Nightly Roundup: 1/4/07

I figured I’d do something like this just to post any random things I come across while reading, maybe mentions of players here or there, or possibly other blogs. For those of you curious about our division rivals and what they have cooking on the farm, check out

Baby Braves
Mets Minor League Report
Marlins Minors
Nationals Farm Authority


I also wanted to quickly add (in a moment of pride), that my Alma Mater is ranked #44 in the country by Baseball America in their pre-season top 50. Considering we were Division II athletics up until a few years ago, I consider this quite an accomplishment. We were consistently in the 20-30 range last year near the end of the season, and with a strong start, we’ll be right back there again this year. Congrats fellas!

5 thoughts on “Nightly Roundup: 1/4/07

  1. That’s pretty cool about Elon baseball(my friend goes there), but I’ll still take my Rutgers football any day.

  2. Most “authorities” say that the strength of the Phillies system
    is in its pitching. Well, IMO, the Marlins’s pitching prospects
    look a whole lot more impressive that ours.

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