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I’ll be moving tomorrow, and as a result, won’t be able to update the site for a little while. I have no clue when I’ll be back, it could be a week, maybe 2 weeks, maybe less. gregg has offered to post updates on the AFL once that gets started, and if any of the other contributors want to start a daily discussion thread, they’re free to do that as well. Once I get settled in at my new abode, I’ll have a bunch of things to discuss, including the minor league analysis tool I’ve been spending all my time building. So until then……

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  1. So JA made the postseason roster it is so logical I thought
    it would never occur to the Phils
    Bad news So also did So-So I will not be able to sleep all night figuring out why. Where did i put my sheep.

  2. morning everyone.

    I just saw something that Conlin wrote @ that will drive people nuts.

    He said, “Joe Blanton was underperforming in Oakland when Gillick traded B level prospects for him”

    Now, I know people feel differently about that trade, but there is no way in the world that anyone with a clue would consider Cardenas a B level prospect.

    Hope your moving goes smoothly PP.

  3. Phil: saw that article and had the same reponse. I like Conlin and he writes well and convincingly if he sticks to what he knows, which is talking about past regimes, giving the history and challenging ownership. Prspects were never his forte. He juts doesn’t follwo that closely and relies a lot on what he sees in ST at times.

  4. 2nd that Diamond Derby, I personally don’t even read Conlin anymore, I find his writing insulting to my intelligence on most occasions.

    He’s an old school writer who is used to the general public not having a wealth of knowledge on such matters, which thanks to sites like this, is no freely available.

  5. BA listed their top 20 prospects from AA Eastern League:
    3 in the top 20. I must say I am a big fan of #10.

    1. Matt Wieters, c, Bowie (Orioles)
    2. Chris Tillman, rhp, Bowie (Orioles)
    3. Travis Snider, of, New Hampshire (Blue Jays)
    4. Lars Anderson, 1b, Portland (Red Sox)
    5. Jordan Zimmerman, rhp, Harrisburg (Nationals)
    6. Carlos Carrasco, rhp, Reading (Phillies)
    7. Fernando Martinez, of, Binghamton (Mets)
    8. J.P. Arencibia, c, New Hampshire (Blue Jays)
    9. Daniel Bard, rhp, Portland (Red Sox)
    10. Austin Jackson, of, Trenton (Yankees)
    11. David Huff, lhp, Akron (Indians)
    12. Jose Tabata, of, Trenton (Yankees)/Altoona (Pirates)
    13. Daniel Murphy, 3b/of, Binghamton (Mets)
    14. Lou Marson, c, Reading (Phillies)
    15. Michael Bowden, rhp, Portland (Red Sox)
    16. Wes Hodges, 3b, Akron (Indians)
    17. Brett Cecil, lhp, New Hampshire (Blue Jays)
    18. Jon Niese, lhp, Binghamton (Mets)
    19.?For some reason it’s not shown on my screen?
    20.Greg Golson, of, Reading (Phillies)

  6. Phil I love cardenas as a prospect. but he right now is a one tool prospect. Wouldn’t you consider that a b level prospect. He is below average fielder, runner no power and ok arm, only tool hitting. The reason I like conlin is he is the only writer who isn’t a puppet for the philllies. He goes back to the rudy carpenter era and knows how the teams success was build through the draft and great scouting. In the seventies and early eighty . He also knows the present day owners are bottom line and won’t go out and do whatever it takes to win a championship. He told us about there lack of prospect in latin market and how they ignored it for years. He was the one who told us of the owners going to the league and getting money as a small market ,andhow only one owner John Middleton was willing to do what it took to win. He was the one writer who told of ed wade getting the job while only real experience was under woodward doing contracts. In other words a yes man for giles and montgomery. He lives in clearwater for 6 months a year and see a lot of the minor leaguer. You have people on this site who give reports and people listen because they live in the area and see players, How is that different than colin who sees and hears what’s going on. In my opioion he is the only writer with any guts in this town,

