Box Score Recap – 8/15/2016

Very little action last night with Reading off, Lakewood off, and Williamsport on their All Star break.  Drew Anderson pitched five solid innings in Clearwater’s loss to Dunedin.

The GCL Phillies swept two games from the Blue Jays that lifted them past the Jays and into first place in the GCL Northwest Division.  Home runs by Daniel Brito in the first game and Cole Stobbe in the second game helped pave the way.  Mauricio Llovera’s five shutout innings sealed the victory in game two.

Jean Carlos Valdez pitched seven shutout innings in the DSL

Lehigh Valley (72-50)  Lost to the Pawtucket Red Sox, 5-1.  David Buchanan (8-8, 4.05) gave up 5 runs (3 ER) in 6.1 innings on 8 hits and 2 walks.  Patrick Schuster made his IronPigs’ debut with a one-hit, one-K 9th inning.  Darin Ruf (.279) and Brock Stassi (.268) each had 2 of the IronPigs’ 6 hits.  Ruf had the lone RBI (51).

  • #1 Crawford (.258)  DNP.
  • #3 Williams (.273) went 0-4.
  • #5 Thompson (11-5, 2.29) – promoted to Philadelphia.
  • #11 Appel – DL, season-ending surgery to remove a bone spur.
  • #12 Knapp (.258)  went 0-3 with a HBP.
  • #18 Pivetta – DNP.
  • #24 Lively (7-5, 3.42) – DNP.
  • #28 Ramos (0.38) – promoted to Philadelphia.

Reading (78-41)  DNP.

  • #4 Alfaro (.282) DNP.
  • #7 Cozens (.289) DNP.
  • #8 Quinn (.282) DNP.
  • #13 Hoskins (.279) DNP.
  • #14 Kingery (.276) DNP.
  • #16 Pinto – (4-5, 4.26) – DNP.
  • #18 Pivetta – (11-6, 3.41) – promoted to Lehigh Valley.
  • #19 Eshelman (4-2, 5.01) – DNP.
  • #26 Cordero – (0-1, 4.50) – DNP.

Clearwater (69-49)  Lost to Dunedin, 4-1.  Drew Anderson (1-1, 2.00) held the Blue Jays to one unearned run on 3 hits and a walk.  He struck out eight batters.  Tom Windle (4.61) kept the deficit at one, pitching two clean innings and striking out two.  Ulises Joaquin (2.78) pitched the final two innings.  He gave up a 3-run HR in the eighth before recording an out.

The Threshers were held to three hits.  Their first 12 batters were retired in order before Aaron Brown reached base on a bunt single.  Chace Numata followed with a single to center, but another 10 Threshers were retired in order until Derek Campbell was hit by a pitch with one out in the eighth.  One out later, Drew Stankiewicz walked and Jandido Tromp singled home their only run.  The Jays brought in their closer and he struck out four batters to end the game.

Anderson threw 92 pitches, 61 strikes (66.3%).  He throws fastball, curve ball, slider, and change up.  But, he relies mostly on his FB and CB.  Last night, he threw 77 FB (83.7) and 9 CB (9.8%).  Anderson’s FB was 92-94, touching 95 mph –

  • Vel      1st     2nd     3rd     4th     5th     Total
  • 95         1         2          1          0          0            4
  • 94         3         4          3          1          0          11
  • 93         3         9          5          6          5          28
  • 92         4         5          9          3          4          25
  • 91         0         0          0          4          2            6
  • 90         0         0          0          1          2            3
  • Tot     11      20        18        18       13          77

You can see above that Anderson sat 92-93 mph all through the game.  He sat 94 early, but tapered off the last two innings.  The bottom of his range also dropped as his pitch count rose.

Of Anderson’s 61 strikes, 13 were swing-and-miss (21.3%).  He also got 19 called strikes (31.2%).  He got 8 strike outs – 5 swinging and 3 called.  All of his swinging strikes were on fastballs.  Two of his 3 strike outs looking came on curve balls.  Sixteen of 19 called strikes were fastballs.

Anderson threw 12 of 20 first pitch strikes (60%).  He ran five, 3-ball counts.  He walked one, gave up a single to another, and got strike outs on the other three.

  • #20 Garcia (10-3, 2.55) – DNP.
  • #22 Canelo (.247) went 0-3.
  • #23 Tocci (.283) went 0-4.

Lakewood (56-62)  DNP.

  • #6 Randolph (.266) DNP.
  • #9 Kilome (4-8, 4.14)- DNP.
  • #27 Pujols (.242) DNP.
  • #29 Edgar Garcia – DNP.
  • #30 Tirado (3-1, 4.72) – DNP.

Williamsport (30-25)  DNP.

