 8-12 of these guys coming down 1-2 levels before end of ST. Hewitt will definitely go down 2 levels, maybe Galvis too. My view of this is they get the guys they like competing with more advanced players to evaluate and to let them emulate the more matured and advanced players. It also gives them a sense that they are well thought of. Good motivation.

  9. Today, they broke them down into 5 working groups. With Group 4 sent over to the DiMaggio field and the other Groups taking over the four fields at the Carpenter Complex. Group 1 was made up mostly the 6 year free agents they signed to Group 5 who were the candidates for extended spring training and the short season teams, right now mostly the Latinos. Spent most of the morning watching Group 3 taking BP from Wathan and Legg. The top prospects across the infield in Group 3 were Mattair, Galvis, H. Garcia/Villegas and Durant/Rizzotti and the top outfielders were Collier, Myers and Warren. The top catcher was D’Arnaud. Taylor and Brown are still with Group 2. The top pitching prospects doing fielding drills and bullpens in Group 3 were Cisco, Drabek, Flande, Sampson, Schwimer and Rosenberg . Will be checking out the intrasquad games tomorrow when Vance Worley (Group 2) , Joe Savery (Group 1), Julian Simpson (Group 3), Michael Cisco (Group 3) are reported to be among the pitchers scheduled to make appearances.

  10. Jorge Crespo appears to be a 22-year-old Puerto Rican pitcher released by the Brewers at the end of last year. Did not make it out of short season ball.

    I’ll try to post a write-up on the new International players in a couple of days when I get a chance. This new group is a little worse than last year, but still has 4-5 promising names. Rios and Solarte are the two mid-level Venezuelan signees. It will be interesting to see if they stick. On the pitching side, Alvaro Basil and Juan Sosa were the top arms on the DSL team. Basil was another mid-level $100K+ bonus guy.

  11. As the reader who sent this list in, my apologies for missing Drabek. He’s listed in Group #2 on the sheet.

  12. Does anyone know about the following players: Neil Sellers, Darin CmDonald, Tyler Mach, Clay Harris, Brian Finegan, Karl Bolt, Jake Blaalock. Thanks!!

  13. Mach is a touchy subject on this site. Thinking about him is like reliving past breakups.

  14. Question for fans from CLW,

    Are the minor league games at the complex still starting at 11:00 AM? I’m planning to come by Wednesday for those games.

  15. phillychuck Says:
    Ebelin Lugo in group 4 is surprising to me.

    take a closer look at his record especially the finish. This guy may be a top arm or maybe i am just …..

  16. Darin McDonald and Tyler Mach retired or were released some time back. Neil Sellers, Clay Harris, Brian Finnegan,
    Karl Bolt, And Jake Blalock. Have seen nothing on ’em, but, if they are not on the list it is a good possibility they were released.

  17. Phillychuck,
    According to the schedule at the complex, games start at 1:00 pm beginning on the 18th.

  18. I think Ebelin Lugo is just really young. I think he might get another year at GCL, but be one of the top starters. If you look at group 4 there are definitely not a great deal of new arms being brought over. Basil and Sosa look like prospects. Carpio is probably too old to be a top prospect and the others are likely relievers. Some of last year’s draft like Shreve and Cosart might be there (though I am hoping they get a shot at Williamsport), but the best spot for a young guy like Lugo might be to make 10-12 starts at GCL.

  19. I’d think Knapp would repeat GCL, too. His mechanics are rough (very high effort) and I think he needs to keep his innings low until they’re refined. Shreve belongs in Lakewood or WMPT if he’s healthy. Cosart should be in GCL, IMHO.

    Lugo could go to Lakewood based on his success last season at GCL, but he is young enough they might want to protect him at GCL again.

  20. It is interesting that Clay Harris isn’t listed. he was defintely old (I think!) for the FSL but he put up good numbers there – definitely more pedestrian at Reading after the call-up. Don’t know if he was on the minor league free agent list and walked at the end of the year or not.

    Of course all that said – I think I’ll still sleep ok tonight not knowing where he’s at:) Some nice exciting names on the lists!

  21. Someone at the Carpenter Complex said Karl Bolt is busy serving his country. Sure hope that doesn’t mean Iraq or worse. Someone in a Phillies uniform said he is due in uniform in May. Don’t know, but he wasn’t released.

