Open Discussion: Week of June 1st

Here’s an open discussion thread so the minor league posts don’t get cluttered with Phillies’ talk and other topics.

Okay, I’m tired of tracking Jonathan Papelbon’s games finished.  It’s not funny to me any more.  I think it’s unlikely he gets traded unless a closer for a contender gets hurt.  They all seem to be functional so far.  Paps will vest, he’ll deserve it if he does.

Some other random stuff to light the fire –

  • I’ve grown tired of tracking Utley’s road to the Mendoza line, the guys with fewer HRs than Billingsley, the Phillies pathetic offense, their middling pitching, and their position for next year’s draft.  Maybe later.
  • How about this.  Nola’s not ready to jump to the Phillies.  He is not a 1 or even a 2 who could be an impact pitcher at the major league level.  His OFP (or FV) is a 55, that puts him in the 3/4 range.  He has thrown 10 games this year in a 5-man rotation.  You want to promote him?  Move him up to LHV where he can face better hitters before moving up to the Majors.  Remember, not all organizations stock their AAA teams with AAAA guys.  Some actually have prospects .Let him cut his teeth a little longer, bring him up in September if he earns it.

147 thoughts on “Open Discussion: Week of June 1st

  1. Instead of beating your head against the wall as a frustrated Phillies’ fan, I suggest picking another team to root for until the Phils become contenders again.

    The Cubs would be a good choice. They are a team with money and run by smart guys. They have a likeable manager who is also smart. They also have an expanding core of young position players that should be good for many years.

    Start with Rizzo and Bryant. Add Russell and Soler, who look to be developing into very good players. Starlin Castro is young, established and under contract for several years. In addition, there are three more players in the minors with star potential and no more than two years from the majors: Baez – an excellent middle infielder with good power potential who seems to be overcoming some of his problems at the plate, Schwarber – one of the best remaining bats in the minors who could make his major-league debut later this season, and Almora- the Cubs’ future CF who can hit.

    The only things the Cubs lack are a future starter behind the plate and some more starting pitchers. The latter problem can be solved by signing one or two FAs this off-season.

    I believe the Cubs are smart enough not to weaken their core of position players by trading for someone like Hamels. If they want to add pitching this season, they should settle for somebody like Harang, who won’t cost much.

    1. Being a Wilmington guy, the Royals are also a fun team to root for. May sound like a dork, but it’s cool to watch a game say that you’ve have a conversation with half the roster.

      1. So next year let’s hope you aren’t going to become a “Met” rooter. Wilmington is Mets 2016 AA affiliate.

    2. If you’re not beating your head against the wall, you’ll never fully appreciate how good it feels to stop.

      I’ll pass on the whole rooting for another team thing. 🙂

    3. Remember that time that Jimmy Rollins said that Phillies fans are frontrunner…

    4. Derek, your post is off base in my opinion as it took several terrible years for the Cubs to rebuild and you don’t get to draft a Bryant when you are winning divisions. If you don’t care to follow the Phillies that’s your right but don’t tell us how great the Cubs are. The Cubs have their own concerns as Baez is hardly a lock to stay in the majors as he strikes out at an alarming rate.

  2. I honestly don’t want Nola exposed to these guys on the phillies right now and I definitely don’t want him around Sandburg. No use wasting his service time. If he gives up one run in the first inning, he already knows he is going to lose.

  3. Without a changeup Nola gets slaughtered. He does not have plus speed on his fastball and the MLB hitters will eat him alive with two pitches.

    I want to see Hamels go to the Yankees for Judge. It would be sweet justice after Boston lowballs the Phillies, signs Porcello to a ridiculous deal, and watches Porcello implode on a good fielding team. The rage that would come from Boston would be oh so sweet to watch.

    Just to beat a dead horse, Utley should be in the 7 spot. Put Franco there but Utley and the 3 spot just tanks this whole team. They have a horrible record with him hitting there.

    At least Reading is exciting with Crawford, Quinn, and Nola on the same team.

    Did someone leave a window open because I feel a draft.

    1. David….saying Nola without a CU will get slaughtered, is like saying Nolan Ryan without a fastball would have got slaughtered.
      Nola has pitched three superb years at LSU…with the first two facing players 2/3 years older then him, last year was very good at CLW and Reading for his 55 IP, and so far this year he has been superb. And doesn’t turn 22 until Thursday.

