Box Score Recap – 7/26/2016

Reading’s loss prevented an organizational sweep among the affiliates.  Williamsport’s and the Rookie League’s pitchers held opponents to two runs and ten hits in five games.  They featured a no-hitter, 2 one-hitters, a two-hitter, and 4 shutouts.

In Lehigh, Cedric Hunter hit two home runs and Nick Williams had 3 RBI in game one. Adam Morgan struck out seven in five innings, and Darin Ruf hit his 13th home run in game two.

Reading got back-to-back, solo home runs from Jorge Alfaro and Dylan Cozens

Jinadido Tromp continued his recent assault on FSL pitching with his fourth home run in six games.

Jose Pujols hit his 19th home run for Lakewood.

Williamsport’s Ranger Suarez no-hit the Auburn Doubledays in game one.  Felix Paulino had his second consecutive good start in game two.

The GCL Phillies two-hit the Tigers behind Mauricio Llovera, Kyle Young, and Jordan Kurokawa.

Roimy Mendoza and Steiner Carmona combined to one-hit the Marlins for the DSL Phillies.

Denny Martinez and Victor Sobil combined to one-hit the Mets for the DSL Phillies2.

Lehigh Valley (63-41)  Swept Syracuse, 8-5 and 4-2.

Game One:  Jake Thompson gave up all five Chiefs’ runs on seven hits.  Michael Mariot (2.37) and Luis Garcia (2.70) each pitched a shutout inning.  Garcia picked up his fifth save. Brock Stassi (.271) hit his eighth home run.  Cedric Hunter (.289) hit two home runs (8). Nick Williams had 3 RBI.  Hunter had two (37).  (The Chiefs’ starter had a game score of 2.)

  • #1 Crawford (.264) went 0-2 with a BB.
  • #2 Thompson (10-5, 2.29) – 5.0 IP, 7 H, 5 R, 5 ER, 1 BB, 3 K, 1 HR.
  • #3 Williams (.287) 1-3 with a double and 3 RBI (52).

Game Two:  Adam Morgan (4-1, 3.79) allowed two runs on four hits and three walks.  He struck out seven in five innings.  Colton Murray (3.80) and Dalier Hinojosa pitched a shutout inning apiece.  Darin Ruf hit his 13th home run.  Aaron Altherr went 1-3 with a double in his first rehab game with Lehigh.

  • #1 Crawford (.261) went 0-3.
  • #2 Thompson (10-5, 2.29) – DNP.
  • #3 Williams (.288) went 1-3.
  • #4 Appel – DL, season-ending surgery to remove a bone spur.
  • #9 Knapp (.267) went went 1-3 with an RBI (37).
  • #13 Eflin (5-2, 2.90) – promoted to Philadelphia.
  • #23 Sweeney (.235) went 1-3 with a double and 2 RBI (27).
  • #26 Asher – Restricted List.
  • #28 Ramos (0.38) – promoted to Philadelphia.
  • #30 Lively (4-4, 3.86) – DNP.

Reading (69-34)  Beat Binghamton, 1-0.  Tom Eshelman gave up three runs early, and Mark Leiter (2-2, 6.75) gave up two runs late.  Leiter struck out eight in five innings.  Angelo Mora (.256) had two hits.  But Reading’s runs came on back-to-back, solo home runs by Jorge Alfaro and Dylan Cozens.  Rhys Hoskins was walked three times.

  • #6 Alfaro (.287) went 1-4 with a HR (12) and RBI (26).
  • #7 Quinn (.288) DL, oblique, rehabbing with the GCL Phillies.
  • #10 Pinto – (3-4, 4.63) – DNP.
  • #11 Kingery (.125) went 1-5.
  • #15 Eshelman (2-2, 6.75) – 4.0 IP, 3 H, 3 R, 3 ER, 2 BB, 2 K, 1 HR.
  • #18 Pivetta – (9-5, 3.47) – DNP.
  • #19 Hoskins (.288) went 1-1 with 3 BB.
  • #22 Cozens (.277) 1-4 with with a HR (26) and RBI (85).
  • #27 Brown (.225) DL, retroactive to 7/10, wrist.

