Open Discussion: Week of May 2, 2021

The Phillies are 13-15 after going 3-4 last week.  They split a 4-game series with the Cardinals then managed a 1-2 choke job against the Mets.  They play real teams again this week and will likely have 20 losses this time next weekend.  But, who cares.  The Sixers are playoff bound.  The NFL draft was just completed.  Football is just around the corner.  The NHL playoffs are close sans Flyers.

And, the minor league season starts Tuesday.  But, the Phillies could care less.  Here it is Sunday night and they haven’t released any of their precious affiliates’ rosters.  They show this same disrespect to their fans who follow and care about their prospects every year.  This just shows the lack of awareness Middleton’s people have regarding fans.  MLB may have taken over the minor leagues, but they have no idea how to operate the minor leagues if there isn’t a shit ton of money involved.

Fourteen players were released at the end of spring training.  Those players not assigned or released are likely to be attending extended Spring Training next week.  Releases are in the transactions below.

I miss Carlos Santana at first base.  Or any real first baseman.

Why can’t I see MLB’s standings on the MLB site or the Phillies’ site?

This is the Alt Site Roster.

My estimates of …

The Phillies’ running payroll is $191,091,962.

The Phillies’ salary against the competitive balance tax is $202,454,782.

The Phillies’ margin under the CBT threshold of $210M is $7,545,218. (spreadsheet)

This is the Phuture Phillies Open Discussion for Phillies and other baseball topics.

Key Dates:

  • May 4, 2021 – Opening day for all four full-season affiliates
  • June 25, 2021 – Close of the 2020 international signing period
  • July 11-13, 2021 – 2021 Amateur Draft
  • July 30, 2021: Trade Deadline (4 p.m. ET)
  • Oct. 3, 2021: Regular season concludes

The rosters and lists are up to date as of May 2nd … 305 players in the org

Transactions (newest transactions are in bold print)

There are 12 players who are not in the Phillies Media Guide who I am not counting in the total for the organization. I’m carrying them in their own section on the sheets.

5/02/2021 – Phillies activated CF Roman Quinn from the 10-day IL
5/02/2021 – Phillies optioned CF Mickey Moniak to Training Site
5/01/2021 – Phillies optioned C Rafael Marchan to the Training Site
5/01/2021 – Phillies placed CF Roman Quinn on the 10-day IL
5/01/2021 – Phillies activated SS Didi Gregorius from the 10-day IL
5/01/2021 – Phillies recalled CF Mickey Moniak from the Training Site
4/30/2021 – Phillies recalled C Rafael Marchan from Training Site
4/30/2021 – Phillies placed SS Didi Gregorius on the 10-day IL
4/29/2021 – Jersey Shore released CF Malvin Matos
4/29/2021 – Jersey Shore released LHP Josh Tols
4/29/2021 – Clearwater released RHP Robinson Martinez
4/29/2021 – GCL East released C Cesar Rodriguez
4/29/2021 – GCL East released C Victor Diaz
4/29/2021 – GCL East released RF Raymond Mora
4/29/2021 – GCL East released LHP Cam Beauchamp
4/29/2021 – GCL East released LHP Brenden Kudlinski
4/29/2021 – GCL East released RHP Jamie Sara
4/29/2021 – GCL West released RHP Luis Pacheco
4/29/2021 – GCL West released RHP Connor Hinchliffe
4/29/2021 – GCL West released RHP Daniel Vilchez
4/29/2021 – GCL West released RHP Eudiver Avendano
4/29/2021 – GCL West released C Bruce Wang
4/29/2021 – INF Jake Holmes released
4/29/2021 – RHP Carlos M. Francicso released
4/26/2021 – OF Ryan Cordell assigned to Reading
4/26/2021 – Phillies signed FA CF Ryan Cordell to an MiLB contract
4/26/2021 – Phillies optioned CF Mickey Moniak to the Training Site
4/26/2021 – Phillies optioned RHP Spencer Howard to the Training Site
4/26/2021 – Phillies activated LHP Jose Alvarado from the 10-day injured list
4/26/2021 – Phillies activated LHP Matt Moore from the 10-day injured list
4/26/2021 – Phillies optioned LHP Bailey Falter to the Training Site
4/26/2021 – Phillies selected the contract of CF Odubel Herrera from the Training Site
4/22/2021 – Phillies assigned OF Josh Stephen to the Training Site
4/22/2021 – Phillies assigned OF Cornelius Randolph to the Training Site
4/22/2021 – Phillies assigned INF Dalton Guthrie to the Training Site
4/22/2021 – Phillies assigned LHP Ranger Suarez to the Training Site
4/22/2021 – INF Greg Garcia assigned to the Training Site
4/22/2021 – Phillies signed INF Greg Garcia to an MiLB contract w/May 2nd opt out