    2. Nola throws a fastball in the low 90’s (92-93) that he can ramp up to 96. He also has good deception with that fastball that he can command at a plus level. Nothing wrong with that. I dunno what you are talking about with his change up, any scouting report I’ve seen says he has an above average one. Here’s 3 different scouting reports: has his change up graded out to be a 60. Crashburnalley says the following: “Nola’s best secondary pitch is his changeup, which I think will be a 60-grade, bat-missing phantom at maturity.” after talking about his FB says this: “His changeup might be even better, as he’s able to throw it almost anywhere on command, making that fastball seem more frightening than it might look in isolation.”

      What makes you say that he doesn’t have a solid change up when by all accounts it’s rather good.

        1. Was that we as in you? I’m sure you read the post by Matt as well. So now what is your opinion of him now that you know he has a good change up?

          1. Still confused because a month ago the consensus around the time Amaro and Gillick scouted him was that the Phillies do not like to move a guy up to AAA without an effective changeup.

            That was the group, not just me.

          1. The 79 mph pitch for the last strikeout is the curveball.

            The pitches are plus the majority of the time (just the way not every Hamels’ changeup is an 80 grade pitch), not every curveball gets drop to it, not every change fades all the way. It is extreme nitpicking because that is all you can do with him.

    3. There is almost zero disagreement in the scouting community about Nola’s arsenal. It is a plus fastball (sitting 91-93 with excellent movement, but has been clocked up to 97, but routinely gets to 95), plus curveball (will sometimes not stay on top and it will flatten out), plus changeup (good deception, same arm speed as fastball with late armside fade).

      The disagreements around Nola are how much you think his pitch command and feel for pitching allow the arsenal to play up. Personally I see command of secondary pitches that you don’t see from all but a select few major league pitchers and the ability to adapt and keep hitters off balance. Others don’t think it will play up quite that much. Most people think he is a #3, some of us think there is a bit more in there.

      But let’s not pretend he is just some soft tosser with precise command. This offseason Fangraphs put tool grades on all their ranked prospects (roughly 600 players). I believe 3 pitchers in all of baseball graded out with at least 3 plus pitches, and Nola was one of them (I want to say the others were Lucas Giolito and Braden Shipley).

      1. Although any player can fail to live up to expectations for any number of reasons, it seems to me that, having seen him pitch several times, Nola’s likely worst case scenario is as a 3, but I think he’s going to be quite a bit better than that and I was not initally a huge fan of the pick but he has won me over. He has very good stuff with above average velocity, plus movement and plus command. It wouldn’t surprise me in the least if he became a 1 – really folks, I think he can be that good and he has the poise and feel for pitching that makes him like a 30 year-old on the mound. I’m typically a fan of the type of starting pitcher the Mets have (guys who knock the bat out of your hand with 95-99 MPH heaters), but don’t underestimate Nola. He could easily end up being a premier pitcher in the majors and, given his movement, command and ability to throw multiple pitches, he really doesn’t need to throw overly hard to be successful. Low 90s and touching mid-90s when he needs it will be fine for him. He’s the real deal.

        1. My understanding coming into the season was that Nola’s curveball and changeup both flash plus but aren’t there consistently. If they both turn out to be legit plus pitches to go with his fastball, then maybe he could be a #2. I agree that, while sitting mid-90s with the fastball would be nice, you can sometimes get the same results with the kind of movement and command that Nola has.

          1. ^ This right here is what I am getting at.

            If his changeup is not plus on a consistent basis Nola will be less effective against MLB hitters who make adjustments from at-bat to at-bat.

            Somehow in the last month both the curve and changeup are now considered plus.

            1. They always have been. Show us where anyone said that he didn’t have a good change up and didn’t have a good curveball.

              Btw of course he would do better if his plus change up was more consistent. You can say that about anyone with anyone of their pitches.

    4. IIRC, four recent MLB mock drafts (Baseball America,, SB Nation, Bleacher Report) all have the Phillies taking C Tyler Stephenson with pick #10.

      1. I heard Stevenson also players first base and was a pitcher up too this yr. Righty with a 92 to 94 fb and a swing and slider. My friend is from around here moved down there he said Stevenson will grow out of the catcher position . Weird he did n’t do the circuit thing last yr other then perfect game.this he will be there on the 4th of june. I know if Tucker makes it down to the Phillies they’ll take him. I’d rather have Happ or a sp. Tyler only has a 45 hit tool if Phillies take him your looking at
        Maybe 6 yrs from now a line like .250 25 90 1st baseman. Nobody has him in there top 15 yet Amaro has scouted him a lot which scares me.

