For a list of all the Phillies minor leaguers and how they were acquired, click here.


01. Carlos Ruiz (1 – 05,06)
02. Brian Schneider


03. Brian Bocock (1 – 08,09,10) – eligible for 4th option year
04. Freddy Galvis (2 – 11)
05. Harold Garcia (2 – 11)
06. Cesar Hernandez (2 – 11)
07. Ryan Howard (1* – 04,05)
08. Michael Martinez (3 – not yet optioned – Rule 5 pick, cannot be optioned in 2011)
09. Pete Orr (1 – 07,08)
10. Placido Polanco (1* – 98,99)
11. Carlos Rivero (1 – 10,11)
12. Jimmy Rollins (2* – 00)
13. Chase Utley (1* – 03,04)
14. Wilson Valdez


15. Domonic Brown (3 – not yet optioned)
16. Ben Francisco (1 – 07,08)
17. Ross Gload
18. Raul Ibanez
19. John Mayberry (1 – 09,10)
20. Shane Victorino (3 – not yet optioned)


21. Danys Baez (1* – 00,01)
22. Antonio Bastardo (2 – 10)
23. Joe Blanton (3* – not yet optioned)
24. Jose Contreras (1* – 03,09)
25. Justin DeFratus (2 – 11)
26. Roy Halladay (1* – 00,01)
27. Cole Hamels (3 – not yet optioned)
28. David Herndon (3 – not yet optioned)
29. Kyle Kendrick (2 – 09)
30. Cliff Lee
31. Brad Lidge (1* – 01,02)
32. Ryan Madson (2* – 03)
33. Scott Mathieson (0 – 06,10,11)
34. Drew Naylor (0 – 09,10,11)
35. Roy Oswalt (2* – 01)
36. Juan Ramirez (1 – 10,11)
37. J.C. Romero
38. Brian Schlitter (2 – 10)
39. Vance Worley (1 – 10,11)
40. Mike Zagurski (0 – 09,10,11)

(Option years remaining – years optioned)
*Player has 5+ years major league service and cannot be optioned without consent


Minor League Rosters

Lehigh Valley (AAA)





Reading (AA)





Clearwater (A+)





Lakewood (A-)





Williamsport (SS)





GCL Phillies (RK)





Players Under Contract but Not Assigned to a Team (Unofficial)




Dominican Summer League (DSL)

C: Rafael De La Cruz, Edwin Esquea, Felix Marine, Nelson Ventura

INF: Eladio Berroa, Witer Jimenez, Yeisson Morales, Riswish Ramirez, Robinson Torres, Carlos Valenzuela

OF: Rudney Balentien, Jorge Castillo, Francisco Dicen, Delvi Francisco, Lissander Mejia, Yan Olmo, Jose Trinidad

P: Gabirel Arias, Anthony Astacio, Alvaro Bacil, Erinzon Bautista, Carlos Best, Felix Cespedes (Suspended), Francique Charles, Marcos Coca, Daniel De La Cruz, Luis Gonzalez, Marlon Guzman, Pedro Lora, Jorge Lorenzo, Hector Neris, Ramon Oviedo, Julio Reyes, Adrian Sierra, San Lazaro Solano, Yari Sosa, Jose Vasquez

Venezuelan Summer League (VSL)

C: Jesus Briceno, Marco Davalillo, Rafael Fernandez, Jose Mayorga, Jose Oliveros, Enderson Villegas

INF: Willians Astudillo, Albertin Chavez, Luis Martinez, Rosmer Nunez, Eduards Tolo, Alejandro Villalobos

OF: Rosmel Fajardo, Gregorio Machado, Jorge Miranda, Wilmer Oberto, Alexis Salazar, Bernardo Solarte

P: Leonel Bastidas, Jean Calanche, Kirlian Campo, Manuel Diaz, Atilio Escaray, Jorge Gonzalez, Jorge Guzman, Jose Hernandez, Zael Honora, Ely Izurriaga, Luis Leon, Jose Martinez, Ronald Mendez, Audrys Mora, Luis Morales, Moises Rivas, Yovan Silva

37 thoughts on “Rosters

  1. Good addition to the site.

    There was an article on a couple of weeks ago that listed who had options remaining, but it was a pay article. If anyone has access to that site, they might be able to help fill in the question marks.

