Phuture Phillies 2016 Reader Top 30 #29

Jose Pujols was selected the Phuture Phillies 2016 Reader Poll’s 28th ranked prospect.  He received 113 of 415 votes (27%).

The Phillies signed Pujols as an international free agent on July 2, 2012.  The 16-year old, Dominican outfielder made his minor league debut in 2013 with the GCL Phillies.  He played the full season and most of the 2014 season in the GCL before a late season promotion to Williamsport.  He played the entire 2015 season with the Crosscutters.

Pujols has yet to live up to the hype his power has generated early in his career.  In the 3 years I have seen him in Clearwater during spring training, extended spring training, and the GCL season, I have not seen the tools that excite some scouts and analysts.  Those who are excited about Pujols point to the power he exhibits during batting practice, his pitch recognition, and his strong arm.  Those same people, however, will admit that Pujols has to better convert his BP power to consistent in-game power, has to learn to lay off bad breaking pitches, has to clean the hitch out of his swing, and has to identify better routes to fly balls.

Pujols is only going into his age 20 season.  Most of his flaws are still correctable.

Top 30 so far:

  1. Crawford
  2. N. Williams
  3. Thompson
  4. Appel
  5. “C” Randolph
  6. Quinn
  7. Alfaro
  8. Kilome
  9. Knapp
  10. Eflin
  11. Hoskins
  12. Kingery
  13. Pinto
  14. Cozens
  15. Tocci
  16. Goeddel
  17. Medina
  18. Cordero
  19. Eshelman
  20. Canelo
  21. Lively
  22. Pivetta
  23. Ortiz
  24. Grullon
  25. Sweeney
  26. Tirado
  27. Windle
  28. Pujols

Next up is your selection for #29.  Sorry for posting the poll late.  I’ll leave it up for two days, if necessary.

39 thoughts on “Phuture Phillies 2016 Reader Top 30 #29

  1. I guess the poll for #29 isn’t up yet. Heck, I’m not up yet. Jim’s summation on Pujols perfectly sums up why I didn’t vote him into the top 30. Tons of potential that in 3 years hasn’t shown up in games. I think 3 years is enough time to say, potential galore but realization zip.

    Lucas Williams is my choice and it doesn’t look like he’ll make our top 30 so my vote is pretty useless. Doesn’t change things for me. If I had to chose between the runner up and the 3rd place winner, in our most recent poll, I’d chose Arano over Brown.

    1. bellman1…agree,,,4 fall instructs and he still has not yet corrected flaws in his swing. I find that hard to believe.
      The Phillies have the patience and will give him every opp, ie Anthony Hewitt, Larry Greene and it could work out……right now it has for Carlos Tocci after he repeated LKW last season.

    2. I like Williams anywhere in the 20’s. BB rate of 14.9% against a K rate of 16.3% during his professional debut. His bat would seem to play better as a 2B or OF’er, but I’m hardly concerned with position at this stage.

      1. High ranking? It’s not like this is the Top 10. Basically every name at this point is a total longshot. I liked Pujols’ chances better to overcome his flaws better than any of the other available choices at #28.

        Voting for Arano here, he seems like the best available name still on the board.

    3. Lucas Williams is a very good prospect and can easily make the Top 30 last year and years before that. But the lack of pedigree/scouting reports and the Hamels and Giles returns pushed him down the list.

      I’m high on Lucas Williams as well. Although I haven’t seen him, Lucas together with Hoskins, Kingery, Corny, Ortiz, Tocci, Luis, Grullon + Kilome, Medina, Falter, 2016 Rule IV 1.1 will represent a good 2nd wave of reinforcements from the farm.

  2. Brown or Lucas Williams is good here. They were my 31st and 32nd players on my list, but I’ve been converted.

    1. Though SSS in the GCL, his BB/9 of 3 passes in 29 IP was superlative, and a very decent K/9, for an 18-year old first time professional. Bodes well.
      Perhaps he could be the Phillies version of the Rays Blake Snell.

    2. although i haven’t seen falter pitched in person, i liked him a lot too. he can be a fast riser and possibly the best LHP prospect in the next couple of years. my buddy saw him play and said that he saw similarity with one Colbert Michael Hamels.