        1. Eh Amaro will deserve to be fired if we take a guy whose upside is a meh first baseman at 10.

            1. Well trying to add more fuel to the fire, him not being fired yet makes little sense.

    5. While I don’t agree with the “promote him now to the majors” philosophy, this assessment is preposterous. He is going to be a very good big league pitcher, regardless of whether he comes up now or goes to AAA. I’d think more about his MLB service time considerations.

  4. It was great going to see Reading on Saturday. That’s an exciting core of young players, even if they are a year or two away from Major League Baseball…

  5. I would just love for Nola to pitch innings in a lower pressure environment. This is his first full season of professional ball, and it’s better for his long term health to spend the whole year in the minors. I’m not sure how many innings he pitched in anger last year, but it couldn’t have been more than 150. His workload this year shouldn’t exceed 175.

    1. “Nola, who turns 22 on June 4, is throwing harder this season and that is no surprise. Last year he had a heavy work load at LSU, where he threw 116 1/3 innings. The Phillies didn’t want to overload him and limited Nola to 55 1/3 innings”
      ……approx. 170 IPs in 2014

  6. And, I am fine with Nola being a 3. I believe he has a 2 ceiling, but never thought he would be an Ace. Nevertheless, I am thrilled with him. I also would love to see Hamels go to a team that keeps the Red Sox out of the Playoffs. I have admitted before that I am taking pleasure in Boston losing, and hope it continues.

  7. There’s nothing to say that Nola wouldn’t benefit from facing some AAAA guys. Those are guys who have had a taste of the bigs and probably are seasoned. He may not face many Mike Trouts in AAA but he could learn from facing (and playing with) a few Crash Davis like guys.

  8. A month from tomorrow starts the next international signing period. MLB has dropped Jhailyn Ortiz from the number one guy now down to 6th. The number one player now is of course the 20-year old Cuban OFer Eddy Julio Martinez. Hard to believe the same cast of characters….Cubs, Yankees, Dodgers and now also Angels, Blue Jays, Nationals, Rockies, Tigers, Giants and White Sox. The guy is rated plus across the board…similar to Moncada.
    This is where I cannot fathom Ruben’s reluctance to at least entertain Cuban positional players!

    1. romus I don’t blame ruben. Giles and Montgomery wouldn’t pay that kind of money to sign these guys, and we all know why. giles would never piss off the commissioner who doesn’t want big money payed to these guys, it tilts the field to the rich teams. the only big market team who doesn’t spend big in that market is us. Doesn’t that sound strange? its that devil giles, adding a couple of these kids plus the draft would really give us imo a faste turn around.

      1. This is just so off base.

        If the commish does not want big money to be paid why is he not putting a stop to the Dodgers, who seem to have an inside connection on everyone? You should be more worried about the Dodgers inside connections than anything.

        The Cubans that have come out are not all Puig. There are plenty of holes despite the agents paying for articles making them sound like 5-tool All Stars out of the box.

        The Phillies are not the only big team not spending money. When you have someone like Ortiz lined up it handcuffs you with respect to what you can do.

        We have gone over the Phillies successes in LA. You cannot throw those relationships away because you want to go all in on a 29 year old 2B who has a medical history and looked winded during workouts.

        You could be the Dodgers who signed three Cubans to play second base.

        Or you could be the Diamondbacks who signed Tomas when they have top prospect Jake Lamb already on the club. Lamb will be coming off the DL soon so they have to make a decision regarding Tomas since the OF experiment in Spring Training was a disaster.

        1. Martinez is a player who would go to the top of the Phillies prospect list…or share first with JPC. And could be in the majors by 2016 for all we know.

        2. OMG WHAT SUCCESS. name me one allstar player or star player. and ruiz isn’t a star, are you amaro puppet. The commissioner as he has done before doesn’t want the spending to happen in the draft or international market he cant stop it, but has ask teams not to go over that’s why there is a tax, do you live in the usa? Romus named a lot of latin players we have big deal where are the stars? who was the only big market team in bottom five in spending since 2000? stop being a stooge for the Phillies you are embarrassing yourself. They have refuse to pay the tax or go over for players. Before the penalty they rather sign 15 guys instead of a stud prospect, so we get a galvis a good fielder who cant hit, bastardo a inconsistent pitcher, tocci three years at same level with no power, where are the stars, where are the good everyday players?? that is my question, not low level prospect like we have. do we have a tomas, puiz , so many and we got galvis, lmao. I wish by the way we had a tomas and lamb problem,

          1. Julio Franco from the 80’s, 90’s and the 00s.
            Juan Samuel was somewhat successful.

        3. David Urban: I don’t think it is at all off-base. Why doesn’t the commissioner stop the Dodgers? Simple answer: because the approved rules of baseball don’t permit him to stop them. The commissioner proposes, the owners debate, and some compromise which differs in some regards from the commissioner’s dearest wish gets approved by the owners and becomes the approved rule of baseball.

