Box Score Recap – 4/13/2016

Lehigh Valley (2-3) Blew a 6-4 lead in the ninth and fell to Rochester 7-6.  Edward Mujica gave up 5 singles in the 3-run ninth.

  • IronPigs had 13 hits.
  • Lough went 4-6 with an RBI.
  • Williams went 1-3 with 2 BB and 2 RBI.
  • Knapp went 1-3 with 3 BB.
  • Stassi went 1-5 with a 2B and RBI.
  • Joseph went 2-3 with a 2B, 2 BB, and RBI.
  • Featherston went 3-3.
  • Starter, David Buchanan went 5.0 IP, 5 H, 3 R, 3 ER, 1 BB, 2 K.

Reading (4-3) Beat Richmond, 6-4.  Ben Lively went 5.0, 2-run innings and struck out nine. J.P. Crawford hit his first home run, as did Christian Marrero.  Jorge Alfaro returned to the line up and had 2 hits.

  • The Fightin’ Phils mashed 13 hits.
  • Crawford went 1-4 with a HR (1), RBI, and a BB.
  • Alfaro went 2-5.
  • Cozens went 1-4 with a 2B.
  • Hoskins went 1-3 with a BB.
  • Aaron Brown went 2-3 with a BB.
  • Lively went 2-2.
  • Marrero hit a pinch-hit, 3-run HR.
  • Alfaro was picked off first by the opposing catcher.
  • Joaquin blew the save, got the win.
  • Ramos notched his first save.

Clearwater (3-4) Dropped another heart-breaker 1-0 in ten innings.  Tom Eshelman pitched well over seven, two-hit innings.  Read about the game here.

Lakewood (1-6)  Franklyn Kilome got roughed up again and the BlueClaws were held to two hits in an 8-0 defeat.  Cornelius Randolph was not in the line up.

  • Kilome – 4.2 IP, 8 H, 6 R, 6 ER, 4 BB, 1 K, 1 HR
  • Tobias went 0-2 with 2 BB.
  • Hiciano went 1-4 with a 2B.
  • Hernandez went 0-3 with 2 K.
  • Hayden went 1-3.
  • Hayden stole his first base.
  • Tobias was caught stealing.
  • Coppola threw out a runner at home.

Here’s the affiliate scoreboard from MiLB.

Extra Innings – 

  • The Phillies have assigned an analytics guy to each affiliate to gather information.  I met the Threshers’ guy today, Joe.  I hope to report on the types of data he is gathering later in the season.


68 thoughts on “Box Score Recap – 4/13/2016

  1. Knapp can flat out hit. Really impressive hit tool. Reports where his defense was not good so that kinda stinks. Not sure where he can play. But that bat is awesome.

    1. It’s early, but if Knapp keeps on hitting, he’ll be the first one called up in mid-May. He’s 24, the same age as Herrera. But where would Knapp play? And who’s getting cut in the process?

      1. Not sure if mid-May would be the time frame for him….Phillies may wait another month or two, and let him gain more experience at the AAA level, but if Rupp doesn’t start to come around at the plate, he will certainly get the nod to catch. And he has played some first base in the past, and LF in college.

      2. This year the possibilities for Knapp are endless. 1. He can flat out rake! 2. Catching opps with Rupp as a true backup and Chooch with one foot out the door. 3. Who knows when Howard is cut loose (or traded), so 1b wouldn’t be a huge stretch to platoon with Ruf. 4. He can flat out rake!

      3. I think if knapp comes up they try to get ruiz to another team. Minor deal they paid his contract.

        1. Everyone needs to cool it on Knapp. He doesn’t have the bat for 1B. He needs to play C and he needs to improve his defense before he’ll get called up. At the major league level, catchers must be able to catch well (unless they hit like Mike Piazza). I don’t expect Knapp up until Sept. Even an injury would not push him up, JP Arencibia would then go up.

          1. we don’t need to have this conversation again, but i dont see why, if he can hit .290 with doubles power and add mabye 15 hrs a year, he cant play 1b. i dont see anywhere its set in stone that a 1b has to have power. id certainly have knapp at the plate than howard in pretty much any situation. To me the “1b has to have power” is like “you have to have a closer and pitch him in tne 9th inning only” in that they are “rules” that came about even though they don’t seem to make much sense. If he can get on base, he can play 1b if thats what gets him in the lineup

          2. Last year there were 15 1B that had a positive WAR > 2. Of those:

            7 of the 15 had 23 home runs or fewer, including 4 of the top 9.

            The theory that a 1B has to have 60+ power is wrong.

            1. two of those 4 in the top 9 were Miguel Cabrera who had a strange power year and the Buster Posey who is mostly a catcher.