  7. Rocky you can verify Conlin . Among the first players signed by
    Wade was Paul Spoljaric who batters hit at a
    .485 average on the first pitch to that batter
    .389 0-1
    .417 1-0
    I immediately signed off on Wade

  8. Anyone notice the box score in the Hawaiian Winter Leagues last night? Honolulu and North Shore played to a 6 all tie. That’s not the weird part… North Shore was outhit 11 – 2. North Shore had 2 hits and scored 6 runs. 4 runs were scored off the 1st 2 pitchers. The starter went 3 innings, walked 2 and gave up 3 unearned runs. Our own Chris Kissock went 3 more innings without giving up a hit but he walked 2 and gave up 1 earned run. The 1st 2 pitchers went 6 innings, 0 hits, 4 walks, 2 HBP, and 4 wild pitches. There was also an error. Catching in this league must be horrible. Everybody was stealing bases too. Oh yeah, attendance was 227. There were more guys in the dugout than in the stands.

    Taylor has not been hitting. He’s at .133 (2 H in 15 AB). He’s scored 4 runs and has a HR and 1 RBI. He has 5 BBs and 2 Ks. I hope he gets it going.

  9. Looking at Scott Nestor’s stats, it looks like he has a lot of strikeouts, but also gives up a lot of walks. I guess he has command issues but is probably a hard thrower. So basically he is a younger/healthy version of Rosario.

  10. Since James has given us the keys to the car while he is away, how about this for a topic idea?

    Looking ahead to 2009, what are some predictions/thoughts/projections on some of the Phils prospects. Here are mine on some of my guys (position players) that I’ll be watching closely:

    – Dominic Brown – He’ll start out at Clearwater, and probably be the #3 hitter. I expect him to have similar numbers to this year, but I’d like to see him get some more extra base hits – if he can get 30 doubles, 15 homers and a handful of triples, then I see him attaining major prospect status. (I’d like to see his defense improve, which I’ve heard isn’t that great)

    – Travis Mattair – I think it would be wise for him to repeat at Lakewood. Hopefully he’ll respond by putting up some impressive numbers (ops in the .800 – .850 range), cutting back on the errors a bit and earning a midseason promotion to Clearwater.

    – Michael Taylor – Our favorite man-crush! I’d love to see him batting third or fourth (preferably the former) and clobbering the ball like he did this year. If he continues to mash – .300 ba, .900 .ops – then I think a September callup to the Phillies isn’t out of the question

    – Lou Marson – I think we’d all be disappointed if he didn’t make the Phillies next year. Ideally, I’d like to see him batting second in the lineup, and ringing up an .obp around .400

    – Cody Overbeck – Okay, I admit it. I’m really intrigued by this guy. He is definitely a free swinger, so don’t expect any high obp from him. He’s also not a good fielder at third base.

    (hold on a second, Victorino just hit a grand slam.)

    (okay. I’m back now)

    Still, he’s put up some impressive production numbers in college and in Williamsport. I think the Phils should switch him to OF, maybe start him out in Lakewood, and see what happens. Or maybe they switch him to first (we need some prospects at 1b), double jump him to Clearwater and see what happens. Either way, he could possibly be a Francouer-type offensive player. If only he had that cannon arm though.

    Anway, I’d like to see some other people’s thoughts and predictions on some of their favorite prospects.

    – Jeff

  11. Absent an extraordinary performance, Lou Marson isn’t going to be hitting second in Philly anytime soon. They will move him in gradually and I expect he’ll hit 8th until he has proven to Charlie, beyond a shadow of a doubt, that he is ready to move down in the line-up. Then, he’ll be lucky to hit sixth or seventh. It is also likely he won’t get the full starting job right away. Ruiz has been terrible offensively, but the team’s pitchers think he’s great a calling a game and, otherwise, he’s pretty good defensively. So you should expect that, even if he makes the majors, Marson will be brought along slowly and cautiously – and really, that’s not such a bad thing. He’ll have to earn more playing time and a better spot in the line-up.