  • #17 Medina (4-2, 2.23) – DNP.
  • #25 Romero (1-1, 2.51) – DNP.

GCL Phillies (33-12)  Beat the GCL Blue Jays 7-5 in the resumption of a suspended game, and 4-0 in the regular scheduled game.

Game One:  Kyle Young (2-0, 2.03) continued the game that had been started by Harold Arauz 3 weeks ago.  He gave up 2 runs (1 ER) in a career high 4.1 innings on 3 hits while striking out three.  Jhon Nunez (4.61) gave up a run while picking up his 4th save.  Daniel Brito’s first HR in the eighth inning provided the two runs that kept the victory intact.  He had 3 hits (.291).  Malvin Matos (.250) and Danny Zardon (.239) had 2 hits each.

The win pulled the Phillies into a virtual tie with the Jays.  They trailed the Jays by .003.

  • #15 Stobbe went 1-3 with a double.
  • #21 Jhailyn Ortiz went 0-5.
  • Stephen went 0-4.

Game Two:  Mauricio Llovera (6-1, 2.09) shutout the Blue Jays for five innings on 2 hits.  He walked one and struck out six.  The Phillies scored 3 runs in the first inning on an RBI single by Mickey Moniak, a fielder’s choice by Malvin Matos, and a sacrifice fly by Rodolfo Duran.

Cole Stobbe tacked on a run with his first professional HR in the second inning.  Stobbe and Moniak had 2 hits apiece in the seven inning game.  Jhailyn Ortiz stole his 6th base of the season.

The win put the Phillies in sole possession of first place.  With their 33-12 (.733) record they are a full game ahead of the 31-12 (.721) Blue Jays.  They have the best record in the GCL.

  • #2 Moniak (.305) 2-3 with a double and RBI (27).
  • #10 Gowdy (0-1, 4.50) DNP.
  • #15 Stobbe (.252) went 2-4 with a HR (1) and RBI.
  • #21 Jhailyn Ortiz (.250) went 0-2 with a BB and SB (6).
  • Stephen (.278) DNP.
  • Miller (0-0, 2.25) DNP.
  • Andrew Brown (0-0, 1.56) DNP.
  • Stewart (1-2, 5.91) DNP.
  • Fanti (6-0, 1.69) DNP.
  • Sixto Sanchez (4-0, 0.42) DNP.

DSL Phillies (26-33)  Beat the DSL Royals, 2-1.  Jean Carlos Valdez (2-4, 1.98) pitched 7.0 shutout innings.  He allowed 4 hits, walked one, and struck out six.

  • Jonathan Guzman (.302) went 0-3
  • Keudy Bocio (.235) went 1-3
  • Simon Muzziotti (.264) went 1-3
  • Dixon Gutierrez (.260) went 0-3

DSL Phillies2 (37-24)  Lost to the DSL Red Sox2, 11-5.

  • Leonel Aponte (2-4, 296)
  • Rafael Marchan (.349) went 1-5 with an RBI (32)

Here’s the affiliate scoreboard from MiLB.

Extra Innings:

  • 8/15 – Clearwater activated RHP Drew Anderson from the 7-day disabled list.
  • 8/15 – Will Morris assigned to Lakewood from Clearwater.
  • 8/15 – Clearwater placed INF Zach Green on the 7-day disabled list
  • 8/15 – Clearwater activated P Yacksel Rios from the 7-day disabled list.
  • Organization Rosters are up to date.

21 thoughts on “Box Score Recap – 8/15/2016

  1. Jean Carlos Valdez is an 18 y/o in the DSL. It’s his 1st year playing professionally. In his last 6 outings spanning 28+ innings, he’s been lights out. He’s given up 13 hits and 2 ERs, that’s a 0.64 ERA folks. He doesn’t strike out a lot of guys and he does BB quite a few but he’s had a lot of success.

  2. Williams is in the middle of a terrible slump. He doesn’t look worthy of a call up at this time.
    That GCL group, really all youngsters, is quite a group. Several could jump straight to Lwood next year, especially with Wsport group not having any stars.
    Welcome back Chase!

    1. After the LHV season is completed, I would definitely call up Williams….it is not about his worthiness….but his aptitude and progression in seeing a few ABs versus higher quality pitching, especially from teams in playoff hunts. It is about his development and preparation and to take some lessons learned from the opportunity. Franco in ’14 was less than 100 wRC+ at LHV, but the 60 odd ABs was a learning experience for him that September. Williams needs to have that exposure….and if it a failure, then learn from it.

      1. Yeah with no roster implications I think the time spent would be valuable. I wouldn’t call him until the LHV season is over, though. Playoffs, if we don’t collapse, would be valuable as well. FWIW, I’ve been writing that Nick doesn’t look like the same hitter without JP hitting in front of him.