  22. Brian Finegan and Jake Blalock were both minor league free agents that didn’t resign w/ the Phils

  23. And now . . . a breaking news story and urgent message to the Phillies:


    We now return to our regularly scheduled program.

  24. Interesting afternoon at the Complex. Groups 1 and 2 scrimmaged on Roberts field. Was able to catch a hard hit ground ball double down the first base line by D. Brown off of Sam Walls. Spent most of the time watching Group 3 scimmage Group 4 at the Schmidt field. Switch hitting Harold Garcia hit one out to left off of Correa for Group 3. Galvis put on a Sport Center Web Gem show at short by going deep in the hole to back hand a hard hit grounder, pivot and turn in the air to throw a strike to Garcia at second for a force out. The other highlights were watching D”Arnaud and Valle. D’Arnaud lined a long foul down the left line that almost wound up on the bank in front of Rt.19. Then on the next pitch doubled to right center off of Lin. For Group 4, Valle roped a line drive double that hit up about three feet from going over the left field wall off of Cisco. Group 5 played a team called Three Rivers who I believe is a Community College from Popular Bluff Missouri on the Ashburn Field and the young pitchers that I was able to watch Pettibon, May and especially Julio Rodriguez dominated them.

  25. Just got back from three days down there and here are some observations: Karl Bolt is still property of the Phillies but is away on Military duty, Travis Mattair looked sensational. He looks way better than last year with an air of confidence that wasn’t there before and he was smoking the ball in bp each day I was there. Gose looked much smaller than I expected and will probably be a half season guy. No sign of Clay Harris for the guy that asked. On Saturday when Utley played, Eyre, Lidge and Durbin all came over to pitch. It was quite a sight when Lidge pitched and every minor league pitcher ran behind the backstop to watch in true awe. Garcia can hit. Rizzoti was also pounding the ball each day in bp. Collier looked good but very young. Drabek is totally healthy according to his father Doug and he was in all the pitcher fielding drills. Naughton looked real good to me and i’ll be very curious to see what happens to him this year. Its obvious the Phls are hoping that Dom Brown plays well enough to allow them to double bump him to Reading to play with Taylor and Q Berry in a pretty good outfield. Cisco is really small. Carrassco spent 40 minutes yesterday listening to Dubee tell him to be more aggressive on the mound. Moyer teaches all the time. Spring training is a blast and I encourage it to all of you guys that love spring training.

  26. Man, those reports are great.

    Here are my limited observations from the game I saw on TV the other day.

    It’s pretty clear that Jason Donald has nice size and strength. Although he may be a middle infielder by trade, he’s definitely got the build to play other positions (third, for example). He didn’t do much the game I saw him, but I liked the way he carried himself. He just looks like he belongs.

    The team seems to really love Brad Harman. He’s getting lots of kudos and playing time. I think Gillick seems something in him that he likes a lot (I’ve heard him heap praise on Harman in interviews). Maybe they see something that hasn’t come out yet. Maybe they’re trying to trade him (probably not, he just hasn’t done well enough to have much trade value).

    The more I watched Antonio Bastardo, the more I saw to like. Bastardo may not be a big guy, but he appears to have a strong lower body and does not seem slight of frame. He has some substance. He has several pitches that work, including a sneaky rising fastball and an interesting pitch (cut fastball? change?), that seems to break away from right handers as well as slider that breaks away from left-handers. If he continues to maintain the same velocity, it seems pretty clear that he’ll be a major league pitcher in some capacity. It could be as a seventh or eight inning guy or it could be as a starter. He has big league stuff, however.

    Andy Tracy – I’m just kidding, but, when you watch these spring training games, if you think about it for a few minutes, it can break your heart a little bit watching a guy like Andy Tracy. Here’s a guy who will probably never have a regular place on a major league roster and he just keeps going out there and playing. I don’t know if it’s profound or sad or inspiring, but, when you reflect on it just a little bit, it’s pretty moving. These career AAA guys just love to play baseball and they continue chasing the dream. There’s nothing wrong with that.