      1. Amen KuKo……Bert Hamels , who could ever forget the guy, ten years of Phillies excellence. 🙂

      2. Less than 30 IP and a comp to Hamels??? That’s a heck of a comp for a kid out of HS who pitched in the GCL. Hamels didn’t pitch until the season following his draft year, but threw 100 innings as he breezed through the SALLY and FSL as a 19-year old, first-year pro. I’ve seen Falter and like what I’ve seen, but I wouldn’t hang Hamels-like expectations on him.

        That said, I overheard scouts and coaches laughing among themselves when they overheard someone comp Falter favorably with Hamels during one of his appearances. From their comments, I got the impression they were making fun of the person making the comp not Falter. Hope it wasn’t your buddy.

        1. not sure if he was it. but he said the FB-CH-CB combo caught his attention. Tall and lanky but with a different leg kick. Agree it’s still too early, but it’s a good sign.

  3. for the rest my list would be roughly

    Lucas, Asher, Brown, Imhof, Roibal, Leibrandt, Encarnacion, Richy, Valentin, Kyle Martin

  4. Sorry for the oversight. I’ve attached the poll and will leave it up an extra day if the late posting seems to have had an undo influence on the voting.

  5. Arano was a pretty easy choice for me at this spot. He was young for his level to begin with and then he was completely lights out in winter ball. I like his potential.

  6. Paulino again I’m going on feel at this pt . I usually don’t go past 25 until I see where there playing.

    1. His pedestrian numbers included a 7.6 K/9 and 2.5 BB/9 in the California League where a lot of runs are scored. He pitched well in 2 appearances for Clearwater and got the nod to start their 2nd playoff game where he allowed 1 ER in 6.2 IP.

      1. Pedestrian was not meant as a slight. I am curious in the perspective to people who’ve seen him pitch.

        As a 23 year old in High A he doesn’t really justify a top 30 ranking at this point for me due to the current talent still on the board.

  7. I like Lucas Williams here even though he doesn’t have a lot of power I think he can be a legitimate prospect in a couple of years.

  8. @jim – off topic. is zika a concern in orlando-clearwater area?!? my wife is asking me to hold off booking the airfare and hotel — and good prices from frontier is going out fast!! thanks!

  9. The governor has established a Zika virus information hotline for Florida residents and anyone who’s visiting or planning to travel to the state in the near future.

    The hotline, 855-622-6735, is managed by the Florida Department of Health.

    Presently there are 21 cases in Florida. They are all travel related by people who had been to the Caribbean or Latin America, none by pregnant women. A county breakdown –

    Alachua County: 1
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    Hillsborough County: 3
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    Miami-Dade County: 7
    Osceola County: 1
    Santa Rosa County: 1
    St. Johns County: 1

    Clearwater is in Pinellas County, but Hillsborough County includes Tampa on the other side of the bay.

    1. thanks!! checked some info about it. i guess i’ll just bring a lot of mosquito repellant. if you have a happy hour or get together for the phils fans, let me know. i’ll surely come.

      1. FWIW, in nearly a decade of going to Spring Training, I don’t think I’ve ever gotten a mosquito bite.

        1. Some people in the states are not getting it from bites but thru sexual intercourse…wear your cup if you plan on doing any catching!

  10. Boy, Edubray Ramos has dropped out of site on this board.

    He was something like the low 20s on my original list, and he’s been in the teens on others. He won’t come even close to Top 30 here. My last two names are Arano and Aaron Brown, but maybe I’ll think some more about Ramos.


    1. Now that Arano is looking like #29, Ramos is next for me, ahead of Brown, Tobias, Juan Luis, Garcia, Asher, Encarnacion, Falter, Valentin and Williams. Kyle Martin probably leads the next group with Richy, Sandberg, Pullin, Arquimedes Gamboa, Alexis Rivero, Daniel Brito, Gabe Lino and Logan Moore in the mix there. Pretty deep group of fringy guys in the 30-45 range. Couple decent upside lotto tickets in there, but mostly solid AAAA guys who could become bench and bullpen guys with good health, good coaching, and good performance. As recently as two years ago, that group was in the 25-35 range. Hooray for progress!

      1. I have pretty much the same group as you next but a different order. I have Brown, Ramos, Richy, Rodriguez, and Asher.

      2. I would like to think the financial dept in the Phillies org hopes Gamboa and Brito amount to more then solid AAAA floor guys. They have and will have invested big dinero in their signing and future development.

      3. Was thinking the same, those we are voting on for 25-30+ range would have been in the teens just a year or 2 ago

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