Greg Golson traded


(Update, 5:52 p.m.): Ordinarily, I’d do a separate entry about this, but I don’t want to distract from the Utley conversation. So, here goes: In a swap of former first-round picks, the Phillies have dealt outfield prospect Greg Golson to the Rangers for outfield prospect John Mayberry. Mayberry, 24, split the 2008 season between double-A Frisco and triple-A Oklahoma and hit a combined .264 with 38 doubles, 20 home runs, 71 RBIs and 10 steals in 135 games. Golson, 23, batted .282 with 13 home runs, 60 RBIs and 23 steals at double-A Reading, but there was a feeling that he wasn’t progressing offensively.

Scott Lauber broke the story, thanks to our own codyrhoads for pointing it out.

Ill have more on this later.

[Update 1] For you Rangers fans who stumble on over looking for Golson info, click here. That should be a start.

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  1. Yeah, I just saw this..


    I’m fine with trading Golson…if we got something in return. Mayberry isn’t worth crap though. His numbers sucked last year in the PCL. .790 OPS for a corner OF.

  2. Reading up on him…Mayberry is another Stanford product (like M. Taylor) and he was a highly regarded 1B prospect when he was drafted 19th overall by the Rangers in 05. He has disappointed to say the least in the their minor league system. Maybe they can fix his swing like Taylor’s and he starts crushing the ball. He’s certainly big enough and he looks like a beast.

  3. Hopefully any rangers fans dont read James’ opinions of Golson and then go and kill Greg…key to remember on Golson is that he’s very sensitive to slights he reads on blogger sites.

  4. Why do this trade . Is mayberrry lefthanded can’t figure this move, one bad first round choice for another is all I get out of it. someone have more info on mayberry, to justifiey trade

  5. It’s like we got a bigger, slower version of Greg. Maybe more raw power but Greg was up there in raw power. I don’t get it, why trade for basically the same guy? Ridiculous amount of K’s last year and his entire career.

  6. Mayberry is twenty five . His numbers are nothing special what is there thinking. at least with Golson we had a speedy defensive outfielder. Can figure this out help james or anyone on why do this.

  7. Mayberry will be 25 next season (Dec 23 is his Bday). Perhaps they think they can fix his swing. He was a very heralded prospect because of his bat coming out of Stanford. He’s 6’6″, 230 lbs, bats and throw righthanded. He had great power numbers in A ball but has tailed off since hitting AA.

    Its an odd move though.

  8. Mayberry is a RH 1B/OF with decent speed and good power. More importantly are his splits:

    35-100, 8 HR, 20 RBI, .350 BA, .393 OBP, .700 SLG.

    Those were his numbers vs. lefties last year. Maybe Amaro was trying to grab an insurance policy in case we can’t bring in any other options. If nothing else, it’s not exactly like Golson was a great prospect.

  9. Maybe we are going to package him for something else. OR, we noticed to glut of good outfielding in our system and our complete lack of any 1b prospects and just made a move.

  10. Here’s BA’s write up on him from last year(2007).

    Background: The son of a former all-star and somewhat of a surprise pick at No. 19 overall in the 2005 draft, Mayberry pulled a hamstring in spring training and struggled in the first half of his first full season. He hit .236 with 10 homers in the first three months before making adjustments and batting .304 with 11 homers in the final two. He kept it going in Hawaii Winter Baseball, leading all hitters with a .545 slugging percentage and ranking second with 23 RBIs.

    Strengths: Long and athletic, Mayberry finally started to have success against inside fastballs after he changed his batting-practice routine and shortened his swing. His raw tools are exceptional, and he’s starting to tap into his mammoth raw power, though the Rangers want him to improve his overall hitting with the belief his power will come later. Mayberry has good speed, a plus arm and is getting more comfortable in right field.

    Weaknesses: The Rangers knew Mayberry would be a long-term project when they drafted him, and despite his second-half progress he still has a long way to go. He needs to improve his timing and patience at the plate, as well as his ability to pull the ball. More of a first baseman in college, he’s working on his jumps and throwing accuracy in the outfield.