100 thoughts on “Open Discussion: Week of May 2, 2021

  1. So I was a) all about getting rid of Gabe, and b) hiring Girardi, and while I still stand behind a 100%, I can now admit I was wrong on b. This team is so disturbing I don’t even know where you start to break it down. I just can’t do it.

    1. It was never about Gabe. I (and a few other people) posted ad nauseam that Kapler wasn’t the reason the Phillies weren’t winning. It was always Klenatk and MacPhail. No manager was going to win with the roster Klentak put together. I like Girardi. I know he’s a good manager, but even he was four games under .500 last season with a Klentak roster. It really became a personality thing with Gabe. Too many fans and (especially) a morning radio personality hated the things he said and the way he said them.

      One other thing … I’m a Jose Alvarado fan/believer. I was excited for the deal that brought him here this offseason. However, if you’re going to talk the talk, you better be able to walk the walk. In a contest filled with embarrassing moments, none was more disgraceful than Alvarado walking two batters (the second to plate the go-ahead run) after yelling and screaming at Dom Smith the other night.

      One final thing for Jim … I use ESPN for MLB standings. I’ve never had any problems with them.

      1. Gave was a TERRIBLE manager here regardless of what team he had around him. I haven’t listened to WIP in more than 20 years and living out of market I rarely ever listened to any Gabe interviews. His managerial decision making was absolutely disgraceful here and that is a fact. What I didn’t appreciate is how much Joe would struggle considering his experience and track record. I think the next manager of the Phillies in 2022 or 2023 might be Sam Fuld.

      2. Yeah, that’s where I end up. But, you’d think MLB cared enough about their product to make sure their standings option on their pages worked.

  2. This team and this baseball year is getting me back to last year, no baseball. I was at ease and didn’t waste my time.

  3. If there has ever been a time to make a few changes to the club, maybe not major changes, but I would think this is the time for Dave D. to do something.
    Not sure who would be involved and what other teams will play along in a trade, but it seems the time is ripe now.
    Fortunately the division is all bunched up, but he cannot wait too long.

    1. I was at the game last night and the 33% k rate is very concerning. Aggressive approach is fine but can’t trade walks for ks.

    2. Hoskins problem is he looks like his first base mitt is made out of solid rock vs leather. For a position that involves a lot of CATCHING the baseball, he really struggles with CATCHING the baseball. He’s like that kid in Little League to stick in the OF and pray that either a) they don’t ever hit it to him, or b) it’s high enough that another player can run to his position to catch it for him.

      1. In his entire Phillies career, he’s been negative WAR on defense and that likely won’t change. At this point. he’s a DH playing 1B.

    1. Not sure what to expect from Kevin Gowdy at this point. He was drafted as an 18 year old out of HS, and he’s only played in 28 games since. He’s now 23. He’s missed so much development time, it’s crazy.

  4. I’m not nearly as smart and well-versed as everyone on here about the minors, but man it has been FOREVER since we’ve had minor league boxscores to look at. This is like Christmas Eve! Happy Minor League Opening Day tomorrow!!! Here’s to hoping a long list of players in the Phils system have big success so Dealing Dave can go get us a 4th starter, 5th starter, and CF.

  5. JoeG was so desperate for a win that he had to burn Hector for a 5 out save. That means no Hector, no Alvarado tomorrow. Nola is going to have to go deep.

  6. Gotta’ admit I was screaming at the TV for Girardi to lift Hector for Kintzler. Joe knew better.

    1. Hinkie, i Heard on Wip this morning, That he wanted to pull Neris, But Romus told him that with Bases loaded or with two men on, Neris on Monday only is 98% to get the last out, without a run scoring, Romus is a stat machine

      1. rocco….stat tip,
        …go with (Adonis) Medina’s Spirit in the Preakness—to PLACE—…..Bob Baffert is going for record number 8 Preakness winner, but just comes up short, just like Authentic did last year.

