2013 Draft Picks

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Draft Tracker– The list of draftees, slots, signing bonuses, and some calculations for draft bonus pool money available.

2013 Draft Tracker

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7 thoughts on “2013 Draft Picks

  1. The dodgers trade for Sanchez. Did the dodgers give up a lot or in your opionion, or was it not enough for him. I know nothing about these prospects, just wondering if marlins were again , unloading money.

    1. The Dodgers gave up what you woiuld expect for a ‘rental’ Anibel. Three relief arms more or less from around 25-30 from the Dodgers prospect list. Dodgers get no comp if Sanchez goes free agent after the season, and they cannot QO him also. Dodgers smell play-offs with the resurgence of the team and the emergence of MVPuig

  2. Noticed that David Whitehead has yet to appear on a roster and on the Phillies website under transactions it has him signing on June 12 and it also has “roster status changed” on June 12. Does anyone know what this might mean?

  3. As per Jim Callis Phillies signed Dalton Keys. He said the bonus will make them pay the tax

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