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Brody Colvin profile

Hey folks. I’d like to thank Dave (posts articles here as “Puko”) and Ryan (posts articles here as rgatta) for offering their help in producing a number of profiles. I had started to write these, but with other endeavors, I have not had time to follow up and produce more. Dave and Ryan will be writing up a bunch of profiles in the coming weeks/months. All of them will be located on the profiles page, which you can get to by clicking here and for future reference, clicking the “Profiles” link at the top of the site. Right now, we have profiles available for Sebastian Valle, Jarred Cosart, Domonic Brown and Trevor May. Dave has just completed the Brody Colvin profile, which you can now find linked on the main profiles page, or by clicking here. All of the tools grades will be my subjective evaluations, as well as the video analysis, everything else will be produced by Dave and Ryan.

I do not want to include the “click here for more” link in the profiles, so they won’t appear on the main page. I will post updates frequently after a number of profiles are complete, and remember to keep checking the profiles page for new additions. Thanks.

The emergence of Brody Colvin

My time is short during the week, but I really had to point out Brody Colvin’s breakout. Back in April I said not to really worry about early struggles. The jump to full season ball for high school pitchers can be tough. Learning to throw every 5 days, dealing with the common arm soreness from a pro routine, bigger crowds and ball parks, tough lineups, its a learning process. Colvin’s splits, by month

April: 15.1 IP – 11.15 ERA – 23 H – 9 BB – 9 K – 0.85 GO/AO
May: 33.2 IP – 3.21 ERA – 28 H – 10 BB – 31 K – 0.94 GO/AO
June: 20.1 IP – 1.77 ERA – 16 H – 5 BB – 21 K – 2.08 GO/AO

Last 10 appearances: 59 IP – 3.05 ERA – 49 H – 19 BB – 55 K – 1.35 GO/AO

And that includes a horrendous 1.2 IP – 5 ER game on May 12th. Since that appearance he has 6 starts

39.1 IP – 1.61 ERA – 28 H – 9 BB – 39 K – 0 HR

And the scouting report matches. His fastball has been 93-94 and he’s hit 96 on occasion with improving command. I think if Jarred Cosart is 1-A in terms of pitching prospects, Colvin is 1-B. It will be interesting to see if Cosart is promoted in the next few weeks. I’d personally like to see both guys stay at Lakewood all season, and then move up the ladder at the same time. I think you’ll see a friendly rivalry develop there, and that could be beneficial for both of them.

Brody Colvin arrested

Check it here. Sounds like he got into a bar fight. Hopefully the people within the organization get him some help in terms of anger management. They could also give him Cole Hamels’ phone number, he might be able to lend some insight. This is probably nothing to get too concerned about, hes a kid, and kids make mistakes. But its worth mentioning nonetheless.