10 days in and there is plenty to be excited about in the Phils minor league system to go along with areas of moderate early areas of concern.  The numbers below are not enough to form an opinion but are enough to have a reaction.

So, with that said, here is a look at how the Phils top prospects have started. The rankings below are based on the Phuture Phillies reader pre season rankings.

  1.  JP Crawford, SS, Reading–.342/.419/.500 in 43 plate appearances.  1HR 3RBI, 1SB, 10%BB/10%K rates.  Crawford has been very solid thus far.
  2. Nick Williams, OF, Lehigh Valley–.174/.222/.261 in 27 plate appearances; 0HR 4RBI; 1SB; 7%BB/21%K rates.  Multiple games lost to rain out have led to a very small sample size.
  3. Jake Thompson, P, Lehigh Valley; 2 starts, 0-2 with a 6.75ERA, 1.63WHIP, 5.6BB/11.2K per 9; One good start and one very poor start thus far for Thompson.
  4. Mark Appel, P, Lehigh Valley; Just one start by Appel so far and it was excellent.  He threw 5.2 scoreless striking out five last week vs. Rochester.  Next scheduled to go on Monday.
  5. Cornelius Randolph, OF, Lakewood, .121/.237/.182 in 37 plate appearances; 0HR 2RBI; 3SB; 11%BB/27%K rates.  Started extremely slow but has had a good last few games.
  6. Roman Quinn, OF, Reading, .229/.308/.314 in 37 plate appearances, 0HR 1RBI; 4SB; 5%BB/22%K rates; Leading the organization in SB right out of the gate
  7. Jorge Alfaro, C, Reading; .464/482/.571 in 29 PA; 0HR 5RBI; 3%BB/17%K rates; Alfaro has multiple hit games in his last five consecutive starts and has played very well behind the plate.
  8. Franklyn Kilome, P, Lakewood, 2 starts, 0-2 with a 14.85ERA; 3.15WHIP; .433 opp avg; walking over a hitter an inning.  One bad start followed by a horrific start.
  9. Andy Knapp, C, Lehigh Valley, Hitting .417 with a HR and 2RBI in 12AB.  Has hit in 3 of his 4 starts for the ‘Pigs thus far.
  10. Zach Eflin, SP, Lehigh Valley, Allowed one ER in 6 innings pitched in his first start of the year, picking up the win.  Scheduled to throw on Sunday.


14 thoughts on “Excited?

  1. Kind of excited. While obviously SSS here, I would speculate JP might push Galvis to the bench by June. Sometime later we could see Alfaro replacing Rupp. And would like to see Appel or Thompson join Nola, Eickhoff and VV in the rotation in six-eight weeks. And will hope Cozens fully develops a power bat.

    1. On Cozens….did not realize, but his father did not let him play football until his senior year of HS. And he still was so dominant that he got the D1 offers for football.
      However, it is the general belief that football and baseball were a divided HS experience for him, thus the slower development into baseball skills, though when all is said and done, he played baseball more thru HS then football.

    2. I think the next one we’ll see in philly offensively is Knapp. He has a plus major league bat and approach imo. However, it will not be at catcher. Thank god for Alfaro’s breakout!! I think they’ll start working knapp back in left field and first base more and more, his arm will never play at the major league level at C.

  2. Re: Crawford and Quinn: yes, it’s early—> Crawford is only at AA…and should get his mojo working for a couple of months…at bat & on the field…when he’d have the goods to rise to AAA Lehigh Valley. He deserves to be nurtured upward there for the rst of the season…and maybe then to Philly in Sept. Give him the time and patience to develop his good skills. All lot of his is posed on his continuing success.

    On Quinn—>my main concern is that he has not yet learned to make contact at the plate sufficient to take advantage of his bases speed…and also to be ;patient to take pitchers to induce walks…and better contact. this year should be his prove-it year. Maybe the FO has some like thoughts….thus giving Herrera CF to develop.

  3. You will not see any of these top prospects in Philadelphia any time soon. Rightfully the Phillies will not rush these guys. They will have to earn their stripes at each stop. That is the proper way to develop a minor league system. They have a plan and they will stick to it. No more rushing Dominic Browns, etc.

  4. I don’t think Brown was rushed. Played almost five seasons in the minors and even hit 27 homers one year in the majors. Just turned into a dog plain and simple.

    1. But he was yo yoed
      up and down. They want these guys to stay in the bigs once they get here. We just have to exercise patience.

  5. Jerry he cant hit. I just don’t get the excuses for dom brown. Lack of bat speed. isn’t something you can learn. He had a six week hot streak. The league adjusted to his weakness and he had no answer. You want to blame the Phillies go ahead. but anyone who watches baseball could see his lack of hitting skills. Today if you watched the Phillies talk about bojuous at bats. You can see why he cant hit. Doesn’t keep his hands back. which I talk about a lot. You can came forward with you body, but you hands must stay back. and peter has not idea of the strike zone imo. takes a lot of good pitches and swings at bad breaking balls.

    1. Agree 100%. Never was a big Dom Brown and was not blaming the Phillies for his failures. Just used him as an example for not rushing prospects to the bigs before they are ready. Tough watching current Phillies but leave the prospects where they are and let them progress at their own rate. That’s all, not a Dom Brown point at all.

  6. This will be a tough year. Right now left and right field are not giving us much. Cant figure out why they didn’t bring back francour. He would have been a help on this young team.

    1. rocco…Shane Vic can also be a possibility…he would want to come back here and right now the Cubs have him in their minor league system and he may appreciate the MLB spot in Philly. Plus he is back to switching so gives Mack some flexibility in the order.

  7. I like the summary of the top 10. Would be dandy if this is a regular update.

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