Box Score Recap – 6/5/2015

Lehigh Valley (21-35) lost to the Indianapolis Indians, 5-2.  Dom Brown and Gabriel Lino both went 1-4 and each had a double.  Adam Morgan (0-5, 5.33) pitches tomorrow.

Reading (29-25) lost to the Binghamton Mets 8-7 in walkoff fashion.  Jesse Biddle allowed 6 runs (only one earned) in 5.0 innings.  The Phils fought back to retake the lead in the sixth inning.  J.P. Crawford went 1-4.  Cam Perkins went 2-3 with 2 doubles and an RBI.  Aaron Altherr went 1-4 with a HR and 2 RBI.  Roman Quinn went 0-5 and commited a run-permitting error.  Gustavo Pierre went 0-4 with 2 RBI, but commited an error that prevented the end of what became a 4-run inning.  Nefi Ogando inherited a 7-6 lead but couldn’t hold the win for Colton Murray.  Zach Eflin (4-4, 3.38) pitches tomorrow.

Clearwater (27-28) managed only 5 singles and a walk while losing to the Tampa Yankees, 1-0.  Yacksel Rios pitched five, 2-hit innings and took the loss.  Dylan Cozens and Mitchell Walding had 2-hit games.  Coach Legg trotted out another new line up with Angelo Mora leading off.  Aaron Brown batted second.  And Andrew Pullin, who had the other hit, batted sixth for the third consecutive game.  Victor Arano (0-6, 6.46) pitches tomorrow.

Lakewood (26-26) beat the Hickory Crawdads 4-2.  Chris Oliver allowed 1 run on 4 hits and 3 walks in 5.0 innings.  However, Scott Harris got the win and Alexis Rivero notched his 5th save.  The BlueClaws rallied with 4 runs in the sixth inning, the big blow Rhys Hoskins 3-run double.  Hoskins went 2-4 with 2 doubles.  Malquin Canelo and Herlis Rodriguez also had 2-hit games.  Elniery Garcia (2-5, 3.65) pitches tomorrow.

Williamsport (0-0) starts its season on the road against the State College Spikes on June 19th, home opener on June 20th.

GCL Phillies (0-0) start their season across the bay against the GCL Yankees1 on June 22nd, second game at the Carpenter Complex on June 23rd.

DSL Phillies (3-3) lost 14-6 to DSL Rays.  1B Wilber Torres went 3-5 (.467) with a double and 3 RBI.  2B Luis Beaufond went 2-4 (4.76) with a double, walk, and RBI.

VSL Phillies (6-9) lost to the VSL Tigers 6-3.  RF Enger Jimenez went 1-4 (.471) with a double and an RBI.  SS Adrian Acosta 2-4 (.393) with a double and RBI.  LHP Sergio Velis gave up 2 runs and saw his ERA climb to 0.90.  He left after 5.0 innings with a 3-2 lead.

Here’s the affiliate scoreboard from MiLB.

Extra Innings –

  • Philadelphia Phillies optioned LHP Jake Diekman to Lehigh Valley IronPigs.
  • Philadelphia Phillies selected the contract of Dustin McGowan from Lehigh Valley IronPigs.
  • Aaron Brown assigned to Clearwater Threshers from Williamsport Crosscutters.
  • Will Morris assigned to Phillies Extended Spring Training from Lakewood BlueClaws.
  • Lakewood BlueClaws activated RHP Nick Rodesky from the 7-day disabled list.

63 thoughts on “Box Score Recap – 6/5/2015

  1. Any scouting report on Luis Beaufond , people? I’ve been going nuts scouring the web and the Google for any eyewitness account on this kid.

    1. In the DSL the only people watching the games are the occasional girlfriend and cousin. Unless he got a big bonus (which he apparently didn’t) – you have to wait until they come to the states to see if they are any good.

  2. An aside: the system is beginning to become swelled with SS prospects on the way up. With Crawford likely to be manning that position at the MLB level, possibly in ’17, the other SSs will be making progress and by ’17 one or more of them could be a candidate to fill the 2nd base position..(?). And one or more could be used as trade bait…

  3. Luis Beaufond Age 18 !/4 yrs. 5’11” R-R 2b, C, 1b Out of the Phils Dominican Summer Lg of 2014

  4. I am hoping they go after some bullpen arms in this draft, The system right now is blowing leads in the minors, at a alarming rate. love to know the percentage of blown saves in our minor league systems

    1. Bullpen or reliever arms can be so fluid year-to-year.
      Not to many with the longevity of a Mariano Rivera or C. Kimbrel.
      Its almost like you have to stock both the AAA team and the major league team with the appropriate arms thru a season and employ a shuttle system back and forth.