Clearwater (60-40)  Elniery Garcia tossed a “quality” start for six innings.  Matt Hockenberry (1.08) pitched two shutout innings in relief.  Victor Arano (2.40) gave up a single run while logging his fourth save.

Zach Green (.261) had three doubles and an RBI (55).  Chace Numata (.306) and Jiandido Tromp (.232) had two hits each.  Numata had two RBI (21).  Tromp (6) and Carlos Tocci (3) hit solo home runs.

  • #12 Canelo (.245) went 0-5.
  • #14 Tocci (.270) went 1-5 with a HR (3) and RBI (36).
  • #17 Cordero – (5.63) – DNP.
  • #21 Garcia (8-2, 2.50) – DNP.

Lakewood (47-53)  Beat Hickory, 6-3.  Seranthony Dominguez (4.58) gave up all three Crawdads’ runs on six hits in four innings.  Zach Morris (5-1, 2.40) pitched three shutout innings.  Jeff Singer (0.50) struck out the side in one inning.  NYPhilsManiac was at the game and texted me that Singer’s strike outs were swinging at 97, 98, and 97 mph.  Ismael Cabrera (1.42) picked up his second save in a 1-2-3 inning.

Josh Tobias (.304), Jose Pujols, and Wilson Garcia (.286) had two hits each.  Garcia had two doubles.  Pujols hit his 19th home run.  The BlueClaws walked seven times.

  • #5 Randolph (.250) went 1-4 with a BB.
  • #8 Kilome (3-7, 4.46) – DNP.
  • #20 Tirado (2-1, 5.22)- .
  • #24 Pujols (.231) went 2-5 with a HR (19), 2 RBI (63), and 2 K (141, 35.9%).
  • #29 Grullon (.245) went 1-4 with a double and a BB.

Williamsport (24-14)  Swept Auburn, 4-0 and 6-2.

Game One:  Ranger Suarez no-hit the Doubledays.  He walked the leadoff batter in the first, started a 1-6-3 double play, and went on to retire the next 19 batters.  Darrick Hall (.241) had two doubles and three RBI (10).

Game Two:  Felix Paulino (4.76) had his second consecutive good start.  He pitched five innings allowing two runs (one earned) on three hits and a walk while striking out seven. Scott Harris (2-0, 0.64) struck out three in two innings.  Luis Encarnacion (.168) went 2-3.  Luke Maglich (.254), Brett Barbier (.357), and Gregori Rivero (.298) had two hits each.  David Martinelli had two RBI (16).

  • #16 Medina (4-0, 1.14) – DNP.

GCL Phillies (21-7) Beat the GCL Tigers West, 5-0.  The Phillies two-hit the Tigers.  Mauricio Llovera (3-1, 2.89) gave up a hit and a walk in five innings while striking out five. Kyle Young (2.00) struck out four in three innings.  Jordan Kurokawa (4.50) gave up a hit and a walk in one inning.

Roman Quinn went 1-3 with a walk and stolen base.  He was replaced in the bottom of the eighth inning.  Mickey Moniak and Raul Rivas had two hits apiece.  Edwin Rodriguez (.263) hit his third home run and had three RBI (10).  Jhailyn Ortiz stole his third base.  Moniak was picked off first base.

  • #? Mickey Moniak (.321) went 2-4 with a double.
  • #? Kevin Gowdy (0-1, 4.50) – DNP.
  • #? Cole Stobbe (.299) went 0-2 with BB and HBP.
  • #25 Jhailyn Ortiz (.286) went 0-3 with a BB and RBI (18).
  • #? Josh Stephen (.288) went 0-4.
  • #?Justin Miller (0-0, 4.15) – DNP.
  • #? Andrew Brown (0-0, 2.19) – 2.1 IP, 2 H, 0 R, 0 ER, 0 BB, 3 K.
  • #? Will Stewart (1-1, 4.76) – DNP.
  • #? Nick Fanti (2-0, 1.19) – DNP.
  • Sanchez (3-0, 0.67) – DNP.