          The approved rule says you can totally blow out your international budget as long as you pay the prescribed penalty. Similarly, the rules of baseball did not limit what could be paid as a bonus to a draft pick, up until the last CBO. The commissioner had suggestions, but teams could ignore them. Today, you can spend 105% of your draft allocation, if you pay a $ tax. The rules also say you can spend 115% of your international allocation, and pay a $ tax. In fact, the rules allow for you to trade for up to an additional 50% of your international allocation from another team (including one prohibited to spend over $300 K on a player, because they are being penalized for blowing out their 2014 budget). The rules of baseball allow teams to go above the luxury tax limit on their MLB salaries, if they pay the tax.

          Now, those are the rules of baseball and the teams that want to win stretch them to their advantage. Teams like the Phillies say “well that’s what it says on paper, but this is what the commissioner really wanted the rule to be and we’re going to go by what the commissioner wishes”. So… we don’t exceed any of the limits, just as we didn’t exceed the prior suggestions on draft choice bonuses. Whether you call it cheap, being toadies for the commissioner, lobbying really hard to have another AS game in Philly or another PHillies exec on an important committee, or just being boy scouts acting in the best interest of baseball, the Phillies have consistently chosen the path giving the team the least opportunity to field a winning team. That’s the business side of baseball in Phillies land.

          1. There is the $300K threshold penalty that teams habe incurred and a few more for the next two signing periods.
            Maybe, if an international draft is not ever set in place, maybe the penalties should also include, with the $300K threshold, losing a specific number of top ten picks from their Rule 4 draft in June….that could get certain large-market team’s attention..

            1. They could have gone after Tomas but as we have seen in Spring Training he is a horrible outfielder and Arizona is stuck trying to make playing time for Tomas and Lamb.

              They could have gone all in for a 29 year old second baseman with health issues and got winded during workouts.

            2. Tomas could actually be in LF now at CBP and /or splitting time with Cody Asche…he can hit it appears. But ubderstand their reluctance to move on ……then there was Moncada…umber on eprospect in a pretty decent Sox farm system….and now there is right handed bat OFer Eddy Julio Martinez… rating across the board….who would tie JPC for number one.
              What is the use!

            3. Tomas in LF? Did you read any of the reports out of Spring Training? He was a disaster in the outfield.

              Everybody coming out of Cuba has 5 plus tools across the board. That is why they are all All Stars like Arruebarrena and Olivera. Pay me enough and I will write glowing articles where I detail everyone’s plus tools.

              I am totally all-in on Martinez’s plus tools. That average, that power. 5 star plus tools across the board.


            4. I am looking at Martinez’s stuff and it is hilarious. 70 speed yet no stolen bases his first year in Cuba (caught once.)

              50 power yet no home runs.

              Two sites have him at 5’10”. One site lists him at 165 lbs and another is 190 lbs.

              Yet somehow he is called ‘legit’ and compared to Andruw Jones.

              I cannot pile the BS any higher for this kid.

              You have a choice, go out and scout kids or let agents pressure you into a bidding war in a controlled workout environment?

            5. Well explain the accuracy on Puig, Abreu, Cespedes, Castillo, Moncada….all their hitting and fielding reports were pretty close to accurate….even Tomas showed a good hit tool along with the sizing.

    2. romus this kid Ortiz is a big dude, Just read he is close to 270, he is getting a contract for federal donuts to promote them when he signs.

      1. rocco….they may try to get him on a training program to slim down a few pounds. Perhaps a Subway Sandwichs gig would help him out a little.

    1. His suspension should be over today. 50 games and his likely destination of Clearwater is 25-25. He was pitching in extended. If he is ready we should see him activated somewhere this week (could easily be Lakewood too).

  9. Anyone know the statuses of Kelly Dugan, Valentin and when Hoskins goes to the Eastern League?

    1. Dugan has been playing well in CF in XST. He hasn’t played a full game yet, but homered over the RF fence Saturday.
      No word on Valentin.

    2. I don’t think you’ll see hoskins in AA until next year.

      Is it too much to hope Dugan gets a September call up this year, assuming he hits in AAA?