  27. I forgot to mention that one of my favorite guys Sampson looks really strong and also has an air of confidence not there last year. He told me he plans on finishing the year in Reading. Let’s hope it works out. One last thing. Anthony Hewitt is a tough one to figure out. There is no question that the ball jumps off his bat in bp. However, he just doesn’t seem as fluid as I expected him to be. He’s definitely a great athlete but I’m just not sure…I see a little Golson in him which is to say not a totally fluid baseball player. He signed autographs whenever asked but did so without a smile and without conversation. At one point I asked him if it felt like work or like fun and he thoughtfully said a little of both. I want him to be successful and its very early but I’m guessing they hold him back until Williamsport to work more with him.

  28. For those of you who are down there at Carpenter complex remember those work group sheets change all the time. If you could check frequently and pass on the changes it would be deeply appreciated. I’m afraid I’m not going to make it down this year. My kid miss to many days to snow and they’ve canceled his spring break. This will be the first time I’ve missed in about 10 years.

  29. Excuse my ignorance but do these work groups roughly equate to AAA, AA and so on?

    I assume some the blokes on the 40 man not making the Phils 25 will drop off back to Minors soon.

  30. The groups start out as AAA, AA, High A, Low A but they really straddle levels. As players are cut from the major league camp the other players will filter down, basically pushing everyone down a level. The groups can also be somewhat random to make sure everyone gets playing time and that there are things like catchers for each game.

  31. I just realized Steve Sussdorf is missing from the lists, too, after reading a post by RT over at philliesphans. Hope he didn’t hang ’em up. Some guys just don’t like pro ball…Tyler Mach, anyone?

  32. For the love of all that’s holy, can we move Harman to minor league camp and keep him out of ST games? 4 Ks in 6 ABs. With all the infielders trying to make the team: Cairo, Giles, Ozuna, can we just get Harman ready for AA? I had him as my 31st prospect on my top 30 list but only because he was rated highly in a previous year.

  33. Bellman
    Dont you just love when an organization falls in luv with a player for know reason. Vuk was a great guy but i believe one year he didnt get an at bat until Sept. Amezaga for the Marlin has had more write ups on the Marlins page then anyone, He led off one year and only scored one run every ten abs half of Rollins but you would of thought he was a star
    Harman belongs right where u said.
    btw I have Giles out of the pix now.Ozuna fits and does well
    everyother year and this is the year lol

  34. RyanHoward –

    I thought I heard that Shreve might be able to pitch in August, so I imagine he’s just long tossing right now. I wonder how he will advance through the system. I’m assuming a couple of warm up starts in GCL, then maybe Clearwater. I’m guessing he’s a special case so “age appropriate level” probably doesn’t really apply to him. Besides, he was supposed to have first or second round talent, so he should move pretty quickly in 2010.

    – Jeff

  35. Nice comment from one of Jayson Stark’s scouts on Donald:
    Jason Donald, Phillies (.350, 9 runs scored): With Jimmy Rollins off on WBC duty and both Chase Utley and Pedro Feliz recovering from surgery, Donald has gotten 40 at-bats already at second, third and short. And he’s done nothing to dissuade the Phillies from thinking he might be ready to help them right now. “He really grows on you,” said an NL scout. “I don’t think I’ve seen him strike out yet. He reads pitches well. He squares up the ball consistently. I like him a lot. He’s got some baseball player in him.”

  36. for Ryanhoward06,
    Worley threw 2 innings in yesterday’s intrasquad game and did quite well, I believe Stutes will throw today, and I saw Cosart and Shreve throw off the practice mounds last week. Shreve wasn’t throwing 100%, but just throwing off the mound has to be a good sign for him.

  37. Expect to see Shreve following the Drabek plan from last year. He will spend most of the season in FLA at the complex building up arm strength and then (assuming no big set-backs) get a few starts pitching 1-2 innings in SS ball late in the season.

  38. I think Andino is listed as Jesus Villegas. He’s in Group 2. Last year he was listed as Jesus Villegas Andino.

  39. Thanks so much for the responses!

    This site is quickly becoming one of my favorites.

    I am looking forward to seeing how the guys in this past draft do. The talent is there to move the system even more up that organizational list.

    One more question, To the person who said Collier looked young, can you elaborate on that?