DSL Phillies (20-24)  Beat the DSL Marlins, 2-0.  Roimy Mendoza (1-2, 5.40) and Steiner Carmona (1.80) combined to one-hit the Marlins.  Each struck out four batters.  Mendoza gave up a single and walked four in five innings. Carmona issued two walks in four innings.

  • Jonathan Guzman (.292) went 2-4.
  • Keudy Bocio (.214) went 1-2 with a BB.
  • Simon Muzziotti (.261) went 1-3 with a BB.
  • Dixon Gutierrez (.286) went 2-4.

DSL Phillies2 (24-20)  Beat the DSL Mets2, 3-0.  Denny Martinez (6-1, 2.08) no-hit the Mets for seven innings, striking out eight.  Victor Sobil (0.96) gave up a single with one out in the ninth, but earned his first save.  Neither pitcher issued a walk.

  • Leonel Aponte (2-4, 3.02) – DNP.
  • Carlos Oropeza (.188) DNP.
  • Rafael Marchan (.337 went 0-3 with a BB.

Here’s the affiliate scoreboard from MiLB.

Extra Innings:

90 thoughts on “Box Score Recap – 7/26/2016

  1. cozens and alfaro went back-to-back, and hoskins had 3 walks. nice to see the former, but the latter portends the future unless a slight adjustment is made. cozens is 2-for-19 in his last 5 games (all at home, no less after having gone 7-for-15 in his previous 4 road games); alfaro is 3-for-19 during the same period and at .216 for the last 10 games; hoskins is at .379 in his last 10 games and has 7 walks in the last 4. since starting the season 18-for-36, alfaro is 66-for-257 (.256); since starting the season 2-for-22, hoskins is 105-for-359 (.292). It is hard to mess with success, but it appears now that hoskins is seeing very few fastballs for strikes and opponents are daring the hitters after him to beat them. it is time to flip-flop alfaro (3rd) and hoskins (5th) in the order so that cozens (4th) can give hoskins some protection.

    1. I have two reactions to this. First is that this is something that Hoskins needs to learn to deal with if he is going to make it as an MLB starter. Second is that, of the two, Alfaro is the better prospect, so I would not mess with him to help Hoskins. Let Alfaro continue to hit third.

      1. Allentown,

        I agree. And the fact Hoskins is drawing the walks shows he is dealing with it.

        1. Also, shows some problems with the back end of Reading’s lineup which has been exposed.

          1. philbaltfan,

            Reading has down to earth the past couple of weeks.

            BTW, who do you root for when the Phillies play the O’s?

            1. I root for the Phillies now but follow the Orioles because I grew up in Baltimore when I was younger.

    2. your exactly right, its ok when there is a DH in the game, that way Fox could bat behind him. But when there is no DH, Hoskins will continue to get pitched around

  2. Ranger Suarez is the kid who 3 years ago dazzled this site with a 78 K to 1 BB season. 1 BB in 80+ innings is pretty impressive. It was in the VSL but as a 18 y/o. Last year, he pitched 27 2/3 innings giving up 15 hits and 2 ERs with a 20/4 K/BB ratio. That was in the GCL as a 19 y/o. This year he throws a 7 inning no hitter. In his 7 starts this year, he’s had one clunker (4 runs allowed) but 6 quality starts. At 6′ 177, he’s not big but he hasn’t failed yet. Keep him on your radar screen. I’d like to hear about his stuff. He has pitchability but I’ll bet he doesn’t throw hard. Mitch, if you’ve got your ears on, anything to report?