    The Future: Mayberry’s exceptional tools could make him a superstar if he figures everything out. He’ll likely advance one level a year, making high Class A Bakersfield his next step.

  11. The numbers in AAA this year actually aren’t that bad. This was his first year up there. We’ll see. I’m not too upset about it.

  12. Sorry, I can not edit the previous post.

    Ducky an insurance policy for what? The guy is an average player in the minors. Do you expect him to platoon with Dobbs in left in case Pat isn’t resigned.

    I do not see how this deal makes any sense.

  13. In comparing this year’s stats – I’m pretty ok with this trade. I don’t know how much I buy into “the stanford swing” business, but if MT can break out of a bad year, so can his twin. I’ll at least give him the benefit of the doubt. I’m not upset.

  14. if Ruben is wrong the damage is minor Berry can fill in and get on base in a year or two

  15. I dont have any issues with the trade at all. And the “Stanford Swing” is a very real phenomenon that didn’t begin with M. Taylor.

    This guy has a Wily Mo Pena feel to him.

  16. Haven’t seen a scouting report on him yet, but by just glancing at the statistics, he looks like an older, poor man’s version of Michael Taylor. Huge frame (6’6″, 230 lbs.) and lots of power from the right side (he’s never posted an ISO below .211). But he’s struggled to get on base (career .330 OBP) and is 25 years old, so it’s unlikely he develops anymore. For what it’s worth, Sickels had Mayberry graded a B prospect before this year, while Golson got a C+ even after his good year in Reading.

    I just hope this isn’t Amaro’s solution for Jenkins’ platoon partner (in the event Burrell isn’t re-signed). BP’s translation from the Pacific Coast League had Mayberry pegged for a .236/.285/.424 at the major league level this year — a whopping .709 OPS. Bring him to spring training, sure, but unless everything clicks, I wouldn’t expect anything out of him at the major league level.

    I’m not devastated by the trade or anything, but I do wonder if someone enthralled with Golson’s power/speed potential might have given us more for him.

  17. Werth was different in that he had already had success at the MLB level before injuring his wrist while playing for the LAD.

    I can’t imagine him starting anywhere but Lehigh…

  18. Well, Mayberry Jr has already had his swing retooled. The idea was that around the 1500 AB mark, his improved swing would help his plate discipline and he would take off. Never really materialized though.

    He has a Cannon on the OF , Light Tower Power and extreme athleticism. Pretty much Golson in AAA with less K’s but can’t play CF.

  19. Sometimes a change of scenery works. I hope it works out for both guys honestly. Especially since Golson won’t hurt us playing for TX.

  20. Golson will get a chance. Having a tool set like he does in CF pretty much guarantee all 3 of his option years will be used before he is considered a loss…

    Unless the team figures JMjr a possible member of t he 25 man, I don’t really like this deal. In project for project deals arent you supposed to get the younger more toolsy better defensive guy, not the other way around?

  21. Mayberry has one huge plus–he has SOMETHING that he does very well. Players that at least do something well are valuable. Mayberry hits lefties, almost an 1.100 OPS, translated to the majors that’s over .900. A good manager can use that. Rest Howard versus very tough lefty starters, and use him in the OF as a semi-platoon guy.

  22. Interesting that Mayberry was drafted by Pat and Benny in Seattle as the 28th overall pick in the 1st round of the 2002 draft.
    Drafted: Selected by Seattle Mariners in 1st Round (28th overall) of 2002 amateur entry draft (June-Reg) … Selected by Texas Rangers in 1st Round (19th overall) of 2005 amateur entry draft (June-Reg)

    Looks like Mayberry will be the righthanded bat in left.
    Michael Taylor had a difficult time hitting lefthanded pitching in Hawaii. He hit only .182 (8 for 42) while he hit .342 (13 for 38) against righthanded pitching. Clearly they made an extra effort to get Taylor at bats against lefties in Hawaii and he came up wanting. May have forced Rube, Pat and Benny to get another right handed bat in left because Taylor clearly is not yet ready for that role.