              Knapp doesn’t need to hit 30 hrs a year to stick at 1b but he would need to OPS around .850. I doubt he’s going to earn defensive war at the position..

        2. Totally agree. Only one thing might change that, if Hoskins becomes a hitter. but think knapp future would be at first.

  2. Walding should not be trying to steal bases. He’s less than 50% for his career and 0 – 2 this year. It could be botched hit and run plays but it seems to happen a lot. Either your fast or your sneaky. Walding is neither.

    Interesting Buchanan and Mujica have nearly identical pitching lines except Buchanan did it in 5 innings and Mujica in 2/3 of an inning.

    Lakewood is really starting slowly. It’s pitching staff is the worst in the league, so far. It has a 2 run lead for worst ERA in the league. A couple of good outings, probably after the weather warms a little, should straighten that out. What really is scary is Tromp is the leading hitter on the team. That also shouldn’t last long. ‘C’ really needed a day off. Glad he got it.

  3. The wins and losses don’t matter that much. The performance of the legit prospects is what really matters. Kilome with two clunkers to start the year is concerning but as long as he’s healthy, he’ll improve. C has looked awful but it’s a process for a very young hitter and he’ll adapt. Have to shorten the swing and recognize off speed pitches. Give him time. Quinn has also started slow but he’ll be okay if he’s healthy. As for Mujica, it might be time to release him already. He looks done.

    1. “Have to shorten the swing and recognize off speed pitches.” <<< how do you know that a long swing and not recognizing off speed pitches is the issue? Have you seen his at bats?

      There are many explanations besides these as to his slow start. So wondering why you diagnosed those two very specific issues. You sound like you have first hand knowledge. So please share the details. Curious.

      1. I say this because I follow professional scouts who watch every game he plays and this is the first that I have hard of a long swing and trouble recognizing pitches. Actually I have heard the opposite. So wondering where you got your analysis of his swing. Source?

        1. I never heard the team long swing with him. I have seen video on him. I just think right now he is in a higher level seeing better stuff from older guys. It will take a little time to adjust. and if june comes and he is still have a tough time. he will go to Williamsport.

          1. agreed. when you are thinking as a hitter, everything can be off. but after a little while, everything starts to slow down. not at all concerned.

        2. You’re absolutely right. I made an assumption based on prior experiences and they could be totally wrong. Bottom line, C needs to work on something (s) to get going. He has the talent.

    1. Maybe. His command has been horrible in first two starts. Could be cold weather. Could be more advanced hitters just laying off pitches. Hard to tell from afar. But he is not going to be a fast riser. Needs a lot of development.

  4. Looks like Lively is wanting to be the first pitcher called up to Lehigh Valley.
    He can taste the AAA rotation..
    He seems to be a new pitcher this year so far.

    1. Watched him pitch this year and last and there has been a nice progression. In the lower minors he could use a high moving fb to blow guys away but last year guys laid off that pitch or were sometimes able to hit it. His breaking stuff was only fair last year and there just to set up the fb. This year he is using all of his pitches and has a Couple of good breaking pitches. He also is changing eye level well. I’d be surprised if he doesn’t end up as a major league starter for somebody. Our starting pitching depth is pretty darned good; a far cry from where the organization stood at the beginning of 2014.

  5. Hello everyone,

    First off I just want to say how much I enjoy this website and reading all the knowledge everyone shares on the Phillies minor league teams.

    I was at Tuesday’s Lakewood vs. Hagerstown game and wanted to share a few thoughts:

    1.Mitch Gueller did not show much in 4 innings, though he battled out of a few jams. The bullpen offered little else, and Robert Tasin really hurt himself by throwing away a comebacker (and the game) in the 9th inning

    2.The lineup struggled early against the Hagerstown starter but found its footing later in the game
    – Cornelius Randolph struggled at the plate, striking out twice on bad pitches after falling behind 0-2. Right now he looks unsure of himself at the plate. I would be curious to find out how young he is for the league. Not doubting all the positive reviews on him, just didn’t show much on Tuesday. It happens.
    – The most impressive player on this night was Jose Pujols, who twice came up with runners on and delivered with solid singles to left. He also had a swinging bunt single and a lineout to left. He also showed a great arm in right. Liked what I saw.
    – I thought Jia Tromp, Josh Tobias and Deivi (Davey, didn’t believe it was pronounced that way) Grullon both had a solid approach at the plate with gap power. All three hit solid doubles.
    – Zachary Coppola is a typical low minors leadoff guy – good speed, no pop – used the opposite field for his hits
    – Also, in the field, Randolph took some loopy routes to the ball and played rather shallow.
    – Jan Hernandez made some nice plays at third, though it was hard to ignore 0-for-4 with 4 strikeouts.
    – Wish Grenny Cumana was bigger – hit the ball on a line a few times but it went nowhere. He is slick at shortstop.

