Daily Archives: March 18, 2008

Jaramillo re-assigned, Coste wins spot

Slow news day today, and I have some other obligations (like, my actual job), so I’ll keep this one short. The Phillies re-assigned Jason Jaramillo and Pete LaForest to minor league camp, meaning that Chris Coste is the backup catcher and will make his first opening day roster, unless he gets hurt. As you may remember, Coste was on the verge of the same feat 2 seasons ago when the Phillies traded for David Dellucci, making Coste the last guy sent to the minors.

I also wanted to take a moment to recommend Coste’s new book, The 33 Year Old Rookie. The kind folks at Ballentine Books (thanks Katie) were gracious enough to supply me with a copy. I’m about half way through, and it really does give you an appreciation for the life of a minor leaguer, and the obstacles you have to overcome to make it to the majors. Coste is a good writer, he doesn’t go overboard, but he does a great job conveying his feelings and emotions about a wide array of situations he’s faced. You know I don’t tell you what to buy and do with your dough, but if you like the Coste story, and if you ever had aspirations of playing baseball professionally (or any other sport really), then I’d recommend you pick this up. You can get it at Amazon.com, and I’m sure it will be in bookstores soon, if it isn’t already. I receive nothing for you clicking the link and buying it, I just thought I’d pass along the info for those who weren’t aware.

Happy Tuesday.