  12. Ok, I’ll throw out a few..

    Kyle Drabek – Think he starts the season at Lakewood and continues to build arm strengh during the 1st half of the season while struggling a bit. By mid-season, he is pitching well and ends the season with a strong finish in Clearwater and is back on pace as a top #5 prospect…

    Greg Golson – Everyone favorite lightening rod starts the season in AAA at the age of 23 and struggles, just as he had with every jump in level. Under the radar, however, he will continue the slow progression he has been making on improving his plate discipline and pitch recognition. Once again will be a Sept call-up.

    Jason Donald – Also starts the season in AAA much to the chagrin of many. Big difference is that he will be playing 3B for the Pigs in preparation for the 2010 season.

    Carlos Carrasco – Another guy who starts the season at AAA much to everone’s disdain. Continues to show the same inconsistency he has through most of his career but then again, he is still just 21.. Gets an injury start or 2 in 2009 for the big club..

    D’Arby Myers – He repeats the season at Lakewood but this year the new official scorer doesn’t take away all of his hits and SB’s and he finally gets the recognition he deserves.

  13. This last post really depressed me, because your probably right 3up3kkk. I along with everyone else would love to see Carrasco get more of an opportunity but he is young and hopefully his arm will continue to develop along with consistency.

  14. “Wow I don’t remember that guy at all.”

    Forget Paul Spoljaric? for shame! he was the guy we ditched Mark Leiter for, and subsequently got Robert Person for the next year! He was a pretty good prospect and bullpen guy early in his career- then just fell off the map, as was the custom at the time when you played in philly during the second half of the 90’s.

  15. Right now one player in the farm system, That you say will play ten years. and be a allstar at least once. Pitcher or position player

  16. None- i can see guys who can make an all star team, and I can see guys who could play for 10 years, but a don’t see a guy like Utley/Rollins who are going to have prolonged excellent careers- maybe Collier is as close as I could get.

  17. Hey fish what Paul Spoljaric proved to me is that Ed Wade
    didnt own a computer or was too lazy to look up records on
    baseball pages. Eaton and others are were signed by this Gm
    on the strength of late season wins but they were powered by huge run support
    Happ lives

  18. You know i have been hearing for 50 years that every catcher who cant his is a great defensive catch. Does that mean if you
    can hit you cant play defense. It is a big pile of… that management puts out so they can do what they want.

  19. Fish How bad is that we can’t come up with one player. from all the drafts. Not even our top rated. who we feel we be a top player. Most teams have at least one.

  20. As much as I like watching prospects succeed, I’d much rather see the Phillies sign someone like Lowe to solidify the rotation instead of relying on Happ and Kendrick…one or the other, not both.

    I like Overbeck’s bat though I doubt he’ll ever be a high OBP guy. I dont see where he fits defensively other than maybe 1B and maybe LF and likely the latter. He’s not a 3B as is clearly evident after watching him at Williamsport this season.

  21. Lowe’s road ERA the last 3 seasons:

    2006 – 4.13
    2007 – 4.19
    2008 – 4.42

    I’m not sure I want him pitching in CBP.

  22. Questions for everyone:

    -Where do we see Happ? Kendrick?
    -I think Golson is more than a Sept. Call up but I also think he’s not going to be the everyday player our org envisioned. A better version of M. Bourn.
    -Ruiz/Marson/Coste who’s the odd man out? THe pitchers seem to do well with Ruiz, but the man just isn’t hitting.

  23. Radical Idea.
    Let Golson repeat AA in CF with a completely new coaching staff, with Tayor in LF.

    Honestly, Golson can be brought up from any level to PR.
    Who cares if he loses a year IF he learns his stuff.

    Kendrick in AA or AAA to learn an additional pitch as well.

  24. I see Happ as the 6th starter (a backup for injury etc.). I really could see Kendrick to be used as trade bait. Someone would like to bring him in after he has had a successful start to his major league career.
    As for catcher, I see the Phils going in to spring training with 3 catchers battling out for 2 spots. Likely to be Jaramillo, Marson, and either Ruiz or Coste with the odd man out being trade bait also. Ruiz didn’t do alot offensively but he had a decent 2nd half and was solid on defense.
    Having Kendrick and a catcher to trade, the Phils could obtain a quality player. The team also has an extra lefthanded bat in the OF (Stair and Jenkins), one of which maybe traded also.
    I see Gillick looking to upgrade Kendrick’s spot in the rotation via trade/free agent, with Happ, Carrasco, and Eaton (Uhg) as the first 3 backup pitchers.

