Moniak Leaves GCL Game with Tightness

Mickey Moniak was removed from Monday’s game after beating a double play relay throw to first.  What looked like a routine play at the time, grew in significance when Manager Roly de Armas left the third base coaching box and trotted over to Moniak and Coach Delima at first.  De Armas beat the trainer to Moniak.  A pinch runner, Malvin Matos, had exited the dugout with the trainer.

Moniak appeared to be fine as he walked off the field.  Our attention focused on his gait as he came off the field.  He appeared to be walking fine, no noticeable limp.  As he crossed in front of the mound, Moniak swung his arms in a “bat-swinging” motion, as if indicating when he felt discomfort, and our attention to his legs and ankles dissolved and we began to utter that horrible word, “oblique”.  The GCL recap indicated a back injury.

By the time I reached a point where I could see the activity on the bench, Moniak was no longer receiving medical attention.  He wasn’t escorted to the clubhouse by the trainer, as I have seen players with serious injuries treated in the past.  Moniak stayed in the dugout, sitting on the bench with his team.    After the game, I asked the coach if it was a planned substitution (knowing full well it wasn’t).  He said no that it was a “precautionary move because he had tightness in his abs”.

Without any further statements from the organization, I guess we’ll judge the severity of the injury by how quickly he is inserted back in the line up.  But he looked fine leaving the dugout after the game.  He even carried his own equipment back to to clubhouse.

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  1. Thanks Jim. Hopefully it’s nothing serious and MM will be out only a short time. However, you know the Phillies will be very cautious, and understandably so.

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