Box Score Recap – 7/16/2015

Clearwater (52-39) lost to the Palm Beach Cardinals 3-0.  David Whitehead took the loss.  He allowed 3 runs (2 ER) in 6.1 innings on 8 hits and 2 walks.  He hit a batter and struck out five.  He threw a wild pitch that set up the Cardinals first run.  When Whitehead ran into trouble in the seventh, Miguel Nunez came on to shut the Cardinals down.

The Threshers were shut down by a pitcher who was only just called up from Full A ball earlier this month.  Daniel Poncedeleon was making his second start in the FSL.  He held the Threshers to 6 hits in 8.0 innings.  He was very effective against the aggressive Threshers batters.  He started the eighth inning having only thrown 70 pitches in the first seven innings.

Whitehead threw 88 pitches in his 6.1 IP.  Remarkable because he threw 28 pitches in the Cardinals’ second inning when they scored the game’s first run.  He kept it close until the seventh when he surrendered a lead off HR.  The stadium gun worked intermittantly and I only have readings for half of Whitehead’s pitches.  So, I don’t know how accurate it is to state that he was 89-92, T93.

The Threshers managed only 6 hits, all singles.  They hit several balls hard, but couldn’t string enough together to score.  Carlos Tocci (.275) went 2-4.  Canelo and Mitch Waldng made a couple good defensive plays to keep the game close.

Lehigh Valley (40-52) lost to the Rochester Red Wings 6-0 on Nola Night.  Aaron Nola lasted 3.0 innings, his shortest outing of the season (and shortest of his professional career since going 2.1 innings in his pro debut at Lakeland on June 23, 2014 with Clearwater).  He gave up 6 runs (5 ER) on 7 hits, 2 walks, and 2 HR.  The bullpen held the red Wings to one hit over the final five innings.  (I saw some comments on Twitter that blamed Nola’s sub-par performance on Ruben Amaro for not bringing him up to the majors.  Really.)  The IronPigs managed 5 singles.  Aaron Altherr (.300) went hitless.  Gabriel (.273) went 1-4.

Reading (49-42) beat the New Britain Rock Cats 3-1.  Starter Reinier Roibal had to leave after tweaking something warming up for the third ining.  The bullpen took over.  Ethan Martin gave up a run on 4 hits in 3.0 innings.  Colton Murray earned the win with two, one-hit innings.  Ryan O’Sullivan struck out 2 in one hitless inning.  Stephen Shackleford picked up his 20th save.  Kelly Dugan (.325) went 1-4 with a triple and RBI.  Brock Stassi (.308) went 1-3 with an RBI.  Andrew Knapp (.321) went 1-4 with a triple.

Lakewood (45-44) beat the Kannapolis Intimidators 3-1.  Lakewood held the Intimidators to 3 hits.  Austin allowed 2 hits and 3 walks while limiting Kannapolis to one run in 6.0 innings.  Manny Martinez pitched one no-hit inning.  Joey DeNato allowed one hit in 2.0 innings while recording his fifth save.  Herlis Rodriguez (.307) went 2-4 with a HR (7) and RBI.  Scott Kingery (.240) went 2-4.  Kyle Martin (.372) went 1-4.  Cord Sandberg (.259) went 1-4 with 2 RBI.

Williamsport (18-7) lost to the Batavia Muckdogs 4-2.  Alejandro Arteaga put together a quality start.  He threw 95 pitches (66 strkes) in 6.0 innings.  He gave up one run on 5 hits and a walk.  He struck out eight.  The lone run he allowed came on a solo HR in the fifth inning.  Lewis Alezones and Juan Figueroa  conspired to blow the save and lose the game.  Alezones left the game after one-third of an inning with runners on the corners.  He had given up a single, force out on a sacrifice attempt, stolen base, wild pitch and a walk when he was lifted.  Figueroa allowed one inherited runner to score on a SF.  Next inning, Figueroa gave up a 2-run HR.

The Cutters scored their 2 runs on just 6 hits.  Brendon Hayden (.352) went 2-3 with a walk.  Jose Pujols (.326) went 2-4 witha double and RBI.  Pujols also ended a couple early scoring chances.  He grounded into a double play with runners on first and second to end the first.  And, he was thrown out at home to end the third.

GCL Phillies (17-5) beat the GCL Astros 3-2.  Adonis Medina (1.20 ERA) struck out three and walked one while holding the Astros to 1 run on 4 hits in 5.0 innings.  Kevin Walsh pitched two, one-hit innings.  Nick Fanti made his professional debut.  He allowed one hit but struck out the side in his one inning of work while getting the win.  Sutter McLoughlin notched his third save with a perfect ninth inning.

