2019 Phillies Minor League Digest

A Fan’s View: Third Annual Phillies Minor League Digest is out in paperback on Amazon.  My friend, Steve Potter, is the author.  Philadelphia sports writer Jim Salisbury provides the foreword.  Steve has enlisted contributions from people who have seen the Phillies’ affiliates and prospects in the minors.  I was one of several contributors.

Phuture Phillies is not a place for people to sell things and I have deleted such posts in the comments section.  However, I don’t get paid for my time at Phuture Phillies, so I’m going to allow myself this one exception.  Especially since NO ONE ASSOCIATED WITH THIS BOOK RECEIVES ANY TYPE OF MONETARY COMPENASATION.

This is Steve’s third digest  He donates the proceeds to Phillies’ Charities.

Here’s the LINK, if interested.



3 thoughts on “2019 Phillies Minor League Digest

  1. Jim, Thanks. Just ordered the book. Thanks the author for donating proceeds to Phillies Charities, too. Just another touch that makes this site great.

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