  25. Bob I don’t understand how you can think Kendrick brings you anything. Scouts have seen the decline in him .not one player you mention will bring anything but another org, filler.

  26. Sir Alden –
    I think Golson should and does go to Lehigh Valley. I agree with your comment on the Reading manager/staff. Changes are needed. But Huppert, the LV manager, is the guy who shephered last season’s Reading talent to championships at Lakewood and Clearwater the prior two seasons. He should have been in Reading last season, but we can get back on track next season.

    LV should feature, at least at the start of the season, Carpenter, Carrasco, Marson, Golson, Donald (at 3B), Harmon (perhaps Huppert can get him back on track). Marson still growing into his power, I wouldn’t rush him to the majors and start his arb clock. He also should be working on building strength of his throwing arm. Carpenter and Carrasco can compete for first replacement starter to be called up to bigs. This arrangement puts Jaramillo as major league backup and keeps the Phillies bench as major league vets for one more season.

  27. Happ should be in the rotation next year, without a doubt.

    Players with those peripheral numbers in the minors are very good bets to succeed at the major league level.

    He’s a much better pitcher than Kendrick, and likely better than Blanton too.

    Lowe would have been a nice signing if we didn’t already have Blanton, but if we sign Lowe and resign Moyer than basically means we waste Happ for another year. I don’t think you spend 12-14M per year for what would be only a mild upgrade. Use the cash either for a legit #1 like CC or a LF.

    Also, Lowe would be type A, so no #1 pick next year, unless Burrell leaves and was signed by a team in the bottom 15 of the draft.

  28. Lowe will 36 years old not everyone is Moyer. What will it take 15 million a year for three years.

  29. So our rotation is Hamels,Moyer,Happ,Myers,Blanton. scary to me Don’t like Blanton,Happ is a question mark, how long does Moyer pitch well and what Myers do we see.

  30. If I can get a package to get holiday That would help a lot, I wonder if carrasco and werth plus another lower prospect would do it.

  31. Rocky,

    It’s a reason not to like getting Blanton. Basically, you hand over a spot in the rotation to someone who is not even an upgrade over prospects.

    If Happ or Carrasco struggle, you can replace them, but as we saw with Eaton, mediocre veterans tend to stay in the rotation long past the point when they are worth it.

  32. What scares me is Blanton is going to arbritration. If they sign him to three or four year deal .It will make me sick.

  33. right Rocky he will pitch no matter what then and he has a low ceiling. Basically he is the bad Myers with no upside
    Nest year will be a lot harder than this year if you have any understanding of the Florida situation.

  34. I think Lowe would work well in CBP…he throws a great sinkerball and is very solid. He’s much better than Blanton.

    I just really dont want to see Kendrick and Happ in teh rotation together. That’s not a winning rotation.

  35. nowwheels ,What is amazing is how many people defend this guy. He only gets 4 quality start out of 13 and people on this blog. say we wouldn’t have won without him. They say he had a 4.20 era. Manuel didn’t trust him and was getting him out of there in mostly the fifth inning. A cheap alterative for our owners, there bad drafts have yielded so few prospect, We had no chance for anything better.

  36. I don’t know much about the league in Hawaii. What kind of prospect usually go there . Is it guys who are not far away from the big club or lower level guys. Interested because if Taylor is struggling like someone said the other day. Is he facing higher level prospects or the same that he saw this year at clearwater.