    2. I hear you roccum. Clearwater in particular has blown a number of 9th innings leads this year.

  5. Hoskins and Canelo continue to hit and push for advancement. By July 1, there will be several system moves. I’m not sure why so many of you think Biddle should be advanced. His performance doesn’t deserve it

    1. Murray – Biddle is a change of scenery candidate. I don’t think anyone would contend that his performance warrants a promotion.

      Its a shame about Biddle. He continues to regress. Though some would point to his middling FIP as an indication that his season has not been all that bad, I would view his FIP as an indication of just how deficient FIP is as a relevant indicator. FIP is as misused today as BABIP. Both statistics are nothing more than surface indicators.

      Regardless, FIP notwithstanding, Biddle’s 2015 season has been his worst of his three (partial) seasons at Reading, and by a substantial margin. Still, he has nothing left to disprove at Reading – and though a promotion is a somewhat out-of-the-box notion, it’s one I fully endorse if for no other reason than a change of scenery

    2. The rationale is that Biddle is a unique case. He has the tools and the physicality to pitch at a higher level. But he is either a head case (seemingly cannot handle adversity on the field, aka errors committed behind him) or has been mishandled/misguided or a combination of the two. A change in scenery could make a difference. Seems worth a try. If he can’t handle it, it’s time for him to move to another organization.

  6. I agree,advance Biddle? How about demoting him to Clearwater,to work on some things,and as a wake up call.
    I want him to improve and succeed as much as everyone else,I feel if our minor league system would have talented players like some other teams,we wouldn’t be looking for excuses for Biddle.I realize he has some potentional,but isn’t this his third year in Double A?

    Sometimes “What you see is what you get”

    1. If you know anything about Jesse Biddle you know he doesn’t need a “wake up call” which suggests he doesn’t care and is lazy. His problem is exactly the opposite – he cares too much and puts too much pressure on himself. He needs a change of scenery – in fact, he needs something to feel good about – they should promote him just to get him out of Reading and get a fresh start. If it doesn’t work, it doesn’t work.

      1. I more or less agree with moving him to LHV.
        He may be a pitcher that may not get to the big club until he is 25-years old.
        But realistically….moving him to LHV is like putting him on ‘probation’ of sorts.
        His opportunities are dwindling
        Of course the Phillies have shown patience with Aumont , so Biddle may also get those type of opportunities to succeed.

  7. I would consider promoting both Nola and Biddle; moving Joely Rodriguez to the pen (Phillies could have gotten more for Bastardo – they fell in love with Joely after a SSS in the AFL) and move Berken back into a long role.

    To fill the vacancies at Reading, you have to bring up Leiter even if he has little in terms of projection. Liebrandt can claim the other spot.

    Imhof should be back in the Clearwater rotation soon enough, and Casimiro who will turn 23 in July and is playing in his 5th professional season, can be moved from Lakewood to Reading.

    End of June, early July should be busy in terms of promotions on the Pharm

  8. Okay,so you send Biddle to Triple A,and if he improves,that’s great if it works..If it doesn’t then I feel that you’re done with him as a player in your organization,unless you move him to the bullpen,but then again why not move him to the bullpen now at Reading?
    Some of the comments from scouts from other teams,weren’t very positive for a while now,he wouldn’t be the first pitcher that had “good stuff” and never made it to the major leagues.
    Bad coaching or not,it’s his responsibility to make quality pitches,especially with men on base.

    1. Barf – I agree with most of what you are saying, but would add that Biddle is still only 23, is a frmr 1st rd pick, and though he has mostly struggled the past season and a half, he has also remained competitive and has a prior history of success. If it were June, 2017 and we were having this discussion, I would be inclined to agree that another organization may be in his future. Considerably too early to give up on him though, however disappointing his performance has been

  9. This might be a bit of an over-generalization, but lefties often take longer to develop. In re-rebuild mode, the Phillies should be all about patience and giving guys time to develop.

  10. I come across as a Biddle apologist some, but I also see no point in being an armchair psychologist. Last night he was cruising after walking the first batter of the game. In the third he got the first batter looking, the second batter on a weak come backer to the mound. The third batter he got a routine ground ball to third base, Pierre just didn’t react to it and it went off his glove into left field. If Pierre makes that play we have absolutely no questions about Biddle’s performance.

    1. THe horrible infield defense in Reading seems to make ground ball pitchers worse and makes fly ball pitchers better.

      It seems as though whenever the infield commits an error it sets off a cascade effect.