  7. Can a pitcher do anything when it’s pouring down rain? Felt for Brogdon last night as he was getting dumped on. Maybe his command wasn’t there anyway but it seemed to affect him. Lucas Sims recently just threw out every ball the ump gave him out of protest and it seemed to work . . .

  8. Beginning to think Coonrod should be the closer. He is the only really predictable reliever right now. At least he creates far less cardiac events.

    1. I like Coonrod a lot too, but I’d like to see him do this for another month before I move him out of the 7th or 8th inning slot. So many guys just go backwards when they move to the closer role. Neris is very hard to watch at times and he’s not a pure closer at all – he’s much better suited to the 8th inning role. But he can do this job okay without falling apart, and that’s worth a bit more than you might think.

    2. At the Majestic Shop in the concourse, they may be selling authentic Phillies Hector Neris’ signed defibrillators

  9. From Jim Salisbury’s article yesterday:

    “Entering Monday night, Phillies center fielders were hitting a combined .098 with a .186 on-base percentage and a .163 slugging percentage. Those were all the worst marks in the majors.

    With second baseman Jean Segura nearing a return from the injured list, Girardi was asked if infielder Nick Maton could see some action in center field.

    “That’s something that has been talked about a little bit,” Girardi said. “We’ve had him take fly balls to increase his availability to us. I’m not sure yet.”

    Though an infielder by trade, Maton profiles as a versatile jack of all trades. Maton entered Monday’s game 16 for 46 (.348) with five doubles.”

    1. I have reservations on CF after watching the attempts the last 2 nights on pop ups. The one down the RF line was about as routine as one can get. The look on Bryce’s face when Maton waved at the ball was priceless. Playing infield and playing outfield are completely different. That is not to say he cannot do it. But shagging balls in batting practice and running down a line drive in the gap are not the same. Something does have to be done though. Quinn is doing ok on defense now but at the plate the count is always 0-2 on him it seems after 2 pitches.

    2. Right, let’s screw up another guy like we did Kingery. Let’s make him a jack of all trades, master of none! Puck!

      1. Skeet…I detect frustration.
        Joe did say something to reporters or on his podcast,about moving Maton off the middle infield, so much early in the start of his career, could actually ‘mess’ him up at the plate.
        TMac mentioned it recently or maybe it was Ben Davis.
        So, they may be hesitant about doing it.

      2. Can we also quit making the defense worse by playing more players out of position. They struggle enough in the position they know.

  10. You guys are all just so funny. I just watched all weekend the travel kids play and then came home Sunday night to see the same kind of plays. Watching the Phillies currently is like watching the 14U travel baseball kids. Missed fly balls, throwing to the wrong base, missed pop ups, missed throws to a base, missed double play opportunities.

    Rhys does not have the flexibility to be a very good first baseman. He is too stiff. But it is amazing how 1 play can change an entire game. His play at 1B after he missed the line drive has to be one of the worst of all time. The ball rolls maybe 30 feet or so and the runner scores from 1st when he sees no one wants to return the ball to the infield.

    I tell my grandson all the time that all you guys need to do is simply make the plays that you should make. The routine play. A-Rod made comment that Phillies had like 6 or so misplayed defensive plays in the game. Even the 14Us usually limit it to 2 or 3.

    Alverado’s pitch 20 feet on the back stop looked just like at the 14Us. I am still watching but it is really HARD to watch.

    1. My son plays 9U travel ball in south Jersey. Going from town ball to travel it’s unreal the talent level improvement. My son plays RF and his coach stresses just always make the play you are supposed to: catch it when it’s hit to you, field the ball cleanly and immediately get it to the cutoff man, hustle all the time, back up 1b on ground balls in the infield. You would think the attention to detail at 9 would translate to making routine plays in the majors. Of course not all MLB played travel ball.

  11. But I have learned to put all of this into perspective. Last Summer I only got to go see my grandson play one night. I have seen all their games this season. Some good, some not so good and they too had a clunker on Sunday evening. But I was glad I was there.

    Also, the local high school here was scheduled to have their prom last Saturday evening. About 5 o’clock in the afternoon four kids going to prom failed to stop at a stop sign and two were killed as they were hit by an oncoming car of another kid headed to the prom. This happened two miles from my house.

    Even though we care the Phillies are just playing a baseball game.

    1. Don53…that is so sad….and cannot imagine the pain that the mother and fathers, and the entire families and their friends are experiencing right now..

