(AA) Reading

(AA) Reading – 25 man roster limit–UNOFFICIAL

Catchers–Deivi Gruillon, Chace Numata


Infielders: Malquin Canelo, Kyle Martin, Derek Campbell, Drew Stankiewicz, Damek Tomscha, Zach Green, Mitch Walding


Outfielders:  Zach Coppola, Jiandido Tromp, Cord Sandberg, Christian Marrero


Starting Pitchers:  Tyler Viza, Cole Irvin, Jacob Waguespack, Franklyn Kilome, Eineiry Garcia, Edgar Garcia


Relievers:  Victor Arano, Tom Windle, Shane Watson, Jeff Singer, Garrett Cleavinger, Ranfi Casimiro

DL: Mario Sanchez, Miguel Nunez, Austin Davis, Alberto Tirado, Harold Martinez

Temp Inactive:


Last Updated: August 29, 2017

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