  23. To be more accurate: Looks like Mayberry will be given a shot at being the righthanded bat in Left…I highly doubt he’s the frontrunner at this point. He hasn’t exactly wowed anyone yet.

  24. I smell a rat here. Somebody knows something everybody else doesn’t. And that somebody isn’t in the Texas front office. Kudos to RA for getting rid of GG, who will never ever be a major league starter. I predict that, in a year or three, Anthony Hewitt will be out the door too.

  25. OG, Agree with you on Golson, don’t really see him much more than a fourth outfielder with a great arm. Don’t write off The A- Train yet though!!!!! Maybe Rube is smarter than all of us think, or maybe he just traded turd sandwiches with Texas. Time will tell.

  26. Expect that the Phillies staff believe that Golson has progressed about as far as he will with his plate discipline and they think they Mayberry is still progressing.

    Don’t know anything about Mayberry so at this point, I’ll reserve judgement on the deal…

  27. The thing I worry about is Texas is know for developing hitters. Look at Marlon Byrd, who will most likely be a type B and not out of the range of a type A after next year, Gary Mathews Jr, Mark Derosa, Ramon Vasquez ect..

    What if they already decided they can’t fix Mayberry Jr or that he is redundant in their system and picked a guy they can fix. That would hurt to see Golson be able to be a productive hitter.

    Or Maybe I am just grumpy and don’t like this deal after hearing the Utley news…

  28. I just don’t understand the deal. They seem to be comparable prospects in most senses. Mayberry must be insurance for the LF platoon if no other RH bats can be found as was mentioned.

  29. I actually like this trade a good amount. While Mayberry played in the PCL he was in an extreme pitchers park in Oklahoma, so his statistics are not skewed like others in the league. He has improved every year, and while he does not appear to have a stellar eye, he does take some walks.

    I am less concerned with his age because large power hitters often take longer to develop than smaller guys with more compact swings. Golson’s extreme inability to draw walks and hit good offspeed pitching will make him a defensive and base-running replacement but likely little more on a good team.

  30. People who view these players are being comparable just don’t get it. Golson has raw tools, but he’s got terrible plate discipline and his power has never fully materialized. Golson is athletic and there’s a slight snowball’s chance that he’ll develop into a fine player, but that’s very, very unlikely.

    Mayberry has power to burn, better plate discipline and more upside as a right-handed, power hitting corner outfielder – a great need for this team. It is much more likely that this fellow is going to develop into a player and he’s already had a minor league season where he’s hit 30 home runs.

    Ruben, ya done good. This was a very astute and sharp trade. If it doesn’t work out it’s no big deal because Golson couldn’t be projected for a regular spot in the MLB outfield in the forseeable future.

    Gosh, I love this trade and I have been impressed with Amaro so far, particularly with the way he was able to keep some of Arbuckle’s key people. This trade made my day.

  31. Totally agree w/ anonymous. Goldon has given no indication he’s a major league hitter. Mayberry’s not a sure thing, but the team needs power from the right side and the trade gives us a shot at filling that need.

  32. After sleeping on it I still think this is a wash, but not a big believer in Mayberry.

    Lets not forget that Mayberry has played in two decent hitting leagues in the PCL and Texas league. Was great vs. LHP last year but mediocre the year before and has never walked more than 30 times in a season since low A.

    Golson at 22 has a higher OBP last year in AA by .030 points that Mayberry ever accomplished in AA. Plays the more premier defensive position and even with playing with the effects of a bum wrist in June, he finally raised his BB% and lowered his K% at the same time in a season.

    Maybe it is not trusting the fact of trying to totally retool a guys swing after college, but I am just not sold on Mayberry.

    Push at best with Texas getting the chance for a Hr and the Phils getting the guy that could possibly be a bench bat at some point in the season.

    Upside vs. what can you do for me now deal in prospects.

  33. I wonder if they see Mayberry as the firstbaseman of the future, if they can’t sign Howard to a long term deal? I read somewhere is best defensive position is firstbase.

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