    1. Denny Martinez, the other guy who threw a 7 inning no hitter in the DSL, had one not so good stat. He had 0 groundouts to 10 flyouts. He either struck the guy out or had a flyout somewhere. According to the game log, he induced 2 pop outs and one foul out but had 7 flyouts and 1 line out. Wait… that’s 11 balls caught in the air. I think we had this discussion before that line outs aren’t listed in the GO/FO stat.

    2. He’s already 20 (soon to be 21 at the end of august), so we need to temper our expectations for him. However, Sixto Sanchez is 3 years younger than Ranger, he’s the guy we should get really excited about. Even Adonis Medina is 1 year younger than Ranger.

      1. Thanks- good to see. Will be an interesting offseason with a lot of the Lakewood rotation eligible for Rule 5. Don’t see many teams taking fliers on low-a arms though. Does anyone know if it matters what team a player is on for being placed on AA and AAA reserve lists (for protection from minor league rule 5)?

        1. It’s rare to see a team take a player below AA in the rule V draft. And it also means that this player took at least 4 years to reach Clearwater. So he’s pretty much not a prospect to begin with.

  3. Am I the only guy awake this morning? Edwin Rodriguez is a big surprise this year. I don’t remember talking much, if ever, about him. He’s 19 and this is his 3rd season in the Phil’s org. He played 2 years in the DSL. The reason he wasn’t talked about is he hit .205 and .209 in LA the last 2 seasons. He’s playing 1B in the GCL but he was an OF’er in the DSL. The Phil’s development staff must like him a lot to bring him to the states, where the OF is stacked with very good players, and switch him to 1B. He’s not your prototypical 1B at 6′ 1″ 170 but he is a lefty. He has some pop in his bat too. The only listed 1B on the roster is Caleb Eldridge, who is the usual size of a 1B, but is not exactly lighting up the league. I think a guy who could be here, except for an injury after the draft, is Wojo…, Wojcie…, Wojciehowski. Or possibly Encarnacion belongs in the GCL and not in Wmsprt.

  4. The much anticipated 2B promotion finally happened this week….except for Tobias.

    Valentin went to Lehigh Valley, and Kingery went to Reading but the anticipated third move of Tobias to Clearwater did not happen.

    Should we take this as an indication of what the Phillies truly think about Tobias? He’s a 23 year old 2B in Lakewood, but was not promoted to an open spot in the level above him despite his above average offensive numbers.

    Unless he is promoted to Clearwater in short order, I can only assume the Phillies don’t think as highly of him as many on this board do….

      1. That’s my consolation prize when I get to see the Threshers for four games next weekend. Wanted to see Kingery but glad to get a first-hand look at Tobias.

    1. I can’t let that one go by without acknowledgment, 8mark. Well done. Btw, look for Roy Rogers and Gene Autry in next year’s draft.

  5. All Suarez does is continue to produce. I’ve read on this site, “you can’t scout the stat-line”, and I believe that, but when that’s all you have…

  6. The other day someone asked what a theoretical package would be for Sale. This tweet suggests a Boston package of Moncada, Swihart, Kopech and E-Rod. Our version would be: JP, Alfaro, Jake and Nola. And frankly I don’t think that is as good of a package as Boston. We would either have to add VV instead of Nola. Or another high profile prospect or two just to match. Maybe something like JP, Alfaro, Nola, Jake, Kingery, Pinto would get I done. But maybe not. Sale is worth that much. So we can stop talking about what it would take to get Trout. Because it would empty our entire farm.

    1. zero chance i would ever do that. let boston get him for their WS run. we dont need him right now. As for Trout, just wait til hes a free agent and wants to come home baby!

      1. Or until its clear LAA has to trade him and he makes it clear he’s only re-signing here when his current contract runs out.

        Sorta like a Griffey to Cincy deal.