    2. Oh my gosh Don, that is so terrible.

      Yes, we all need to remember that this sport is a diversion to make us happy, not a source of anguish and that other things and our loved ones are so much more important.

      Thanks for the perspective.

      1. Thanks guys. I even just learned that the young man is the grandson of a kid I went to elementary school and the girl is the granddaughter of a guy in my class in school. Hug you kids. Hug your grandkids. We just never know. They were going back to the girls house to take pictures and never got there.

  12. After one month of baseball….I just about had it with the umpiring ……deficient in so many ways. Every game there are incorrect calls……on the base paths and balls and strikes.
    This new ABS could be install very soon in the majors, if the commissioner gets frustrated as well.
    Automated balls and strikes (ABS)
    “Robot umpires will be experimented with for the first time in affiliated baseball. …… select low-A games will have the home plate umpire wearing an earpiece connected to TrackMan radar systems installed in the park. The software will say ball or strike to the umpire who announce it to the players and crowd………. calling of balls and strikes isn’t just about umpires getting the call right…..”You’re seeing the ABS being used in the low minors this year because with that comes the potential to change the strike zone to one that is optimal for contact,” Epstein said. “Different strike zones lead to different styles of play.”

    1. Romus you are correct regarding the umpires. Maybe the absolute worst was on McCutcheon Saturday. Even a Little League umpire should get that. My thoughts on why they are so bad is they are NOT ever held accountable. Even the really bad ones get playoff games from time to time.

      Regarding balls and strikes I can live with guys with tight zones or wide zones.
      You adapt. The guys who one pitch in same place is a ball and next in same is a strike are difficult to deal with for any hitter.

      1. Don53….the issue with the plate umps….there tare 70 MLB umpires working in 17 crews of four, plus two national rovers…then you have another dozen or so from AAA who are brought up when umps go on leave/vacation.
        They all have their own quirks in calling balls and strikes.
        The ABS takes all that differing ambiguity out of the picture

      2. Harvey has his own school>
        Wendelstedt Umpire School
        Feb 17, 2020
        THE most Major League Umpires
        THE longest standing Umpire School
        THE most prestigious Umpire School in the World

        If you want to umpire in the Major Leagues, then THE Wendelstedt Umpire School is THE only school you should consider.

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  13. I really find it crazy/unusual that after this coming weekend’s series, the Phillies will be half way done with the Mets and Braves and haven’t even played a game yet with the Braves and Marlins.

  14. Jean Segura is going to Lehigh for rehab, so he’s close. If no setback, he’s expected to be activated for the Braves series this weekend. Maton has filled in admirably in Jean’s absence but Jean’s glove has been GG caliber already this season.

    Another rest day for Bryce, let’s hope he’ll be good against the Braves.

  15. So the Nationals in 2019 gave Patrick Corbin 6 years, $140M. It was a deal that I didn’t want the Phillies to give, I would have maxed out at 5 years tops. Now obviously the Nationals won a title with Corbin so I’m sure they aren’t regretting the deal but here’s the stats:

    2019 3.25 ERA, 1.183 WHIP, 10.6 SO/9, 5.1 WAR
    2020 4.66 ERA, 1.569 WHIP, 8.2 SO/9, 1.5 WAR -> 4.5 WAR over a full season
    2021 8.10 ERA, 1.757 WHIP, 6.9 SO/9, -0.9 WAR

    Wow, he fell off a cliff already and there’s still 3 more years in his deal…

  16. Wow, Christian Yelich was activated off the IL and played yesterday against the Phillies, but now he’s back on the IL! His back issues are recurring and he’s still owed $188.5M!

    1. And then there is…..deGrom will undergo an MRI this afternoon, : The Mets have scratched ace Jacob deGrom from his scheduled start Tuesday because of “right side tightness,”

  17. Oh boy. Say it ain’t so joe. Wrong line up card. That’s all right you ain’t no have kapler. Little harder when it ain’t the all star yankee lineup and you just do plug and play American League baseball.

    By the way Howie gets a D- from me for draft. If he stood pat and let draft fall to him. Penie Sewell 10 yr pro bowl left tackle, Christian Barramor stud tackle who threw Ohio state lineman around like rag dolls in championship and Aaron Robinson an early second round corner who runs 4.39 and can cover slot receivers.