      1. Yes, he didn’t have a good enough 2014 to come up to Philly after half a year of AAA.

  10. Okay, who had a look-see on Cozens yesterday and Brown? Would love a first-hand account! Thanks in advance, my friends.

  11. Watching Nola in person makes you feel like you’re watching someone who really knows how to pitch. He has “it”. He has shown in several starts this year that he may give up a run or two early but then he shuts the other team down after that. That’s what great pitchers do. Most pitchers don’t have all of their stuff every game. The first inning or two is often spent finding out what works today and going form there. “Get em early” is the alltime expression regarding facing great pitchers. Having said that, there’s no reason to get Nola to the Show before next June, saving the arbitration year, so move him to LHV in July and let him end the season there.
    By the way, Eflin is also very good, and even younger, and should also spend some time in LHV in July.

    Weird fact about Papelbon – he’s probably on a hall of fame career path….

          1. More or less….but he did say something about his allegiance to the team that gave him his start.
            Of course ….he could wear Phillies pants or undergarment! 🙂

    1. It’s very, very, very hard to get into the HOF as a reliever, but he has a chance. Typicaly, it’s one reliever per generation, at most, who gets in. This makes sense as relievers have so much less value.

  12. Imagine a world in which Dom Brown turned out to be as productive as what EVERYONE thought. If that was true, we would all feel very different about the re-build and how far the Phillies are away from being a good team. A combination of an elite hitting RF, a power hitting 3b and an Elite SS would be a hell of a foundation to build a line-up around. Add in guys like Quinn at the top of the lineup, and a FA or two and you have a very good lineup.

    Bummer that Dom turned out to be a bust.

    1. Strange as it may sound, roccom predicted it back in Mar 2013..all except for Domo’s six-week spurt starting in May 2013.

      1. Agreed he predicted that.

        How much do you want to bet, however, that after he is released, he teams up again with Joyner and becomes a productive major league corner outfielder?

        It seems to me that whoever is watching over these prospects does not take their entire development into account. Here’s what happened to Dom Brown. He used to have this little bat wiggle before he swung the bat. The wiggle left him vulnerable to pitches up and in, but it gave him some big time power. He would barely touch the ball and it would go out or hit high above the fence.

        But then they modified his swing to eliminate the hole. Bat wag gone. Hole closed. Consistent power also gone. It was actually a good experiment at the time and made sense, but it deprived him of one of the things that made him so valuable. But the experiment officially failed as of last year. Why haven’t they tried anything else with him? Something to get him to load up and release? A step, a hitch, even a smaller wage, anything to give him the kind of mojo he had. I’m sure he’ll try something else, but I doubt they will try it with him here. But they need to do something with him because trying the same crap over and over again – well, it ain’t working.

        1. catch….correct. They made the changes in 2014 and he wasn’t the same, along with Wally Joyner moving on.
          Not sure they want to invest in many more changes to his batting approach.
          Domo turns 28 in September. He may need a change of scenery as they say.

    2. Bummer that Amaro decided to completely ruin him and destroy all of his confidence by not giving him regular playing time and a secure place in the lineup. No other club would have given Ben Francisco, Juan Pierre, Marlon Byrd, Delmon Young plate appearances over one of the most esteemed prospects in baseball. Again now, Grady Sizemore is getting regular at bats over someone who was once just as important to the future of this organization as anybody else, so much so that they refused to include him in a Halladay trade.You finally have a chance to develop Domonic Brown without worrying about wins and losses, but instead you give at bats to Grady Sizemore, GRADY SIZEMORE. I will never understand this current regime; allowing a man to take a perennial World Series contender and turn them to the biggest joke in baseball all within 5 years, and then allowing that same man to oversee the rebuild is the biggest slap in the face to loyal Philadelphia fans. Thankfully some teams in this town have intelligent, innovative, and open-minded leaders like Sam Hinkie and Chip Kelly who aren’t afraid to take risks and take a path that strays from the traditional one; but the Phillies live too much in the past and are too loyal to fire this joke of a GM and seek out someone who not only knows what he’s doing but also understands basic math, science, and analytics; and hopefully doesn’t think that RBIs = Production.The Eagles will have multiple playoff berths by the next time the Phillies make the postseason, while the Sixers will win a championship before the Phillies win the NL East again.

      1. Maybe World Series champions manager Charlie had something to say about choosing and preferring veterans over the early years of Domo in 2010 thru 2012….did that ever cross your mind?