    Also, John Ennis has pitched in majors in 02,04 and 07 so I’m not sure how he can have any options remaining???

  2. Did a little bit of digging….

    Bohn was on Seattle’s 40 man roster in 06 and Atlanta’s in 07…at most he has 1 option left.

    Garcia was on Met’s 40 man in 06 and the Phillies’ in 07….at most he has 1 option left.

  3. Bohn has NO options remaining. He must make the team or go through waivers. Which sucks, because he’s not even close to ML caliber.

    Snelling, I believe, has 1 option left.

    Garcia is currently on his 2nd option, so he has one more after this.

  4. Snelling played in the majors in 02,05,06,07. How can he have options left?

    Did Mathieson use an option last year since he was out all year? If it did, then I think he only has one left since he pitched in 06 as well.

  5. This is what was shown on the site for options. Note that their article indicates that this is the best they could find.

    26. Lincoln Holdzkom, RHP (Rule 5)
    27. Travis Blackley, LHP (Rule 5)
    28. TJ Bohn, OF (1 options)
    29. Brad Harman, 2B (3 options)
    30. Jason Jaramillo, C (3 options)
    31. Chris Snelling, OF (0 options)
    32. Joe Bisenius, RHP (2 options)
    33. Fabio Castro, LHP (2 option)
    34. John Ennis, RHP (0 options)
    35. Anderson Garcia, RHP (2 options)
    36. JA Happ, LHP (2 options)
    37. Scott Mathieson, RHP (1 options)
    38. Mike Zagurski, LHP (2 options)
    39. Francisco Rosario, RHP (0 options) – Not listed by scout
    40. Shane Youman, LHP (1 option?) – Not listed by scout…

  6. Good addition to the site. It would also be interesting to track options remaining for players on the active roster. For instance Clay Condrey, Greg Dobbs, Chad Durbin, J.D. Durbin, So Taguchi, and Jayson Werth are all out of options. Whereas Bruntlett, Kendrick, Coste, Ruiz, Victorino, and Madson (I think ?) all have option(s) remaining.

  7. This stuff intrigues me so I took another look. James, these are the ones that I think are different than what you currently have listed.

    Bohn – Added to Mariners 40-man in 11/05. Optioned in 3/06 by Seattle and in 3/07 by Atlanta. Still has 1 option remaining.

    Castro – Rule 5 pick up/added to 40-man in 12/05. Spent all of 06 in majors w/ the Rangers and Phils so he didn’t use an option. Optioned in 07 by Phils. Still has 2 options remaining.

    Garcia – Added to Mets 40-man in 11/05. Optioned in 3/06 by Mets and in 3/07 by Phils. Still has 1 option remaining.

    Youman – Added to Pirates 40-man in 9/06 but wasn’t optioned. Optioned in 3/07. Still has 2 options remaining.

  8. Jamaal, I think you are correct on Bohn (1) , Castro (2), and Youman (2). This matches also. However, Garcia should have 2 options remaining. I don’t believe he was ever on the Mets active roster in 2006.

  9. Bohn has 0 options left. But he would likely pass thru waivers unless he tore up the grapefruit league. Ennis is another with 0 and likely off the 40man if the team signs another arm.

