Daily Discussion; 8/13

We’ll take a quick look at last night’s notables, and then get to today’s action.

* Reading wins 3-2.

Harman 1/4 with a HR, Slayden 1/4 with a HR, Golson 0/4. Carpenter was good.

* Clearwater lost 3-1.

Pitching phenom Rick Porcello got the win. Naylor posted his 2nd straight QS. Berry extended his hitting streak, Michael Taylor returned with a 2/4 night and a HR.

* Lakewood won 4-0.

Stutes again the story, taking a no hitter into the 7th inning. Now has a 0.35 ERA in 4 starts. Rizzotti was 3/3, Galvis 1/3 with a 2B.

* Williamsport lost 7-2.

Rough outing for Justin De Fratus, giving up 6 ER in 6 IP. Hanzawa was 3/4, Susdorf 0/4 and only 1 for his last 10. Even college seniors have to make adjustments.

* GCL Phillies swept a doubleheader 9-2 and 3-1.

Game 1: Valle went 3/4, Hewitt 0/2 with a BB, Collier 2/4 with 3 RBI. Arroyo pitched 2 innings in relief.
Game 2: Hewitt went 0/3 but drew ANOTHER walk. Valle 1/4. Knapp went 5, allowed 1 ER, 1 BB and struck out 4.

Now onto today’s games.

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  1. Knapp had a solid outing again for the GCL team as well. Looking forward to the next start for Carrasco as well.

  2. A few thoughts:

    – Granted just 1 game, but it’s good to see Taylor really have success against one of the highly touted prospect arms in Porcello. Taylor comes up, sets the tone for the team after missing the last few games, and continues to shine. I’ve tried to tempor my excitement about him a bit, but he’s giving me more and more reasons to get “believe”.

    – Another good start from Carpenter at AA. He’s working his way back. Another guy that may be counted on next year. Tons of pitching in the system on the VERGE of being ML-ready (Carpenter, Happ, Carrasco, Savery [perhaps]). Very good news. Hope he can keep this going through the AFL this year.

    – Collier is going to be a stud. And Valle may turn out to be a diamond in the rough. Very exciting.

    – Not sure if mentioned, but D’Arnaud, Hanzawa, Roth, and Susdorf all made the league All-Star teams.

    – Anyone else think Knapp could be….a future top prospect? Way too early to tell, but man. Young man is impressing me quite a bit at this point.

  3. So will Stutes remain in Lakewood or will they bump him to Clearwater?

    Given Stutes’ college performance (era 5.32 this year), is his performance this year fluky or not? From his draft write up, he hits the mid 90s, and has three other pitches which were classified as “average.” He seems to miss a fair amount of bats, and his overall go/ao ratio is pretty decent – I’m just wondering if I should hop aboard the Stutes bandwagon, or wait a bit more.

    – Jeff

  4. I’m looking forward to seeing those four at the All-Star game. I’ll be sure to post my impressions of how they handled themselves after the game next week.

  5. Jeff…I think that Stutes had good numbers in college prior to this year. I don’t have the stats in front of me though. My thought is that the Phillies saw the potential and perhaps a mechanical flaw that they were able to fix. I’d like to think that at least…

  6. Stutes I read some draft comments on him and scouting reports. They didn’t give you any thing to suggest that he could be this good. The scouts really to me didn’t like him.I wonder if Greg is right and they saw a flaw in him.

  7. I’m guessing he really isn’t THIS GOOD but probably has a decent amount of potential.

    On Taylor: Its okay to believe.

  8. a) Demand for the guitar – something is not as valuable if it is rare and no one wants it! So be careful there if you are told ‘this is rare’ – find out if there is a demand for that particular guitar.

  9. I think it’s ok to believe in Taylor but there is still a way to go.

    With Stutes I’m tempering my excitement. I don’t see him being moved up again this year but I don’t know why he wouldn’t be started at high A with an early season call-up to AA if he continues his torrid streak, but that’s a big IF.

  10. If I watch another game with Bruntlett @ third my head will explode. Were the Phils mandated to send Donald to the Olympics or could they have brought him up to replace Feliz? Or perhaps they would have told us that he cant play the position..Very frustrating

  11. Stutes was actually drafted higher last year, and he didn’t sign which apparently was a pretty big surprise. I think he was a 7/8th round pick.

  12. RE Andrew:
    Knapp already made his way into the Top 30. I guess it all depends on his breaking stuff and how well he can develop that.

  13. BG. that quote is something that iwas thinking of. you can’t jam a guy(in college) like you can in the bigs.

  14. Stutes will stay in Lakewood for the rest of the year. It doesn’t make sense to take him out of a championship run in Low A and send him up to a floundering Clearwater team. Let him finish out the season in Lakewood, then start next season in Clearwater with a possible bump to Reading if he keeps pitching well. He’ll be 22, so pitching in reading by next season is not unheard of either.

    Taylor has me wetting myself.

  15. By the way, I love that it’s note worthy when Hewitt gets a walk. Obviously, Collier is looking like the smarter pick, but even if it takes Hewitt 4-5 years to develop consistency, if he plays up to the level of his athleticism we could have a very solid player.