      2. I think I pretty much agree. With 43 games left I would definitely be in favor of a Williams call up. That’s roughly a little more 100 PA’s he could get in LF. I would do the same with Crawford.

        I would let Paredes go as it serves no purpose to give him AB’s at this point and same goes for Bourjos and Featherston.

      3. Romus there a Lhp Named Junior Tejeda on the Dsl team. He was signed on July 2 he’s from San Francisco DR . He also 6 “3 ” 170 maybe a low level sign.

  3. I think it is fairly certain now that Crawford does not get called up, so they can save a 40 Man roster spot. They have to add Williams, so bringing him up after the LHV season does not affect anything, but I do not see a guy whose performance screams “I need to be promoted”!

  4. Are shorter pitchers becoming a target of our scouting staff? I have been intrigued with Llovera lately so I went to find out more detail about him. I was surprised to find out he is listed at 5′ 11″ on MiLB. He is another example of what seems to be an emerging trend. We have an inordinate number of pitchers (mostly LA) on the shorter side. Maybe the measurables are in need of an update but lots of our pitchers are listed on the shorter side. Llovera, Sixto, Eudabray, Seranthony, Einery, John Nunez, Uliises Joaquin, JoJo are listed at 6′ or less. Feels like there are others than I am forgetting also. Many of them are performing well but that seems like an inordinate number of short pitchers in our system.

    1. Here is a possible scenario, the Phillies still see height development with the young la kids when the sign them or possibly they have statistic to show that injury isn’t more likely for a shorter pitcher so they feel they are exploiting knowledge that no one else has.

    2. I don’t know if they are the target, or they are good with developing arms like that, it is also possibly coupled with a lower acquisition cost. If you expand to 6’1″ you get Adonis Medina, Ricardo Pinto, Edgar Garcia, Alberto Tirado (actually 6’0″), Felix Paulino, Ranger Suarez (also 6’0″), and of course Aaron Nola.

      Studies have shown that there is not a big injury difference between tall and short pitchers. There is more place to put muscle on a big frame, but if the Phillies are able to get pitchers to use stronger lower halves that seems to mitigate it some and allow them to carry larger workloads.. The big question for shorter pitchers is the angle on their pitches, they can have a tendency to get less downward angle, and can get flat when they elevate in the zone making them potentially homer prone.

      1. Thanks Matt. One thing I noticed on Ramos and Nola (the two I get to see most frequently) they seem to have very long arms for the size. I wonder if that is a common trait among the group. Maybe the longer limbs help mitigate the height and help with the downward plane.

    3. I don’t think short pitchers are the target, but big pitchers command larger bonuses in general.

      1. Guru…..I think you are onto something…Francisco Morales did command a large bonus…..anyway large for Ven kid.
        The again, Franklyn Kilome signed for a $40K bonus.

        1. 110% they aren’t looks for kids that are under 6 foot with good stuff. I think they are just looking at talent in general. Size will always be a factor but if a kid has something they like then who cares? I’m pretty sure theres a study done of the best “pitchers frame” and i believe between 6’3 and 6’4 between 180-195lbs, long limbs and a shorter mid section is the best body for pitchers. How they figured that out I dunno . . . looking for the source now.

          1. Yeah I wasn’t trying to suggest that it was the ideal in their mind just that it’s starting to look like there is a pattern here. Maybe they have developed a certain physical profile that they feel like they can work with and are willing to spend some resources on. I don’t believe for a second that its their ideal physical profile.

  5. Drew Anderson, wow now making a legit bid for top 20 prospect. Not many starters throwing that hard. More like V Velasquez, just victim of higher pitch counts because he throws a lot of fastballs. A diamond in the rough here, good scouting, a Reno,NV kid

  6. On Anderson he was doing pretty good before the surgery . I Grad to see Stobbe getting his power game going with Mickey Mo still going strong. A lot of these shorter LA pitchers could be bullpen help.

  7. Anderson doing better now, thrower a lot harder which is mainly the case after TJ surgery if they come back healthy. Up to 97 mph now

  8. Was having a discussion with my Brother last night about TJS . . . apparently a lot of guys coming in with torn UCLs are actually getting hurt because of shoulder instability. You compensate when you have shoulder instability without even knowing it which causes added stress to the elbow. My newphews rehab is actually focused on the shoulder almost as much as on the elbow. Very interesting. The reason a lot of pitchers come back throwing harder isn’t because of the “new” ligament (it’s obviously not new. Think i’ve mentioned this but if you flex your wrist inwards towards your forearm you can see a tendon protrude from your wrist (not every one has this tho), this is the ligament they use the majority of the time) but because of all the “prehab” work you do to strengthen up your arm. MOST people fail to do prehab even when they aren’t injured. Should be a part of every ones off season and in season work.

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