  10. To me the battle will be for the 6th and 7th spot out of the pen. With Chad Durbin a lock for the long reliever and spot starter 5th spot in the pen and the need for a second lefty that leaves Blackley, a starter by experience, Zagurski and my darkhorse Vic Darinsbourg for the lefty spot. Holdskom, Rosario, J.D. Durbin and Condrey to vie for the righty spot. My guess is that Darinsbourg who has an nonroster invite and rule 5 Holdskom if he can find the strike zone win out in STwith the rest either optioned, Zagurski, Rule Fived Blackley; passed thru waiver unclaimed Condrey or traded/claimed on waiver Rosario and J. D. Durbin. Of course who can rule out the DL for Adam Eaton to open another spot.

  11. I’m not sure where I read it–and it might just be from a blowhard on another board–but, since Feliz can play SS + 2B, Helms might be in competition with Bruntlett for the final position spot. Not that it makes a world of difference or anything…

  12. Options go by years, not the number of times you are optioned up or down. He has 2 left now, next year he’ll have 1 left, unless he spends the entire season on the 25 man roster without being optioned down.

  13. It was a nice reward for them to call up a journeyman like Cervenak. He’s having a great season in Lehigh and he hits lefties pretty well. Even if its for a couple weeks it must feel good.

  14. Just curious. Theoretically, could they keep Cervenak on the bench 4 days out of 5 and just bring up Happ every 5th day?

  15. You have to spend 10 days in the minors before you can be recalled after being optioned, unless a player is injured and goes on the DL, then you don’t have to wait the 10 days.

  16. hey PP (or anyone else),

    I dont know the rule, but i hear it discussed every end of August as the Sept 1st “playoff eligible” deadline approaches:

    There have always been rumblings that phantom injuries to marginal players will arise, resulting in THAT player being put on the DL thru (i.e. -Sept 3rd)

    that enables a September Call-up type player to be called up earlier, therefore making them eligible for the playoff roster.

    this has supposedly been even more practiced with your #11, #12 pitchers and Taguchi tpye guys. With the opening divisional play-off round, only 4 starting pitchers are needed and extra positional players can be placed on the roster.

    pure speculation here, but imagine if Taguchi has a sprained ankle on August 27th. The Phils could then call-up Golson (??) so that he fulfills the qualificatoin for the playoff eligible roster.

    Golson would then be a pinch-running option and maybe a defensive replacement in the first playoff round…

    can any1 clairfy the rule??

  17. Is Rich Thompson still on the Minor League Roster? I see Mr. Salisbury does not list him on the roster so I wondered if he was released… Rich is a great guy and I understand he is just an organization guy but one we should have just for his attitude and the way he plays the game.

  18. On Extended Spring Training; I have the following as in XST ; Miguel Nunez RHP, Geancarlo Mendez INF, and the recently signed Marek Minaric may be a possibility.

  19. Since I put up something like this before and it seems to have disappeared I will try it again. I have Cesar Hernandez, INF as in XST, MaikOL Franco, I have as mostly a 3B, and Lendy Castillo as released.

  20. Dominican roster up. Lendy Castillo, though not released, is going to work in DSL as a pitcher, so not in XST. Miguel Nunez assigned to DSL. XST players from Dominican are listed as reserve on DSL roster , so Felix Cespedes and Lisalverto Bonilla are still in XST. Geancarlo Mendez is also on reserve so he is in XST. Luis Beltre is also listed as reserve, so he is likely in XST.

  21. Does anyone know what is going on with Gauntlett Eldemire? He was signed on June 11th and was originally on Williamsport’s roster (but didn’t get assigned a uniform number when everyone else was). Then, when their season started he mysteriously was omitted from their roster without a transaction being reported on He’s a pretty high pick (6th round) to just be forgotten. Maybe they have plans to send him to Lakewood when their 2nd half starts on 6/24.

  22. Eldemire- there has been a report by a poster of injury, which , I believe, is on one of the draft threads , maybe 2010 draft picks. It was said he had a wrist injury and will get surgery (exposed when taking physical) and will return for instructional league. Uncomfirmed by me, buy somebody said so.

    VSL roster- Villians Astudillo had his position changed to 3B on the roster and on his MiLB bio page. Jose Mayorga is listed as DH.

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