The Phillies pushed two runs across in the ninth to get the come-from-behind victory.  Jesus Alastre (.298) went 2-3.  Cornelius Randolph (.279) went 0-4.  Luis Encarnacion (.284) went 0-2 with 2 walks.  Lucas Williams went 1-4.  Greg Pickett played 4 innings in RF and went 0-2 with an RBI.  Scott Tomassetti (.385) went 1-4.  Rodolfo Duran went 2-2 with 2 RBI on a go-ahead single in the ninth.

DSL Phillies (24-17) beat the DSL Astros Blue 5-0 on the 15th.  Randy Alcantara (6-0, 2.22) allowed 5 hits in 8.0 innings.  He walked none and struck out three.  In his 8 starts this season, Alcantara has pitched 48.2 innings.  He has only struck out 28 batters, but he has only issued 5 walks.  DH Daniel Brito (.278) went 1-4.

On the 16th, they beat the DSL Royals 6-3.  Joel Cabrera pitched 8.0 innings and got the win.  He threw 7 shutout innings after giving up 3 runs in the first inning.  He allowed 11 hits, but neither walked nor struck out anyone.  Jose Nin earned his first save, striking out two in his one inning.  Nerluis Martinez (.296) went 2-4 with an RBI.  Daniel Romero, Emmanuel Garcia, and Ronaldo Marrero also had 2 hits a piece as the Phillies scored 6 runs on 11 singles and 1 walk.

VSL Phillies (23-29) lost to the VSL Rays 5-0.  The Phillies amassed three hits.  Enger Jimenez (.311) went 2-4.

Here’s the affiliate scoreboard from MiLB.

Extra Innings –

  • The deadline for the signing of 2015 draft picks arrives at 5:00PM Friday.
  • RHP Randy Alcantara assigned to DSL NL All-Stars.
  • C Nerluis Martinez assigned to DSL NL All-Stars.
  • Keith Law posted his mid-season top 50.  J.P. Crawford was #2, Aaron Nola was #38.
  • BA posted their mid-season team top 10 –
  1. J.P. Crawford
  2. Aaron Nola
  3. Franklyn Kilome
  4. Zach Eflin
  5. Ben Lively
  6. Roman Quinn
  7. Carlos Tocci
  8. Tom Windle
  9. Ricardo Pinto
  10. Malquin Canelo

71 thoughts on “Box Score Recap – 7/16/2015

  1. Windle is not #7 as a reliever but the rest of the list is about right. As for Nola, it’s good to get hit a little in the minors, he’ll bounce back next start. Medina looks more and more interesting to me. Do we have velocity numbers on him?

    1. Yeah, although you can argue a bit with the ranking order (I wouldn’t have Lively ahead of Quinn), swap out Windle for Randolph and it’s a pretty decent list. My sense is the list will change some more before the minor league season is over.

      How about Kilome getting some big time love from the national media?

      Crawford struggling (for him) a bit right now. Of course I’m not concerned about it, but it will be interesting to watch him work through it.

      Also, although I’m not really happy Nola struggled, I think it’s good for him to have his first truly bad outing (I don’t remember another one this year or last) in the minors and not the majors. I’m eager to see how he does in his next start.

      1. Randolph did not qualify for BA’s mid-season team top ten lists….2015 draftees were not included.

        1. Got it – thanks. In that case, there are still several other guys I’d swap out for Windle including Altherr (not getting enough love), Dugan, and Knapp. Given his command issues, Windle is probably somewhere between 15-20 if I had to do a full list.

            1. I agree.
              Tom Windle, now as a RP and also his projection, would be lower on my list.
              I even have some reservations about Malquin Canelo at 10….I see him more in the low teens around 17-19 area.

  2. cardinals are so good at finding pitchers- had read an article on Poncedeleon; had previously drafted by cubs and agreed to terms but they failed him on physical, then was ruled inelgible for college; bounced around and ended up at Embry-Riddle, his 4th school. Cardinals followed him, drafted him in round 9 last year and signed him for 5k.

    1. Also drafted by the Rays and Reds…four total teams have drafted him in the last 5 years..
      Poncedeleon must have found the fountain of youth.

  3. From K Law chat

    Dan (Philly)

    Hey Keith, is it alright for me to be really excited about Kilome? Looks like he could develop into a top of the rotation guy, but that is just to my civilian eyes
    Klaw (1:48 PM)

    Yes, be excited.

    Derek (Work)

    Klaw, when you miss a week of chats I like to go through your archive and read some old ones. It’s pretty fun to see how often your right compared to when you’re wrong. Anyway, I know you’re high on JP Crawford (obviously) but is he a budding superstar or just a star?
    Klaw (1:12 PM)

    Superstar. He makes everything look easy. I would bet substantial money that some white sportswriters will call him “lazy” or something comparable because he seems to expend so little effort to do things most players have to work to do.

