Winter League update

The news is….well, it’s not particularly good.


Golson: 46 AB, .196/.224/.261 — 4 R –3 2B — 5 RBI — 2 BB — 8 K
Costanzo: 43 AB, .163/.245/.302 — 3 R — 2 HR — 6 RBI — 5 BB — 17 K
Bisenius: 8.2 IP, 5.19 ERA — 10 H — 3 BB — 10 K
Outman: 7.2 IP, 5.87 ERA — 11 H — 2 BB — 8 K
Overholt: 7.2 IP, 8.22 ERA — 10 H — 3 BB – 5 K
Savery: 5.0 IP, 0.00 ERA — 2 H — 2 BB — 2K


Naylor: 3.0 IP, 0.00 ERA — 1 H — 0 BB — 3 K
Cruse: 13.0 IP, 4.15 ERA — 14 H — 4 BB — 6 K
Hill: 10.1 IP, 7.84 ERA — 14 H — 6 BB — 10 K

Hey, Naylor and Savery are awesome, so we’ve got that.

Oh, and pitching in Hawaii must really stink…


18 thoughts on “Winter League update

  1. We’ll be “knowing” a lot more by the end of the AFL.

    Still hoping that one or two of our pitchers can get it together for ST competition…perhaps Bisenius. It is vital that some of our prospect pitchers stand up and stand out.

  2. Golson has drawn 2 walks! He’s already equaled his Reading total! Actually, things aren’t looking too good here, except for Savery and Naylor. Even if it is an Instructional League, it would be nice to see some guys perform well.

  3. The AFL is no more an “instructional league” than A+ or AA is. The minors are about instruction. But the AFL is seen as a showcase of an org’s promising prospects, coupled with a chance for guys who didn’t get enough work in during the season to get some extra reps. This is an organized league with many quality prospects, performance here does matter to an extent, the same as it matters in the low minors, AA and AAA.

  4. I think your making too much of a pithcer pitching an inning hear and there over a two month period. I seem to remember Kendrick having a poor showing last year and Zach being lights out.

  5. I’m not judging anyone’s prospect status based on this league. My first line was

    The news is….well, it’s not particularly good.

    Guys having a poor showing isn’t good news.

    For every pessimistic fan , it seems we have another who is quick to defend. That balance is good.

  6. The funny thing is the majority of all the teams top prospects are struggling. Just check out the stats. Most hitting Prospects are going on 650 plus plate appearances for the season, and are totally excausted. Pitchers have logged lots and lots of innings. Let’s not weigh a prospects status to much on their performance in the AFL…Its’ 95 degrees here and most of the games are played in the middle of the day. The ball does not travel at all here and Pitchers have a huge advantage against the hitters because they trot a new pitcher out every 1 or 2 innings.

  7. Just a note to Phuturephillies…
    LHP-Joe Savery and 3B-Mike Costanzo were selected on a ballot by all 30 Major League Teams Farm and Scouting Directors to participate in “The Rising Stars” showcase to be played Friday 10/26 in Suprise AZ. This is not an All-Star game based on stats, but a game to showcase the prospects considered by Scouts and Farm Directors to be closet, and most ready to play in the Major Leagues. Check out The Arizona Fall League website for more info…

  8. In context, I’m fairly happy with the performance of Bisenius. Better than a K per IP, and the ERA is lower I think than Mathieson’s two years ago.

    I see no reason why he shouldn’t be in the mix for a bullpen job next spring, with potentially decent responsibilities (7th inning).

  9. Bisenius should be in the bullpen mix in spring, but i’m more concerned that his inconsistency is somekind of physical problem. I think I read laura at philliesphans quote him that his arm was ‘sore from use’, as opposed to ‘sore from injury’. However, until you get some MRI’s and x-rays, isn’t ‘sore from use’ most every phillies diagnosis before ‘sore from use’ becomes something that doesn’t stop and they finally realize an injury?

  10. Im not sure where I read it and will try to find it, but there was an article on how Bisenius was injured and tried to play through it. Dont think it was serious just needed some time off but he didnt get it.

  11. Costanzo’s two errors in 13 games so far in the AFL have both resulted in unearned runs and is a little better ratio than his error per 3.6 games that he racked up in Reading. But little developement so far especially with his .196 batting average though he is a slow starter.

  12. Rickey Branch…don’t be a basher… I’m here at the games and Costanzo has played very good ,if not great defense at 3rd base. One of his errors should have been charged on a horrible throw from rightfielder Venable…plus again to all the other bashers…look at the majority of the top prospects from the other teams, they are not exactly ripping the cover off the ball either. Do people in Philly want Costanzo to fail….seems like it, for some reason. I look at his regular season stats and see 27 homers and 86 RBI. I don’t get all the negativity

  13. I don’t evaluate how good a prospect is based on his HR and RBI totals. He struggles against lefties, his defense received mixed reviews this season, but people I’ve talked to have said his defense isn’t very good, he struggled against lefties, and he again started off the season in very poor fashion.

    I don’t think anyone is rooting against him. I personally don’t think he’s going to be an everyday 3B in the majors. Maybe I’m the only one, but I have my reasons, and I’m far from a “basher”, my glasses just aren’t rose tinted, and my first reaction isn’t to just defend the front office and the organization.

  14. I don’t think we are necessarily bashing Costanzo. I interpreted Rickey Branch’s post as saying that his fielding % is better than it was at Reading, even though his errors have led to some unearned runs. He then pointed out his poor average, but also mentioned that he his a slow starter and thus isn’t too worried.

    I’m with James on Costanzo – he puts up some nice power numbers (especially against righties), but his defense as a 3b is definitely cause for concern. The fact that he has a strong arm makes me think he will eventually be either an everyday outfielder or a Greg Dobbs type utility guy, and the latter was definitely a valuable player on the Phillies this year.

    – Jeff

  15. Costanzo’s defense has improved as 2007 has progressed. I am less concerned about that than I am about his inability to hit lefties and to lay off the low, outside breaking pitch. If he can stay healthy, he seems a decent bet to be at least half of our 3B platoon in 2009. Not a guy I would write off, although I think those who believe he can be our 2008 3B are crazy.

    I think the odds are a little worse on Golson than on Costanzo.

  16. I hope both have a decent ST and start the season in Allentown. For example if they would move Michael Bourn I could see a role for Golson at CBP in the Bourn role this season. However I have yet to see a role for Costanzo unless he improves his defense and makes more contact then he turns out to be no more than a Branyan type PH off the bench.

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