  16. Hewitt and Golson are complete wasted draft picks. The Phillies draft thode types because it’s a habit they can’t kick. Sort of like a bad tabacco habit where you smoke 2-3 packs of cigarettes a day (non-filtered). Wolever said it’s where you get your superstars, but I’ve seen no proof of that ever in the organization. And you can go all the way back to the first draft in 1965. The closest they ever came was Mike Schmidt in ’71, but they drafted him in the 2nd round, and he only fell because of bad knees. Their first-rounder that year I think was John Stearns, a flop. They tried again a few years later with Rip Rollins, who couldn’t rip. A bad tobacco habit is hard to get rid of.

  17. Does anybody here have an update on Heitor Correa? I haven’t really found any updates since early July, is he still out with a “team violation” or whatever it was?

  18. I don’t think Donald has ever played third before so why bring him up and expect him to learn it at the ML level? I agree he should be primed as Feliz’s replacement at AA or AAA next year but there’s no way of telling if he’ll handle the transition.

  19. How many years at Reading will it take before people finally give up on Golson? The guy will never make it at the major league level.

  20. It’s only Golson’s first year in Reading so not sure what thats supposed to mean. I’m not saying hes gonna be a star but hes already better than the replacement we have in philly now (So Taguchi). So even if he is never a starter for the phils he’ll still be a descent 4th OF.

  21. I’d give him till the end of next season. If he hasn’t shown any improvement at that point, I’d drastically lower any expecations on him.

  22. did anyone see the olympic team’s first game? im watching the rebroadcast on the internet right now, and they started Taylor Teagarden over Marson. He’s hitting like .230 at AAA and Marson in hitting .320. Jason Donald didn’t get the start either.

  23. he’s improved every year. ill give him until he stops improving. hopefully by then, he’ll be on a big league roster in his late 20’s. how does every topic seem to gravitate toward’s Golson? I’m pretty sure every one of us knows how the others feel about him. there’s no sense in repeating the same thing on each and every thread.

  24. Watched the last half of the game looking for our guys. Team USA had a three man bench and Marson and Donald were 2/3 of it. Guess Marson will rotate with Teagarden. Marson wound up catching the 9th after Teagarden was removed for a pinch runner in the top of the inning. Donald went 0 for 14 with 7 strike outs in the four pre-Olympic tuneup games in North Carolina. So I guess he wound up in Davey Johnson’s dog house. Hope he does not spend the games riding the pines.

  25. You guys want to temper the enthusiasm for Stutes. Fine. Lets move the dude up to Clearwater then. I understand it might hurt Lakewoods chances, so you move everybody up. Take your pick Lakewood: Schwimmer, Rosenberg, or Cloyd. Stutes is putting up numbers comparable to Hamels at this level. Further, he has better minor league numbers than more highly touted guys like Price, Porcello, etc. Move him up and see if he hits a wall. Taylor should be moved up too.

  26. I’m not about to go check, but I am sure that 2 of those 3 you mentioned to be called up are relievers. Stutes is a starter (and a darn good one at that) and would leave a large hole in a team thats a game out of the playoff race. The Phils want a winning org.

  27. i like the idea of letting guys dominate for a while. and i agree there is no rush. but these two guys are really making it easy to build a case that they should move up. in the mean time, it is a lot of fun to watch and dream.

  28. Duke– I wouldn’t even consider comparing Stutes to a guy like Price. He’s a legit #2 or possibly a 1 in the ML if he came in right now. I love Stutes’ performance as much as the next Phils fan but let’s not get him a bust for Cooperstown just yet.

    As far as moving him up, i see reasons for it but i also see that there’s reasons to keep him in a “pennant race”, albeit a minor league one to build his psyche as well as his arm. That to me needs some consideration as well and the benefit he’d get from 1-2 starts in Clearwater may be lost if he has little or no offensive support outside of Taylor or Berry.

  29. James, what’s your opinion on Stutes fast start? What kind of stuff does he have? Any opinion on what his ceiling is?

  30. Here is a question someone asked in the Jim Callis chat today about Stutes.

    Danny(Philly): Jim I’ve asked a 100 Michael Stutes Questions. You owe it to him(the way he’s been pitching) to answer one of them. How good is he? Is this a flash or does he have legit stuff?

    Jim Callis: He has solid stuff but isn’t as overpowering as his 0.85 ERA might suggest.

  31. Im willing to bet that neither Jim Callis nor anyone else from BB America has seen one game of Stutes this year.

  32. Taylor definitely starts at Reading next season…there’s no reason to give him another year at Clearwater at his age.

  33. My guess is that Brown was chosen over Taylor because he’s three years (I think) younger and more “projectable.” I like ’em both

    – Jeff

  34. BA does seem to have some sort of hatred for the Phillies farm system. They don’t think highly of just about ANY of our guys.

  35. Taylor just hit another homer. 2nd of the night 6th on the year for Clearwater. Damn hes on fire.

  36. Taylor is 22 and 8 months, Dom Brown is almost 21. That’s only about 20 months difference. Personally, there’s a lot to like about both. Brown, at 6’5″ certainly projects to add even more power. Both look like they walk a decent amount and have a little speed for their size. If Golson could develop better pitch recognition, that’s a really good OF in 2011. That doesn’t even take into account Collier.