  40. Today it was Drabek vs. Stutes at Robin Roberts Field. Attending was all the Phillies brass and the Drabek family. Both prospects were impressive but Stutes was facing lower level hitters than Drabek and dominated. Each pitched two innings. Stutes struck out the first batter he faced. Next up was Dom Brown who was late getting around on his fast ball and flied out to left. Michael Taylor struck out swinging on a Stutes late breaking ball to end the inning. In Stutes second inning of work a runner was put on first to start the inning to give him a chance to work from the stretch. He showed off one of the best pick off moves to first I have ever seen and nearly picked off the runner but did not get the call. That did not stop him. He then induced Urick to hit into a double play. He ended his two inning stint by getting Overbeck to pop to second.

    Drabek struck out Cervanek looking with a curve ball but ran into trouble in his second inning of work giving up a single to Andy Tracy and a line drive homer to right by Hollins. That seemed to fire him up as he amped up his fast ball and struck out Maher and Hoover.

    On my way over to Brighhouse to catch the remainder of the Phils-Reds game stopped to watch the converted catcher from the Abreu deal, Jesus Sanchez, pitch on Schmidt field. He has a strong arm but his fast ball is straight with no movement . He was able to break off only one curve ball in the strike zone. Derrick Mitchell hit one of his fast balls about 400 ft. over the left center fence.

    Stutes is the one to keep an eye on. After watching him today he would seem to be Reading bound. Drabek reportedly will start at Clearwater until the weather warms up north. That Reading staff should be fun to watch come summer.

  41. Thanks Marfis Butto didnt have that bad a record why was he out and how did he become a Yankee

  42. I saw Ballestas pitch on Saturday and he looked very good. Worley looks like he’ll go to Reading also. He’s not that tall but he’s a real solidly built guy. Collier is young because he can hit but he can’t control it yet. In a bp drill, they had to hit line drives or ground balls or leave the cage and Collier couldn’t do it. Each swing produced a fly ball. He’s not a big guy so he won’t survive by hitting fly balls.

  43. A new version of this comes out each Monday. I got the Phillies to email the MS Excel file, and meant to post it in a table so it would be easier to read. When I get the new file next week I’ll try to get it up faster.

  44. saw simons pitch an inning on thursday and he looked quite good. playing with the 2 group against the pirates.

  45. I was just reading about Gibson. It is a shame we didn’t get him sign. According to bba and others, after the greatest pitching prospect ever yes ever, Strasburg, Gibson is a stud. I couldn’t believe the other day on espn they rate this kid strasburg better than any other prospect to come out ,the announcer said even better than prior who never or almost never lost in college and he said not even close. Has anyone ever saw this kid pitch like to know thanks

  46. Today, Group 3 was made up of mostly Lakewood players from last season. Drew Naylor was hit hard in a match up with the Blue Jays farmhands. He struggled with his curve ball and they hit his fastball. Chapman also struggled in relief getting his pitches up in the zone. With the wind blowing out to right at Ashburn Field the ball was carrying well. Freddy Galvis got one up in the wind and it boucned off the right field wall for a double. Second baseman Derrick Mitchell continued to hit the ball hard this spring. I had him down for a single, double and triple. His problem was throwing to first as Durant on one play was forced to make an acrobatic scoop on a routine throw from him. Zach Collier showed what all his hype is all about when in the last inning he drove a line drive down the right field line and circled the bases in what was probably a triple and an error His his speed forced the Jays into several misplays.

    On Schmidt Field Group 4 made up of mostly GCL Phils from last year took on the Jays. Starter Justin DeFratus looked sharp in pitching three shut out innings as he got all the support he needed from his catcher Sabastian Valle as he lined a first inning, two run homer to left. Valle has been the most impressive bat I have seen in camp so far. Lendy Castillo at short caught my attention with two hard hits up the middle and third baseman Yonderman Rodriguez had a good day in the field and at the bat. Injuries seem to be popping up. Hewitt had his right hand wrapped and did not play. He spent one inning sitting next to Sal Rende the minor league hitting instructor studying the action. Leandro Castro had a sleave on his right arm and did not play.

  47. Jeff, just drop by the office over at Carpenter on your way to Bighthouse. the new working groups sheet should be outside the office in their slots.

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