  37. Im sure you can blame taylors slow start in the hawaiin league squarely on the shoulders of cheap ownership IMO

  38. Nepp agreed except for Happ,although I believe his best position may be late relief. Innings 1-3 he is clearly the best on the team. Even last year he struck out Reyes after a Rollins
    error put two guys on. Then Dubee brought him in for another inning(he was still rehabing) Hense the second injury. Followed by a third at the hands of John Russel(good luck Pittsburg)

  39. One thing for sure Phils lead the league in “meetings at the mound” Could someone tie Dubee up and make him sit down.
    What can he say at this stage. God i hope he is gone ,I hate control freaks. I want a Molina type development for Marson.
    The catcher should be in charge

  40. I think Hawaii is for the “younger” guys who really shined at the A-level. Since Zona is for AA or AAA (and only one A-level prospect – Berry, year) – Hawaii is for those who have a shot in the less immediate future. From what I’ve seen they don’t use their pitchers for more than a few innings, so hitters don’t get too many looks at the starter before there’s a new pitcher in there.

  41. Happ late relief?? He’s a 200+ inning starter. Follow along during the season what Arbuckle and Charlie say. They view him as a starter.

  42. Hamels, Myers, Moyer, Blanton, Happ is next year’s rotation.

    Kendrick, Carpenter, Carrasco in AAA.

    I would love to see a trade for an outfielder who is fast with a good OB, like Nate McClouth or Eric Burns (if healthy) which would improve the Defense and help the staff ERA.

    Signing a replacement for 8th Inning Setup Role, or a Starter for the Rotation and then moving Myers into the 8th Inning Setup Role permanently would be the next move.

  43. Mr Melon
    Just openig the possibility that Happ can be either. Dont take what Charlie says too seriously after all after making that statement he didnt start Happ who sat on the bench for weeks. Regard most things said as propaganda especially team websites.
    Sir Alden I loved McClouth last year when he was available for a song and said so on the radio

  44. MT was struggling and now he’s not playing in the Hawaiian League. He hasn’t played in the last 3 games. Dom Brown is listed on the roster but hasn’t played and isn’t even assigned a number.

  45. Bellman struggling only fifteen at bat’s if he say had two bloop hits, would you say how good he’s doing. it’s too little at bat’s to judge.

  46. Bellman struggling only fifteen at bat’s if he say had two .more hits and they were bloop hits, would you say how good he’s doing. it’s too little at bat’s to judge.

  47. Blanton was terrific today. This is why you make trades like this and sacrifice young prospects. To move to the next level — to win playoff games, to win playoff series. JB gave us the rotation depth to get that done and opened the door to untold potential for this team.

    I said it was a good trade at the time and it’s only gotten better in hindsight.

  48. Yes, the Blanton trade payed off. A little mortgaging of future worth it if it helps get to post-season and then toNLCS. Likely don’t make it without him. But can’t agree with Conlin crap that we just gave up B prospects. Blanton deserves to be in next season’s rotation. Wonder what his velocity would be if someone could teach him to drive with his legs more off of the mound. His motion looks like it robs him of several mph. Biggest fears for next season are that Burrell and Moyer aren’t back. If not, 4 primo extra draft picks, but I want to win next season.

  49. Lol. Yea, those Brewers weren’t really trying. No doubt Eaton would have shut them down as well!!

  50. Today Blanton pitched six good innings. He help to a degree make the trade easier to accept. But still not sure he is a good enough starter for a team fighting to win a pennant. His unperforning starts from when he was acquire are still a concern. Not only for this playoff but for next years team.

  51. Can’t believe there are still people fretting over B rated double A “prospects.”

    We love prospects because of the hope they represent. The hope we could actually win the NL East, win a playoff series, win a pennent.

    Well, we ARE doing those things — and the Blanton trade is probably what made it possible.

    Leave hope at the door. Reality is here.

  52. Jake couldn’t careless about the prospect. But what is bad is the front office telling us Blanton was the best they could do. I as a long time fan know it’s the cheap contract he has, and there we had to do something and selling it as a big thing when he pitch mostly five inning games. This is a twenty eight year old starter. Who is suppose to be a inning eater. You and the other two or three guys can buy into the blanton trade won the division. But what would your rather have now in the series against the dodger. Blanton or harden or cc.