      1. I watched the Reading game on Milbtv and while Biddle was throwing too many balls, the defense behind him was bad. Perkins misplayed a ball over his head that should have been caught. Pierre’s error (it was either under his glove or to his left) that one hurt since he would have been out of the inning. Quinn’s over throw to 3B.

        1. The weird thing is Reading has the best defense in the Eastern League if you are looking at fielding percentage.

          Pierre and Quinn are below average but the rest are above.

          Quinn has 5 errors in CF. That has to be corrected before he gets called up.

          It is funny, it seems as though when Pierre has an error and Biddle pitches that sets off the cascade.

          1. Having a high error rate doesn’t necessarily make you below average, especially with Quinn. His range and arm are ridiculous – he has a number of outfield assists. I think Quinn will be a superb outfielder.

    2. In that 3rd inning, Biddle has 2 outs and a man on first. His job is to prevent the guy in front of him from getting on base. Go get him. Don’t worry about what already happened; worry about the guy standing 60′ 6″ in front of you. 4 runs scored but only 1 is because of Pierre’s error. I’m not just talking about Biddle but any pitcher.

      I remember watching a Yankees game many years ago. Clemens had the same thing happen to him. He gets two outs and then a routine ground ball to Jeter. He flubs it. The camera goes to Clemens on the mound and he clenches his teeth, pounds his glove and turns away. The announcer said that he wasn’t mad at Jeter but at himself for not K’ing that guy. After the game, someone asked him about that play and he said he got too much of the plate and that he wanted to throw it inside. He really wasn’t mad at Jeter or maybe just a little. But that’s a pitcher. Erase your own team’s mistakes. Don’t make more mistakes.

  11. He will have to learn to collect himself…errors happen at the big league level, too.

  12. Hoskins needs to be promoted ASAP, I know moves come after the draft, but he’s killing it and deserves it….

    1. Agree he should be promoted, but, in the scheme of things, it won’t make any difference if that happens now or 2 weeks from now. I’m very bullish on Hoskins, if he develops into a solid regular, in your minds eye you can begin to see the Phillies infield of 2017 and beyond taking shape. Slowly, almost imperceptibly, things are starting to change.

      And thanks for jump starting the process, Maikel Franco – man, he’s going to be good. My concern with him was whether he could hit good breaking stuff – well, he can and, better yet, he has the ability and temperment to make adjustments. Let’s see how things shake out, but he’s looking mighty fine right now.

      1. he did miss a sergio romo slider last night by a foot last night to end the 8th, but he’s not the first to do that …

      2. would that be 2017 around the horn franco, crawford, canelo/green/???, hoskis, double-play! throw in tocci and maybe gruillon, and that’s pretty strong defensively up the middle. add quinn and all those arms …

  13. While we focus on deserving promotions, any thoughts on demotions when the Crosscutter’s season opens? I’ll go with Grenny Cumana who is still on 19, and though he has a high contact rate, is OPS’ing .476 at Lakewood. My other candidate is Sandberg who has yet to display any semblance of a hit tool and is looking very much like a bust of a 3rd rd pick.

    Ironically, I think it was Keith Law who praised our 2013 draft class, though aside from Crawford, is riddled with bust after bust (after Sandberg in the 3rd, Phils drafted Jan Hernandez in the 4th and Jake Sweaney in the 5th followed by two failed signings in the 6th and 7th including the notorious Monda selection). Perhaps a youngster like Denton Keys or Tyler Viza can salvage what appears to be yet another in a long line of poor drafts for this franchise.

    1. Right now it doesn’t look too promising for sure.
      But Sandberg at WlMSPT, similar to a few in the past you have been bumped down from LKW, can still right the ship.
      However, not sure about the rest of the class.

  14. The draft meter starts to run this year (new scouting director) . Anything left over from the Wolever regime should be viewed as a windfall

  15. After reading the recent articles on other teams minor league players as possible trade chips for Cole Hamels, I am not exactly doing back flips. A player like Hamels, should command a player like Joc Pederson, Carlos Correa, Mookie Betts. I am just afraid this is going to be a Cliff Lee type of trade where the Phillies got nothing back.

    1. Agree with you on the concern, but they will also save about $25 million a year in salary – that’s not nothing – in fact, it’s quite a lot of something. So yeah, I think I would try to hold out for a player that has a good chance to be elite or several players who either profile as above average regulars or are in the low minors and have high ceilings. That said, if you move Cole Hamels, it opens up salary room to bring in antoher high profile starting pitcher or regular. So, for example, in the scheme of things, if the Phillies trade Hamels, get one young player who with big upside and a few decent players but use the salary savings to sign a player like Jordan Zimmermann, I still think they probably come out ahead, assuming, as we do, that they will finish the year with one of the 10 worst records in baseball so they don’t lose their first round pick next year.