    2. v1….disagree
      1…..JPC edges Moncada because of the ss effect. Moncada may have more power…that’s it and relegated to 2nd base or OF now
      2….Alfaro edges Swihart….Swihart cannot stay behind the plate, he is now a LFer
      3….Thompson vs Kopech…..Kopech throws 100 but still question marks on control check, out his BB/9…IMO edge to Thompson right now, not sure in 2018 and beyond.
      4. Current slump aside, Nola seems to be a starting pitcher with the moxy, not sure what ERod’s future is as a starter

      1. Romus great edgy post. Not sure I completely agree with all of them but I like your defense of our guys.

        1. DMAR…..not saying the Sox prospects are mediocre, they are rated high by many of the analysts….no, just the Phillies top prospect guys are not slouches.
          And I disagree with Bowden……and outside of Moncada, the others have warts to some degree and the Sox are willing to let them go. The Sox will not talk Devers, or MLB current players like Betts or Bogaerts, or even recent draftee Jason Groome.
          I am sure the ChiSox would want at least one MLB current player in the deal and not all prospects…Sale is still young at pre-30..

          1. Agreed. Outside of Moncada, none of those guys super excite me. If I’m the Sox, I want Moncada and one of Bentinendi/Devers/Groome. Wander if they’d take Rusney Castillo to increase prospect return

      2. Moncada has more upside than anyone else on that list. But after that – I’d take Alfaro over Swihart anyday. Thompson is solid, Kopech is a wildcard. I don’t think Nola would be the 4th. Ed Rodriguez has struggled some – I think Eflin or Eikhoff maybe.
        Also, that return Bowden had from the Nat’s seemed super light.

    3. But that does excite me re: potential compensation for Double V.

      I hadn’t even imagined he’d be on the available–he’s the type of guy you build around. But if we can land four solid prospects for him, I can certainly understand the strategy.

      1. 4 solid prospects? Did you hear something or personal wish…ive only heard Rangers interested.

        1. Oh, just the same thing you read about the Rangers. But there’s not a lot of starters available, which drives up the price. And he’s young and signed for a bunch more years. He won’t attract a Sele payoff, but the Phils wouldn’t trade him on the cheap!

    4. No worries, Trout is coming via free agency soon enough. Loves to go hunting in NJ with his buddies and marrying his HS sweetheart. Might be willing to part with some pix to bring him in board

    5. No worries, Trout is coming via free agency soon enough. Loves to go hunting in NJ with his buddies and marrying his HS sweetheart. Might be willing to part with some pix to bring him in board

      1. Wow- guess that post was important since it showed up twice! Attended Lakewood and Reading games yesterday and at LV right now. Will send out reports when I get back to NY. Short version:. Pujols is as advertised, Jeff Singer looked awesome, and Cozens HR was a BOMB. Eshelman- eh, not so great

          1. 2 yesterday, one today. Annual trip in late July. Last year we pulled off the double double , 4 in 2 days. Schedule usually doesn’t allow for that

  7. Suarez had a great season in the GCL last year, but ended the season early. Just wondering where he ended up. I thought he went to the instructional league to get some extra coaching. Anyone know why he had an abbreviated season?

    1. I know it was an injury, and I think it was the elbow. There was no surgery required.

  8. I hope that Zach Green has again found his rhythm at the plate. After a stretch in which he couldn’t buy a hit with men in scoring position, he is getting RBI.

  9. Morning blurb on Ranger’s no-no from Baseball America Daily Prospect Report (not much in the way of scouting info, more of a highlight of the player and performance):

    Ranger Suarez, lhp, Phillies. Suarez, who signed with the Phillies as a 16-year-old from Venezuela in 2012, had never pitched a complete game before Tuesday. Well, on Tuesday, he pitched a no-hitter, allowing just a walk in seven innings in short-season Williamsport’s 4-0 win over Auburn (Nationals) as part of a doubleheader. Suarez walked the first batter, Blake Perkins, and then got a double play. He retired the next 19 hitters on just 67 pitches, 47 strikes. Overall, Suarez is 3-0, 2.56 with 21 strikeouts and nine walks in 31 2/3 innings. The Phillies have movd Suarez slowly as he spent his first four years in Rookie ball and he didn’t reach the States until last year.

