2006 Phillies “Draft and Follows”

(Rashad Taylor)

Wow, busy posting day today. I guess that’s the result of it being Friday, it raining, and me having met a deadline yesterday….lots of time to kill. There probably won’t be an update tomorrow, so enjoy the surplus today!

I was going to throw this post up last week, but I put it on the back burner until now. For those who follow the minors and the MLB Draft in June, you already know what a “Draft and Follow” is, but for those who don’t, here is a brief explanation. Every year in the draft, teams will take a number of guys in later rounds, normally the 25th-50th rounds, who are committed to junior colleges and are holding out for larger signing bonuses. These players go to junior college the fall after being drafted, and pitch there in the spring normally as well. Teams who draft these players in June basically have an entire “free year” to evaluate the player and determine if he is worth an over slot draft bonus. The original title was DFE, which stood for “Draft, Follow and Evaluate”. Here is a practical example. In 2005, the Braves selected Tommy Hanson in the 22nd round of the draft. Hanson had signed a letter of intent and followed through by attending Riverside Community College in California. Hanson was one of the top pitchers in California in 2006, dominating at times and showing great stuff. The Braves signed him for $325,000, which needless to say, is well above what any 22nd round pick would get. The Phillies had a fairly high profile DFE last season in 19th round selection David Huff (LHP) who wound up going to the Indians in the supplemental first round. Huff reportedly wanted something close to a 1 million dollar bonus, but the Phillies didn’t feel he merited quite that much, based on a modest fastball and good offspeed stuff.

Now that you know what the DFE process entails, I’m about to disappoint you…..MLB has done away with the process. The 2006 draft is the last draft that will have true DFE’s, as there is now a hard deadline to sign all June draft picks of August 15th. MLB has never really been a fan of the DFE system, because it allows teams to “circumvent the rules” by drafting signability risk guys late in the draft, then paying them near first round money to sign. The Mets had a case like this last year, when they apparently wanted to sign DFE Pedro Beato, but couldn’t meet his 1 million dollar asking price. Omar Minaya, who used to work for Major League Baseball, apparently didn’t want to break the slot recommendations that the Commissioner’s office sends out to teams, so Beato went back to the draft and was taken by the Orioles in the comp round. So, this will be the last true DFE class, and the Phillies have quite a few guys out there. The # will represent the round the player was taken

#35: Rashad Taylor, OF: Taylor will be a sophomore at Skyline Community College. 6’4, 200 lbs, great athlete.

#37: Shawn Epps, RHP: Epps is a freshman at Northern Oklahoma-Enid, but their website is spotty at best, no direct link yet.

#38: Bobby Haney, SS: Haney was drafted out of high school and went to Manatee Community College in Florida. He isn’t listed in their 2007 roster file. Check back later this spring and I’ll update the link.

#39: Gerard Mohrmann, RHP: Fits the typical Phillies mold, tall, lanky pitcher with a live, fluid arm. He’s attending Central Arizona Junior College. Link is a general roster link for now.

#42: Daniel Faulkner, RHP: Faulkner, drafted at age 17 (turned 18 in July) is already 6’5, 185 lbs and projects to be a scout’s dream, size-wise. Threw hard in high school, and already had feel for pitching. Attending John Logan Junior College. Could be the prize of our DFE’s. General link for now.

#43: Yazy Arbelo, 1B: High school senior, already 6’4, 225 lbs, offers great projection.

#45: Patrick Murray, 1B: 6’2, 220 lb JuCo freshman, Murray’s strength is his bat and raw power. Position isn’t clear now, could be 1B, C or LF. Maybe most likely of DFE’s to sign. General stats link included for Golden West College, his new school.

#47: Tylien Manumaleuna, 3B: Try saying that 5 times fast. TM, as I’ll call him, is already huge, at 6’1, 235 lbs, and his defensive position could be anything from C to 3B. Great raw power and plate approach. Attending Community College of Southern Nevada.

#48: Nick Morreale, C: Morreale is a superior athlete, already 6’3, 205 lbs. He has played 1B, pitched, and is working on catching now, which is where the Phillies see him. Great approach at the plate, good power potential. General link provided

#49: Olivier Routhier-Pare, LHP: 6’3 projectable lefty. He’s from Canada, and any info out there on him is in French, which I haven’t the slightest ability to translate. As the spring season approaches, I’ll try and find SOME info on, but no promises.

There you have it. Once the season starts, I’ll try and do bi-monthly updates on all of our DFE’s, including adding more updated links with accurate info. Murray, Faulkner and Taylor are the most interesting guys to me, with Morreale also providing some possibilities.

9 thoughts on “2006 Phillies “Draft and Follows”

  1. Last year we can sign dafs, so let’s get out and sign a few. The Phillies pharm needs every edge it can get. Penny pinching should not be the fetish of the day. How many will we sign? Realistically, none, that seems to be the Phillies way.

  2. My son Nick was drafted by the Phillies in the 48th round of the 2006 Draft. How does the elimination of the DFE rule affect a player who gets redrafted in the 2007 draft but does not sign by August 15th of 2007? Can any other team make an offer prior to the start of his sophomore year at Mesa Community College’s baseball season? (as I understand it, a player may not sign during the school’s baseball season) Would Nick know where he stands definitively in regard to a deal prior to the 2007th Draft? I eagerly await someone’s response
    Mr. Morreale

  3. The Phillies can sign Nick up until 1 week prior to the 2007 draft. If they choose not to, he re-enters the draft, and can’t be drafted by the Phillies unless he gives them consent to pick him again. If he’s drafted, he must sign by August 15th, 2007, or he will have to wait for the 2008 draft. Thanks for the question.

  4. Thanks Phuturephillies
    I deeply appreciate the response. The next couple months should prove very interesting. Being in Chicago, I have not seen Nick nor the progress he says he has made in every aspect of his game. I will be in Arizona the last week of March to catch a few games. I personally want to thank Bob Szymkowski and Ernie Pederson (Midwest Scouting Supervisor and Area Scout respectively) for all the support and kindness shown Nick in the past year and a half. They both represent the class the whole organization showed Nick at Citizens Bank Park the week before the 2006 draft. Win loose or draw, the Phillies have handled our relationship with respect and kindness. I am a huge fan!
    Mr. Morreale

  5. Good to hear. I’d love for you to check back in after you have a chance to see him play and share anything you’d like on how he’s playing, and if he’s heard anything from the Phillies. He looks like a very intriguing prospect on paper, it’s interesting to see if the Phillies make a play for him before the draft.

  6. Phuturephils
    I would be more then happy to report back to you. I know he says he has improved in all areas of his game by going to Mesa CC. and working with Coach Cirelli. Tomorrow Nick plays a twin bill with Central Arizona and he may hit against Gerard Mohmann who was the Phillies 39th pick in the 2006 draft. Somethings gotta give
    Mr. Morreale

  7. Today’s BA discusses draft and follows, but there is no mention
    of Phillies.

  8. Nothing on Rashad Taylor, Patrick Murray, Shawn Epps or Dan Faulkner, who were our 4 best prospects. I think they might make a push for Taylor, but they only have a week left to do it.

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