    1. Patso I like our first pick, Barmore Went to Neumann my high school, He is inconsistent. One game he is great others he gets losted, i dont like the way Howie drafts, but i think his first pick was a good one,

    1. Yeah. Somewhere out west Gabe Kapler is laughing at the way Joe Girardi mishandled the BP/lineup card. 😕

    1. I’m no David Hale fan, and he was brutal again tonight. However, I gotta’ put the blame mostly on Girardi. Hale is sitting out in the BP ready to watch EDLS throw when the Brewers called out Girardi’s blunder. Hale is then sent into the game with no notice.

  18. Posted this on the Pigs site but I’ll mention it here, too. I tuned in the Iron Pigs game with them down 5-4 with two men on and two out in the 11th inning. And who comes to the plate in this do or die situation? Scott Kingery. And what does he do? Blasts a ball deep into the outfield driving in the tying and winning runs and getting mobbed by his teammates. WTG, Scott!

  19. After 30 the Phillies are 15-15,
    ….they lead the majors in one-run games with 14…..record is 8-6.

    1. Think they have played 13 straight one run games at this time. A-Rod said it was 10 on Sunday so 3 more. That is why defense and bullpen and situational hitting is so important.

  20. I can’t even blame David Hale for last night’s performance. Hinkie said it already, he was minding his own business getting ready to see DLS pitch. JoeG has not had a stellar start to the season. But, what is wrong with JoJo Romero? His stuff doesn’t even look like last year’s. I think we are going to need another BP arm, even after Bradley gets back, another SP, and a CF.

    1. Was Jojo that good last year? He has arm talent but his control is not great. He’s still only 24, he needs more experience. He reminds me a bit of the Braves’ Sean Newcomb. Big arm, but has no idea where the ball is going.

  21. I’m so thrilled MiLB baseball is back. It’s early but Maton looks the part of an MLB player especially with rosters of 26.

    I have no idea what their plans are for him when Segura comes back and I certainly don’t want to see him buried on the bench or shoved into a position he is not comfortable with.

  22. How about if I take you all to bizzarro world. Rocco calls DD and convinces him not to trade his favorite player to Oakland. The Red Sox feel bad for fleecing the Phillies and send one of the two players in the trade back. So now we plug in Irvin’s numbers for Moore and Pivetta’s numbers in for Anderson.

    Wouldn’t that be great!! Problem is if both Irvin and Pivetta were still here/back here, they would probably be just as bad as they were when they were here. Is it something in the water in Philly that makes these pitchers struggle when they are here? I still think it is the curse of Hinkie and Romus.

    1. That sounds possible on the curse. I got home last night from grandson’s game to catch the top of the 9th. I think it is written in their contract that a Phillies closer cannot have a 1, 2, 3 inning. I thought it was going to happen but not last night. Of all the options Coonrod may be the best closer option. He throws hard, kinda knows where it is going, does not seem to get too rattled by situation thought he was emotional at Cards one night after an inning.

      Seems like I missed the early drama. Think I may go for this 9th inning routine. Less stress.

  23. Did you notice that Jersey Shore players whiffed EIGHTEEN times in 8 innings? Like father like son I guess.

    1. ciada……hard to believe…..but it was primarily the bottom of the order…16 PAs…..13 Ks.

  24. Mickey and Kingery back up/ Quinn and Joyce on IL. Anyone know if Bryce is in the lineup tonight?

  25. How the mighty have fallen…Miggy is 11 HRs short of 500, 128 hits shy of 3000 and is treading water to keep afloat.
    Tigers still owe him $30M a year thru 2023….I think Dave D signed him to that contract.

    1. Before the 2014 season, Tigers gave Cabrera an 8 year, $248M extension that didn’t kick in until 2016 when he was 33. Why would you give him this type of contract? So 2016, he gives 5.1 WAR which is great. Unfortunately in 2017, he falls off a cliff. As it stands right now, 6 years into this deal, 3.8 WAR total. And people wondering why the Tigers are in last place?

  26. If the Phillies are trying to win games, JoJo needs to pitch better or get sent back down. He’s too wild.

  27. Alec Bohm is so worried about getting busted inside that he can’t reach anything on the outer half of the plate. He needs to move closer to the late period.

  28. See Sal Gozo a SS was moved today from Reading to LHV. He is an undrafted College player who was signed in 2019 and played in the Gulf Coast League. Minor leagues look kind of weak.

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