    1. And BP’s version of Ranger Suarez’ gem:
      Prospect of the Day: Ranger Suarez, LHP, Phillies (Short-Season Williamsport): 7 IP, 0 H, 0 R/ER, BB, 5 K
      After two years in the now-defunct Venezuelan Summer League, followed by a dominating showing with a 0.65 ERA in 15 appearances in the GCL in 2015, Suarez has continued pitching well as a 20-year old in the NYPL. A quick-armed lefty with an average fastball, two secondary pitches with potential, and a strong command profile, Suarez fired this seven-inning while no-hitter flashing all of these traits. Most scouts view Suarez as a potential back-end starter or lefty reliever down the line.

  10. Mickey Mo up to .324, nice

    Not mentioned, Jhaylin Ortiz with his 3rd stolen base, big man showing some athleticism

    1. “… Edwin Rodriguez (.263) hit his third home run and had three RBI (10). Jhailyn Ortiz stole his third base. Moniak was picked off first base.”

      That is from the 2nd paragraph of the GCL portion above. You got something against me, Steve?

  11. This is probably the best Phillies’ GCL team that I can recall – it’s teaming with prospects with a high upside and it’s not just upside, they are almost all performing.

  12. According to Jay Floyd via twitter, Watson was put on the disabled list because of type I diabetes complications, but he will start for the Threshers Thursday.

  13. The organization is pretty darn good top to bottom. 328 wins to 233 losses. A .585 win percentage. More importantly the top 3 levels in the organization are 192 – 115, a .625 winning percentage. Doing a little weird math. If the big club ever goes .625, that’s 101 wins over a 162 game season. I said it was weird math… didn’t I?

  14. Although I’m not excited about Eshelman’s performance, something I read about him, makes me less concerned about how he’s done at AA. Apparently, his fastball command is so good that, in college, pretty much all he had to do to be successful was properly locate fastballs and so he threw very few breaking pitches. He’s developing those pitches now, so let’s give him a year to work on that stuff and evolve. We will know much more about him by this time next year.

  15. When you’re trading for established talent, you pay a premium in return and when the deal is at the trade deadline, if the player does not have an expiring contract, the premium is even greater. For the acquiring team, trade deadline deals are a necessary evil to put your team over the hump, but they can be costly. A really good team with a deep bench and system only selectively makes these types of trades – a good example is the Cubs. They generally try to use free agency to obtain talent so that they are not constantly sacrificing the future for the present. Sure, they just made a big trade for Chapman, but that’s not their general M.O.

    The last thing I want the Phillies to start doing with any regularity is what Amaro seemed to do every year – dumping all prospects in sight in deadline deals. Again, I’m not saying they should NEVER do this – only that they should do so with restraint and great care.

    1. I’d make the argument that you get more if you wait until the off season (this is more so for a solid to good player and obviously anyone better then good) . . unless someone is really really desperate . . . I say this because you open up the pool of prospective teams to deal with. Just another way to look at it.

    1. Joel, thanks for the nice article about Mitch Walding. It was very encouraging to read about his progress and character. I hope the young man makes it to Philadelphia and is successful. Walding’s progress just makes the Phillies rebuild progress faster which is a good situation to be in.

    1. TGunn……Joe Jordan read your earlier post and decided you were correct…time to promote him.

  16. As the trade deadline nears, and we continue to hear teams linked to jeanmar and Hellickson, I want to keep urging the possibility of including some of our deepest position prospects in a deal to sweeten the return. If we can get a team’s 5th best prospect for Helickson let’s say, why not include one of pinto, Viza, lively or Piveta, and maybe one of Cozens, Quinn, Valentin, Knapp, TJ, Tocci and urge them to give us their Second or third best prospect since they will be restocking their system to lessen the pain of giving up a top end prospect. We now have the depth to do this type of deal, and we have money to eat bad contracts if they want to include those in a deal as well.