    Also, lots of Nola chat

    1. “I would bet substantial money that some white sportswriters will call him “lazy” or something comparable”

      Uncalled for KLAW

      1. I think he is right. Maybe he didn’t have to say it but given Rollins’s treatment over the years it is a reasonable expectation.

        1. rollins treatment. he was lazy. and this town hates a lazy player. Jimmy played great. but I could care less what color he is. if you don’t run out fly balls. I will boo you. if that’s wrong. so be it.

          1. He was the opposite of lazy. It was a narrative created by idiots in the media. Talk to smart media folks and they will never call him lazy.

            He is 3rd in Phils history in triples, 2nd in SB. You cannot be lazy and get triples and SBs, it is not possible. He was one of the best defensive SS in the game his whole career. You cannot be lazy and be good at defense, it is not possible.

            He did not run out every pop up or GB to the right side because he is a smart baseball player, Chase does the same thing and never gets called lazy, quite the opposite.

            Like it or not, a lot of it has to do with race.

            1. BostonPhan…..agree…. sans: I have not yet seen Chase nonchalant it to first base, but now will be looking.

            2. Boston I will not say anymore cause its a mute subject. But I saw a guy who didn’t run out fly balls. that imo is lazy you can twist the words anyway you like. I Know what I saw. and that’s how I judge a player. I am one of the to quote your words idiots. cause of what I saw and said. smart media folks/ what the hell do I care what a writer thinks. most don’t know anything. the good guys have been pushed out by cheaper guys who stink. You are lying to say chase does the same thing I have never seen that guy not hustle. where do you come up with this. to reason with you is just a waste . anyone who starts with the race card is just a parrot repeating stupid stuff by stupid people who don’t know the game.

            3. Rocco, I’m a very reasonable person, please use reason. Every player jogs to first on a pop fly or GB where they know they are out.

              I didn’t lie about Chase; in fact I did not even say something bad about Chase. It does not make sense to sprint to first when you know you are going to be out. Chase doesn’t do it either because it is a waste of energy.

              Anyone who says Jimmy Rollins was lazy is just a parrot repeating stupid stuff by stupid people who don’t know the game. See how that works both ways? Let’s try and be reasonable – did he hustle every single moment? No. Did he hustle a lot? Yes. Does every player hustle every single moment? No. How is Jimmy different than everyone else then?

        1. Actually in baseball these days……guys like Chase Utley, the ‘Pete Rose’ types are pretty rare. A lot of players these days, on pop-ups, usually go 80% speed. You can see it most every game when they have the camera on them or if you are out the game you can see it for yourself.
          No big deal……95%- plus are caught.

          1. Utley isn’t a Pete Rose “type”. He doesn’t ” bust it” on ground-outs either.

      2. LOVE that KLaw said this. I blame sports radio more than sportswriters. For the “Rollins is lazy” narrative, but it was always unwarranted, unfair and a bit racist.

        1. You are right. It’s not really the sports writers that perpetuate that nonsense. It’s really the knuckle draggers that call into talk radio.

    2. That’s pretty cool. I don’t even necessarily have Crawford pegged as a superstar (and, don’t get me wrong, I love him as a prospect) because I think that’s awfully difficult to do if the player does not show at least average power (I DO have Crawford pegged as a pretty regular all-star, however). I’d be curious to understand his projections on Crawford and how they equate to superstardom.

  4. I’m actually pretty excited for Pujols and Encarnacion 2 large LA money signs are starting to find some consistency at the plate.

    Pujols through 100 PA’s .326/.404/.865
    Encarnacion through 74 PA’s .284/.329/.829 still just 17

    1. I’m excited too, but i think you put OPS where you meant to put slugging.

      Pujols is 326/404/461
      Encarnacion is 284/329/500

      Still very encouraging.

      1. No OPS is actually my favorite offensive projection stat but I’m ok with the slg%’s also

    2. The future of power in the Phillies organization. Let’s hope that Ortiz is even better.

  5. My top 10 (including 2015 draft which BA doesn’t):

    1. J.P. Crawford
    2. Aaron Nola
    3. Franklyn Kilome
    4. Roman Quinn
    5. Randolph
    6. Kingery
    7. Rhys Hoskins
    8. Zach Eflin
    9. Althier
    10. Malquin Canelo

      1. I’ll just throw in at 4 and Pujols at the bottom and stick with the BA format not including draftees. I guess Encarnacion at 11.

        1. He does have 16 steals this year against only 3 CS. His previous career high in a season was last year with 10 steals but he was also caught 11 times.