      1. An argument I have been making for the better part of a year now catch. The committed funds to Hamels can be reallocated. As much as I love Hamels, the prospects in return are freebies to an extent. He absolutely must be traded

        1. Wasn’t that the gist of the very thorough ‘Surplus Value’ discussion that want on here back in Jan/Feb?

      2. The problem is the quality of talent hitting the free agent market has not been that great and because you are a bad team you will be forced to overpay.

        The last thing you want to do at this point is saddle yourself with a bad contract.

        1. Meh. Salaries never increase on a straight line; they step up and step back. RAJ was the leader with Papelbon just as Wash was the leader with Max. This is not to say that every headline starter will cost the Phils $30mm in AAS. Not to mention that not every team can afford a $20mm player of any kind. SP or otherwise. The market becomes saturated and moves sideways for a few seasons. Perfect timing for a money run in 2017; unless of course you have a jackass serving as GM

  16. Except does anyone on this board believe, at all, that the Phils will sue the $ to sign anyone? They can be reallocated, but they won’t. Not a chance they go after any of this years’ FAs. They have the excuse of not contending until 2017 at the earliest. That “extra $ will be used to procure more talent” argument only works in theory. TheTreality is that if Hamels does not bring 1 top prospect plus, then the trade is a poor one. there is a better chance that the Phils sign 3 mediocre players rather than 1 making $20Million.

    1. You’re living in the 80’s Matt. No offense. This is not the same franchise as it was then. If they want fans in the stands, they will spend money. If they allocate in 2017 instead of 2016, all the better as far as I’m concerned

  17. Harold Martinez assigned to Clearwater Threshers from Reading Fightin Phils

    Devin Lohman assigned to Reading Fightin Phils from Clearwater Threshers.

    1. And Nola’s turn in the rotation is being skipped-Biddle starts Wednesday, instead of Nola, and after Wednesday, no probable pitchers are being listed. Could a promotion for Nola be forthcoming?

  18. Have there been any reliable rumors on who they’ve been scouting? Strong links? Besides the catcher.

    I’m surprised there isn’t at least a draft thread.

    1. Ian Happ, Kevin Newman, Walker Buehler. They also really like most of the guys going before their pick, but chances are slim that one slips.

        1. BA has Tate which they have also have Stevenson going 1st to Arizona. Mlb has the Phillies taking Harris.

        2. My guess is someone takes Stephenson well before 10 – whether he deserves to go there or not, there will be some team that wants a high ceiling catcher. Frankly, I don’t want any catcher who is 6 foot 4 – I don’t there’s ever been a solid regular behind the plate who is that big and has played behind the plate into his 30s. Unless you think he’d transition well at first (huge bat), I’d pass if you have another excellent option. But, again, he almost certainly won’t be there for the Phillies.

  19. Does anyone here have news regarding Willians Astudillo? He’s gone AWOL for the past week.

    1. Great article Romus. Love the quotes from scouts. I would post that link in the general discussion thread.

      I recall clamoring for Revere to be traded last deadline and again in the off-season and the response was overwhelmingly, “Why? He’s a .300 hitter”. Well, like DBrown, he’s also not a very good baseball player. Now that he’s entering his 2nd year of arbitration, he either gets traded at the deadline or the Phillies overpay for him again next season. I suspect his salary will be in the $6-7m range in 2017. Personally, I feel there’s a third option, that is, release him if no takers at the deadline. No joke.

      1. I thought the Angels were interested in him a few weeks back.
        I guess they have cooled off since then.
        Perhaps he could be placed in a package with Hamels, Paps or Harang. And I assume DBrown will also be packaged in someway like that.

      2. I’ve been sort of a moderate Ben Revere defender, but I’ve freaking had it with him, even though I appreciate his narrow skills. Not tagging second on your way back to first and doing it TWICE in the same season is beyond embarassing. It says to me he doesn’t have the presence of mind to do even the basic things right – I was furious when I saw him do that again. Inexcusable.

        1. Not to contradict my own thoughts on Revere above, but he also needs to play every day. He has the ability to get his average up to .300 and at this stage in the season there is no reason for Herrera to take regular ABs from a player you should be looking to move for value. I’m not sure what the Angels offered in return (I was dreaming of Cam Bedrosian however unlikely that outcome truly was) but I hope RAJ didn’t turn down anything interesting

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