    1. In short, I think we’ve entered the phase of the rebuild where we need to cash in some of our quantity for quality. We’ve done an amazing job at building the farm to the point that it’s chock full. And now I want to see us turn that into all star talent.

      1. Agree. This organization is known throughout MLB to be well stocked. Klentak and co can afford to be aggressive without settling for less in return. Good place to be. But yes let’s start seeing an established piece or two come our way.

      1. Hinkie…that is good that he is sticking to that….however, a top 5 from the Angels/Marlins/Orioles is not the same as a top five from the Sox/Cubs/Rangers.
        So hopefully if it is the Os or Marlins there is more to it.
        I also agree with you…..the QO is also a very attractive alternative.

        1. I like Matt Klentak’s stance on getting a top 5 prospect. It is very aggressive. But I would never give a top #5 prospect for 2 months of Hellickson. That would be a bad trade.

        2. I agree w you completely Romus. There’s no way Hellickson brings back a top 5 prospect from a solid system. I get that’s business start high settle a little lower. Imagine we were contending, do you trade Alfaro for Hellickson? Williams for Hellickson? I know I wouldn’t for 2 months of a 4-5th starter. Also remember whoever gets him cannot offer him a QO.

          1. EricD……perhaps an high-A level player with lots of promise. I think he is leaning pitcher vs position prospect.

          2. But Klentak is correct that the Phillies would be foolish to trade him for lesser value.

            They will offer him a QO which He/Boras will decline giving the Phillies a pick in the top 40 of the 2017 draft. Why take lesser value so they can get a prospect a few months earlier..

            1. I believe the QO is almost 17m this year (Average of the top 125 players in the game) . . . I don’t know that you can be so sure that he turns that down. I mean could he get 3 years at 30? maybe but remember that a QO could hurt him in the FA market, esp for someone who is more of a back end guy . . at his age, as long as he stays healthy i’d take the 17m for the year and look to become a FA the following year. Can you get a QO 2 years in a row?

            2. I can understand how teams would not want to give up a top five prospect for a two month rental pitcher. But I’m taking the view of a Phillie fan. Why should Klentak settle for a return for less than a late first round (probably 32nd-ish overall) draft pick. If they can’t find the right trade partner, keep him. Don’t trade Helickson for nickles on the dollar. I’ve already posted some of the players who were drafted late first/early second round. The list is impressive. That pick would also add more than 2 million slot dollars to the 2017 draft budget, and the 2017 draft is supposed to be a very good one.

            3. You are assuming he turns down a QO. Again 17m is a lot of money to turn down when he can take it and become a free agent the following year. Again he might worry about having a Comp Pick attached to him in FA. That’s not a big deal if you are a stud bc any team will gladly give that pick up for a stud but for a 4 or 5? I dunno.

            4. Look at what fringe average pitchers are getting in today’s game. Guys like J.A. Happ are getting 3-$36 million deals. This will be Hellickson’s last chance to get a 3 or 4 year deal and unless there are zero offers, he will not accept the QO.

              Worst case for him after declining would be to have to take a 1-year deal for around $12-$15 million if he can’t get a longer deal.

  17. Looks like Lively has rebounded somewhat from a recent poor outing.
    He could be a pitcher added to a trade package to increase return value.
    He appears to be almost MLB ready to make his debut, if not in Philly made another team..

  18. My view is that the Phillies should be looking to package ready talent and big league talent for high level talent in return, even if that talent is in the lower minors. And I agree that, now that we have some volume of talent and depth, it is better to exchange volume for quality. As for VV, I’ll say what I said before, I’d do it only if someone knocks my socks off with an offer that cannot be refused.

    1. Rangers seem to be the only team that rumors surface around Velasquez.
      Their system is pretty loaded. Plenty of positon prospects for sure…..but two lHPs I would want would have to be Matuella AND Martin…then maybe one or two of their position guys.
      Gallo is their one prospect that confuses me. He has an attraction……but there also is something not right there with all the Ks. Kind of like that single beautiful breastiges blue-eyed blond whose last husband mysteriously died after eating her pork chops.

