2019 Phuture Phillies Reader Top 30 – Additional Prospects

I closed the poll to identify which additional players to add to the Reader Top 30 Poll over a week ago.  Once the top ten is complete, I’ll add the players who qualified based on your votes.

I received 1500 votes on a ballot that included 166 players; 129 different players received votes.  Thirteen players qualified for addition to the poll.  I checked at various times during the poll.  The top 6 remained the top 6 and in the same order throughout the poll.  The players in positions 7 through 13 remained in those positions throughout, although the order remained fluid.

As in past years, Two percent was the cutoff.  With 1500 votes, 30 votes were needed.  With the top recipient receiving 68 votes, there were at least that many people participating.  So, 30 votes would be just slightly below the mean.

Those being added are

  1. Bailey Falter
  2. Logan O’Hoppe
  3. Ben Pelletier
  4. Nick Fanti
  5. Will Stewart
  6. Ramon Rosso
  7. J.D. Hammer
  8. Jake Scheiner
  9. Jake Holmes
  10. Cole Stobbe
  11. Luke Leftwich
  12. Logan Simmons
  13. Rodolfo Duran

These will increase the #11 poll to 42 players.  All 42 will be listed alphabetically.  (The polling application switched and I’m having a little difficulty dealing with some of the “features”.  The new app doesn’t always act the same way as the old polldaddy app.  Nor, does it act the same way itself from day to day.  So, I’m adding all the new names at once instead of a few at a time.

Some of the guys on the poll spent all or most of the 2018 season on the DL.  Please take that into account when casting your votes.  Please vote responsibility.  We shouldn’t won’t have a repeat of Panama voting in their favorite son as we have in the past (he signed with another team), or Hawaii doing the same for one of their own (he was released that spring).  But, if we do, I reserve the right to void a vote that embarrasses the site and award the vote to the runner up.

The Other Top 30

Update:  I’ve only received 7-8 individual top 30s.  I need a lot more submissions to validate such a poll.  The more submissions, the less influence that “rogue” polls can have.  For instance, the submission of a top 5 has a great bearing on the rest of the poll.  Or the omission of a top prospect.  Or the unusually high placement of a non-prospect.

I am always interested in how the drawn out polling process compares to a one time submission.  I request that each participant submit her/his own Top 30 to prospectpoll@yahoo.com using the Subject – My Prospect List.  I am curious how the day-by-day voting and discussion affects the outcome when compared to a one-time submission early in the process along the lines of an MVP ballot or a football top 25 ballot.

Here are the complete results of the poll –


4 thoughts on “2019 Phuture Phillies Reader Top 30 – Additional Prospects

  1. Jim,

    First of all, thanks for saying that you will exercise your judgment on votes that would ’embarrass the poll.”

    I think most of us had mixed feelings about these cases in the past. We wanted the poll to reflect honest Phan confidence in prospects, but didn’t want to shut out people who voted. I, for one, trust your judgment and welcome it.

    Now, on to the Lucky 13, or, more accurately, the Unlucky 14 And Below. There are a few long-time popular names not making the cut like Austin Bossart, Tyler Vyza and Malquin Canelo. I’m not sure what that means. Maybe refers to the depth in the organization that some cite. Maybe guys around too long and not enough of us believe in their upside, any longer. (Though I voted for Bossart and would do so again.) Interesting, whatever the reason.

  2. Perhaps there is something like this: a prospect might have a high ceiling but also an extremely low and wide floor… making them a recipient of few votes but at the bottom reaches of the top 30 a valid recipient of votes?

  3. Jim, I sent my top 30 this morning. Last time you didn’t get it and I had to send again.

  4. Glad to see the following prospects being invites to the spring camp…..seems the org is changing their philosophy just a bit and inviting more of the younger guys now.
    Pitchers….JoJo, Tyler Gilbert, Cole Irvin, all lefties, along with Mickey Mo, Adam Haseley, Austin Listi, Deive Grullon and Malquin Canelo….all will be there with the major leaguers and should be a worthwhile experience….short time as it is..

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