Nightly Roundup, 1/9/07


According to this nugget in Baseball America, the Phillies have signed Landon Jacobsen to a minor league contract. No mention of it on yet, to my knowledge. Jacobsen appears to be filler for the Ottawa rotation. He’s 28, so he isn’t a prospect, and his numbers aren’t very impressive overall. He’s experienced fluctuating strikeout rates, but his numbers have dipped in that category at higher levels. He doesn’t walk a ton of batters, but gives up about one hit per inning, though he does keep the ball in the park. He could be this year’s Brian Mazone, pitch well, and position himself to come up in an emergency situation. Or, they plan to give him a chance at a bullpen spot. His numbers were nearly identical against lefties and righties last season, .699 OPS against LHB, .689 OPS against RHB, and he has extreme groundball tendencies, inducing 263 groundballs to 166 flyballs.

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  1. I’m glad you mentioned it. I love your detail! Great site; keep it up–never get enough Phightin’s…

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