    1. Good list, v1. My only difference would be to have Eflin above Kingery and certainly above Hoskins. Mainly due to age and level (Eflin is the same age as Kingery but two levels higher; Eflin is a year younger than Hoskins and a level higher), but also because Hoskins is 1B-only which limits the total value he can provide. Eflin may not be getting strikeouts but he is getting them out somehow in an environment that is hitter friendly (or so we are led to believe).

      1. v1 is very worried about the strikeouts. I’m in your camp even though, normally, I’m a big strikeout guy. I’m surprised v1 had him this high. But I’m pretty close with on the top 5 or 6. I’d have Randolph before Quinn and Eflin right after Quinn. Kilome is the exciting hot new prospect and he’s now backing it up with statistics. Although it’s a little early to have him this high, the unanimous acclaim he’s won in scouting circles gives me more comfort.

      2. I like Eflin, but until/unless he demonstrates an out pitch, he is a #5. his k rates are horrible. i love his control and seems to have some gas. but you have to be able to get out of innings against good hitters or you will always be susceptible to a big inning. I think that he can find it, which is why he is in my top 10. If i didn’t think he would develop an out pitch, then he wouldn’t be in my top 20.

        1. Pitchers who prefer to throw two-seamers vs four-seamers will not have high k rates. They will induce more GBs if they have skilled command. he did say he can go with the four-seamer and increase his velo and perhaps k rate, but prefers to pitch longer in a game.

            1. Whew…you tuff.
              I see him as a Zach Greinke pitcher….92 velo on 4-seamers no less.
              Players get good looks….BUT cannot barrel or square up on his pitches.
              Zack Greinke has thrown 26,182 pitches that have been tracked by the PITCHf/x system between 2007 and 2015, including pitches thrown in the MLB Regular Season, the MLB Postseason and Spring Training. In 2015, he has relied primarily on his Fourseam Fastball (92mph), also mixing in a Change (88mph), Slider (87mph), Curve (74mph) and Sinker (92mph). He also rarely throws a Slow Curve (68mph).
              His fourseam fastball has much less armside movement than typical, has essentially average velo and results in somewhat more groundballs compared to other pitchers’ fourseamers.

    2. Nobody I’ve seen has Pujols in the top 5. I’m surprised at this because that’s about where I thought he should be with his sky-high potential and demonstrating a hit tool. I dropped Quinn even though I love him because of too many leg injuries.

      My crude list for the moment is:

      1. JP
      2. Nola
      3 Kilome
      4. Eflin
      5. Pujols
      6. Randolph
      7. Pinto
      8. Altherr
      9. Quinn
      10. Hoskins

      1. I like Pujols, but he has ZERO home runs and a 23% k rate. his .433 babip isn’t sustainable nor is his walk rate unless he starts parking pitches in the bleachers.

  6. Phillies twitter account just posted that Nola will make his MLB debut next Tuesday. That’s probably why today’s outing was cut short (ha ha)

    1. What’s the chance’s of Eflin going to Lehigh now? Leibrandt to Reading? Casimiro to Clearwater since he’s already repeating Lakewood? Maybe Arteaga and Gueller to Williamsport?

      1. I get the sense that Eflin will be in Lehigh Valley in August if he continues to do well. Lively probably starts next year in Lehigh Valley in the rotation along with Eflin. Eflin will probably be in the majors by June of next year. I like him a lot.

    1. All three guys seem to be projectable lefties with fastballs in the mid-hi 80s and varying degrees of polish. Falter is probably the most advanced right now because of his control.

    1. I’ll eat a double fudge brownie sundae to celebrate – just doing what Larry would do if he were in my shoes.

    2. There might only be 2 outfielders between the Lakewood, Williamsport and GCL rosters that I would like to see LGj play instead of. He might find playing time very hard to come by when he does return.

      1. Would be great for him, if he dropped a couple of ‘stones’.
        Would show his renewed dedication.

    3. Phew! I was wondering who would replace Nola as our #2 minor league prospect. Problem solved!

      I will be rooting for him. Of course the expectations are basically non-existent, but I wish him well.

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  8. If Dansby Swanson doesn’t sign, does he immediately become the top non-pitching prospect in next year’s draft? Would the Phillies draft him #1 in 2016?

  9. lively throws 87-90 has no out pitch, canelo cant hit, tocci always has been overrated, altheer cozens Hoskins and knapp has to be in top 10. these are the kids who will be playing everyday for the phils in near future

  10. How in gods name can swanson want to turn down 6 million plus. That was insane. after taxes and agents fee. he still will have about 3.5 million to start his life. without ever getting a major league hit. with no sure thing he will ever be a good player or even make a roster. it must be me. That kind of money with a decent investment means you can play golf the rest of your life.

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