          1. I do not want to think that I am 100% Ruben, but just want folk to understand …he more or less towed the line in 2009 thru 2012 with Charlie at the helm and Monty above him.
            He was the new kid on the block and was a Philly guy and everyone liked him.
            Claire Betz’ grandson told my buddy at a game last year, that Ruben will never be fired, everyone likes him.
            So I guess the next best thing, if that is the case, is a ‘Paul Holmgren’ move and bump him up.

            1. That’s ridiculous. He may not get fired from the organization but sooner or later the organization will hold him accountable for his performance. I’d be surprised if Ruben is around next year. If he is, I’m going to check out for a while and I won’t be renewing my partial season ticket plan.

          2. so catch you think Charlie had no input, nor influence, on decisions after the ’08 championships season and now Gillick gone?

            1. That’s not what I said. I said that Ruben Amaro can easily be fired no matter what rumors have flown around and I would expect him to be fired this off season. But it’s true he probably won’t be “fired” in the traditional sense – they’ll send him off someplace but I hope to God it’s not a promotion. Think of that, Ruben being promoted?! The last thing I want him to do is pick a successor – what disaster!

            2. Not sure he would be the sole approval voice in picking his successor.
              He would, however, be the one making the public announcement of course.
              I think the other guys….who many share differing opinions about around here…Giles, Monty, Gillick and probably even Charlie….will all have their input
              That’s the Phillies way!
              The Flyers did them a favor…they set the precedent with Paul Holmgren. So the media backlash will not be as bad.

      2. If you blame Dom Brown being a bust on a GM, then you haven’t been paying attention. Guy has big holes in his swing and has not adjusted to MLB pitching. Oh…and he also has zero defensive instincts and questionable work ethics.

          1. 1. because he makes the same mistakes over and over again over a several year period. 2. Bowa’s comments seemed to question his work ethic. 3. I have never heard a report on him having a strong work ethic to challenge those questions.

        1. I was one of many who thought that Brown deserved a decent shot as a starting outfielder for the Phillies. After he got that shot in 2013, I concluded that the Phillies should get rid of him. The reason: although he showed a decent bat, the rest of his game sucked, and he’s a dumb ball player.

          Many fans talk about Brown’s great month of May in ’13. His great stretch was actually ten days, from May 25 – June 3, when he smashed an amazing nine HRs in ten games. The significance is this: the shorter the time period, the more likely it was a fluke.

    3. I took a look at Phillies rosters back to 2001 and could not find as disappointing a player that had such promise and seemed to fulfill it for a short time…then nothing since.

        1. That is true, he seems to lack the ability to make the right decision at the “moment of truth” that will insure success. I’ve heard that he was recruited as a wide receiver. He definitely choose the right sport because I see no skills that would allow him to excel in that venue.

  13. Saw today that the Phillies are willing to eat more of Hamels’ salary in a trade. If that helps them land a better package of prospects, I’m all for it.

  14. Schmidt made a good comment about Franco yesterday. Seems he swings as hard if the count is 0-0 or 1-2 or 3-1. I guess with experience and hopefully good coaching he’ll out grow this. I thought Franco could have taken a couple of walks yesterday. Schmidt said that players need to realize that it’ okay to take a walk. Franco hitting .192.

    1. I’m all for letting him get some MLB experience and kind of letting things play out for 2015. We aren’t going anywhere and there are no better alternatives. I get tired of seeing all the choppers to the left side of the infield. Would like to see a little more loft on the ball. He’ll get it eventually.

  15. Give Franco some time. His background indicates that he has consistently–before this season–had to adjust to each new level and he always started out slowly.
    Understandably, we are impatient to see his success as a glimmer of hope for the future of this now-sick franchise.

    Again, there is a guy worth following at VSL Phillies: Enger Jiminez (RF) righty hitter…who just may have the goods….check him out. Seems like he could move up to NYP league later this summer if he keeps this up…hopefully.

    1. Jiminez turns 20 next month…..he is batting against mostly a year or two younger pitchers. Will be interested to see how he does against pitchers his age or older maybe at Williamsport as you suggest.

  16. Franco who I love, for some reason isn’t approaching the plate like when he was at Lehigh valley. He is hitting weak grounders, and fly outs, not the same swing to me. I wonder who will be a better player Peterson who looks like the real deal with dodgers, leading off with 14 hrs and hitting less than 260 but has 378 or better obp or the cubs bryant. Now what I cant for the life of me figure out why dodgers signed three second basemens with kenricks who looks great, The dodgers are just loading up on talent,

    1. Give him some time. He is developing and is tracking pitches much better. Last year he looked foolish on breaking pitches and now he’s hanging in there. He’s learning. Franco is not Bryant or an obvious superstar talent. It may take a while, but he has a lot of ability and ultimately should be good. I’m certainly impressed with him in the field and he has true 65-70 in game power, which is something you just can’t teach. The more I watch him, the more he reminds me of Aramis Ramirez which is to say something less than a star, but a damned good player.

