Jim Callis with a quick Phillies tidbit

In his chat on ESPN.com today, he said this

Danny (Philly): Brandon Workman-Phillies or Texas?

SportsNation Jim Callis: (2:51 PM ET ) The Phillies seem to be lying in the weeds on a number of players, so this could be a case where Workman is going to get over slot but they’re waiting to announce the deal.

You’d have to think the guys we’re “laying in the weeds on” would be Workman, Sampson and Moncrief. Hopefully 2 of the 3 get finished before the deadline.

14 thoughts on “Jim Callis with a quick Phillies tidbit

  1. I haven’t heard much about Moncrief as far as ability and numbers go, but I definitely hope Workman and Sampson get signed and in the system as soon as reasonably possible. As my baseball coach once told me, you can never have too much pitching.

  2. If the Phils sign Workman, Sampson, and Moncrief, that would be a coup for our development people and I will personally write an e-mail to David Montgomery thanking him for his couragous stewardship of the Phillies franchise. Until then, I remain skeptical.

    Did we ever negotiate seriously with Cedric Johnson?

  3. Don’t forget, we also signed Diekman, who (I think) had strong college committments. What’s the book on Cedric Johnson? I googled his name and couldn’t find anything about a baseball player — found only stuff on football players and a boxer.

  4. Callis continued…

    Danny (Philly): So you think the Phillies will sign Workman? How about Julian Sampson?

    Jim Callis: Yeah. I’m guessing they get both done and we see a lot of over-slot deals get announced in the week before the Aug. 15 deadline.

  5. Haha I asked him those questions and now its on one of my favorite websites. Awesome!!! Yeah I was pretty excited when he said he thinks well get them signed.

  6. Looks like the Phils are rewarding/challenging prospects who’ve been due for a promotion. Very nice to see. I’ll report to you guys Saturday night from what I get to see from all of them at the game in Reading.

    PS – Thanks for the articles on Johnson. Wonder if the Phils see him as an outfielder or as a pitcher? In one or two of them I think it said he was a pitcher too.

  7. The Golson promotion is very interesting. He went back to CLW to start this season, just as he went back to Lakewood to start 2006. In 2006 he did far, far better after he was promoted, so he may not be a guy who needs time to adjust to a new league.

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