Baseball America’s Top 10 List

Yesterday I attempted to predict what the BA list would look like. Having seen the hard copy list, I’ll just give you my guess, then the actual.

My guess (BA position)

1. Carrasco (1st)
2. Drabek (2nd)
3. Cardenas (3rd)
4. Bourn (7th)
5. Outman (6th)
6. Golson (10th)
7. Happ (8th)
8. Garcia (4th)
9. Sanchez (UR)
10. Maloney (9th)

They ranked Mathieson 5th, I wasn’t sure they’d rank him since he will be 23 and would miss an entire year. All in all, I didn’t do too badly.

4 thoughts on “Baseball America’s Top 10 List

  1. I am just starting to get into the Philadelphia Phillies minor league system. I have more or less only to watch the big leagues until last year when we started recalling guys like Mathieson and Gavin Floyd.

    My comment is well more of a question- What do you think is the overall state of the farm system? It seems that some teams like the Braves always bring some kid with some great stuff every year. The Phillies bring in Gavin Floyd… How does Philadelphia’s farm system compare to their competitors and how can this improve?

  2. Good question Gary, it’s one I don’t know if I can really answer. At some point this winter, maybe I’ll do an analysis of the farm systems in the NL East and how it looks for the long term. Right now, the Phillies system is a tale of two teams. Our pitching depth is great, probably in the top 10 of all 30 teams. As you look at the prospect lists, you’ll see that is pretty evident. Outside of the names mentioned on these lists, there are guys like Carpenter, Brauer, Bisenius (who might make his debut in 2007) Pfinsgraf, Walls, Cruse and Concepcion who might have big seasons in 2007 and jump up the prospect rankings. On the other hand, our position players are borderline awful. It seems that the Phillies just really struggle when it comes to developing hitters. They’ve had a good record of drafting college guys who can mash (Utley and Howard), but Jimmy Rollins is really the only bona fide hitter they’ve developed in the last 7 or 8 years, and people still have fits over his approach to hitting. They are notorious for drafting guys like Greg Golson who are great athletes, but can’t really play baseball and don’t have the skills to do it. Last year, there was a report that Golson still had an aluminum bat swing, and this comes years after being drafted. Maybe it’s bad luck, or maybe it’s bad teaching.

    On the position side, the only players to really get excited about are Darby Myers and Adrian Cardenas. The rest of the bunch (Bourn, Golson, Costanzo, Henry) are either really far away or really don’t project to be anything more than bench players.

  3. Matt Maloney did give up alot of walks in 2006, but the gloves behind him sucked at Lakewood. Lets face it higher level means better bats, but better gloves.

    He’ll never make anyone forget about Tug McGraw or anyone like that, but he will make it as a starter in the future..

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