  17. I agree Catch, Franco has impressed me with his ability to adjust. Someone said earlier that he has, before this year, been a slow starter and then adjusted to his league. I am really happy with his D, the errors notwithstanding. He has a rocket arm, and good hands. I play him every day and watch him slowly get better and better.

    1. Aramis Ramirez would be the most comparable I would project and certainly hope for. Then again something more then a Pedro Feliz. All have excellent defensive capabilities.

      1. I would be ecstatic if Franco turns into Aramis Ramirez. Aramis has had a decent career.

        1. Ramirez did have a 12% BB rate in the minors. Whereas Franco’s was half that number. But then again, Franco had approx 500 PAs more experience in the minors then Ramirez.
          If that is any indication of a reliable projection parameter.

          1. Yeah, he won’t walk as much as Ramirez, but I think he’s a better fielder and may have a little more raw power and a slightly better hit tool – it’s as close of a comp as I could find without in depth research.

  18. DillonTate pitcher Urban Youth Academy. same ties as J Singleton, A Gose , and JPC. Will he be around at 10th pick??

  19. I cant believe there is a chance aiken is around at ten. if he is I got to take him, if medical records are okay.

    1. Here is something on Aiken from a few months ago:
      Brady Aiken hasn’t been forgotten by baseball’s highest powers — the union and league office — and the significance of his medical situation will carry over into next year’s collective bargaining discussions.
      The team and the league office have said little about Aiken since last June’s draft when the Astros selected him first overall but did not sign him because of concerns about the lefthander’s pitching elbow. Aiken recently underwent Tommy John surgery.
      But Major League Baseball’s new commissioner took a public stance on one major issue that Aiken’s situation brought to the forefront.

      “We want medical information to be made available to all clubs before the draft,” Rob Manfred told the Associated Press Sports Editors in New York. “We have not been able to get the players association to accept that (in the collective bargaining agreement, which expires after the 2016 season).
      “It is a puzzle to us why they would accept a situation like (the present).”
      The union did not immediately return a request for comment.

      ….seems many clubs want to be sure about his health…expect the Nationals to grab him like Lucas Giolito.

    1. Born in august has to start school later than most, I know me and my son are born in august and it happen to both of us,

  20. With Lino’s promotion to LHV, may signal the end of catching for Tommy Joseph, at least for this season.

    1. Romus, who goes to Reading to catch? I agree with your feelings toward Cody Asche as he seems like a great person and with his design of the ALS T-Shirt.

    2. Since he had another concussion, might as well keep him from catching the rest of the year.

    1. No rocco…..if it were the old Phillies drafting in the high 20s …then yes…but 10 you need more of an assurance prospect.

  21. The good news about Lino going to LV is that it gives them a positional player to watch/follow. I have been thinking about getting milbtv again, but since Franco is gone from LV there isn’t much to watch on that team other then some arms (Morgan, Amount, Neris, Rosin, Knigge and J Rod). Was hoping they would call up Harold Martinez to LV to replace Cord Phelps since he isn’t hitting and H Mart doesn’t seem to be playing much. Not that I expect that to happen but I’d rather watch H Mart then Cord Phelps.

    I know it’s just a selfish reason but since they raised the price on milbtv, I have been dragging my feet but now that hockey season is over for me (not a flyers fan, sorry but Phillies and Eagles fan since the early 80’s)

  22. FYI, I am looking for two things out of a Cuban prospect. He has to be a power hitter (which we need) or a potential ace. Anything else is pretty much a waste of money.

    Here is a good article regarding the risks of spending too much. They should have included the Dodgers in here.


    Anyhow here are some draft notes as well.’s Keith Law (Insider link) posts his first mock draft as June 8th draws near. While acknowledging that it is still early, Law predicts that the Diamondbacks will take Vanderbilt shortstop Dansby Swanson with the first overall pick while the Astros will add LSU shortstop Alex Bregman and high school outfielder Kyle Tucker with the second and fifth picks. Law adds that he does not expect Vandy righty Carson Fulmer to make it past the White Sox with the eighth pick.