    I’m also pretty excited about some of the pitchers they have. It shows you how bare the system was for so long with Dead Wade at the helm. While you can give him credit for Howard, Utley, Hamels, Rollins, there’s little beyond that that is home grown. Look at all the holes that have been filled through acquisitions (bullpen, bench, back of the rotation). How many more wins could we have had if we had some decent farm guys to fill those gaps instead of the Joe Tables and Abe Nunezs of the world?

    And at some point I’d love to go back and see where all the old Phils “top” prospects have ended up (Bucholz, Duckworth, Reggie Taylor to name a few). Has anyone done anything like that?

  37. duckworth was kicking around the astros organization for a while. Taylor Bucholz actually spent part of this season as the 8th inning guy for the Rockies and was doing fairly well but has tailed off a bit. Reggie Taylor??? Can anyone say Denny’s???

    Oh and poor Michael Cisco. Pitched a solid 5 innings for Lakewood and then some old fart named Seanez blew his win for him with 2 6th inning runs. Cisco’s stats albeit an even smaller sample size is comparable to Stutes. Looks like Clearwater will have some solid pitching next year!

  38. Did anyone ever mention that Jeremy Hamilton was demoted to the GCL? I was surprised to see him in teh boxscore for them…apparently he’s been down there for 10 games now.

  39. I’d move Taylor up to Reading before the end of the season for him to get some time up there , kind of like what Golson did last year.

  40. Anyone notice that D’Arby Myers seems to have rediscovered his swing in Williamsport? He’s got an average of .277 since he’s been down there now, and is batting .333 in his last ten games before tonight, with 6 RBI, 2 doubles and a triple in that span. Tonight, he’s 2-3 so far.

    Keeping in mind that he’s still relatively young (20, I think), are we seeing the rebirth of a prospect here? Maybe the Phils got too wrapped up in his GCL performance a couple years ago and moved him too fast

  41. Actually, scratch that, right now, he’s still 19. MILB.com lists his birthday at 12/09/1988, which means he’s not turning 20 for about another half of a year

  42. 2 HRs tonight for Michael Taylor. I think it’s safe to say that’s he’s now fully adjusted to High A ball. It looks like he may progress very quickly from this point.

  43. Stutes apparently was topping out at 91-92 mph in college- and fell to the 11th round because his secondary stuff has been average to below average. In pro ball he’s more regularly topping out at 92-93 mph- his curve has gotten a little better, but he’s not using it enough to the degree that its developing much right now. Rushing a guy up levels who’s had a good couple games doesn’t make him a better prospect- as if somehow bumping him to clearwater will help him outrun failure or coming down to earth.

  44. I haven’t seen this listed, but Outman was promoted to AAA and looks to be back to relieving.

  45. Watching Marson and Donald on TV right now. Although the game’s already happened, it’s nice to finally see these guys in action.

    Here’s what they did:

    Donald – 3/4, 1 RBI
    Marson – 1/4

    US won 7-0. Nice job, let’s hope it continues.

  46. Reading has less than 20 games left this year. It would be silly of the Phillies to promote Taylor at this point in the season. If he takes a few weeks to adjust, then he finishes the season with a downer at Reading and has that hanging over his head all winter. Not smart.

  47. I, too saw some of the USA game vs. Nederland…Donald had a really nice opposite field double for the 1 RBI Dan mentioned above.
    Also saw Marson bloop a single up the middle…something has to be said about his defensive skills by the fact that in 9 innings the Dutch failed to score…pitching yes, but also to a degree calling the game and handling the pitchers is part of that.

  48. Colin_K, I didn’t tape that game (taped Korea, watched Marson catch the 9th and deleted it) but did he look comfortable behind the plate? From what I saw in the 9th of the Korea game and the Futures game he still jumps around back there and doesn’t return to the pitcher well. It’d be nice to infer he had a part of the shutout but I’d have to see the whole game to feel that way. Also, is he calling the game or is Davey Johnson doing it from the bench?

  49. Rodeo, to be honest with you, I didn’t have much time before work so I just focused on their (Marson and Donald, by the way they batted 8-9 in the lineup) at-bats and fast forwarded through the rest of the game.
    I made an Ass-umption that may or may not be indicative of what actually took place…still being behind the plate for a 7-0 has got to have something to do with a catcher’s defensive abilities.
    Sadly, I deleted the recording (HD stuff takes up a lot of space!), so I can’t go back and watch it again.

  50. no it doesn’t make sense to promote Taylor now, but compare his numbers at Clearwater to two other guys playing for us right now who made it to A+ around the same time: Utley at Clearwater was a .257 hitter with a .746 OPS. Howard hit .304 with a .888 OPS. Taylor at Clearwater this year? .324 average with a .901 OPS.

  51. Phuture I got a another question. Do you think the Phillies will re-sign Pat Burrell? If they don’t do you think Barry Queinton will replace him? If not barry then who do you think they will call up. Do you think Happ will be in the Majors next year. Thanks for responding.

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