      1. Baltimore seems historically reluctant to make significant moves. Miami’s system is bereft of any real talent.

        Rangers seem to be an intriguing potential trade partner. Fielder out for the season. They’re interested in Hellickson and Velasquez. (They won’t get both) Howard and Chooch join Hamels in Texas for one last rodeo together. We get one or two significant prospects in return if we add a Lively-type arm with Hellickson or a boat load for those plus Velasquez. It’s a stretch but I’m thinking out loud here.

        Jayson Stark said likely Hellickson isn’t moved until after his next start Saturday.

    1. Tim…..hope Matt K can get what he wants. Hellickson has pitched well and is still under 30.

      1. Bottom line for Hellickson – a prospect comparable to next year’s 30-35 draft qualifying pick. Scott Boras is his agent. Doubtful they would accept the QO. Front office is taking a wise posture.

        AND J Stark says Klentak LOVES him some Scott Kingery. Very high on our future 2bman. Every position is basically spoken for except 1b.

          1. That’s because imo. They don’t have enough. No aces or two right now. There isn’t one guy to anchor that staff. Lots of back end guys. I Like Vinnie. a lot and I think elfin has a chance. but they need more. I am really hoping to see lively again. First time he showed me little. but cant judge him on one start. I never have seen Thompson.

            1. As well as they built up the farm system the last few years the one type of player they don’t have much or really any of is TOR starters. Outside of Velasquez and Kilome is there anyone in the system with that kind of potential? Maybe this Sixto Sanchez in the GCL, but he’s 17, in rookie ball, and doesn’t have much of a track record. Maybe he’s a guy with that kind of potential, but he is so very far away and a lot can happen to a pitcher on the way up. I was hoping with the first pick in the past draft there would be a no brainer player with that kind of potential, but the Phillies didn’t think there was one worth taking so maybe they can get some another way. I think if someone becomes available to trade for in a year or two they could make a move with all the pieces they have accumulated or maybe a FA signing.

      2. Texas just traded for HARRELL and another pitcher so they might be out. My mine worry is to wait to long might not get what he wants.

  19. I think as soon as Tampa Bay and SD trade there starter ‘ s the price will be set.

  20. BA Youngest Players:
    AAA-International: Phillies with three.
    1 J.P. Crawford Lehigh Valley (PHI) DOB:1995-01-11
    2 Tyler Danish Charlotte (CHW) 1994-09-12
    3 Clint Frazier Columbus (CLE) 1994-09-06
    4 Lucas Giolito Syracuse (WAS) 1994-07-14
    5 Jose Berrios Rochester (MIN) 1994-05-27
    6 Rio Ruiz Gwinnett (ATL) 1994-05-22
    7 Jesmuel Valentin Lehigh Valley (PHI) 1994-05-12
    8 Daniel Robertson Durham (TB) 1994-03-22
    9 Rob Whalen Gwinnett (ATL) 1994-01-31
    10 Jake Thompson Lehigh Valley (PHI) 1994-01-31

  21. An offensive storm brewing in Reading tonight, Kingery (single, hbp) the lightning and Cozens the thunder (2 doubles 3rbi already) with Alfaro a knock and a stake of his own.

  22. Am I looking at this correctly, the Phillies need to put a ton of guys on the 40 man at the end of the season: Nick Williams, Jesmuel Valentin, Jake Thompson, Ben Lively, Andrew Knapp, Mark Appel, Andrew Pullin, Ricardo Pinto, Dylan Cozens, Nick Pivetta

    Damn, that’s a lot of names.

    1. Yes it is, but look at how many names are on there now that really don’t have a future here. Howard, Ruiz, Morton, Hellickson (we will see), Ruf, Sweeney, Mariot, Paredes, Murray, Hinojosa, Garcia, Hernandez (2 of them), Gonzalez, Buchanan, Bourjos, Bailey, Araujo, Asche, and Featherston.

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