  23. The may pick college 1st pick if they do it will a pitcher. The GM was just on saying there’s hs in fielder’s and college pitcher’s. BTW Ultey over the .200 mark I don’t think Tucker will be there at 10 give me a college pitcher or Happ or Clark.

  24. I live in nj Franco ‘ s home run Came though my window he wrote on it “cheese steak with hot peppers and onions.

  25. Pat Gillick on new scouting director:
    Phillies president Pat Gillick offered his early take on Almaraz at the end of Spring Training.
    “Not saying that our former director didn’t like players, but our new scouting director likes players,” Gillick said. “People might not understand that, but sometimes you look at a player and you can talk about his minuses or you can talk about his plusses. Our new scouting director, he talks about players’ plusses. He wants to concentrate on what this player can do, not on what he cannot do. So I think it’s a little bit of a different approach.”

  26. Yea Tucker , Happ or a pitcher. I wonder did Stevenson ever go to any of the circuit games , Future games cod etc . The phillies need to get this one rite .

    1. Not sure on Stevenson’s circuit showcases.
      Georgia players of his caliber normally do it …don’t they?
      one thin about Happ…that I think BA and many of the nationals overlook…is his age….still 20-years old until August…like Nola was last year.

  27. Awards a opted out of his MLD with the Dodgers. Offer him a spot on the MLB active roster and go get it done. No risk there. He has 8 weeks to prove himself. He been dominant for two seasons at AAA now

  28. Wow Franco hitting,fielding , watch out be pitching pretty soon. Utley back Phillies should take Happ or Tucker I hope. Franco, Ultey, Asche throwing some leather tonight all should be Espn. Revere I hope he can lead the league in triple’s.

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  30. I Just don’t understand that stupid call in last nights Phillies game. What is the catcher suppose to do, let the guy slide home safe, I agree with marlin Anderson on post game. They are doing things to make the kids less interested in playing, that’s why more kids are turning to other sports. My seventeen year old still plays but he only plays small schedule, cause he stays its boring compared to football. Leave the game alone. If a catcher blocks the plate without the ball maybe, but real baseball you knock him down. guy is too close to plate you brush him back, going into second you go after his legs,

    1. Roccom, agree with you especially on a force play where the catcher only has to catch the ball for the force play. If you want to be technical specify the first base corner/side of home plate as the agreed spot for a catcher on a force play.

  31. Funny thing this game. In early April I was out in Chicago with the White Sox. On opening day I met Michah Johnson’s parents, his brother his GF and many friends. Sat with them actually during the game. A 9th round pick I’m not sure they ever thought they would see that day.

    Super neat experience to (kind of) share after all we could all imagine our boy making an opening day roster. Everyone was happy and excited that day I remember. That was April 10th and Michah is back in the Minors.

    I remember meeting Zach Dukes father in law. Zach and his wife just had their first child. Zach just signed what will most likely be his last big contract a 3/$15. You could see the relief in Dads eyes. His little girl and his first grand baby were set for life.

    Two players at the opposite ends of a career. I wonder how the Johnson’s are feeling these days.

    1. weird you talk about this , my next door neighbors kid plays for vcu who got screwed yesterday in super regionals. The look on his mom and dad Thursdays when they left for airport to see him play, was something we all wish we had a chance to experience, .

  32. Romus unless someone like tucker drops, which I don’t believe is possible, its either this kid or betts from California, I really believe they are going high school catcher if one of these two are still on board,

    1. rocco……yes it appears that way. Betts seems to have the right size for a catcher.
      We will see how it plays out on Monday for sure.
      Phillies draft 10th and 43rd I believe. So they could go with two position players in the first two picks.

  33. I just read a article that boston should offer us devers , owens, and margot for pap, harang and hamels . I just don’t believe these writers, a ball players for hamels and paps ,

    1. rocco…have to agree with you this time…..Devers is going to be a very good hitter, not sure where he will eventually play. Margot good OFer, but we have Quinn and Tocci in the same category. Owens is a wild-card IMO….but a big lefty.
      Not enough.
      Put in Brian Johnson and Christian Vasquez in the package then I would think about it.

  34. Romus no swihart no deal. he has to be in deal, he is a good defensive catcher, with a decent bat. I want him.

    1. rocco…understand how you feel about the Hamels happenings…but he should be moved to start the rebuild. And Ruben now has 6/7 weeks to do it….but as it goes on less teams will be calling. He must know that and his options are minimized.
      Swihart is a catch for sure…but do not sell low on Vasquez.

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