  53. Only problem Rocky with your argument is that the Phillies did try to get C.C. but didn’t have the trade chips the Brewers did. No doubt the issue with Harden was his injury history.

    you and the other two or three guys can continue to fret over the one that got away but all 3 of the guys you mentioned pitched this playoff season and only one of them got a win that kept his team in the playoffs…

  54. See that’s my problem with people. they really believe that the phillies tried to get these players. No way, could you imagine if they got C.C. and he pitch for them the way he pitched for brewers. and then not sign him or Same with Harden. no blanton was the safe choice if he was good . they sign him cheap for next year. If he fails they let him go either way cost them very little,compared to alterative.

  55. On Blanton . . . . I hated the trade when made and still think we got ripped off quite a bit.

    However, if Blanton helps the team win a WS, it was all worth it and, I’m not sure it makes the Phillies “right” for having made the trade, but who cares. If the gamble works, the price was not excessive, even if Outman and Cardenas become fine ML players.

    And for whatever it’s worth, if the Blanton we saw today is real, he could easily win 15-17 games for this team next year and I will happily admit that I was wrong for criticizing the team.

    But let’s just see how all of this plays out. It’s very interesting.

  56. you and the other two or three guys can continue to fret over the one that got away but all 3 of the guys you mentioned pitched this playoff season and only one of them got a win that kept his team in the playoffs…

    nice one cup…..i supported the blanton deal too…and please enough with the “settle for blanton stuff…they couldnt get CC, and maybe if they could they didnt want to give the farm, harden isnt what he used to be and is a walking injury…he couldnt even get to 90mph last night and looked completely ordinary….i for one, LOVE what our “cheap ownership” is providing me with this october…go Phils!

  57. Considering some people still say we just gave away Gavin FLoyd (NOT saying we did/didn’t) just saying for all the people who knock that trade, the Danks/Mcarthy trade was really bad to. I mean the Rangers need pitching soooooo badly and they gave away a stud there for a lesser pitcher.

    Burrell is a hero for now but is he really worth bringing back? Will he be worth the 2 prospects we could net + his production for us over the next 3-4 years? Also, allowing him to walk woul dallow us to go after a type A FA and not worry too much about losing a 1st round pick.

  58. Fretting no way. Just pointing out there were better immediate
    and long term trades to be made. Lets see if Blanton faces the
    Dodgers if he does as well i will take my hat off to him.
    the Phils should of walked into the playoff. Met management is
    comatose. And the Marlins have other priorities which may not come into play next year
    Had they signed Manny and won they would of put about
    ten to twenty million in Wayne’s pocket .The same guy who is in back of Norman Bramman’s case blocking the stadium, So next year may not be such an easy ride
    The next series should be all out baseball go phils

  59. At this point, I wont be brutally upset to see Burrell gone next season as we will get some good picks out of it. He’s produced and earned his contract while he was here though.

    If Cardenas never pans out, will you still be upset about the Blanton trade?

  60. Rocky, see my problem with people is when they won’t accept facts because they go against their personal opinions.

    Here is a Philly Inq. article talking about the Sabathia deal and the Phillies attempt at acquiring him:

    So unless you’re convinced the Inquirer is in the bag for the team’s management it would appear that the Phillies first target was Sabathia.

    Also article about Phillies backing-off of Harden due to injury concerns (granted this is on the teams site so it could just be a lie).

    But you can believe whatever you want.

  61. “Jake couldn’t careless about the prospect. But what is bad is the front office telling us Blanton was the best they could do. I as a long time fan know it’s the cheap contract he has, and there we had to do something and selling it as a big thing when he pitch mostly five inning games. This is a twenty eight year old starter. Who is suppose to be a inning eater. You and the other two or three guys can buy into the blanton trade won the division. But what would your rather have now in the series against the dodger. Blanton or harden or cc.”

    Kinda ironic that you mention CC and Harden, who are sitting at home now. No I would not want to have traded Carrasco and Marson for three months of CC.

    And if you’re calling the Phillies “cheap” that is ridiculous. They have one of the highest payrolls in the NL.

    The Phils made the perfect trade — not giving up any of their blue chip prospects while getting the little extra help they needed to get to the next level.

