Michael Schwimer Posts

Here you’ll find a chronology of posts by former Phillies’ prospect Michael Schwimer, who had generously contributed a ton of insightful content for this site.   You can also see Michael’s player profile here.

  1. I Have an Exciting Announcement (7/9/2009; James)
  2. The Daily Life (7/14/2009)
  3. Mailbag: Instruction, Halladay, Brown, Lidge, and More (7/21/2009)
  4. The Pedro Experience (7/26/2009)
  5. Baseball Traditions: A Love/Hate Relationship (7/28/2009)
  6. Questions for (Jason) Knapp ( 8/3/2009)
  7. Q/A with Jason Knapp (8/10/2009)
  8. Mail Bag: Rosenberg, Dead Arm, Schwimlocity, Nutrition, and more… (8/18/2009)
  9. Between the Ears: The Mental Side of Pitching (8/25/2009)
  10. An Awesomely Crazy 29 Hours (9/3/2009)
  11. Why We Play the Game (9/9/2009)
  12. Coming to you live from Scottsdale AZ (10/25/2009)
  13. Catching Up, Part 1 (September 9th-November 25th) (2/19/2010)
  14. Catching Up, Part 2 (November 22nd- January 26th) (2/25/2010)
  15. Catching Up, Part 3 (January 27th-March 1st) (3/10/2010)
  16. Feedback (3/15/2010)
  17. Spring Training Mailbag (3/29/2010)
  18. Evaluating Early Season Performances (5/23/2010)
  19. Mental and Physical Thoughts Going into Spring Training (1/27/2011)


1 thought on “Michael Schwimer Posts

  1. PP..Thank you so much for making all of these posts available! It’s great reliving these years!! However I’m not able to access the post dated October 25, 2009. Is there someway I can get a copy of that post “ coming to you live from Scottsdale Arizona“?

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