    Hope this gave a little insight into the game

    1. That is encouraging news on Jose Pujols., and how you thought he looked very impressive. This year he needs to really come of age. Good reporting.

  6. I have not heard anything bad about Knapp’s Defense this year. No one is raving, for sure, but he is holding his own and that is certainly something that can be improved upon. 3BBs, and his hit tool already being strong, makes me bullish on Knapp. I agree that even with his bat we are looking at July before he would come up, giving him a lot of games behind the plate. I like to think that there is actual coaching and teaching going on, so I will remain hopeful that his D improves enough to keep him at C.

    1. Matt you have to realize if he comes up, what do they do with Alfaro? Alfaro is the future catcher. Knapp will have to move to first or outfield.

      1. just saw Stumpf suspended 80 games. PED’s. Only needs 90 days active to satisfy Rule 5. So I guess they keep him

          1. Suspensions may not count as MLB service time… not sure how that will affect his Rule 5 status for this year.

    2. Knapp has 2 passed balls and 1 error already. After his loss of defensive playing time due to TJ surgery and playing other positions in college and pros, he needs another season of full time catching in the minors.

  7. roccom, I still think that Alfaro is a couple of years away, accounting for normal progression. He may beat out Knapp for the job, but I envision Knapp in July, sharing time with Rupp and trading Chooch. Then Knapp having a chance to start next year while Alfaro moves to LHV. Then the contest is who is better, which is a good contest to have. And you are correct. If both reach their ceilings, Alfaro projects as a better C and Knapp moves. I think OF rather than 1B.

  8. So if Knapp is still raking, he’s still not going to get called up before the all-star break so that he gets reps at catcher?

    If he does come up early, I think Howard gets cut. And yes, he’s not the prototype 1B but I think he can a John Olerud type hitter.

    1. Will the Phillies call up Knapp in mid-May even if he is raking at the plate?
      I just do not see it….that is after 30 games in 31 days at LHV, and Knapp will not be catching every one of those games. I think they want him to have more experience catching.

  9. Unfortunately Guru, there is no way that Howard gets cut. If he plays well enough that some AL team takes him as a DH and Phils pay $30Million, then maybe he gets traded. Other than that, he stays the whole season and they write him a $10Million going away check.

    1. You are probably correct in your predictions but it’s still foolish for them to hold onto him – he literally has negative value.

      1. Ryan Howard has a chance to break Mike Schimdt’s record of strikeouts by a Phillie. He only needs about 145 more….and he will also go onto the MLB top ten list of strikeout leader.

        1. Homered today off of a lefty I think…

          Vince getting to the 8th with a pitch count less than 90 is super impressive.

    2. matt13…if by some way a AL team decides to show interest in Howard as a DH come the trade deadline in July ….then the money is only a approx total of $18M…..($8M for the remainder of 2015 and the $10M buyout)

    3. It’s a sunk cost anyways. It’s highly likely that nobody will be trading for him, and even if we do get a taker, we’ll probably eat most of his salary. So if he plays for us or not, he’ll still get his money. If we get cut him, we can give playing time to somebody who can hopefully generate positive WAR.

  10. Make that 14 through 8. We may have just found ourselves an ace folks – great job by the scouting department – VV looks like the real deal.

  11. Don’t feed the hype machine on Double-V, people. One twingy elbow & – BAM – we’re feeling lower than my Double Sack.

      1. Just look at the Mets staff…deGrom may have issues, Matz gets lit up early and struggled thru the spring, Wheeler needs additional stitch work, Harvey’s velo is slow coming around this spring….just never know with pitchers.

  12. I don’t think it is hype on VV. That was an impressive outing today and he still through 97 at Pitch 110! Yes, any Pitcher has that injury risk, but 25 Ks in 15 Innings means his stuff is for real. Now, hitters will adjust and he has to adjust to that, but, so far, we have to be really excited.

  13. The adjustment is what I tired to say earlier. Throwing more curves and changeups. So they don’t lay on the fastball. Then your a pitcher, not just a thrower.

  14. Note: This should be in the opening discussion. But now that Groome is ineligible does that mean we pick him anyway? Hope he falls to the second round and take a Senzel or Pint with 1.1 instead? If the latter, I’d go with Senzel. That said, what is the word on the SS from Puerto Rico, Perez?

  15. Jake Thompson hitting 97 on his FB tonight per the LV gun. Thrown a lot of pitches in the 1st to get those 2 K’s though. He’s facing Sean O’Sullivan.

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