    Blanton was limited by tendinitis, yet still pitched circles around Adam Eaton. One of the so-called “experts” here claimed Blanton was nothing more than a carbon copy of Eaton. Ridiculous.

  62. The question is “can they get pass Manny and the DodgersA
    Much better team ,much better pitching and much much better manager gonna be tough
    WS would be huge amounts of money for the area( I owed a cab in , a guy gave me $200 to pick him up after the game)

  63. I for one will admit I have been proven wrong on Blanton. He showed up real big yesterday. I do hate to see anyone call call Cardenas a B prospect—he is certainly an A.

  64. Jake four largest market thirteen highest payroll. Got paid from major league baseball as small market. If you want ot debate the ownership cheapnest. I will show you how they have been one of the lowest in the draft in fa and in the major league payroll. I really can’t understand any one who thinks they are not cheap. Even there one of there owners . John Middleton has tried to get the family of five to spend to win a championship. But the way montgomery and Giles put together the group it has to be all or nothing happens. A

  65. Jake guess so you mean if we had got CC or Harden they wouldn’t have done better than Blanton. That is a joke.

  66. All who want free agents starters check out the ones that signed for this year with a different club. See if that doesnt
    change your mind.

  67. and made the playoffs Relievers had limited success. Very few though. Now look how many were a burden

  68. Rocky…you have to look at things with a bit of perspective. Yes, it may be true that the Phillies have the 13th highest payroll in the major leagues. But what you need to do is compare them to the NL. The AL has an extra player (Designated Hitter) that generally makes very good money as they are usually established ML stars. I don’t know the numbers off of the top of my head, but I would be willing to bet the Phils are in the top 4-5 in NL payroll.

    Also, all evidence points to the fact that they tried to get Sabathia but didn’t have what Cleveland wanted. We may be in love with our prospects, but that doesn’t mean every other team is. They didn’t want Harden because of the injury history. For crying out loud, everybody on this board is STILL ticked that they traded for Freddy Garcia who broke down right after the trade. Can you imagine if they did it agian after trading for Harden?

    I’m not saying management is perfect, but they know a bunch more than any of us fools on this board know.

  69. greg you have to be kidding If you had all the money the Phils
    have wasted in free agency subtract good deals then you could live quite well on the difference

    on your own island!

  70. Again…perspective nowheels. Not every free agent for every team works out. That’s just a fact of life. Besides, I don’t think I mentioned free agency at all in my original post.

  71. I also want to apologize to PhuturePhillies (wherever he may be) for not posting about prospects.

  72. but you were talking about management decisions and money
    money wasted is money not spent in my eyes .

  73. Has anybody seen this shortstop Gavis play. I just am wondering if he is like a younger larry bowa. A good fielding kid with limited bat. hope he turns into a bowa and not a bobby wine or amaro type .Good field no hit.Where is airbornranger hope he is at the instructional league to give us some info.

  74. Galvis is a phenomenal fielder. Very quick, good instincts, gets great reads on balls that many players can’t get to. The batting will never be great, tends to slap at the ball, but he did show improvement in the 2nd half.

  75. The word is that Galvis could step in at the MLB level and be a good fielder right now…all he’s missing is a bat. Hopefully he pans out into at least a league average hitter. If that were to happen he’d be a great piece to have.

  76. Right Rocky but amaro was a treat to watch in the field smooth as glass and very graceful. Such a gentleman that he seemly escaped much of the prejudice that existed back then
    ditto Tony Taylor the gentleman part . Believe it or not Taylor came here with a bad rap from the idiot Cubs

  77. Tony Taylor was and is my all time favorite phillies player. He was to me a really good leadoff hitter, not high average but would bunt . walk ,get hit by pitch work the count. loved him.

  78. Certainly compares well to a player like Ruiz who doesnt take
    his brain with him when he hits. Tony always played hard.
    The city should have a day for him and Amauro. They were leader and standards in their own quite ways.

  79. Blanton not Hamels. Does Blanton pitch game 7. No matter how it comes out ,it is the dumbest thing i ever seen.

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